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Tel Aviv University

Tel Aviv University - Daniel Bar-Tal's (Dept. of Political Psychology) False Moral Equivalence: Presenting the Jewish Right to Self-Determination and Self-Defense as Vile Evils

Bar-Tal uses the misleading "cycle of violence" argument to lend false moral equivalence between Arab terror and Israeli actions preventing Arab terror. Quoting statistics and polls to demonstrate how healthy and prudent Israeli opinions opposing Arab terror are an obstacle to peace, Bar-Tal deconstructs real threats to Israeli society into imaginary "conflict-supporting narratives". In Bar-Tal's opinion, even the memory of the Holocaust poses an obstacle to peace.

In the end, Bar-Tal targets anti-democratic processes to force Israel to capitulate to Arab irredentism and includes Rabin quotes in a thinly veiled attempt to silence any criticism of his views as Right-wing incitement.

Israeli Jews see themselves as the only victims of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Prof. Smooha's 2015 survey found that about 72 percent of Jews think the Palestinians are chiefly to blame for the protracted conflict, and 55 percent of them do not believe that the Palestinians underwent what they term the Nakba, or catastrophe, in 1947-49, during which 700,000 Arabs fled or were expelled from their homes. Public opinion polls conducted during Operation Pillar of Defense, in Gaza in 2012, showed that 80 percent of Jewish Israelis considered themselves victims of Palestinian aggression and saw the military operation as a response to that.

The adherence to conflict-supporting narratives and the renewed hegemonic status accorded them is one of the major barriers to resuming the negotiations for ending the conflict, and contributes to Israeli Jews' readiness to go on living by the sword. The members of that society – who live under a persistent experience of being exposed to violence and threats that are defined as constant and grave by Israel's leaders, and with the collective memory of the Holocaust, which is invoked and highlighted time and again – receive validation for the conflict-supporting narratives. Moreover, the state's official institutions, and also a large number of civil organizations, inculcate the themes of the conflict-supporting narrative and cement them in the consciousness of Israel's Jews. The schools systematically convey this narrative. News broadcasts of most media outlets transmit messages in accordance with these narratives, and during crises mobilize in support of the government and the army.
In the present situation, breaking the cycle of terror is a very difficult challenge, as a change in the conflict-supporting narratives also demands a cessation of the physical and verbal violence by both sides or at least its significant reduction…

A change in the narratives can occur only when a visionary leadership initiates and spearheads a peace process (a top-down process), as was the case in France with the war in Algeria, or under the pressure of civil society (a bottom-up process), as partially occurred in Northern Ireland. However, in the case of matching conflict-supporting narratives on the part of the leadership and of majority within a society, as is the case in Israel, it is impossible to move ahead to a peace process, which requires a breakthrough policy – necessitating public support – as we saw in the Oslo accord period during Yitzhak Rabin's tenure as prime minister.
Of course, a peace process can begin and conclude under third-party or international pressure in various ways (as in the case of El Salvador).

In any event, a leader who is determined to put an end to a conflict must begin to recast the conflict-supporting narratives and prepare his or her society for the anticipated difficulties in the transition period, during which violence still exists and the negotiations are in an embryonic stage. This is a period of duality, in which signs of the conflict and signs of peace are present simultaneously. The leader must be ready to do battle against oppositional groups of spoiler, which will usually resort to every available means, including violence, to sabotage the peace process.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - The Marxist Anti-Zionist Daniel Bar-Tal (Dept. of Political Psychology) Lays Hands on a $8M Slush Fund

Supposedly the money at Bar-Tal's discretion, funded by the New Israel Fund and J-Street, is to be used to discredit Israel during the Jubilee celebrations of Jerusalem's unification. Has Komrade Bar-Tal dipped his hand into the surplus value and joined the bourgeoisie?

The campaign is specifically designed to embarrass the Netanyahu government and keep the "Israeli occupation" in the news. The organizers are planning protests around the world during Jerusalem's festive 50th year, seeking to boost opposition to Israel's continued presence in Judea, Samaria and of course, eastern Jerusalem.

The campaign is to climax on Jerusalem Day of 2017, the 50th anniversary of Jerusalem's liberation and reunification, with a series of coordinated demonstrations in Israel and around the world against the government of Israel.

Among the leaders of the $8 million program are Haaretz journalist Akiva Eldar and Prof. Daniel Bar-Tal of Tel Aviv University, working together with the New Israel Fund and J Street.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Chaim Gans' (School of Law) Evasions, Fantasies, and Dubious Judgments Exposed in his New Book

Stanford Professor Peter Berkowitz dissects Ganz's book A Political Theory for the Jewish People. Berkowitz unmasks the "profound misunderstanding of liberal democracy" and "misconceptions about the principles of freedom" that hatched Ganz's aberrant political theories.

Gans sympathizes with the presumed moral motives behind post-Zionism—a 1980s outgrowth of the Israeli academy that, in his words, "calls for the Jews in Israel and the world to divest themselves of their national identity as Jews." He also affirms much of the post-Zionists' scathing critique of Israel.
Gans contends that this conferral of collective rights on Arab citizens will benefit not only them but the Jewish citizens of Israel as well. Most dramatically, it will do so by promoting the establishment of a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza…

What to make of all this? A clue resides in Gans's three highly loaded terms: proprietary, hierarchical, egalitarian. Arranged as these are in an ascending order of moral and political correctness, they supply a useful signal not only of his biases but, more critically, of his deeply problematic understanding of liberalism itself. In service of that understanding, he both misrepresents mainstream Zionism and enters dubious judgments about the liberal tradition's teachings concerning the proper aims of government power. This is all the more egregious in a book that emphasizes careful definitions, subtle distinctions, and in-depth conceptual analysis.
Finally, that same tendency, and the evasions and fantasies that must be summoned to sustain it, are abundantly visible in Gans's claim that granting collective rights to Israel's Arab citizens not only is just in itself but also will help calm tensions and lead to stability. In fact, such a move is less likely to stabilize than to excite the very sectarian demands and passions that have impeded the incorporation of Arab Israelis into the common life of the country—and that are roiling Arab states throughout the Middle East.

Egalitarian Zionism is altogether afflicted with a blame-Israel-first mentality that can only further fan the flames of Arab resentment…

It is painful to see a serious scholar joining forces with the most extreme and reckless post-Zionists in disseminating the discredited claim that in 1948, a tiny and newly declared Jewish state, fighting for its life against the onslaught of five Arab armies, was solely responsible for producing the Palestinian refugee crisis.
Misconceptions about the principles of freedom impair Gans's assessment of Israel and lead astray the political theory he advances for the Jewish people.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


'Im Tirtzu' Exposes Israeli Academics Collaborating with Anti-Israel Propagandists

Ilan Pappe (University of Exeter), Uri Davis (University of Exeter), Anat Matar (Tel Aviv University), and Simona Sharoni (SUNY, Plattsburgh) have all been named as participating in "Israel Apartheid Week" activities in report published by 'Im Tirtzu'.

On March 4, 2016, extreme leftist Israeli Dr. Ilan Pappé presented a lecture at Columbia University titled, "Why Is Palestine Still the Issue in 2016?" The event was organized by Columbia's Students for Justice in Palestine organization during IAW.

Dr. Uri Davis was prominently featured at a press conference during South Africa's "Israel Apartheid Week" on March 6, 2016. Davis was born in Israel, joined the Palestinian Arab movement Fatah, converted to Islam, and is now married to a Palestinian Arab in Ramallah. He defines himself as a "Palestinian Hebrew national of Jewish origin, anti-Zionist, registered as Muslim and a citizen of an apartheid state – the State of Israel."

A conference held in Nazareth during IAW titled, "BDS and the 1948 Palestinians: Between International Influences and Local Contexts," featured an array of Israeli speakers including Dr. Anat Matar of Tel- Aviv University and former MK and current Chairman of the Arab Supreme Oversight Committee, Muhammad Barakei.
Other Israelis on Im Tirtzu's list included historian Ilan Pappe, one of the leaders of the academic boycott of Israel and of the greater boycott, divestment and sanctions movement; Dr. Uri Davis, a Fatah member who converted to Islam and married a Palestinian woman from Ramallah; academic Dr. Simona Sharoni; Jeff Halper, one of the Israelis who participated in a 2008 Gaza flotilla; Ronnie Barkan, one of the founders of the Boycott From Within movement; Sahar Francis, director of Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association, which provides legal assistance for Palestinians in Israeli prisons; and Joint Arab List Knesset members Hanin Zoabi and Jamal Zahalka, who according to Im Tirtzu, have participated in Israeli Apartheid Week activities this year or in past years.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Anat Matar (Dept of Philosophy) Continues as Cheerleader for Terrorists

Matar appeals to the Israeli Krytocracy and sues to include State Security under the mandate of Judicial Activism.

The main lesson is that the security forces do what they want, fearlessly and without oversight. Over the years, the justices of the Supreme Court have obediently approved home demolitions, targeted killings, school closings, the use of flechette shells, the confiscation of land, curfews and blockades. In their examination of administrative detentions, the justices frequently state that they find no grounds to intervene in decisions made by the military courts.
Obedience to the security establishment usually comes after the judges are given access to confidential material presented on an ex parte basis – with only one side present. The judges are stripping themselves, knowingly and willingly, of their judicial power. In the absence of effective presentation of a legal defense, conflicting evidence is not presented and differing interpretations of existing evidence are not raised. There is no "expert testimony" submitted by the two sides, and as a result, the security forces are given exclusivity over their description of reality and their explanation for it.
In light of all this, the silence of my colleagues at the law school faculties cries out. In contrast to attractive subjects such as force-feeding or DNA testing, the scandal of administrative detention does not prompt them to respond. So I say to them: Come out, and make it clear to the High Court justices the "conditions of possibility" of judicial power. They do not include voluntarily given up such power.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Ran HaCohen (Dept of Comparative Literature) Fuels Ethnic Cleansing Rumors

HaCohen laments the pluralistic spread of right-wing opinions to the marketplace of ideas and believes that living beyond the Green Line is reason enough to deny freedom of speech.

No reason whatsoever not to believe Netanyahu, except for the fact that more and more Jews, and less and less Muslims, are allowed to enter the compound; that Israeli police now hold permanent presence even inside the compound; that there are scores and dozens of groups of Jewish zealots who publish pictures of the Mount with its mosques removed, who try to lay the cornerstone for a third Jewish temple, who prepare themselves to sacrifice animals and all other primitive rites that were allegedly practiced in that Temple two thousand years ago. No reason whatsoever to fear for the future of the mosque, the 3rd holiest place for Islam and a Palestinian national symbol, under the most extremist Jewish government Israel has ever seen.

But it's not just the Mosques, definitely not. Authoritative commentator Zvi Yehezkeli from Israel's TV-Channel 10 says it's all Islamic State: the knives are inspired by the Islamic State (has anybody ever used a knife to stab before?), the use of Facebook and Twitter is inspired by the Islamic State (otherwise Palestinians would still be using pigeon post), and so on. Yehezkeli is a typical example of how social existence determines one's consciousness: Can you expect the senior analyst to blame the Palestinian rage on the occupation, on the permanent confiscation of lands, on the daily terrorization by soldiers and settlers – while Yehezkeli himself is a West Bank settler?! The settlers have by now occupied not only of the government and parts of the top civil service, but much of the Israeli "liberal" media as well.
Because while left-wing useful idiots triumphantly claim Netanyahu is now dividing Jerusalem, carrying out what they always wanted, the truth is quite different. The Palestinians constitute 35% of Jerusalem's population, a "demographic threat" in Israeli eyes. … What is likely to take place now is not a division of Jerusalem, but rather its ethnic cleansing.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University – Shlomo Sand (Dept of History) Loving Sanctions, Justifying Terror, and Excusing Arab Incitement

The Israeli media calls it the intifada of individuals. But we all know that it's primarily an intifada of youths. The Israeli political elite see it as the product of incitement, but any one who wants to be honest with himself knows that the decisive reasons for the recent wave of attacks are the ongoing occupation, the daily humiliation, the existential emptiness and the feeling of having no way out.
Of course, armed resistance is not in itself something noble and virtuous. It is difficult and often ugly. Innocent women and children are hurt and even killed.

But those carrying it out were not born killers. In different historical circumstances, those children and youths who take a kitchen knife, hatchet or used car and turn them into deadly weapons could have finished their studies, become honest professionals, turned into fathers and mothers, brought up children and aged peacefully.
But sanctions that are intended to prevent Israel's continued control over the lives of other, which has precluded them from controlling their own land and fates for the past 50 years, do not contravene the democratic principle of self-sovereignty. The opposite is true. They expand it.

There is a chance, and not a small one, that such sanctions will save both the child suicide attackers and their victims. And, above all, they could extricate Israel from a trap which, as every passing day proves, it is unable to get out of by itself. In my humble opinion, anyone who truly loves the place and objects to terror cannot allow himself to continue protesting against pressure and sanctions that are becoming more and more legitimate.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Leftist-Only Event Showcasing "Breaking the Silence" at TAU

Tel Aviv University, long time host to Stalinism events, hosts 'Breaking the Silence' conference while prohibiting similar conference for student groups from the 'right'. In Tel Aviv University's bolshevik idea of academic freedom, Tova Must, Dean of Students, denies the counter-protest by Likud student activists and squashes Rightist Freedom of Speech.

Breaking the Silence and Meretz have announced that it will hold an event at Tel Aviv University next Sunday, in which its members will read out testimonies of soldiers to showcase alleged crimes and unethical behavior on the part of the IDF.

In response, students associated with the Likud and Im Tirtzu activist group requested permission to hold a counter-event and read out testimonies highlighting soldiers' ethics. Surprisingly, the dean of students responded tersely: "The event will not be permitted on this date," with no further explanation provided. Instead, she suggested that they hold their protest on another date.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University – Shlomo Sand (Dept of History) Thinks that his History Book is Little More than a "Myth with Footnotes"

For Sand, good history means (re)writing history to inflict "some pain". Sand brags how he has made his nest-egg retirement money over slandering the Jewish Nation.

Footnotes do not make history scientific, nor do they make it into a discipline that bears any moral commitment to truth. All of the historians under the Third Reich or under Stalinism or fascism – precisely like the historians in the liberal nation-states – used a lot of footnotes. I myself use them a lot (a bit too frequently, my students say). This does not make the discipline a science, either rigid or not. If myths are ideologies in the form of narratives, history books are, in some sense, myths with footnotes… However, historians are not scientists, and will never be. Moreover, I still subscribe to the idea that writing good history always means writing history that inflicts some pain.
But that is not so awful; I spent years at Tel Aviv University as a full professor, and now, as I head into retirement, the "establishment" has asked me to continue to teach classes. My books in Israel, as in Europe, have become best sellers and have been translated into over 20 languages.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - South Africa's Benjamin Pogrund Mops the Floor with Anti-Israel Alon Liel (Dept of Political Science) and his "Apartheid" Smears

Liel justifies his apartheid claim and quotes Goldblum's infamous Apartheid Pseudo-Survey for support. Pogrund says the despondent hopelessness among the Israeli Left has made them take desperate measures and has transformed the Left into 'useful idiots'.

"What is wrong with saying, 'We're against the occupation, we're against tyranny?' There are good words to be used. You don't need to drag in apartheid… The apartheid accusation is a deadly one," [Pogrund] said… "The fact that it's built on a foundation of simple untruths and exaggeration and distortion is another matter."
"To claim they are the same is to stretch, bend, twist and contort truth," he writes… "But to claim that this is the same racist rule as apartheid South Africa is without substance or truth," he insists.

"Intentionality is the key test," he explains… "There is no ideological aim to discriminate against Palestinians."
Naturally, some critics of Israeli policies reject this view, especially in light of the situation in the areas Israel captured in 1967. "As soon as you have in the same territory two separate legal systems for Israelis and Palestinians, you have apartheid," said Alon Liel, a former director-general of the Foreign Ministry, who served as Israel's ambassador to South Africa during the transition from apartheid to democracy.
Liel and fellow activists such as Amiram Goldblum started bandying about the A-word in relation to the West Bank to shock Israelis into action. "But in the last few years we saw that the Israeli public doesn't mind the idea of being an apartheid state," Liel said bitterly. "We thought Israelis would hate it when we say apartheid, but it doesn't bother them."

… But the soft-spoken Pogrund remains unfazed by such criticism, retorting that Liel and other Israelis who use the apartheid accusation to attack Israel are "useful idiots." Their words are ineffective at home and will cause untold and unfair damage abroad, he says.

"They are reflecting the despair of the left. Because they got nowhere and they see this place just sliding into catastrophe… So they latch onto the word apartheid because it's simple, direct and people can understand it."

The apartheid parallel is not only historically inaccurate, Pogrund argued, it is also entirely useless. "Instead of talking about how to end the occupation, we're arguing over whether it is apartheid or not."

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


The Illegitimate and Anti-Democratic Tactics of "Shtinkers" and other Rats

Alon Liel (Tel Aviv University - Dept of Political Science) pressures foreign governments to reject diplomats posted by the Israeli government. Amiram Goldblum (Hebrew University - Dept of Pharmaceutical Sciences) is labeled a dirty informant "shtinker" when he defends Liel's actions in TV interview.

The latest tactic of Israel's anti-democratic Fascist Left is a campaign to pressure foreign governments to refuse to accept Israeli diplomats posted to serve there if the diplomat holds opinions contrary to those of the Radical Left.
Things escalated when several Israeli radical leftist ex-members of the diplomatic corps, led by Alon Liel, who teaches at Tel Aviv University and whose wife just happens to be the head of the BDS-supporting New Israel Fund in Israel, interfered and issued their own call to Brazil to refuse to approve the appointment.

Liel is an anti-Zionist who is a leading figure in the BDS terrorism movement that calls for a world boycott of Israel. A petition of ultra-leftists is now circulating in Israel to support the campaign for Brazil to BDS Dayan.

Liel's sidekick Amiram Goldblum, a founder of Peace Now, who together with Liel fabricated the now-infamous "apartheid" pseudo-survey, appeared on a Channel One TV newscast to defend those calling on Brazil to reject Dayan. The Channel One MC, not known for rightist views, then referred to such people as "shtinkers," Hebrew slang for informers or rats. Goldblum and Liel had earlier initiated petitions to EU governments to unilaterally recognize "Palestine."

The Channel One MC blasted Goldblum and his friends, claiming that since they are evidently incapable of persuading the Israeli public of the correctness of their positions, as the election results proved, they were using illegitimate tactics to coerce Israel into accepting the radical left's agenda, using foreign pressures and extortion.

Zionist Union MK's in Israel are denouncing the ultra-leftists involved in the campaign to get Brazil to reject Dayan and other Israelis are calling them traitors.
In general, the Far Left in Israel has never had any respect for the rule of law and democracy. Since it cannot convince more than 4% of Israelis of the correctness of its agenda, it resorts to underhanded anti-democratic tactics involving recruitment of pressures from foreign entities to coerce Israel. The Far Left opposes Israeli sovereignty and supports efforts to undermine that sovereignty.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Alon Liel (Dept of Political Science) Slandering Israel at Anti-Israel Conference

"We don't have a Mandela in Israel; we have a Netanyahu and a Lieberman," and unless something dramatic happened, things would not work, [Liel] lamented.

As for the situation on the ground, Liel said it was unacceptable, both in Gaza and the West Bank. In fact, it was immoral and would only lead to more violence. At the same time, for Israel, the creation of one State with Palestinians – where they had voting rights and so forth – was an even bigger nightmare than the two-state solution. So he proffered to the conference that perhaps the Palestinians should propose that to the Israeli leadership today, adding: "They'll start shivering, I'm telling you."
But what makes this outrageous, is the fact that Liel was a former Director General of the Foreign Ministry and the only Israeli present amongst a gathering dominated by the Arab League and comprising exclusively of representatives hostile to Israel.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Anat Matar (Dept of Philosophy) Supporting the BDS Movement

Palestine Societies at SOAS, University College London, Imperial College,
Kings College, Goldsmiths and University of Westminster
Together with BRICUP
Invite you to
Supporting the Boycott of Israel : Campaigning from Within
Speaker: Anat Matar, Tel Aviv University

Anat Matar is a senior lecturer at the department of philosophy, Tel Aviv University. She specializes in 20th century philosophy of language, in particular that of Wittgenstein, Dummett and Derrida. Anat Matar has been politically active for many years. She has taken part in movements resisting the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian Territories, mainly those urging the refusal to serve in the army and the BDS movement. She is a founding member and the chair of The Israeli Association for the Palestinian Prisoners.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Carolyn Glick Exposes Alon Liel's (Dept of Political Science) Undermining of the Israeli Government

Liel, the retired far-left Foreign Ministry official, brags in radio interview how he has subverted Israeli Democracy and sabotaged the government's appointment of Dani Dayan to serve as ambassador to Brazil. Liel and his unelected Foreign Ministry cronies justify their seditious acts because Dayan does not conform to their dissenting far-leftist opinions. Furthermore, Liel sees Dayan, the Government, and anyone who agrees with them as illegitimate.

In an interview with Army Radio on Monday, Liel bragged that he's been working for years to undermine the government's ability to determine Israel's foreign policy. Liel explained that as he and his friends see things, since the public doesn't agree with them, Israeli democracy is illegitimate, and it is therefore legitimate for them to subvert it.

In his words, "I don't expect my camp to control the government. If I thought my camp could win an election I would work within the Israeli system. My ideology won't be able to win an election for the foreseeable future."

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Sapir Handelman (Dept of Conflict Resolution) Negotiating Surrender to Arab Irredentist Claims

Handelman chairs a congress to lead grassroots peace negotiations.

The grassroots congress is co-chaired by Dr. Sapir Handelman – an Israeli who received the Peter Becker Award in Peace & Conflict Studies; and Mr. Wisam Seder – a prominent Palestinian athlete and educator.

This event is part of an ongoing campaign aimed at establishing of a broad-based Israeli-Palestinian Grassroots Negotiating Congress, with enough public support in both societies to gain concrete political power which decision makers would be able to ignore. To that end, we are building international and domestic coalitions designed to involve the people in the peacemaking struggle and press leaderships to conclude agreements.
Peacemaking – negotiating central issues, such as: borders, Jerusalem and refugees.
Peace building – trust building measures, education, economics, and so on.
Peace keeping – civilian, political and militaristic mechanisms to keep peace and stability.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Carlo Strenger (Dept of Psychology) Promoting the Treaty that Probably Makes Iran a Nuclear Power

In his best Leftist Orwellian fashion, Strenger demands US Jews support the Iran Treaty in order to defend Israel, undermining Israeli Government efforts. Strenger chalks the repeated Iranian threats to wipe Israel off the map as just "matter of rhetoric". He is willing to sacrifice Israel's security for "as good a deal as we will get", quoting experts associated with the Israeli Left or long standing critics of PM Netanyahu.

Netanyahu's tactic has created enormous problems. He has dealt further blows to Israel's relations with the United States, created deep rifts in the U.S. Jewish community, and worst of all, he has turned the discussion into whether you are for Israel or against it. He has turned it into good versus evil: Care about the Jewish people or be willing to let them perish in the next Holocaust.

The shrillness of the debate has made many forget that dealing with Iran is not a matter of ideology but rather carefully balanced probabilities. Get the best deal under the given circumstances, and the best deal isn't a matter of rhetoric but careful calculation.
Under the current circumstances, this is as good a deal as we will get.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - PA Ambassador to Chile Cites Shlomo Sand's (Dept of History) Book to Deny the Existence of the Jewish People; Causes Diplomatic Row

The ambassador, Imad Nabil Jadaa, cited leftist Israeli Shlomo Sand to support his claim that the Jewish people does not exist, and also relied on the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, an anti-Semitic hoax from 1903, to describe a Jewish plan for global domination.
Addressing members of the "Gran Logia" Masonic Lodge, Jada'a said that Palestinians "don't recognize the existence of the Jewish people" as there is not, in fact, any such people.

"This is not my personal analysis. Here we can refer to the Jewish Israeli professor from the University of Tel Aviv, Dr. Shlomo Sand, in his book 'The Invention of the Jewish People.' A Jew with Israeli passport announces that, the so-called Jewish nation is a made up invention. Because a religion cannot be a people," he said.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Ben-Dror Yemini Bashes Aeyal Gross (Dept of Law) for Taking an Active Part in Spreading Anti-Israel Propaganda

The discussion of the Bedouin issue is legitimate. Different countries have dealt in different ways with the recognition of native populations' rights. The Scandinavians had the Sami people (the Lapps), the Australians had the Aboriginal people and the Americans had the Indians. Each democratic state adopted its own solution.

One thing is clear: The arrangement offered by Israel is probably the most generous and decent arrangement, compared to other countries…

But the coalition of incitement and deception – which includes Adalah, Balad, rights movements and the Islamic Movement – is unhappy with these solutions. This coalition also has the Haaretz newspaper, which is fanning the flames, at its service.

It should be clarified that there is a huge difference between a critical stance against the state's conduct and major deception, which has one result: Lies and incitement.
Last week, the Supreme Court decided to approve the evacuation of Bedouins from Umm al-Hiran to allow the construction of the new town of Hiran. According to Prof. Aeyal Gross, Haaretz's commentator, "The residents, who are about to be evacuated from the community and whose homes are about to be demolished in favor of the Jewish community of Hiran – have been living there for 60 years, after moving to the Nahal Yatir area in 1956 at the military governor's order."

Had these been the facts, we should have joined the protestors against the brutal eviction government. The problem is that Gross' statement is inaccurate, to say the least.

The facts are, first of all, that the Bedouin expansion to the compound allotted to Hiran began only after the decision was made to build the new community. It's written in the ruling. There are aerial photos that prove it. But Gross wasn't wrong. He misled his readers. If there is an opportunity to spread another lie about the Zionist expulsion, the coalition of deception and incitement will seize that opportunity.
Why were these facts concealed from the readers? We know the answer. It's not criticism; it's incitement and deception.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University Promoting the BDS Movement

Dan Rabinowitz (TAU - Dept of Sociology & Head of Environmental Studies) and Dr. Hila Dayan (Amsterdam University) speak at conference aimed at promoting BDS awareness. Conference is held in Rabinowitz' Dept of Sociology. Dayan belongs to a small vocal group of disgruntled Israeli Sociologists and Anthropologists who wish to buck the Israeli Anthropological Association's decision to protest the discussion of BDS sanctions at the International Sociologists Conference.

About 30 Tel Aviv University students, mostly graduates and Ph.D. candidates, took part on Monday in a discussion about the boycott movement against Israel, particularly the academic boycott. The very fact that a discussion was held that did not completely condemn the BDS movement and included some expressions of support, is considered unusual.

The discussion was held under the auspices of the university's sociology and anthropology department. It was the first such event held by the department, and apparently the first at Tel Aviv University.
Dayan drew a connection between what she said was the failure of Israel's universities to deal with inequality in education and "their indifference to what is happening in the occupied territories." She said that she did not support an academic boycott "because I think that Israel will be saved from itself only thanks to the enlightened world." But she said she supported an "inner boycott."
Professor Dan Rabinowitz of the university's sociology department and head of its Porter School of Environmental Studies pointed to a petition signed by some 1,300 anthropologists worldwide calling on universities in Israel to persuade the government to withdraw from the territories as one of the conditions for lifting the boycott.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University -  More Pinkwashing Lunacy from The Brokeback Jihadist Aeyal Gross (Dept of Law)

These statements by Netahnayu encapsulate what has came to be known as "pinkwashing," essentially the use of LGBT rights by Israel as propaganda, in a way that seeks to brand Israel as a liberal democracy – one that, even if it violates human rights in some areas, shares basic liberal values with other Western countries – and divert discussion of the occupation and the violation of human rights it entails.
There are many other examples that illustrate the appropriation of Israeli LGBT rights for propaganda purposes. Consider a poster from the California-based BlueStar agency, which has described its mission as humanizing perceptions about Israel. It shows Israeli soldiers and asks, "Where In the Middle East Can Gay Officers Serve Their Country?" The poster provides the answer – "only in Israel" – and asks the audience to "Support Democracy. Support Israel." Here the irony is blatant, as this is the same army that takes part in the oppression of Palestinians in a way that undermines democracy.
The bottom line is that the state of LGBT rights in Israel, however good or bad it may be, should in no way deflect from the state's human rights violations or its deprivation of democratic rights in other contexts, especially that of the occupation.
But since LGBT rights are not more important than the rights of other groups, we must reject the practice of turning our rights into a propaganda tool that will allow Israel to continue oppressing others.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Alon Liel (Dept of Political Science) Raises his Voice Loud and Clear in Support of BDS and an Internationally Imposed Final Solution to the Arab-Israeli Conflict

In the utmost detached-from-reality, leftist fairyland fashion, Liel absolves the "Arab Partner" from any blame in the failure to build a "strong relationship", the creation of a "peaceful atmosphere" or conduct of "serious negotiations". Liel gives Arab rejectionism and terror a prize by demanding the recognition of an additional Arab state, despite two decades not living up to signed agreements and the reluctance of the international community to enforce said agreements. Liel, adopting anti-democratic processes, invites the EU, with impunity, to impose a settlement to the Arab-Israeli conflict at Israel's expense.

Liel should be criminally culpable for his "reckless endangerment" and "depraved indifference" to Israeli Democracy.

Over two decades of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations since the Oslo Accords were signed in 1993 did not succeed in bringing peace any closer to reality. The distance between the two sides has only widened over time, and any trust that existed between them has evaporated. Senior ministers in the Netanyahu government have enthusiastically delegitimized and alienated their Palestinian partner — Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) — instead of trying to build a strong relationship and create a peaceful atmosphere conducive to genuine and serious negotiations.

The only possibility for Israelis and Palestinians to sit at the table again and hold sincere discussions is for the international community as a whole to first recognize a Palestinian state. Only such recognition can level the diplomatic playing field and bring about the much-needed "parity of esteem" between the two sides.
The future of the State of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state depends on the establishment of a viable Palestinian state whose borders with Israel are based on the pre-1967 Green Line, with mutually agreedupon land swaps. It is important, therefore, that the international community at large, and the European Union in particular, continue along the path of actively disengaging from the settlements.

To Israel's friends all over the world reading this today, I can confidently say that only the creation of a Palestinian state will save us from our continuing down the slippery slope leading to an Israeli apartheid. Furthermore, international recognition of a Palestinian state at this stage does not mark an end to negotiations, but rather their beginning. Negotiations under such new circumstances would take place between two internationally recognized entities, rather than between an occupying country and the population under its control.

I am part of a group of over 1,000 Israeli peace activists who have come together to support this European momentum toward state recognition of Palestine. We signed a petition that already has been sent to the parliaments that voted, and will be on its way to every additional European parliament that will vote on the issue.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Carlo Strenger (Dept of Psychology) Wants to Dismantle Israel by Dividing it into Jewish and Arab Cantons

How about a separate Canton for Self-Hating Jewish Leftists?

For a number of years I have argued that Israel's internal differences — not only between Jews and Arabs, but among Jews — are so large that the country should be divided into cantons linked in a federative structure. Last year, with Haaretz's Judd Yadid, I presented a detailed proposal on how such a cantonal structure could look.
Still, differences in core values even among Israel's Jews have become so vast as to make it nearly impossible to live in the same polity. To safeguard Israel's democracy, we need to get a deeper understanding for the reasons the right attacks democratic institutions.
A federative structure of provinces that roughly reflects Israel's core groups might do exactly that. The cantons should reflect existing cultural groups as well as possible, while as much power and financial resources as possible should be devolved to the regional governments. As in Switzerland, the United States and Germany, the federal government should only be entrusted with what the regional ones can't possibly do on their own.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Ronen Shamir (Dept of Sociology): TAU's Leftist Sexual Predator gets a Wrist Slap

Shamir has illicit affair with his student, ends relationship, and harasses the victim in an attempt to keep her quiet. TAU "Ethics" committee refuses to can Shamir.

Meet Ronen Shamir, a far-leftist sociology professor from Tel Aviv University. Strongly anti-capitalist and fond of denouncing Zionist "colonialism." One of the tenured Ultra-Left who demanded that Israeli soldiers engage in mutiny and insurrection and refuse to serve, and signer of other anti-Israel petitions… And Ronen Shamir has just become the latest tenured Leftist to be convicted of sexual misconduct with respect to his own students. As in so many other cases, the Israeli university circled its wagons and attempted to protect him from prosecution. Shamir just got off with a resounding wrist-slapping reprimand.
The ethics code at TAU prohibits faculty members from dating or having relations with their own students (although this is relaxed after the student is no longer the professor's student). Comrade Shamir had pursued an Arab woman student, his own student, whose name has not been released. He eventually persuaded her to move in together. All the other sociology department tenured leftists knew about the affair and kept quiet. After a year, Shamir tired of his trophy Arab and left her. The student complained about the prof to various other people, and word reached the TAU official for sexual harassment. To retaliate, Shamir kept sending the student bizarre "anonymous" email messages that were signed by the name of a character from a Salman Rushdie novel (seems that Shamir is a Rushdie aficionado).

The official for sexual harassment investigated the matter, eventually bringing it to the attention of the faculty ethics committee, composed of three law school profs. … The ethics committee investigated the matter for four years (!!!). Shamir evidently pressured the hapless student to come in and testify in his favor! At one point he broke into her cell phone to extract personal private information. The ethics committee found that Shamir had engaged in verbal and physical violence against the student. The ethics committee did not convict Shamir of sexual harassment but it did convict him on several charges of conduct unbecoming a faculty member…

Where were all the radical feminist faculty members at Tel Aviv University? I guess they were busy planning Nakba mourning commemorations.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - TAU Planning to Mourn Israel's Existence

Far-Leftist MKs and other extremists are slated to attend "Nakba" ceremony at TAU front gate. TAU's response: not on campus thus not our problem.

The Arab-Jewish Hadash Party group at Tel Aviv University along with other leftist groups plan to hold a "Nakba Day" ceremony at Entin Square in front of the main entrance to the campus on Wednesday.
Students and teachers are expected to attend along with Joint List chairman Ayman Odeh (Hadash), and possibly other MKs such as Jamal Zahalka (Balad), Ahmad Tibi (Ta'al), Aida Touma-Sliman (Hadash) and Abdel-Hakim Haj Yahya (UAL), and former Hadash chairman Muhammad Barakei.

A figure for the Northern Branch of the Islamic Movement as well as Muhammad Kana'neh from the nationalist Bnei Hakfar (Sons of the Land) movement also plan to attend, an organizer told the Post.
Asking about the event, the Tel Aviv University spokeswoman told the Post that the event is taking place "outside the premises of the university" and therefore "does not require permission of the university."

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - MK Magal Demands to Try Alon Liel (Dept of Political Science) for Treason

Liel and Amiram Goldblum's petitions to European Parliaments and UN attempt to bypass Israeli Democracy and breach Israeli Sovereignty.

MK Yinon Magal (Jewish Home) has asked Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein to file charges against the former Director of the Foreign Ministry, Alon Liel, on allegations of treason.

According to Magal, Liel has been working to get European parliaments to recognize a Palestinian state on 1967 borders, and in some cases has explicitly stated that such a state should have eastern Jerusalem as its capital.

In a letter to Weinstein, Magal noted that section 97b of the penal code, under the heading "Treason," refers to "a person who, with the purpose of causing any territory to be removed from the sovereignty of the state or to enter the sovereignty of a foreign state, took action to bring this about" and defines the maximal penalties for this as death or life in prison.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Israeli Academic Leftists Continue to Provide Fodder for Israel Bashers Who Claim Israel is not a Democracy

The author quotes Daniel Bar-Tal (Tel Aviv University) who declares the "occupation" a threat to Israeli Democracy and links it to a rise in abusive relationships in Israel society. The author also uses Yaron Ezrahi's (Hebrew University & IDI Watch) stereotypical generalizations to marginalize the entire Israeli electorate to the right of Meretz. Finally, the author supports his outlandish claims upon data garnered from the Israeli Democracy Institute.

"The consequences of occupation are evident in all aspects of Israeli life, including its political, social, legal, economic, cultural, and psychological spheres," Bar-Tal and Schnell wrote in their 2012 collection of Israeli academic research into this question. "Occupation has shaped Israel's national identity as a whole."

Some of those effects are personal: the researchers found, for example, that spousal abuse has risen as Israeli soldiers accustomed to the daily brutalities of enforcing military occupation come home.

But many effects were much broader and more troubling. The needs of maintaining occupation are "seriously hampering, if not reversing" the "process of self-democratization of the state," according to a chapter in a 2012 study authored by Tamir Magal, Neta Oren, Daniel Bar-Tal, and Eran Halperin.

In other words, their research found, Israel is trading its democracy, piece by piece, to maintain the occupation of the West Bank…
Israelis do not necessarily see themselves as making a choice between democracy and permanent occupation. Yaron Ezrahi, a political scientist at Hebrew University, has described an Israeli ideological divide that is much wider and more profound than the divide between, say, American Democrats and Republicans.

One side, Ezrahi has said, champions "the Enlightenment ideal of progress" and "a deep sense of the limits of military force, and a commitment to liberal-democratic values." And the other, "founded on a long memory of persecution, genocide, and a bitter struggle for survival, is pessimistic, distrustful of non-Jews, and believing only in Jewish power and solidarity."

It is this latter view that Netanyahu represents, and that is increasingly dominant in Israeli politics.
The Israeli Democracy Institute points out, though, that 74 percent of Jewish Israelis say that "crucial national decisions on matters of peace and security should be made by a Jewish majority." Sixty-one percent say Jewish Israelis should be the group that decides on governance and economic issues.

In other words, Jewish Israelis express an abstract desire for democracy, but do not support enacting it in practice. Rather, they want a state that gives Jews greater political rights and authority.
Members of the Israeli left are concerned that they could be the next to be marginalized, and it is easy to see why. Forty-six percent of Israelis support a law banning public criticism of the government, according to the Democracy Institute's findings. New Israeli public school textbooks are teaching Israeli children that their country is meant to be more Jewish than it is democratic. Israeli sociologist Idan Yaron found recently from his research observing high schoolers, "The students think that being left-wing is almost worse than being an Arab."

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - TAU Organizes 'Nakba' Film Festival

In an official university email, Tel Aviv University has issued a call for submissions of films on the topic of the "Nakba and the return of Palestinian refugees." The films are to participate in a film festival organized by the radical leftist group Zochrot, about the so-called "Nakba," or catastrophe, as nationalist Arabs call the 1948 war for the independence of Israel.
A special report released by NGO Monitor last year included Zochrot among three groups that actively promote a "one-state" bi-national Israel, in order to erase the country's Jewish nature.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Aeyal Gross (Dept of Law) Reserves "Freedom of Speech" Exclusively for Israel-Hating Leftist Radicals and Transvestites

This means that calls for boycotting produce from the West Bank settlements or for boycotting the cultural center in Ariel can lead to a person being sued if this leads to financial damage. This imposes problematic limitations on political freedom of speech.
One can also criticize the broad comparison made by the justices between the boycott law and laws against discrimination, stating that the new law in fact implements the laws forbidding discrimination. However, the existence of these antidiscrimination laws shows that the boycott law is superfluous…

Calls for a boycott can be annoying and objectionable, but the High Court – even though it restricted the law – has failed to protect freedom of expression in areas where it is particularly important, such as when dealing with unpopular opinions that annoy many people. Consequently, it gave legitimacy to legislation that is part of a wave of proposed antidemocratic bills, designed to "kill the messenger" rather than dealing with the content of the relevant criticism.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Aviad Kleinberg (Dept of History) Upset that Europeans are not Placing Sanctions on Israel

Europe and the United States allegedly oppose Israel's Palestinian policy, and especially its settlement policy. … [T]he West's elites have supported the occupation, in practice if not in theory, and have avoided imposing any significant sanction on Israel, although it's clear that Israel is very sensitive to diplomatic and economic sanctions.

The regular warnings of the left, that if the right-wing government crosses a certain red line the words will turn into actions, have been proven false time and again: Israel's government expanded the settlements, violated their promise to evacuate illegal outposts, violated – although they promised not to – the Palestinians' basic human rights, and repeatedly launched "operations" which sparked a flood of words and a light drizzle of action.
At some stage or another – in the coming years? In the coming decade – we will be required to define the state's character: Either a binational state or an apartheid state.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tenured Extremists Vote for Stalinism, Fascism, and Anti-Semitism in Israel

The following Tenured Extremists pledge to vote for the "United Arab List" in the upcoming elections as a statement against "occupation, oppression, and racism."

Tel Aviv University - Adi Ophir, Anat Matar, Rachel Giora, Moshe Zuckerman, Yehouda Shenhav, Yigal Brunner
Weizmann Institute - Communist Party activist Oded Goldreich
Haifa University - Avner Giladi, Avraham Oz, Yuval Yonay, Vered Krauss and Arik Shapira
Hebrew University - Nurit Peled Elhanan and Emmanuel Farjoun
Ben Gurion University - Nitza Berkowitz, Haim Jacoby, Ido Landau, Haggai Ram, and Israel's pseudo-academic Lord Haw-Haw Neve Gordon

This is what Israeli taxpayers are financing.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Ran Hacohen (Dept of Comparative Literature) Blames Israel for Dragging Hamas into a War

This time, it started with the kidnapping of three settlers in the West Bank, two of whom were minors. True, they shouldn't have been there in the first place, but this did not give anybody the right to kill them. The fact that they were already murdered was known by Israeli authorities within a matter of hours, but they hid this information from the public, cultivating the illusion that the victims might still be found alive. The charade continued for almost three weeks.

This period of planned national hysteria was used, first, to incite the masses against "the kidnappers" of "our children"… Second, the drama enabled Netanyahu to blame Hamas for the kidnapping – an outright lie, since the names of the kidnappers were known to Israel all along. Clearly they were not Hamas activists. Third, the run-up period was used to drag Hamas into the fighting: Hamas (in Gaza) denied responsibility for the kidnapping (which took place in the West Bank) and refrained from firing at Israel (it was the Islamic Jihad who fired), yet Israel still attacked Hamas targets, in an obvious effort to drag them into the war.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - The Liel Husband and Wife Tag Team Working Hand in Hand to Delegitimize the State and Undermine Israeli Sovereignty

Alon Liel (Dept of Political Science) supports the boycott of Israel and works to undermine Israeli sovereignty with funding from the New Israel Fund (NIF). Rachel Liel, Alon's wife, is Director of the NIF in Israel. The NIF funds radical anti-Israel NGOs with millions to accuse Israel of bogus claims of "apartheid", fictitious human-rights "violations", and alleged "war-crimes".

What was conveniently ignored was the fact that a significant portion of NIF's $30 Million budget is spent on projects which directly harm the State of Israel. The New Israel Fund is a dangerous, radical organization which wraps their programs in a "respectable" package. They are rejected by the majority of Israelis across the political spectrum.

What has not yet been exposed is the fact that Rachel Liel's husband, Alon is one of the world's leading organizers of world boycotts against Israel. He is also a co-organizer of the campaign to call on European countries to undermine Israeli sovereignty by "recognizing" the "State of Palestine." Alon Liel, Israel's former ambassador to South Africa is a member of two organizations which receive large funding by NIF. He is on the management team of Ir Amin, which works against Jewish interests in Jerusalem, and is also a member of the B'Tselem Public Council.

Alon Liel supports a cultural boycott of Israel … working to generate headlines which read "Boycott My Country."

He holds radical viewpoints which the majority of Israelis, even on the left oppose…
The New Israel Fund must be ostracized and rejected by the Jewish community.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Shlomo Sand (Dept of History) - the Highest Form of Zionism is Voting for the United Arab List

Mourning the fall of the Meretz Party and despondent over the waxing political power exerted by the far-left, Sand suggests voting for the Joint List of Arab parties to spite the Israeli electorate.

In recent years, doubts about significantly changing politics via elections have increased. Ideologically, parties in populist democracies more and more resemble empty shells.
But symbolically, a vote for [the Joint List of Arab parties] could be a decisive event in Israel's short history. It will be a protest vote that could make the Joint List the third largest power in the Knesset and remind everyone that for Israel's future and security it cannot keep viewing itself as the nation of all Jews around the world, including all the Sheldons. If Israel seeks a long-term existence, it must be a democracy of all its citizens, including the 25 percent who according to the Interior Ministry are not defined as members of the Chosen People.

Moreover, those for whom the concrete Jewish memory, not the mythological one, is dear to their hearts, must vote for the Arab Israeli minority. Anyone who remembers that in the distant and recent past Jews lived as humiliated subjects, second-class citizens and suspect neighbors must identify with whomever is persecuted today by voting for the Joint List of Arab parties.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Aviad Kleinberg (Dept of History) Has Conniption

In a classical Orwellian Inversion, Kleinberg blames the Government for "disassembling the Zionist project of the 'Jewish and democratic' state" by following Rav Kook's philosophy. Kleinberg vexes how rabbinical "post-Zionist" messianic fanaticism in governmental policies will turn the Israeli democracy into an "ethnoratic dictatorship".

Post-Zionist government leading us to a binational state
Op-ed: The Netanyahu governments, even when they include Labor and Yesh Atid members, are disassembling the Zionist project of the 'Jewish and democratic' state.
Many of these housing starts (perhaps most) are outside the settlement blocs, and some are in isolated settlements, whose main goal is to prevent any possibility of territorial continuity on lands which have theoretically been allotted to the Palestinian state…
This time we are not talking about a Jewish state, but about the binational state which is taking shape.

The Netanyahu governments (even when they included members of the Labor Party and Yesh Atid) are post-Zionist governments which are disassembling the Zionist project of the "Jewish and democratic" state. No one is declaring it (the opposite is being declared), but it's happening on the ground: Anyone who takes a look at the map of the West Bank territories realizes that the State of Israel has intentionally created on them a network of communities, which the only logic that can be found in them is turning the separation between us and the Palestinians from a difficult task into an impossible one.

This plan is not phrased in messianic terms. It is phrased in the boring terms of master plans and housing units and infrastructure. But the Zionist project – which sees territory as a tool for the main thing, which is creating a state with a solid Jewish majority which sustains democratic institutions – is no longer behind it.

According to the world view of Netanyahu and his partners in Judea and Samaria, territory comes first, followed by the Jewish majority, and democracy comes last. This is messianism which has exchanged the festive language of Rabbi Kook with the bureaucratic language of the Israel Land Administration.
If a miracle doesn't happen, we'll give up the least important part of the triangle – democracy. Israel will declare itself an ethnoratic dictatorship – a state in which only Jews have civil rights.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Shlomo Sand (Dept of History) Canceled by the University of Nice

Tel Aviv University's worst anti-Semite gets the bum's rush in the Riviera, however, Sand continues to be a source of inspiration to those who would besmirch Israel

Already banned (effectively) from the Maison des Associations on Nice's Place Garibaldi two years ago, Shlomo Sand is now silenced in the place where we would least have expected it: the university!
The Israeli government has just committed acts against the Palestinian population that the Russell Tribunal on Palestine called war crimes, crimes against humanity and incitement to genocide. Israel society in its majority approves of these crimes, partly because it is worn down by an incessant propaganda that denies Palestinians their dignity and their rights.
The UJFP (French Jewish Union for Peace) denounces these attacks on freedom of expression, which serve only to cover up for the destruction of Palestine that is currently underway. It demands that Shlomo Sand be able to speak freely at the university.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Shlomo Sand (Dept of History) Understands the Charlie Hedbo Murderers

Sand attacks the Charlie Hedbo victims and insinuates that the French got what they deserved because of their neo-colonial war on terror.

Already, in 2006, I had perceived as pure provocation the drawing of Mohammed decked in a turban in the form of a bomb. This is not so much a caricature against Islamists as a stupid conflation of Islam with Terror; it's on a par with identifying Judaism with money!
At the moment, and particularly after this terrible massacre, my sympathy goes to the Muslims who reside in ghettos adjacent to the metropolises, who are at considerable risk of becoming the second victims of the murders perpetrated at Charlie Hebdo and at the Hyper Casher supermarket

Moreover, and knowing that one's writings always occur in context, how to not raise the fact that, for more than a year, so many French troops are present in Africa to 'combat the jihadists', when no serious debate has taken place in France on the usefulness or the damage of these military interventions? The colonial gendarme of yesteryear, who carries an incontestable responsibility in the chaotic heritage of [arbitrary] borders and regimes, is today 'recalled' to reinstall 'law and order' by means of its latterday neo-colonial gendarmerie.
Of course, for an assassin to kill in cold blood innocent and unarmed people it is necessary to be cruel and perverse. But it is necessary to be hypocritical or stupid to close one's eyes on the particulars that have provided the foundations of this tragedy.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Aeyal Gross (Dept of Law) Cheering on the ICC LAWfare Against Israel

ICC inquiry is a game changer for Israel
The International Criminal Court will consider four issues in examining whether Israel has a case to answer for its actions in the Palestinian territories.
In this context, assessing the objectivity of the investigations Israel is conducting into the harm done to Gazan civilians during Operation Protective Edge last summer will be critical: Only an independent investigation – not one being done to shield Israelis from prosecution in The Hague – will be considered genuine.
However, there is no doubt that the rules of the game have changed. Israelis and Palestinians alike are coming, for the first time, under the jurisdiction of an international criminal tribunal. If the foreign minister is surprised, it's probably because he hasn't yet internalized that Israel's legal stance regarding a variety of issues is very far from the internationally accepted positions.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


The Amiram Goldblum (Hebrew University) and Alon Liel (Tel Aviv University) Tag Team Petitioning to the UN to Coerce Israel into Submission

Where does critical thinking stop and treason start?

We, the undersigned, Israeli citizens, call upon all members of the UN Security Council to support the proposal to fix a firm date for terminating Israel's occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem, and to set a time limit for negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians. That, in the spirit of the recent proposal put forward to the Security Council by Jordan. We believe that the continued Israeli occupation is destructive to both Israel and Palestine. A decision by the Security Council to set a date for ending the occupation and to determine the parameters for negotiating a fair and just peace, will salvage the two-state solution, and will allow Israel and Palestine to live side by side securely in peace and equality.

 [Alon Liel] ד"ר אלון ליאל
 [David Harel] פרופ' דוד הראל
 [Menachem Klein] פרופ' מנחם קליין
 [Amiram Goldblum] פרופ' עמירם גולדבלום

Among the signed
David Blanc                              חנה ספרן
Prof. Yona Pinson                    Prof. Jon Anson
Micah Leshem                          Chaim Gans
אורן ברק                                   Daniel Bar-Tal
לב גרינברג                                 David Tartakover
Snait GIssis                              Zeev Sternhell
אלון הראל                                  Avner de Shalit
Prof. Itzhak Galnoor                 Anat Biletzki
Moshe Zuckermann                  Dimitry Shumsky
nurit peled-elhanan                    Avraham Oz
יצחק (יאני) נבו                            Naomi Chazan
Amos Goldberg                        Alon Liel
Amiram Goldblum

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Aeyal Gross (Dept of Law) Complaining over Criticism of "Human Rights" Activism

Gross whines that Isracampus and other monitors of "human rights" NGOs are practicing McCarthyism and are a threat to democracy.

I did not need a response to know the answer: my views were distorted as part of a campaign to de-legitimize human rights organizations and everyone who is active in these organizations and, in fact, anyone that works on the issue. Today, the organizations that "monitor" human rights organizations and academia and define criticism as anti-Israel, attempting to delegitimize it often through distortion, are amongst the greatest threats to the defense of human rights and democracy in general. The McCarthyism that characterizes these groups, and their attack on the Goldstone Committee, is meant to terrorize those who champion human rights and those who criticize their violation. Without criticism and activism regarding human rights, and when the discussion is diverted to the "messenger" and not the violations themselves, the human rights situation will only worsen. This is a real and present danger, and thus everyone who fears for democracy and human right must denounce the strategy of "killing the messenger."

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Shlomo Sand (Dept of History) - The Tenured Traitor and The Arabs' Darling

Shaul Bartal compares Sand's book The Invention of the Jewish People to the likes of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and Mein Kampf and has become an Arab propaganda tool "the purpose of which is to undermine the right of the Jewish people to its ancestral homeland." Bartal accuses Sand of misrepresenting established historical facts as lies and making questionable claims knowing full well that he can't be fired from his tenured position. Bartal ties Sand to the PLO, the defunct Israeli communist Rakah party, and to the pro-Arab teaching/writing of Mahmoud Darwish, a once prominent member of the same party. Bartal concludes that Sand's writings are not original, only that a Jew agreed to write such anti-Semitic trope.

Since the initial publication of The Invention of the Jewish People five years ago,[1] every interview with the Tel Aviv University historian has achieved great popularity in Arab media. Headlines refer to his name endlessly though his theories are anything but new and have long been popular in the Arab world, just as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and Mein Kampf have been widely distributed in the Arab language for many years.[2] In essence, Sand's book has become a plank of Palestinian and Arab propaganda, the purpose of which is to undermine the right of the Jewish people to its ancestral homeland.
The unique aspect of Sand's book thus is not its content but rather its context. Sand's innovation is that he, a Jewish professor of history from a leading "Zionist" university, step-by-step, in beautifully phrased Hebrew, justifies and approves all the Palestinian historical claims. It is no surprise that The Invention of the Jewish People became a major best-seller in the Arab world and is treasured by Palestinians.

The damage caused by The Invention stems from its misrepresentation of established historical facts as lies. … So the Jews as a nation have no real historical claim to the territory of the State of Israel, including Jerusalem. That this ignores millennia of Jewish theological focus on the ideas of return and the place of Jerusalem is obvious. … The Jewish people, according to Sand, were never exiled and—in distinction to Zionists—the majority of Jews have adopted this myth for no reason.[12]
In Maher Sharif's editorial, "Shlomo Sand and the Invention of the Jewish People,"[18] the author, a member of the Palestinian People's Party, the reincarnation of the Israeli communist Rakah party, praised Sand's creation, specifically the French version entitled How the Jewish Nation Was Invented, from the Torah to Zionism. The Rakah context is vital. Sand's conclusions are directly related to his political stand as an ex-Rakah activist, his familial background, and his connections and friendship with the famous Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish. Darwish was also a Rakah activist until he left Israel in 1970 and joined the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) in Lebanon.[19]
With great appreciation, Sharif analyzed each chapter in the book and agreed with Sand's historical analysis. Sand's conclusions are not new and are accepted in every branch and form of the communist movement, both in Israel and the territories. So, Sand's book is, in effect, a product of the communist Rakah party.
The newspaper quotes Sand as saying that "there is a greater possibility that the Hamas fighters are the descendants of King David than the possibility that he [Shlomo Sand] could be the descendant of David."[22]
In other words, Israel was at fault for the situation because it had not been willing to declare the 1967 borders as final. According to Sand, Israel's refusal to accept the Arab League plan was enough to deny it the right to self-defense and justified the attacks on its citizens.
When asked about Hamas's continuing rocket fire despite the fact that Israel had left the Gaza Strip, Sand replied that Hamas had the right to continue firing rockets into Israel until the West Bank was completely freed from Israeli "occupation":

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Aeyal Gross (Dept of Law), Promoter of Transvestites and Inventor of the "Pinkwashing" Idiocy, Now Demands that the Sexual Orientation of Every Public Figure be Exposed and Publicized

The difference between the attitude toward the female MK and the male MK shows how behind the claim of privacy, even if claimed out of good intentions, hides a closet. That is part of liberal homophobia, which is built on the division between public heterosexuality and private homosexuality and bans the mention of homosexuality unless the individual mentioned gives a full confession in the weekend newspapers.

The discussion in recent weeks following journalist and writer Gal Uchovsky's call on the Labor Party chairman to give MK X a choice – come out of the closet or get out of the Knesset – misses the real story, the story of "inning" not outing, and of the hypocritical attitude of the media toward sexual orientation.

Indeed, it is a person's right not to reveal his or her sexuality. But the interesting question is not whether the MK is exercising his right, but rather whether he is doing the right thing. Many believe that an elected official should act differently. One might also wonder where the strange idea comes from that a person who has come out of the closet in the past and spoke about it publicly has the right to expect that the issue will remain confidential once he is elected to the Knesset.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Far Leftist Incitement on TAU Campus

TAU Officials authorize a pro-terror rally by Far-Leftist activists just two days after the gruesome terrorist attack on morning worshipers in Har Nof. The Far-Leftist activists justify the rally as part of the "resistance" and dismiss their incitement as "Israeli semantics". 'Im Tirtzu' counter-protest activists persuade organizers to reschedule the pro-terror rally and demand TAU officials to curtail far-leftist incitement.

Arab student groups at Tel Aviv University planned to hold a rally on campus "in memory of the martyrs and against the occupation" at 11:45 a.m. on Thursday - until a counter-rally led them to reschedule for Sunday.

… The protest was largely organized by the Im Tirtzu student group; roughly 200 students and activists demonstrated at the entrance to the campus, with some bearing prayer shawls featuring red stains to symbolize the attack on the Jerusalem synagogue this Tuesday.

Dr. Ronen Shoval, founder of the Im Tirtzu movement that organized the counter-protest, said "the Arab incitement on campus continues unabated. Arabs students rioting on campus should not come as a surprise. Israel has a serious crisis of sovereignty and should revoke the citizenship of anyone who is not acting as a citizen… Any delay in dealing with incitement may allow verbal violence to become physical violence."

Jabar Bassel, a member of the Arab communist Hadash student group and one of the organizers of the rescheduled event, told Walla! … "We don't see martyrs as terrorists… Suicide terrorists are those who were killed due to the continuing conflict, they are Palestinian resistance fighters… According to Israeli semantics it's as if we're coming out against the state… they may have thrown rocks but they fought in their territory, in the territory of the future state on '67 borders - they are fighting for their freedom."

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Columnist Ben Dror Yemini Denounces the Goldblum-Liel Gang of Underminers

Yemini dissects the petition of Amiram Goldblum (Hebrew University) and Alon Liel (Tel Aviv University) and concludes that it is nothing more than Arab rejectionist propaganda.

Their appeal doesn't contain a single word on the Palestinian demand for the right of return. It doesn't demand recognition of the formula of two states for two peoples (as opposed to recognition of two states). There isn't even a hint of criticism of the Palestinians' rejectionist attitude. There's no call for an end to the incitement. Nothing.

Their appeal looks like a Palestinian propaganda leaflet. And as such, their appeal does nothing to serve peace, and primarily reinforces the Palestinian rejectionist approach. It also offers a tailwind to anti-Semitic elements in Europe.

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Tel Aviv University - Aeyal Gross (Dept of Law) Demanding Judicial Activism

Gross, complaining that the Supreme Court is too passive, demands that terrorist-collaborator Zoabi remain in Knesset, however, he has never objected to the bans on rightwing groups running for election. It would seem that Gross believes no leftist rhetoric can be sufficiently unethical to cross the line into treason or incitement and rejects the Knesset's prerogative to enforce disciplinary sanctions on one of their own. Finally, Gross would abandon Democracy, and the separation of powers therein, to have the Courts exceed its jurisdiction and enforce Gross' Judicratic ultra-leftist utopia.

Knesset members who do not like the views of other MKs do not have the right to impose sanctions because of those opinions, as the High Court should have made clear.

Last week's rejection of petitions by MK Haneen Zoabi isn't the first time the High Court of Justice has declined to intervene on the issue of Knesset sanctions imposed on the Balad MK for what it saw as her extremist rhetoric.
The judicial passivism that the High Court of Justice exhibited on the previous instance with Zoabi paved the way for the unprecedented Knesset sanction against her this time. And the failure to intervene this time around gives a green light to Knesset members, sending a message that they are allowed to do harm to a parliamentary colleague whom they love to hate.
The latitude the High Court gave the Ethics Committee to exercise its own judgment sounds in theory like good reasoning. But in practice, what is happening is that Knesset members are exploiting the political power of the majority to hinder the minority. And the High Court of Justice is not filling the breach.

It would have been appropriate for the court to rule that the Ethics Committee has absolutely no authority to rule on political expressions, and instead can deal only with conduct unbecoming in the Knesset itself, or with unethical conduct on the part of Knesset members – such as inappropriate statements directed at one another.
[T]he High Court should have used the opportunity to make it crystal clear to the Knesset that it cannot impose sanctions against MKs simply because their views outrage the majority of the members of the house.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Ishay Rosen-Zvi (Dept of Hebrew Culture Studies) Spearheading the Fascist Left's Censorship Drive at TAU

Rosen-Zvi, along with other Tenured Extremists, opposes an art exhibit by Hebron-based artists as a "political act designed to sanitize settlements".

According to reports in The Jerusalem Post's sister paper Ma'ariv, members of the university's academic staff – such as Prof. Ishay Rosen-Zvi, the head of the Talmud program in the department of Hebrew culture studies, and Prof. Menachem Lorberbaum, chairman of the department of Jewish philosophy, Talmud and Kabbala – have complained to the library's management that featuring this art is a political act designed to sanitize settlements, particularly those in and around Hebron.

Certain assumptions have to be made to take on this sort of position. One must take as a given that art and politics are inseparable and that an artist's political views taint beyond redemption his or her artistic works. At the very least, one must believe that simply facilitating display of this art is tantamount to legitimizing the political views of the artist or of those living in the place from which he or she comes.
What is truly reprehensible about the behavior of Breaking the Silence, Rosen-Zvi and Lorberbaum is their attempt to equate settlers with an evilness so great it taints their artistic work. The reality is that many of the worst aspects of what is referred to as the "occupation" are the direct result of Palestinians' decisions to resort to violence and terrorism instead of dialogue and compromise.
We hope the management of Tel Aviv University's central library has the decency to stand up to pressure from radicals attempting to stifle freedom of artistic expression.

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Tel Aviv University - Shlomo Sand (Dept of History) Ceases Being a Jew

At this point in my own life, in the early 21st century, I feel in turn a moral obligation to break definitively with tribal Judeocentrism. … I identified as part of an oppressed and rejected minority. … I stubbornly remained a Jew who had accepted this identity on account of persecutions and murderers, crimes and their victims.

Now, having painfully become aware that I have undergone an adherence to Israel, been assimilated by law into a fictitious ethnos of persecutors and their supporters, and have appeared in the world as one of the exclusive club of the elect and their acolytes, I wish to resign and cease considering myself a Jew.
I am aware of living in one of the most racist societies in the western world. Racism is present to some degree everywhere, but in Israel it exists deep within the spirit of the laws…

To live in such a society has become increasingly intolerable to me… I am often even ashamed of Israel, particularly when I witness evidence of its cruel military colonisation, with its weak and defenceless victims who are not part of the "chosen people".
I do not go to synagogues to dissipate this nostalgia, because they pray there in a language that is not mine, and the people I meet there have absolutely no interest in understanding what being Israeli means for me.

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Ilan Pappe (University of Exeter) and Shlomo Sand (Tel Aviv University) Join their Judeophobic International Marxists in the Undermining of the Jewish State

The European Marxist Left has traditionally dismissed the rampant anti-Semitism inherent in the culture of European socialism and fascism as "a means to other political ends" that masquerades as "anti-Zionism". The American Left blames the Jews for the aggression they face in a classic anti-Semitic proposition. For the Jewish Marxists, the creation of a Jewish Nation-State has been a slap in the face to their Marxist views.

This connection between Marxism and Judeophobia has brought Pappe and Sand to express their "perverse form of humanism", "systematic denigration of Israel", and "Palestinophilism".

This analysis is now peddled by a growing numbers of leftist, anti-Zionist academics within Israel as well. Such rhetoric, divorced from historical truth and geopolitical reality, negates any possibility of reform or redress concerning genuine grievances. Shlomo Sand, a historian at Tel Aviv University, represents one particularly virulent strain of such "negationism" with his claim that both the concept of "Jewish People" and of Eretz Israel ("the land of Israel") are mere fictions or Zionist inventions. This former Israeli Trotskyist militant, trained in France (where his pseudoscientific delegitimization of Israel has enjoyed great popularity) has revived long-discredited theories—such as Arthur Koestler's deranged notion that Ashkenazi Jews sprang from Khazars who converted in the 10th century C.E.—to sever the Jews from their biblical ancestors. Wholly irreligious himself, Sand insists that Jews are linked by religion alone; he categorically rejects the Jewish identity of Israel and has announced to the world that he no longer considers himself a Jew. For Sand, Zionism can be understood only as the distillation of racism itself.

Small wonder that the worst enemies of the Jewish state regard Sand's work as invaluable. What could be better than an Israeli intellectual undermining the very roots of Jewish history, religion, cultural memory, and national identity in the land of Zion? …

In the "post-Zionist" narratives of Israeli historians such as Ilan Pappé (formerly an active member of the Israeli Communist Party, Hadash), the entire Jewish national project is a nightmarish tale of occupation, expulsion, discrimination, and institutional racism perpetrated by alien and demonic Zionist invaders. In such accounts, the Palestinians are the permanent victims; Israelis are forever the "brutal colonizers." According to Pappé, the "Zionist" ethnic cleansing of Palestine was already in full swing in 1948. It was a long-premeditated crime that has been escalating ever since. We increasingly find Jewish anti-Zionists presenting their certificates of divorce from the Jewish state, issuing petitions against Israel's "apartheid wall" (the security fence to defend against Palestinian suicide bombers), and denouncing Israel's allegedly racist oppression of local Arabs. At the same time, "progressive" Jews seem indifferent to the suffering of Israeli civilians—the innocent victims of so many savage Palestinian atrocities—including the recent murders of three Israeli teenagers near Hebron. … This is a perverse form of humanism in which the systematic denigration of Israel coexists with a wholly romanticized and abstract "Palestinophilism" devoid of any critical thought or normal human solidarity.

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Tel Aviv University - Aeyal Gross (Dept of Law) Explaining Why Israel Should Not be a Jewish state

Gross, taking time time off from promoting transgendered cross dressers, has no problem of course with Palestine being an Arabs only and Moslems only state.

In contemporary international law, it customary to talk about "external" self-determination, meaning the right of nations living under foreign rule to independence, and "internal" self-determination, or the notion that states represent multiple populations. The declaration in the proposed law that "the right to exercise national self-determination in Israel is exclusive to the Jewish people" undermines the notion that a large national minority in Israel is also entitled to representation and not just "individual" rights. In that respect, the proposal is a step toward greater discrimination against the country's Arab population, or perhaps toward Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman's plan – to remove that population from within the country's borders.

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Leftist Discrimination at Tel Aviv University

Three students who attend Ariel University and live in the center of the country arranged to meet to study in the Tel Aviv U. library simply because it was convenient. When they arrived and showed the university identification, they were told they must pay 30 shekels each. They asked to speak with the head of the library, who told them the same thing.

When asked to comment, school officials told Yisrael Hayom that it has an agreement with universities around the country regarding the library which does not include Ariel. When Ariel U. officials were asked, they explain they were never approached by Tel Aviv U. When Yisrael Hayom probed the matter with other universities around Israel, it learned there is no agreement with any of them regarding the use of the library in Tel Aviv U. and it appears the Ariel U. students were banned simply because the school is located in the Shomron, which does not jibe with the Tel Aviv U. leftist agenda.

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Tel Aviv University - Shlomo Sand's (Dept of History) Quest to End Jewish Existence and Make the World Judenrein

Just like the Haredi ideologues, Sand denies there is such a thing as Jewish secular culture. No achievement of Jewish secularists, he says, can be regarded as being Jewish, but is, rather, universal or belonging to the nations where they took place. The involvement of people of Jewish ancestry to him is totally incidental. This is classic Haredi thinking: Judaism and Jewishness only manifest in rabbinically prescribed religious practice – everything else is goyishe stuff.
But Sand has done the opposite of what they expected of him (and some of them have actually done themselves). Not only has he constructed for himself a new form of Israeli identity, but he denies these secular, progressive, non-Zionist Jews their intellectual integrity. He ridicules those who claim to be upholding Jewish values while criticizing Israel, and writes that they are no different from "overt pro-Zionists."
There is nothing ethical about Judaism, says Sand, blasting away the much cherished liberal notion of tikkun olam – if it's enlightened, then it's universal, and therefore not Jewish. The long lists of brave Jewish revolutionaries and human rights advocates so beloved of progressive Jews mean nothing, he claims. If anything, they were denying their parochial Jewish roots and joining a bigger and better global brotherhood of man and woman.

Sand is the scourge of anti-Zionist secular Jews. Criticize Israel, by all means, he tells them; but if you identify yourselves as Jews when doing so, you're phonies. You don't get any special moral standing just by accident of birth. You are no better than the goyim.
Sand's challenge to secular Jews who refuse to be defined by religious belief and practice is a strong and eloquent one. In the absence of religion, he claims, there are only ersatz identities, such as clinging to memories of persecution, which has largely disappeared from the world. Everyone wants to be a survivor, he says, that's the real "Holocaust industry." Or else Jewishness in this day and age is defined by one's artificial relationship with Israel, whether it's support or repudiation.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Another Bad Peer Review: Shlomo Sand's (Dept of History) Latest Book has Nothing New to Say

Israel Bartal had reduced Sand's previous book "When and How Was the Jewish People Invented?" into a work of fiction, now blames Sand for being over-simplistic and lazy in his attempt to damn the Jewish State and the Zionist Movement in his next book "The Invention of the Land of Israel".

Shlomo Sand's political treatise, The Invention of the Land of Israel, is another link in his larger project of deconstructing the 'historical super mythos of the Jews as a wandering people' and severing the bond of memory between the ancient Land of the Patriarchs and the modern Jewish experience.
While the book is packed with historical information and contains lots of citations, as a veteran researcher of the history of the Jewish national liberation movement, I was surprised that it is hard to find even one research novelty in anything Professor Sand says. The book adds no new knowledge, historical insight or perspective that has not been presented before in regard to the changes that occurred in the Jews' connection with this piece of land. Furthermore, purely on the investigative level of Sand's work, I was unable to discover any factual statement that Zionist historiographers or prominent thinkers of the national movement would not also stipulate. The historical account that Sand offers is generally speaking true to the conventional wisdom of the old Zionist historiography.
However, the Zionist innovators, unlike Shlomo Sand, did not consider their venture and political culture a forgery, a lie or a propaganda trick. … The rediscovery of a real country with hills, vales, rivers and shores in ancient texts played a definitive role in the cultural endeavors of several preeminent Zionist thinkers. … In the historiographical part of his work, Sand describes accurately (albeit sometimes in a simplistic manner that overlooks the complexity of the cultural processes that modern nationalism instigated in Jewish society) the contours of this Zionist uprising.

… His onslaught has a different target: the popular myth, common in certain Israeli circles, about the existence of a direct relationship between the biblical Land of Israel and the piece of land that the modern Jewish national movement settled.
In sum, Sand's book illuminates the metamorphoses of the Zionist struggle to impress on members of an ancient people a renewed and revolutionary connection with a homeland, the memory of which had been maintained for generations in collections of books, festival rituals and prayerbooks. Alongside that sits the author's seething hatred of Zionism, and everything associated with it, and this prompts him to present the struggle of the Jewish national movement as a set of falsehoods, distortions and prejudices.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Newest Treason from Moshe Zuckermann (Cohn Institute)

Zuckermann gives an interview in Tages Anzeiger, the Swiss German-language national daily newspaper published in Zurich, in which he claims that Israel does not want peace at all. Furthermore, Zuckermann denies Israeli right to self-defense and insinuates that Israeli extremists will murder any politician who is "ready for peace".

The problem is that Israel will not have peace. Peace would mean a two-state solution, and wants to prevent Israel. In Israel today there is no political force that could tackle a two-state solution without risking an Israeli civil war. If Israel does not want to have this solution, this leads to a bi-national structure - four to five million Palestinians then live under Israeli sovereignty. If the Palestinians are denied their basic rights, we have an Israeli apartheid state. If you are granted the basic rights, it is a bi-national state, respectively the end of the Zionist state. Israel has maneuvered itself into a historical dead end.

With each passage of arms against the Palestinians Israel refers to its self-defense. That's understandable and legitimate.
This is absolute nonsense. In the moment when Israel commits its self-defense in accordance with international legal injustice, namely the occupation of Palestinian territories for decades, this has nothing to do with self-defense. In Israel there is no prospect of peace, the peace movement is pathetic small. The last Israeli politician who was ready for peace with the Palestinians, Yitzhak Rabin was. We know how that ended almost 20 years ago.

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Tel Aviv University & Ben Gurion University - Ephraim Davidi Slanders Israeli Society in Argentina's Largest Newspaper

In an interview to the Argentinean newspaper Clarín, Davidi exaggerates Jewish right-wing violence to distract from Arab incitement and terror. Davidi wishes to erase 67 years of Israeli Statehood and grant the Arabs a 'do-over' with the 1947 Partition Plan.

"Today Israeli pacifists and leftists are afraid," he told Clarin Ephraim Davidi from his home in Tel Aviv, referring to groups that oppose the current military offensive. This Professor of Economics and History at the City University, member of the board of the Israeli Communist Party, is one of the harshest critics of the society they lived for more than 40 years. "If you go out there and show yourself 800 fascists who want to kill you, as you decide to stay at home," says the Argentine-born Israeli who has organized some of the recent protests in the country developed against the offensive in the Gaza Strip.
"The basic problem is the occupation of Palestinian territories and while that does not end the violence will continue," he explains. Davidi uses his college major to explain his reasoning, he says, must go back to November 29, 1947. Then the partition of the British Mandate of Palestine remembered only that they (the Palestinians) never came to have their State. That's in the background of everything, "he adds.

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Ben-Dror Yemini Trashes Amiram Goldblum (Hebrew University) and Alon Liel's (Tel Aviv University) Fascist Petition that Prevents Peace

Goldblum, Liel, and the other "Academics" who signed the petition, join the motion of a known anti-Israel British MP who wishes to wipe Israel off the map.

Palestinian propaganda notched up an important victory this week, with 274 British MPs voting last Monday to back the recognition of Palestinian statehood and just 12 rejecting the motion… What's more interesting is the fact that hundreds of Israelis published appeals to the MPs to vote in favor of Mahmoud Abbas' initiative.

… Well, the Palestinian move is not aimed at achieving a peace settlement, and the British initiative falls entirely into the realm of hatred and incitement against Israel. It's a move aimed at bypassing any chance of achieving a settlement.
The British parliamentary motion was tabled by Labour MP Grahame Morris, well known for his anti-Israel stance. He promotes a "Free Palestine" agenda in which there is no room for Israel at all. He is also part of the Nazification-of-Israel camp. Demonization doesn't cut it for him. He wants something on a higher level.

There's something sad about the fact that former minister Yossi Sarid and former Foreign Ministry official Alon Liel have slipped into the realms of the radical left in recent years.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


The Israeli Left's Petition Fascism

The Extreme Left brings international pressure to bear on Israel to bypass Israeli sovereignty and attempts to silence anyone who dares to criticize their Fascist ways.

Now the same "Israel is an Apartheid Regime" propaganda team is back, rallying the rest of the anti-Israel academic Left to attempt to bypass and neutralize Israeli sovereignty. Their initiative also reflects the utter contempt and disdain that Leftists in Israel have for democracy.

No one is stopping the Radical Left in Israel from peddling its ideological wares in the marketplace of public opinion. … The public simply repudiates the Left's agenda. Treason just has not proved to be the grand vote grabber that the Left expected. Certainly since the outbreak of the recent battles in Gaza, almost no one in Israel still favors the so-called "Two State Solution." Almost no one is willing to see Israel "withdraw" from the West Bank and allow a Palestinian terror state to operate there. Almost no one is willing to reward Hamas with "concessions."

The Left understands that its "ideas" have been rejected by nearly the entire Israeli political spectrum. Since it is incapable of persuading Israelis of the correctness of its agenda, it has decided instead to recruit foreign powers to "do the job" for it and bully Israel…

Goldblum, the organizer of the petition calling for European recognition of the "state of Palestine," has a long track record of calling for Europeans to suppress and override Israeli sovereignty and impose policies upon Israel from without opposed by the bulk of Israelis. In a notorious speech before an assembly of leftists in May 2012, Goldblum was quoted as calling upon Israel's Left to stop wasting its time attempting to persuade the general public to embrace its political agenda, evidently because it is clear that the public will never do so. Goldblum said he has no interest in the Israeli electorate and general public and called upon the radical Left to go directly to political groups abroad, outside of Israel, and recruit them as pressure groups to coerce Israel into accepting the agenda of the Israeli Left.

His comrades in Petitiongate are not very different. Among the signers calling on Europeans to "recognize Palestine" are Shlomo Sand, the pseudo-historian from Tel Aviv University who is the most openly anti-Semitic "academic" in Israel, Oren Yiftachel, who has built an "academic" career by asserting that Israel is an apartheid regime…

The only thing the signers of the petition detest more than their own country is freedom of speech. The Israeli far Left is a fascist movement that ferociously opposes not only Israeli sovereignty but also democracy and freedom of speech for non-leftists. Critics of leftists must be silenced and indicted, insist the Far Leftists, because the exercise of freedom of speech by non-leftists produces violence and it is a clear and present danger.

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Tel Aviv University – Alon Liel (Dept of Political Science) Supporting BDS and the Campaign to Reverse Jewish Self-Determination

CiF Watch summarizes the 20+ years of Liel's erroneous renegade activities against the State.

One thing, however, is clear: Alon Liel (the author of the CiF piece of June 27th) is the type of Israeli with whom the Guardian can do business. He makes all the right noises, uses all the right buzz-words, is not averse to delegitimising his fellow countrymen and conforms splendidly to the simplistic 'Guardian World View'.

Thus, Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) becomes a noble way in which to promote peace instead of what its instigators really intend it to be – a campaign to reverse Jewish self-determination.
The 'settlements', according to the Liel sound-bites, are of course 'illegal under international law' and on 'occupied land'. They – and they alone – jeopardise peace and a two-state solution. Not terrorism, not generation after generation of officially sanctioned Palestinian incitement, not the inability of Palestinian society to conduct democratic elections and come up with one truly representative leader with whom Israel can negotiate and not even the basic refusal to accept a Jewish presence in the Middle East.
As offensive as it is to see an Israeli collaborating with the campaign to delegitimize and dehumanize a significant proportion of the Israeli population, Alon Liel is of course entitled to his own opinion… But – as Israelis will be aware (and Guardian editors apparently choose to ignore), this is not the first time that Alon Liel has been wrong.

The former diplomat (who apparently had no qualms then about taking government salaries paid for in part by the income tax of people he today wishes to delegitimize and boycott) was part of the team which engineered the Oslo Accords. He is closely associated with Yossi Beilin – the author of the Geneva Accords – and the two have joint business interests today, in addition to Liel's own business, primarily located in Turkey.

Liel is also involved with the political NGOs 'Ir Amim' (board of directors) and 'B'Tselem' (public council), both of which have received funding from the New Israel Fund, of which his wife – Rachel Liel – is director in Israel. In 2006 Rachel Liel took part in an 'alternative' Independence Day torch-lighting ceremony organized by 'Yesh Gvul', which encourages Israeli soldiers to avoid "serving apartheid" by refusing to serve beyond the 'green line' and claims that the Sabra and Shatila massacres were "IDF supervised". She is also part of the management team of 'Agenda'.

Alon Liel is also known for his self-initiated attempts to negotiate with the Syrian government. Together with American-Syrian businessman Ibrahim (Abe) Suleiman, he conducted a series of unauthorized talks with Damascus beginning in 2004 and continuing for just under two years.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University – Shlomo Sand (Dept of History) Gets a Stage at London University to Cash In on his Jewish Anti-Semitism and Present his Works of Fiction as Fact

Now Sands is about to use a public platform provided by the London Middle East Institute and the Centre for Jewish Studies at the University of London, SOAS (The School of Oriental and African Studies) to hawk his new book. His talk is entitled: "How I Stopped Being a Jew."
In particular, Sand focuses on what he insists are racist values in Israel and the growth of those same racist values even amongst secular Jews worldwide, "whose main role has been reduced to justifying Israel's crimes against the Palestinians."

Perhaps the most significant details which reveal what kind of country Israel really is - one which values freedom of speech and expression, perhaps to a fault - is that not only is Shlomo Sand a professor at an Israeli university, but the fawning reviewer of his book, Mahmoud Muhereb, received his B.A. in political science from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Israeli Academic Slacktivists Join Amiram Goldblum (Hebrew University) and Alon Liel's (Tel Aviv University) Petition to Circumvent Israeli Sovereignty

Goldblum and Liel, previously among the initiators of the Apartheid Smear Campaign, gather support of those who'd wish to thwart Israeli democracy, many of whom have ties to the New Israel Fund. They demand that the British House of Commons recognize an Arab State of Palestine, which never existed, and to which a majority of Israeli citizens object. As a long standing strategic policy suggested by Goldblum himself, the Fascist Left does not need to convince the Israeli electorate when they can recruit foreign countries to compel their unpopular Leftist Diktats.

363 Israeli public figures have signed a letter to the Members of the British Parliament, calling upon them to vote in favor of British recognition of a Palestinian State, to be created side-by-side with Israel.
The letter reads: "We, Israelis who worry and care for the well-being of the state of Israel, believe that the long-term existence and security of Israel depends on the long-term existence and security of a Palestinian state. For this reason we, the undersigned, urge members of the UK Parliament to vote in favor of the motion to be debated on Monday 13th October 2014, calling on the British Government to recognize the State of Palestine alongside the State of Israel ".

Among the Israeli Academic Slacktivists signed
Alice Shalvi                  Alon Liel
Alon Harel                    Alon Confino
Amiram Goldblum        Amos Goldebrg
Anat Matar                   Aner Preminger
Arie Arnon                   Avinoam Ben-Shaul
Avner Cohen                Avner De-Shalit
Avraham Oz                 Bernard Avishai
Chaim Gans                  Charles Greenbaum
Chen Alon                    Coby Sonnenschein
Colman Altman             Dan Jacobson
Dan S. Tawfik              Daniel Kahneman
David Harel                  David Blanc
Dimitry Shumsky          Edward Edy Kaufman
Esther Levinger             Eva Jablonka
Galia Golan                  Galit Hazan-Rokem
Hagai Ginsburg             Hannah Safran
Idith Zertal                    Ilan Saban
Ishay Rosen-Zvi           Itzhak (Yani) Nevo
Jochanan Benbassat      Kobi Peterzil
Kobi Snitz                    Maya Bar-Hillel
Menachem Klein          Micah Leshem
Michael Steinitz            Mira Zakai
Naomi Benbassat         Naomi Chazan
Neve Gordon               Noga Efrati
Nura Resh                    Nurit Peled
Oren Yiftachel              Ron Kuzar
Shimon Sandbank         Shir Hever
Shlomo Sand                Uri Hadar
Vered Kraus                Yaron Ezrahi
Yeela Raanan               Yona Pinson
Yona Rosenfeld            Yonathan (Jon) Anson
Yoram Bilu                   Yuval Yonai

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Amiram Goldblum (Hebrew University) and Alon Liel (Tel Aviv University) Spurring the British Parliament to Recognize an Arab State of Palestine

Goldblum authors a desperate plea, to which Liel also gives his name, for other Israeli ultra-leftists to join their anti-democratic measure to circumvent peace negotiations and create a belligerent Arab state in the Israeli heartland as a reward for terror.

"We, Israelis who worry and care for the well-being of the state of Israel, believe that the long-term existence and security of Israel depends on the long-term existence and security of a Palestinian state. For this reason we the undersigned urge members of the UK parliament to vote in favour of the motion to be debated on Monday 13th October 2014 calling on the British Government to recognize the state of Palestine alongside the state of Israel"

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Dahlia Scheindlin (Dept of Political Science) and her Fictional State of Gaza

Scheindlin fabricates a non-existent pre-1948 Arab State to which Gazans once held citizenship. She then insinuates that State of Israel is to blame for this imaginary Arab State's demise. Why should Scheindlin let the fact that Egypt invaded and occupied Gaza for 19 years interfere with her fraudulent narrative?

Scheindlin sobs over the causalities resulting from Arab use of human shields to protect their military targets and blames Israel for using the kidnapped school children as "leverage" to "provoke" Hamas into committing war crimes.

Scheindlin suggests a "peace" plan that includes Israel capitulating to Arab terror. Is this a woman you'd want teaching some of our best, young impressionable minds?

The IDF is bombarding an area that it has already imprisoned by occupation from 1967, and then through suffocating border, movement, import and export control since 2007. Its residents have been stateless since 1948. It is attacking by air, land and sea, while Hamas attacks civilians in Israel through rockets and now through terrorist infiltration, at an increasingly frenzied pace.
In the long term, I shudder to think about the souls of people who lost two, three, or 18 family members to Israeli bombs. The sobbing father who begged his child to wake up because he had brought new toys; the woman who told her sister in England to stay away and live, so that at least one of the family members would survive. I see what national trauma has done to the Jewish people more than 60 years following their darkest moments. The manifestations of Palestinian suffering in future generations will be terrible.
Second, like in 2012, there was another way: the reconciliation deal could have been cautiously welcomed; rewards and incentives could have encouraged Hamas pragmatism. The murder of three Israeli teens did not have to be disguised as a hostage-rescue effort for three weeks and leveraged to provoke the predictable violence of Hamas. Wrongful escalation from both sides could have been contained – of course, a Palestinian-Israeli peace agreement would be the best mechanism for that. Eventually Palestinian elections could have been held; stabilization could have followed.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Assaf Sharon (Dept of Philosophy) Smears All Non-Leftists as Disciples of Kahane's Militant Jewish Supremacism

Founder of 'Breaking the Silence' and Career Activist finds home at TAU.

The deeper shift is not in the level of public support for the two political camps, but in their make-up. On the right, the liberal and democratic elements have been overtaken by chauvinist populists. Prime Minister Netanyahu's party, Likud, whose members used to walk out on Kahane, is now populated by some of the most vocal inciters. The last remnants of its democrats were ousted in the last primary elections, and the remaining moderates pander to the pugnacious extremists that dominate the party. The prime minister himself has maintained utter silence in the face of growing racism and political violence. The left, on the other hand, has lost its political stamina and its moral courage. A depletion of ideas, debilitation of institutions, and putrefaction of leadership have left it politically inert. The social mechanisms that kept Kahane's racism at bay have all but disintegrated.

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Tel Aviv University - Carlo Strenger (Dept of Psychology) does not Think Israel is Liberal Enough to be Allowed to Exist

US Jewish Liberals, who live in a country that Occupies the Territories taken from Mexico, are not comfortable with an Israel that Defends itself. So Strenger's solution is to allow the Hamas to turn the West Bank into a New Rocket Base

But underlying this debate is a profoundly painful process that many liberal Jews, both in Israel and the Diaspora, are undergoing: They feel like let-down lovers. They wonder, what place can they give in their emotional lives and their identity to an Israel that does not correspond to their core values of universal human rights? Can they remain attached to a country that violates these principles, primarily through an occupation that has now lasted for two-thirds of Israel's history?
Therefore, he argues, liberal Jews should drop the idea of the Jewish homeland. They should accept that there will be only one state west of the Jordan, and invest their energy toward making sure that individual political and human rights of all inhabitants of this area (primarily Palestinians, of course, whose rights are being trampled) be respected.
When it became clear that the occupation was not a passing episode, but had become a feature of most of Israel's history, their perception shifted radically. They began to see Israel as a racist, colonial enterprise that simply didn't behave along the moral lines of the Free World. It still thought in terms of annexation and ethnic cleansing – notions that had become anathema in the Free World that had evolved after World War II.
Israel is an impressive achievement in many ways, but it was never an ideal society. The historical circumstances in which Israel came into existence were brutal, tragic and characterized by vast population movements – nowadays called ethnic cleansing. These ranged from the expulsion of millions of ethnic Germans from their homes in Poland, Czechoslovakia and other Eastern European countries after WWII, to the massive population transfers of millions when large parts of India became what is today Pakistan and Bangladesh.
We must let go of the shtetl mentality that Jews must stick together, and that a good Jew doesn't say bad things about other Jews in the public sphere. We no longer live in the shtetl, whether in Israel or the Diaspora – even if some of us like to indulge in shtetl nostalgia via love for hazanut or klezmer music once in a while.

We have the right to voice our displeasure about what other Jews – Israeli or not – do, as much as the Americans and French can dislike some of their fellow countrymen.

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Rachel Giora (Tel Aviv University), Daniel Boyarin (UC Berkeley), and Haim Beresheet (London U) Support Blood Libel in NYT

These and other Israeli "academics" join Holocaust survivors to condemn "the massacre" of Arabs and other falsified "atrocities" supposedly perpetrated by Israel in Gaza.

[Daniel Boyarin] lists himself as "great grandson" of victims of Nazism… Boyarin belongs to what has been called the "sissy" school of contemporary Jewish thinkers… For him the moral center of Jewish history is a celebration of the renunciation of national interest, as if that were the only criterion of a just politics… But when Israel is being bombed, Boyarin is less queasy about violence, and now takes the side of Hamas, which has been firing thousands of missiles at Israeli citizens for weeks on end. No matter the circumstances, Boyarin keeps repeating, with steam-engine regularity, that Jews are "collectively engaged in war/wars against Muslims," and likens all Israeli self-defense to the Nazi Holocaust.


Jewish survivors and descendents of survivors of Nazi genocide unequivocally condemn the massacre of Palestinians in Gaza

As Jewish survivors and descendents of survivors of the Nazi genocide we unequivocally condemn the massacre of Palestinians in Gaza and the ongoing occupation and colonization of historic Palestine… Genocide begins with the silence of the world.

We are alarmed by the extreme, racist dehumanization of Palestinians in Israeli society, which has reached a fever-pitch. In Israel, politicians and pundits in The Times of Israel and The Jerusalem Post have called openly for genocide of Palestinians and right-wing Israelis are adopting Neo-Nazi insignia.
We must raise our collective voices and use our collective power to bring about an end to all forms of racism, including the ongoing genocide of Palestinian people. We call for an immediate end to the siege against and blockade of Gaza. We call for the full economic, cultural and academic boycott of Israel.

Among the signed
Prof. Haim Bresheeth, son of two survivors of Auschwitz and Bergen Belsen, London.
Rachel Giora, daughter of Polish Jews who fled Poland, Israel.
Prof. Yosefa Loshitzky, daughter of Holocaust survivors, London, UK.
Noa Shaindlinger, granddaughter of four holocaust survivors, Canada.
Daniel Boyarin, great grandson of victims of the Nazi genocide, United States.

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Tel Aviv University - Shlomo Sand's (Dept of History) Newest Incitement on the Anti-Semitic Pro-Jihad Stalinist-Neo-Nazi Website Counterpunch: The Gaza War was all Israel's Fault

In Israel, the population would prefer for Gaza to disappear; but it does want to keep the Golan Heights. Israel has left Gaza; it wants only to quietly colonize its 'Judea and Samaria' (the West Bank), without its ambitions being inhibited by a cruel enemy. In Israel, the country prays for the extermination of Hamas and its partisans, and the hardliners add the young who are presumed destined to become Hamas supporters. Meanwhile, Jewish Israelis aspire to develop and reinforce the Jewish character of the Israeli state, rendering invisible a quarter of the citizens, not defined as Jewish.

'No normal state can accept being the target of rocket fire', claimed the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, at the beginning of the war. He's quite right. But it should have also been necessary to remind Netanyahu that no normal state could accept that, in its capital, the capital of Jewish people, one-third of its inhabitants should be deprived of sovereignty and lack democratic rights. Equally there are few states that obstinately refuse, for years, to establish definitive borders, in the hope, ill-concealed, of expanding them further. Does there exist, perhaps, any link between all these things that characterize Israel's 'abnormality'?....

However, the Israeli government, caring little for the lack of identification of those responsible, while seeking the killers it simultaneously engages in a generalized test of force against Hamas in the West Bank. In contempt of the acknowledged rules of the game, it has not hesitated to arbitrarily arrest, yet again, an important number of prisoners, members of Hamas in the West Bank, who had been freed at the time of the accord involving the exchange for Gilad Shalit. At the same time, and without arousing the least attention, five young Palestinians, unarmed, were killed during protest demonstrations in the West Bank, and a Palestinian adolescent was burned alive by a gang of Jewish Israelis.

Did the Israeli leaders imagine that Hamas would not be forced to react after such a declaration of war against it?

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Tel Aviv University - Ultra-Leftist Ishay Rosen-Zvi (Dept of Hebrew Culture Studies) Leads Anti-Patriotism Symposium at TAU

In his best Bolshevik thought-control fashion, Rosen-Zvi and his enraged committee of comrades plot ways to combat the patriotic spirit of the Israeli public and compel the non-believers to adhere to their far-leftist concepts.

The Radical academic Left has maintained an eerie silence throughout much of the operation, but this week a group of Tenured Leftists held a symposium to denounce the widespread patriotism that they fear has infected Israel. The symposium at Tel Aviv University was titled "How to Think about the War," the purpose of which was to tell people how to think. And of course the correct way to think is how the Far Left and communists think.
The anti-patriotism rally was organized by Prof. Ishay Rosen-Zvi, an ultra-leftist faculty member at TAU in "Hebrew Culture." Rosen Zvi has a long track record of pseudo-academic Israel bashing (see level pages/Editorial - Lee Kaplan - Ishay Rosen-Zvi - leads crusade at Shimon HaTzadik Neighborhood.htm). He said he organized the symposium because he felt that the administration's statement about embracing soldiers was silencing freedom of speech and also because he felt revulsion at the wave of patriotism and unity in the Israeli media… Rosen Zvi demanded that the media be cleansed of the endless security-oriented and patriotic opinion, which is "designed to suppress freedom of speech." (Hebrew report in Haaretz on this is at

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Tel Aviv University - Aeyal Gross (Dept of Law) Takes Time Off from Promoting Transvestites to Support All Hamas Demands.

Israel never stopped "occupying" Gaza, he says, in spite of the absence of a single Israeli there.

Despite the Israeli illusion that the occupation had ended, the lives of Gaza residents remained dependent on the arbitrary policies of Israel's government. At the same time, Israel continued to ignore peace initiatives like the Saudi proposal and golden opportunities like the Palestinian unity government. A weakened Hamas entered this government on terms set by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, thereby enabling us to conduct negotiations with a representative Palestinian government. Instead, Netanyahu used the unity government as an excuse to avoid negotiations, even though now he is negotiating with Hamas.

If you think that by refusing negotiations, continuing construction in the settlements and abusing Gaza residents Netanyahu caused the situation to deteriorate into war, it's impossible to separate the diplomatic from the military. We were dragged into war because Netanyahu, contrary to the popular myth, did not display restraint and moderation....

Why did a war that could have been prevented, that achieved nothing and that claimed many victims both in Israel and among civilians in Gaza win such sweeping support? Did the propaganda and the intimidation silence Israeli society, which has become insensitive to the suffering we cause the Palestinians, and even remains silent in the face of a preventable sacrifice of Israeli lives?

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Tel Aviv University - Aeyal Gross (Dept of Law) Leading the Lawfare Battle and Joining the Arab Usurpers of International Law against Israel

Gross slanders Israel as a land-grabbing, power-hungry, war-mongering evil entity utilizing the ambiguity of International Law, and uses it to shackle Israel with a suicide pact. Gross joins Israel's detractors by inappropriately applying the Geneva Convention and draws moral equivalence with terrorist organizations. He rejects the legitimate Israeli claim to sovereignty over all lands West of the Jordan River under International Law and blames Israel for the dispossession and exploitation of "Arab" resources.

International law can often be subject to different interpretations, be used to give a stamp of approval to various injustices, and be part of the problem rather than the solution. But the Palestinian request to stipulate that international law be one of the bases for negotiations was clearly motivated by the view that, in terms of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the standard interpretation of contemporary international law points mainly in one direction: It prohibits the acquisition of territory by force; recognizes the right of people living under foreign rule to self-determination; and prohibits an occupying country from settling its population in the occupied territory.
These are the legal positions the International Court of Justice in The Hague adopted when it discussed the issue of the separation barrier, and even though the committee headed by former Supreme Justice Edmond Levy (appointed by the Israeli government to explore the legalization of unauthorized outposts) adopted the opposite position in its findings in 2012, its stance is not accepted by most experts in international law.

However, the Israeli position, reflected in that quote from Livni, is not to conduct negotiations in accordance with international law. This might seem to be a reasonable, pragmatic approach that gives preference to discussion and compromise between the parties in order to attain good and viable solutions, without an obligation to adhere meticulously to legal principles. But in reality, in the Israeli-Palestinian context, this is not what abandoning international law really means: What it means is that negotiations shall be conducted in a framework in which there is an imbalance of power between the parties, in a way that affects the situation on the ground and the results.
Above all, the agreements did not expressly prohibit continued settlement activity. Moreover, because it was determined that the settlements would be one of the issues to be agreed upon in a final status accord, Israel was able to use that as an excuse when confronted with claims about the illegality of the settlements, as if the Palestinians' consent to discuss them later effectively allowed their authorization in the meantime, and nullified the prohibition of such as stated in the Geneva Convention.
International law is not a panacea, but in the present situation, and considering the present balance of power, adherence to the Palestinians' rights as derived from it as a basis for any agreement – which the Palestinians demanded and Livni refused – sounds much more reasonable. So, even if in theory, negotiations can lead to good practical agreements on both sides, without close adherence to the law (as in the case of territorial exchanges, for instance), in light of the context and after many years of experience – if we want to keep the "peace process" from once more becoming a cover for exploitation and dispossession, the rights granted to the Palestinians by international law should be immediately implemented, without being subordinated to negotiations colored by an imbalance of power.

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University of Michigan Law and Tel Aviv University - Lawyer Noam Wiener Seeks to Indict all of Israel

Wiener used his practical experience in "human rights" to litigate the Arab side against Israel. Wiener also used his clout at the International Court of Justice to intimidate Israeli Officers with persecution and harassment in Europe from the International Criminal Court. What influence does Wiener have in the UN's Office of Legal Affairs as an officer of anti-Israel lawfare?

Noam Wiener is one of the anti-Israel "Refuseniks" who refuses to serve in the IDF, especially in occupied territories from which all the terror is launched against Israel.
While Wiener grudgingly says Israel has a right to exist (how big of him!), he continually gives credence and justification to "Palestinian grievances." Wiener, the lawyer, dove into the fray when the Arabs went directly to the UN seeking statehood and ICC jurisdiction in violation of the Oslo Accords.
Noam Wiener received his LL.B. from Tel-Aviv University Law School in 2001 and his BA in political science from Tel-Aviv University that same year… During 2001-2002, Wiener worked in a boutique law firm in Tel-Aviv where he assisted in the litigation of "human rights" cases pertaining to the effects of the Israeli occupation of Southern Lebanon, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip. Meaning he always took the Arab side against Israel.
Quoting Wiener again in 972 Magazine:

'This brings us back to Omri Barborg. If anybody in the Judge Advocate General or the Ministry of Justice thinks that by having sham trials Israel will get off the international hook, they have another thing coming. Convictions without punishment may convince those who think Barborg should not have been tried in the first place, but shielding Israeli soldiers by trying them in Israel with the sole intent of protecting them abroad is just not going to work.

'If I were Lieutenant Colonel Barborg, I would think twice before visiting Europe or Latin America in the near future."

So here we have the spectacle of a leftist Israeli lawbreaker threatening a military officer with persecution and harassment in Europe!
Wiener is really upset that Israel attempted to make it more difficult for the Hamas to smuggle in advanced rockets into Gaza. How dare Israel have a "blockade" to stop those rockets! "In response to this takeover, in light of Hamas's refusal to recognize Israel's existence, and pursuant to the whole rationale of leaving the Gaza strip in the first place – relinquishing responsibility for the population and declaring an end to the occupation – Israel declared Gaza a hostile power and proceeded to engage in a naval, areal and land blockade of the Gaza strip. Concurrently, and in this situation it is extremely difficult to determine what was the cause, and what was the effect…"
Wiener chooses selective history and events to justify his services as a lawyer in promoting the Hamas and Palestinians in general as victims of a recalcitrant Israel that breaks the law.

Which law is that? The one that says that murdering Jews should not count?

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Tel Aviv University - Shlomo Sand (Dept of History) Betrays Israel in France

Following these recent worrying events, Saturday's Paris rally was classified "high risks" by the Prefecture of Police. The government called up 2,300 policemen to halt any violence and protect the Jewish properties in the area.

Similar, but authorized, rallies took place concurrently in other French cities. Controversial historian Shlomo Sand attended the protest in Nice where he declared himself "ashamed of being Israeli" in front of a cheerful crowd.

The Parisian gathering was organized by groups and parties such as France's most important far-left movement, the New Anti-Capitalist Party, the Party of the Indigenous of the Republic, Palestine Generation and Fatah France. Its aim was to "oppose corrupt and hypocritical leaders who stand with Israel and to thwart a colonial project that combines a racist ideology with a lethal technology and whose goal is to neutralize us," according to the Facebook page of the event.

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Tel Aviv University - Aeyal Gross (Dept of Law) Issues a Legal Fatwa Against Cutting Power to Gaza

On the Social Sciences chat list, the academic debate rages over the legality of a theoretical Israeli discontinuation of the Israeli-produced electric supply to Gaza, for which Hamas and the PA owe half a billion dollars in unpaid bills. Gross posts a fatwa that sticks Israel with the continued supply of electricity under the belief that Gaza is still 'occupied' despite having been rendered Judenrein.

[from the posted link]

For the purpose of answering the question posed, the question whether the Gaza Strip constitutes territory occupied by Israel is decisive…. Israel, thus, remained in full control of the lifelines of the Gaza Strip. It is submitted that this is at least equivalent to a de facto control which, according to Art. 42 of the Hague Regulations, is constitutive for an occupation. If this argument is accepted, the cut of electricity and water supply would be a violation of Israel's duty to provide for the welfare of the population.

Second, like the group of experts [Eyal Benvenisti, Aeyal Gross, David Kretzmer, and others - Isracampus], Bothe believes that Israel does not have to formally occupy Gaza in order to have a positive obligation to provide it with water and power.

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Tel Aviv University - Israeli Academics Sign a Bash-Israel Petition Organized by Rachel Giora (Dept of Linguistics)

As Hamas missiles fall on Israeli civilians, Israeli "Academics" place a narrow-minded emphasis on Arab suffering in Gaza.

The signatories to this statement, all academics at Israeli universities, wish it to be known that they utterly deplore the aggressive military strategy being deployed by the Israeli government. The slaughter of large numbers of wholly innocent people, is placing yet more barriers of blood in the way of the negotiated agreement which is the only alternative to the occupation and endless oppression of the Palestinian people. Israel must agree to an immediate cease-fire, and start negotiating in good faith for the end of the occupation and settlements, through a just peace agreement.

Among the "Academics" in Israeli universities who have signed: [as appeared on 17/7/14]
Prof. Rachel Giora, Tel Aviv University
Prof. Emmanuel Farjoun, Hebrew University
Dr. Kobi Snitz, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
Dr. Anat Matar, Tel Aviv University
Prof. As'ad Ghanem, Haifa University
Prof. Anat Biletzki, Tel Aviv University
Prof. Adi Ophir, Tel Aviv University
Prof. Vered Kraus, Haifa University
Dr. Yuval Yonay, Haifa University
Prof. Gadi Algazi, Tel Aviv University
Professor Idan Landau, Ben Gurion University
Professor As'ad Ghanem, Haifa University
Prof. Micah Leshem, Haifa University
Dr. Ilan Saban, University of Haifa
Prof. Yehuda Shenhav, TAU
Dr. Hannah Safran, The Academic College for Society and the Arts
Dr. Tikva Honig-Parnass, Jerusalem
Professor David Blanc, University
Dr. Haim Yacobi Bezalel, Ben Gurion University
Prof. Tamar Katriel, Haifa University
Dr. Roy Wagner, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Professor Uri Hadar, Tel Aviv University
Professor Shlomo Sand, Tel Aviv University
Professor Yuri Pines, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

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Tel Aviv University - Aeyal Gross (Dept of Law) Upset at Israel for Defending its Citizens

Gross takes time off from promoting transvestites to denounce Israel for "war crimes." Gross also suggests a new strategy for terrorists: targeting the civilian residences of IDF battalion commanders.

Although each instance must be separately and carefully examined, the data that indicates that many of the casualties in Gaza are civilians, combined with some reports about the circumstances in which these civilians died, raises the prospect that Israel has committed forbidden actions, some of which could possibly be defined as war crimes. The quantity of these cases makes it very difficult to absolve them based on arguments of "inaccuracy" or "error."

According to the figures published to date, more than a fifth of the dead in Gaza are children, and many more are civilian noncombatants. Certain instances are particularly troubling…
As Amir Oren wrote here on Friday, the IDF is not only striking buildings used to store rockets and as launching pads, but the houses of the families of Hamas commanders. These cases are troubling and raise the question: What would Israel say about an attack on the civilian residence of an IDF battalion commander, killing the civilians living there? If such an act is illegal, then so it what is being done in Gaza.

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Tel Aviv University and Van-Leer Institute - One-sided "Academic" Leftists-Only Conference Bashes the "Settlements"

Leftists at a Conference hosted at Tel Aviv University denounce the wine industry in Judea and Samaria as "winewashing."

Third, the topics today were all treated in a negative critical manner, even the upbeat wine presentation. I may be slightly subjective but as an academic researcher myself there are positive stories to be researched: educational achievements, absorption successes, industry, agriculture, science, social welfare, child psychology, medical services, religious creativity, music, drama, literature (someone did try to point this out while others were surprised) and so much more. Does all that have to be framed as a colonialization act, a crime? The workshop which included various disciplines was seemingly one-dimensionally political and took for-granted that Jewish communities in the areas administered by Israel since 1967 are a 'crime', an illicit or illegal act.

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Tel Aviv University and Van-Leer Institute Host Another Leftists Only Conference at TAU

A long list of far-leftists, including David Newman, Sandy Kedar, Dani Filc, and Haim Yacobi, discuss "new perspectives" in the "settlement enterprise."

The rationale for organizing this research workshop is to explore less conventional approaches and angles that go beyond the immediate politico-diplomatic dynamics and impact of Israel's settlement policy. The underlying assumption is that the settlements' enterprise is not an exceptional phenomenon contradictory to other trends in Israeli society, but is a historical process that was shaped by and related to other long-term processes.
David Newman, Ben Gurion University, Settlement as Suburbanization: The Banality of Colonization

Comparative views on settlements
: Sandi Kedar, Haifa University

The heterogeneity of settlers
Dani Filc, Ben-Gurion University

Haim Yacobi, Bezalel Academy, and Wendy Pullan, University of Cambridge, The geopolitics of neighbourhood: Jerusalem's colonial space revisited

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Tel Aviv University - Leftilliteracy at TAU: Daniel Bar-Tal (Dept of Education) Invents the Nonsense Anti-Israel Derogatory Term "Occupartheid"

Bar-Tal sees the Israeli education system as a "continuous and constant process of indoctrination" of Israeli school children. Despairing from recent polls, Bar-Tal hysterically, but correctly, reaches the conclusion that his far-leftist misconceptions will never again achieve an Israeli majority. This "moral deterioration" of Israeli Society under the influence of "occuparthied," prompts him to undermine Israeli sovereignty and ask the world to intervene in Israeli internal affairs. The response of Israeli Democracy to protect itself from the anti-democratic attacks on Israeli Society perpetrated by the Far-Left has Bar-Tal slinging ludicrous charges of a racist society and a non-democratic, immoral regime. Bar-Tal greatly inflates the numbers of his far-leftist followers to the hundreds of thousands. However, millions of Israelis know the leftilliterate Bar-Tal is wrong.

I write this letter with great concern for the future of my society and the State of Israel with the belief that the views presented here reflect the opinions of at least several hundred-thousand Jews living in Israel, who oppose the positions and the policies of the Israeli government and believe that these positions and policies are leading the country to disaster. This letter expresses my deep worry and conviction that Israel needs to be saved from the road chosen by the majority. Just because views are possessed by a majority does not mean that these views—-and the actions that result from them—-are right, moral or just.
Israeli Jews, who already practice occupartheid (defined as discrimination between populations on the basis of ethnic origin as a result of a lasting occupation that denies political and economic rights from the occupied population) will not be able to maintain this system forever and will eventually face a dilemma in which they will have to choose between two very different options: to be a democracy with a clear Jewish majority or to be a pariah, isolated state enacting formally a type of apartheid.
In this emergent situation it is imperative that none of us—-Jews, Palestinians, and other citizens of the world—-stand by passively!! Everyone must act to move the peace process back onto its tracks. This is not only a moral command: Stopping the present abysmal situation is deeply in the interest of both societies and the international community.
There is no doubt that the glorified victory of the 1967 war was the turning point in the societal consciousness of the Jewish people, a great majority of whom viewed the occupation as liberation and redemption for the nation. This view is still deeply entrenched in the dominant ethos, if we take into consideration that the Israeli Jewish population goes through continuous and constant process of indoctrination through socialization in schools, in the army, and even in media, indicating that the area between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River is the exclusive homeland of the Jews.
In addition while most of the countries of the world cherish democracy as the preferable political system and Israel self-proclaims itself as one of the strongest democracy, the reality is different. Israel is steadily moving away from the boundaries of democracy. This way finds expression in the spate of bills that seek to limit criticism of the government and the State, to restrict freedom of speech, to legalize illegal polices, to expand Jewish nature of the state over the democratic counterpart and to harm the Arab minority. Racist, nationalistic and antidemocratic rhetoric and acts have become part of the normative life of the society.

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Tel Aviv University - Dahlia Scheindlin (Dept of Political Science) Burdened by Zionism

Reminiscing about her leftist indoctrination at summer camp, Scheindlin describes how "Israeli-ness" should become a Cana'anite style melting pot of all its citizens. After more than a century of building the land, the Zionist interaction with the local Arabs has not brought the naysayers any closer to agreeing to share the Zionist Dream. However, Zionism has had to evolve and defend itself from baseless charges of racism and being hijacked by the far-left, such as Scheindlin, who would destroy the Jewish State of Israel and replace it with a Rwandan-style state of all of its citizens.

But Israel, by contrast, tries to formally define itself as Jewish. Instead of allowing "Israeli-ness" to develop into a blend of its (current) majority, fusing with its minorities like in France or America, Israel would like to narrow "Israeli" identity to the Jewish aspect – through a Basic Law proposal, an amendment to the Citizenship Law, Right of Return and draft laws. Maybe the current leadership isn't interested in preserving the Jewish numeric majority, as witnessed by creeping annexation policies, so it hopes to anchor the character of the state through legislation. There are also unwritten codes, such as favoring army service for employment, or unequal resource distribution, to divide the favored from the marginalized.

Inside this first inner demarcation, there is yet another, even narrower, boundary being drawn: Zionism.

In over a century of the modern usage, the term has never meant one thing alone. Its myriad tributaries merged and parted like the waters of the world's great rivers. Like a political party in Israel.

But lately, Zionism has come to refer not to the many ways of building Israel, but to a litmus test. The test is your label: you are "Zionist" – no matter what you mean by that – or else you are post-, anti-, non-Zionist.
There's a second current meaning. For Palestinians, Zionism has equaled racism from the famous UN resolution onward – and before. For them Zionism is both the occupation from 1967 and their ongoing 65-year-old stateless wandering that began in 1948 (even the Jews wandered in Sinai for only 40 years). In the name of Zionism, Palestinians' collective historic trauma was denied (understandably making their demand for recognition of their experiences more vociferous). To this day, they live as people in bondage, subject to military rule and stunted political growth.
It is a burden.

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Tel Aviv University - Carlo Strenger (Dept of Psychology) Believes that the "Occupation" is Israel's Greatest Threat

Poor Carlo Strenger cries in his beer that he and his fellow leftists are just poorly understood. Its not that they don't care about Israel, however, they care for the Arabs even more. Strenger banks the future security of Israel within the Liberal Vision of "Universal Morality."

But along with the blame game between Israel and the Palestinians, another blame game has been going on, in which Israel's right-wingers blame liberals for Israel's isolation. When you read Israel's right-wingers, you might think that Israeli liberals would rejoice in boycott. We are being accused of bad-mouthing Israel, of giving Israel's enemies ammunition and arguments that can be used by the BDS movement.

I want to ask these right-wingers a simple question. Has it ever crossed your minds that when you call us names like "anti-Israeli" or "self-hating Jews", you are missing the most obvious and simple point? Do you really think that Israeli liberals are interested in Israel's being ostracized?
It is time that you realize that we Israeli liberals care about Israel's interests exactly as much as you do. Do not lecture us that we are unrealistic about the dangers facing Israel and that we are naïve…
And yet we think that the occupation endangers Israel more than any external enemy. The difference between Israel's right-wingers and Israeli liberals is not one of naïveté vs. realism. Your vision of Israel is based on stones and bigotry and the myth that Israel doesn't need the West's friendship. Ours is based on universal morality, the firm belief that humans matter more than stones, and on the realization that Israel's long-term survival depends on a close relationship with the free world based on common values.

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Tel Aviv University - 300 TAU Students Make No Sense; Mourn the "Catastrophe" of Israel's Creation

The students mimic Memorial Day ceremonies and promote "testimonies" of ethnic cleansing.

Some 300 students marked Nakba Day on Sunday with a demonstration at Tel Aviv University. Arab students carried pictures of relatives and read testimonies of Palestinians who were forced from their homes and villages during Israel's War of Independence.
Louis was not concerned by the counter-protesters… "There is no doubt that there are a number of narratives to what happened in '48. That makes sense."

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Two Leftist Academics Demand Israel "Recognize" Palestine even if the Arabs Refuse to Recognize Israel

Oded Eran (TAU, Institute for National Security) and Robbie Sabel (Hebrew U, Dept of Law) preach capitulation to Arab irredentist claims while posturing over the merits of creating a second Hamastan bordering on the Israeli heartland. Eran and Sabel allege that a self-claimed Arab State would be no better than the State of Israel as neither have fixed borders or a formally recognized capital. *This* is who led negotiations and advises the Foreign Ministry. We now know how Israeli politicians were hoodwinked into signing the failed Oslo experiment.

Notwithstanding its concerns it might be worthwhile for Israel, and maybe the US, too, to consider taking the initiative and supporting the State of Palestine's accession to the UN. True, it will be a state with no permanent borders and a self-declared capital, with major issues such as the refugees still unresolved. It will not, however, be much different from its neighbor Israel in this respect. Israel's borders with the Palestinians, both in Gaza and the West Bank, and with Lebanon and Syria are still to be permanently fixed, and its capital, Jerusalem, is not formally recognized by the international community.

Beyond exposing the hollow Palestinian threat, such a move will turn the Israeli-Palestinian conflict into just one of close to 200 international disputes on territories and borders. Jerusalem, security, refugees and mutual recognition of their national status will still have to be negotiated, but that will be carried out by two legally equal entities.

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Tel Aviv University - TAU Officials OK Terrorist's Land Day Lecture on Campus

Students protest the participation of Mohammad Kana'neh, who served jail time after being convicted of working for Hezbollah, in a Hadash movement sponsored Land Day conference on campus. TAU officials believe that Terrorists are also entitled to freedom of speech. Conference participants believe they are above any criticism.

Students of rightist and centrist political groups in Tel Aviv University protested the invitation of an Arab-Israeli to partake in a Land Day conference on campus, after serving a prison sentence for contacting a foreign agent.

Ahead of the conference, expected to take place next Monday, the protesters turned to the university's management and demanded to cancel the participation of the man, Mohammad Kana'neh, former secretary general of the Abnaa el-Balad (People of the Land) organization. The event's organizers claimed the rioters attempt to silence them.
Kana'neh had served 30 months in prison after being convicted of contacting a source working for Hezbollah and transferring information to Palestinian terror activists.

"There is place for a pluralistic debate on campus, but no place for a terror-encouraging debate," the protesters noted while demanding "tighter inspection of the (Arab) movements' activities by the university."
Jaber Basal, member of the Tel Aviv University Hadash movement, said: "It is our right to partake in any conference on campus. Every person has a different view. They call some of us 'terrorists', and we also see the representatives of their political parties as criminals of war who should be persecuted in an international court… I suggest that no one teaches us what to do."

Tel Aviv University said in response: "The university maintains freedom of speech on campus, and it allows public activity initiated by the students in accordance to the rules of conduct of the State of Israel and previous court rulings, as long as the following conditions are kept: Keeping the law of the State of Israel, maintaining university regulations, procedures and property, keeping public order and the proper order of the teaching, research and work on campus. In the case in question, all of these conditions were met and thus the university approved the activity."

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Tel Aviv University - Carlo Strenger (Dept of Psychology) Wants Arab Cantons (That Can Then Secede?)

The consequences for Israel are clear. Like in Switzerland, the U.S. and Germany, the central government’s responsibility and authority should be cut back to the domains that can only be dealt with nationally, like the military, nation-wide transportation and ecological management. The rest should be delegated to smaller units.
The cultural differences in Israel are bigger than in Switzerland and probably the U.S. too, and the animosity between different groups here has led to the point where national religious, Haredi, Liberal and Arab citizens are afraid they can no longer live here. Moving towards a form of cantonal autonomy for Israel’s various groups could bring us all the relief that we can live and let live without stepping on each other’s toes.

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Tel Aviv University - Aeyal Gross (Dept of Law) Continues to Lead the Anti-Semitic Heterophobes

Gross receives international acclaim as a leader within the 'pinkwashing' criticism movement of Israeli "apartheid."

The cynical use of queer rights as a publicity strategy to create a positive, humane image for Israel is not new, nor is it exclusive to New Zealand. In 2011 the Jewish lesbian writer Sarah Schulman published an op-ed in the New York Times criticising Israel’s ‘strategy to conceal the continuing violations of Palestinians’ human rights behind an image of modernity signified by Israeli gay life’. Other prominent queer Jews have echoed Schulman’s criticism of pinkwashing, including Judith Butler and Aeyal Gross.

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The Israeli Radical Left Demands Academic Freedom Suppression to Defend (Leftist) Academic Freedom

Amiram Goldblum (Hebrew U), the anti-democratic prof, organizes a petition to suppress Academic Freedom at Bar Ilan University, and gets mocked by the Israeli Maariv daily newspaper. Goldblum is joined by his academic fellows in the Radical Leftwing Suppression of Free Speech: Daniel Bar-Tal from TAU; Avraham Oz and Hannah Safran from Haifa U; Oren Yiftachel from BGU, and Frances Raday from Hebrew U. Will Goldblum file a new SLAPP suit against Maariv?

It sounds like a Purim gag, and if only it were.
A petition was organized to denounce Bar Ilan University for allowing Black to speak on campus and demanding that the event surrounding the publication of Black's book be cancelled. The petition was organized by Peace Now co-founder Amiram Goldblum, a far-leftist professor of pharmaceutical studies at the Hebrew University… Goldblum is behind many of the attempts to paint Israel as an apartheid regime and has called for international pressure to suppress Israeli sovereignty and coerce the country to accept the diktats of the tiny ultra-leftist minority.

The new petition initiated by Goldblum demanding that Black be prevented from speaking, with its Orwellian title of "Support Free Speech," can be read here in Hebrew and English: Yes it is there in black and white - the petition demands that freedom of speech be suppressed for Black in order to support freedom of speech. Ben Dror Yemini in Maariv this past weekend devotes part of his column to mocking Goldblum and his fellow petitioners:

It is also amusing to see the list of tenured radicals who signed the petition to suppress academic freedom at Bar Ilan University. The list includes many academics who have ever demanded that critics of the Radical Left be silenced and suppressed. It is worth going through the list of signers one by one.

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Shenkar College and Tel Aviv University - Yuli Tamir (Shenkar College President & TAU Dept of Education) Continues to Slander the teacher Israel Shiran

In an example of uber-leftist hypocrisy and more than a decade after she had him unjustly fired, Tamir accused Shiran of Yigal Amir style incitement during a national radio interview to justify the usurping of his freedom of speech. Shiran has had his lawyers demand a retraction from Tamir and pay a huge sum as compensation.

One would be hard pressed to find a clearer illustration of uber-leftist hypocrisy. The same "professor" who initiated the campaign to get Shiran fired for expressing an opinion OUTSIDE of the classroom is also leading the campaign to defend the right of a communist to indoctrinate his students IN the classroom. All in the name of academic freedom.

Yuli was called to task for all this in a radio show this week, where she was interviewed by Yoaz Handel, a right of center journalist. Sister Yuli tried to explain the difference in her behavior in the two cases. In the case of Shiran, she explained, Shiran was clearly involved in "borderline incitement" when he wrote his letter to the Ministry of Government, the exact same sort of incitement that caused Yigal Amir to murder Yitzhak Rabin. (Yes, leftist theology in Israel continues to claim that freedom of speech being exercised by non-leftists produced the Rabin murder!)

In Yuli's words, Shiran crossed the delicate line between expressing an opinion and engaging in incitement that carries a clear and present danger of violence. Yuli: "When there is a clear and present danger of violence, the right of freedom of speech must be halted." She also accused Shiran of being a follower of Meir Kahane. He is not. I suspect however that Yuli is a follower of Stalin.

Shiran responded by having his lawyer send Yuli Tamir a letter threatening to file against her an immediate defamation suit. Given his successful track record in court, I certainly hope Rabbi Shiran will follow through with it.

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Tel Aviv University - Adi Ophir (Dept of Philosophy) and Ariella Azoulay (Brown University - Dept of Comparative Literature) get Trashed for Authoring Sloppy and Shoddy Work

Even a hardcore progressive finds the book "The One-State Condition: Occupation and Democracy in Israel/Palestine" by Ophir and Azoulay a flight of fancy that is just too much to digest. The reviewer finds a long string of critical facts that have been conveniently omitted from the book to fraudulently lend credence to Ophir and Azoulay's belittling and demonizing tone in the book. Furthermore, he cites faulty, utopian, and delusional logic in Ophir and Azoulay's analysis of the peace process and their application of possible solutions to the Israeli-Arab conflict.

The authors have a mocking tone throughout, loading their text with sardonic quotation marks that invariably denigrate Israeli understandings of such phenomena as "terrorism" or "democracy" but never modify Palestinian phraseology such as "armed struggle" or "resistance."

Critical facts are sometimes omitted. The nearly 1,000 Israeli deaths during the second Intifada (overwhelmingly of non-combatant civilians within Israel's pre-'67 boundaries) are neither mentioned nor considered by the authors as they analyze current circumstances. Other events are peculiarly framed.
Incredibly, while Ophir and Azoulay cite Operation Grapes of Wrath, they omit mention of the terrorist attacks in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.
The authors never take into account the dynamic nature of Israeli politics and society; the fragile, unwieldy makeup of coalition governments makes bold actions difficult, with an electorate quick to punish established parties and promote new ones…

While Ophir and Azoulay are itching to illuminate the possibility of a one-state future, they devote only one paragraph to assert rather than explain how Palestinian refugees might be absorbed into Israel and the Green Line eliminated (they cite the joint activism of Israelis and Palestinians against the separation barrier and Jewish settlements as if this proves their case for modern binationalism). Their book thus claims there to be an alternative to a two-state solution without taking the opportunity to convince anyone of a one-state reality.

Nothing is said about the legitimate interests of Israeli Jews, or about Israel's serving as a bulwark against persecution for a historically hounded, stateless people. The authors allude positively to "Zionism pre-1947" as "an environment rich with political imagination that invented new possibilities for Jewish existence," before "The freedom to imagine... was cut down as the 'statist' stream of Zionism took over..." — as if Jewish helplessness during the Holocaust and ongoing Arab enmity had nothing to do with this process.

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Shenkar College and Tel Aviv University - Ben-Dror Yemini reports in the Israeli national press on Yuli Tamir's (Shenkar College President & TAU Dept of Education) Lead Role in the Persecution of Israel Shiran by the Ministry of Education

Yemini also accuses Haaretz of heading the Leftist's charge against freedom of speech, indoctrination in the educational setting, and the demonization of Israel in general.

An Israeli newspaper recently called for the firing of a lecturer whose opinions were opposed to its own. That very same newspaper, Haaretz, is now conducting a campaign against the right of a school administration to investigate a complaint filed by one of its students. This newspaper, infected by racism, contributes more than any other entity to the demonization of Israel.
And the facts? Yuck. The students have no idea, for example, that in the 1940's, population transfer was the norm. They have no idea of the Arab leadership's continuous proclamations of intent to destroy the fledgling state of Israel at the time. They have not a clue about the pogroms and persecution that Jews suffered in Arab lands.
The protests over the Verta issue are not being held in order to broaden the knowledge of the students or protect free speech, because the protests are selective. A decade ago, a witch hunt of at least double the intensity was launched against another teacher, Israel Shiran, for his reservations about teaching Rabin's legacy. Yuli Tamir was Minister of Education and the verbal barbs emanating from that office against Shiran were frightening. "You are Satan's defender…this blasted inciter, will not be allowed into any school, even as a sanitation worker."

He was fired, but appealed and was reinstated. They kept after him for years and he once again turned to the courts and won the case. This was persecution. This was McCarthyism.
And this newspaper, that called for blackballing a professor, lectures the rest of us about ethics and morality, while branding others with McCarthyism. Unbelievable.

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Shenkar College and Tel Aviv University - Yuli Tamir (Shenkar College President & TAU Dept of Education) Joins the Campaign to Defend Communist Indoctrination of Pupils in the Classroom

Yuli Tamir, who as Minister of Education fired a teacher for expressing an opinion she disliked (Yisrael Shiran), joins the campaign to defend the right of a communist teacher to indoctrinate his students in the classroom. She demands that teachers promote what she considers to be "liberal and critical views." And Those Only! She made more sense back when she was defending clitoridectomies.

The controversy surrounding the remarks by Kiryat Tivon high-school teacher Adam Verete attests to the changes that have occurred in Israeli society over the last few years, and just how far the line that marks what one can and cannot say has shifted.

In recent decades public discourse has moved far beyond the right's positions. In other words, those same public stances that fluctuate on the spectrum between the critical, democratic and humane camp to the nationalistic camp where harming another, whether "the enemy," foreigner or refugee, is fair game and criticism is what's forbidden.

…I am ashamed over the persecution going on against teachers who express liberal or critical views, not because I feel estranged from the Israeli education system and its values but because I feel a great sense of belonging to that system and want to see it, as well as Israeli society as a whole, preserve freedom of expression.

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Tel Aviv University - Anat Biletzky (Dept of Philosophy) Joins Treasonous Anti-Zionists in Support of Ex-MK Azmi Bishara while Suspected of Aiding the Enemy in Wartime

Azmi Bishara, in hiding after being wanted on charges of money laundering, spying and assisting the Hezbollah terror organization during wartime, received public support from Anat Biletzky and other disloyal Anti-Zionists.

The ad below reads "Azmi Bishara - We Are Brethren".

Well, the ad identifies his "brothers" as

Anat Biletzki
Lola Horowitz
Chaim Hanegbi
Mikado Warshawski
Eran Turbiner
Yael Lotan
Rami Livneh
Debbie Lerman
Chava Lerman
Tzachi Mitznamcher
Leah Tsemel
Sammi Shalom Shitreet

Anyone with a bit of knowledge of Israel's far-left, and radical anti-Zionist Left is aware of the long list of crimes these people have committed in the moral sense against Israel and some, in the actual criminal-sitting-in-jail sense, not to mention defending terrorists.

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Tel Aviv University - Anat Matar (Dept of Philosophy) Chants her Mantra: Release the Terrorists! (so they can kindly come and murder us)

Matar attacks IDF soldiers as vile murderers of women and children. She blindly blames the Governments of Israel, the Security Forces, and Police for whitewashing all Arab deaths.

The hypocrisy that characterizes the public discourse on the issue of the release of Palestinian prisoners is getting worse. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reprimands Mahmoud Abbas for his celebration of the prisoners' release, saying that "murderers are not heroes," and no eyebrows are raised. All the speakers interviewed on radio broadcasts – including those who support prisoner release, such as Meretz MKs and analysts considered moderate – writhe in discomfort facing the release of people imprisoned decades ago, giving no thought to the fact that in their very own neighborhoods, murderers no less vile than the Palestinians walk free. According to data provided by the B'Tselem human rights agency, since the assault on Gaza five years ago, about 100 minors and women have been killed in the occupied territories by Israeli security forces. Who are the murderers of these people? We do not know, and we shall never know.

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Tel Aviv University - Daniel Bar-Tal (Dept of Education) conducts a "poll" that shows that Israelis want the Palestinian "narrative" taught in Israeli schools

Yet another pseudo-poll from the Israeli Far Left

According to Prof. Bar-Tal, "it was surprising to discover that, at present, the majority of the public thinks that the school system should present the Palestinian narrative of the conflict, in contradiction to the country's leaders. In recent years, the Education Ministry has rejected textbooks that tried to present both narratives, and every time some right-wing politician thought that Jewish schoolchildren were exposed to a different narrative, he or she would raise a hue and a cry, to the extent that one couldn't utter the word "nakba" ["disaster" in Arabic, referring to the establishment of Israel.]"

"It would seem that the public is more open to the Palestinian narrative that some of its political leaders," Bar-Tal concluded.

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Tel Aviv University - Aviad Kleinberg (Dept of History) Makes Excuses for the BDS Terrorists

Kleinberg refuses to see that judging Israel by a double standard is an expression of anti-Semitism.

It should be noted that we have so far enjoyed this exemption much more than we are willing to admit. For different reasons, Western governments have turned a blind eye to the Israeli violation of human rights, including what they define as blatant violation of the international law (for example, Israel's settlement policy). They usually settle for weak condemnations while expressing pious concern over the future of the "conflict."

This turning of a blind eye will likely be over soon. Western governments cannot ignore public opinion – or trends, if you like – for long… This public is not anti-Semitic, and doesn't particularly "love Arabs" either (in fact, it may be quite the opposite). It does understand one thing: That in the Israeli occupation territories, the "norm" is systematically denying the population's civil and human rights. The people of the "advanced" countries read this in a thousand reports and articles and watch it on a daily basis in news reports in their countries. This is not propaganda; it's not a problem of information either; it's the reality. This reality, which we have gotten used to so much that we fail to see it anymore, bothers them.
An "advanced" country doesn't control another people, doesn't leave an entire population under military occupation for nearly 50 years, and doesn't discriminate in any way against its subjects who are deprived of rights. An advanced country doesn't have subjects. This boycott, and those which will follow, means that the public in the bloc of advanced countries is demanding that we decide what kind of a society we are. It scares me to think that we've already decided.

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Tel Aviv University - Anat Matar, Anat Biletzki, and Rachel Giora Sign Petition to Permit Cameri Actors to Culturally Boycott Ariel

We, the undersigned, call upon you to respect the conscientious objection of the actresses playing in Anat Gov's "Best Friends" (Hahaverot Hachi Tovot) who do not want to perform in the settlement of Ariel. There can be no artistic merit in a theatrical performance in which the actresses are forced to appear against their will, in violation of their consciences, and under a direct threat to their livelihood.

Among the signed:
Prof. Yehuda and Nurit Nini [Tel Aviv University, Dept of Jewish Studies]
Prof. Yitzhak (Yanni) Nevo [Ben Gurion University, Dept of Philosophy]
Yona Pinson, Prof. [Tel Aviv University, Dept of Arts]
Kobi Snitz [Weizmann Institute of Science - Dept of Neurobiology]
Rachel Giora [Tel Aviv University - Dept of Linguistics]
Anat Biletzki [Tel Aviv University - Dept of Philosophy]
Ofer Neiman [Hebrew University - Dept. of Computer Science]
Anat Matar [Tel Aviv University - Dept of Philosophy]

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Tel Aviv University - Ben-Dror Yemini, Ma'ariv Editor, Bashes Aeyal Gross (Dept of Law) over his Participation in the Bedouin Blood Libel

With the help of Haaretz newspaper, Islamofascism and anti-Semitic Leftists combine to incite charges of apartheid and transfer against Israel for enforcing the rule of law on Bedouin land grab practices.

In the background a campaign has being going on for a long time, crafted by Haaretz. There have been a lot of baseless claims, but I will make do with just two that were published this week. Oudeh Basharat claimed that Israel was robbing the Bedouins of land in Umm al-Hiran, and immediately called this apartheid. One day later, Prof. Eyal Gross claimed that Bedouins were being evicted from their homes in order to build a Jewish town. When a lie is repeated a thousand times, it becomes fact.

The words transfer and apartheid appeared in the campaign, in order to finger the culprit. This, of course, is the Zionist enterprise. This is what it did in 1948. This is what it is doing in the territories. This is what it is doing to the Bedouins. This is how incitement is created. This is how demonization is done. Haaretz readers have no inkling that Bedouin began to live in Umm al-Hiran only after the initiative to establish Hiran. Is it unreasonable to demand that a law professor know the facts before writing a report?
It's not that Jews are doing to the Bedouins what anti-Semites did to the Jews. Just the opposite. It is the "rights groups" and Rabbis for Human Rights, and it's Haaretz that are continuing the old, despised tradition of libels. In the past it was against the Jews. Now it's against the State of Israel.

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Tel Aviv University - Aeyal Gross (Dept of Law) and the Vegan Jihad

Transgendered Jihad is not Sufficient! Just when you think Aeyal Gross could not get any wackier.

It should be stressed that there is no contradiction between concern for animals and concern for human life. Quite the contrary, opposition to the suppression of human beings easily dovetails with opposition to the suppression of animals; in both cases, one is expressing an overall sensitivity to the oppression and suffering of the Other and to the exploitation of the weak.
More and more restaurants and coffee shops are catering to the needs of vegetarians and vegans; moreover, the local media are showcasing this development. While this trend must be welcomed, one must not ignore the gap that exists between increased support for veganism and the ever-growing indifference in Israeli society to the oppression and exploitation inherent in Israel's occupation of Palestinian territory…

When veganism becomes a tool to improve the IDF's image, or that of Israel as a whole – which is what Megged suggests – and when attempts are being made to cover up the fact that the IDF operates an occupation mechanism that denies people their basic human rights, veganism is being appropriated for propaganda purposes.

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Tel Aviv University - Yehouda Shenhav's (Dept of Sociology)  Racist Residues Taint his Theories over the Arab - Israeli Conflict.

Shenhav's self-admitted troubled childhood, strife with Mizrachim – Ashkenazim cultural conflicts, makes him lay all the blame for Zionism, the Arab problem, and culture conflicts on Ashkenazim.

This theoretical and philosophical position has implications regarding our discussion today i.e. the connection between the Mizrahi and Palestinian questions. I would like to propose that if the positions of the Mizrahim toward the Arabs are more militant, this is at least partially the result of years of European Zionist ideology which regards Arab culture with contempt. Having internalised this ideology, the Mizrahim learned to reject their own Eastern, or Arab roots in order to get closer to the centre of the Israeli collective. Rejection of their Arab roots is expressed in at least two ways. The Mizrahim, whose identity is split between their Jewish religion and their Arab cultural roots, may choose to stress their religious identity at the expense of their cultural identity. The religious path offers the Mizrahim a way to enter Israeli society while rejecting their connection to Arab culture. Another form of rejection is to adopt an Israeli identity and to deny the relevance of their Mizrahi identity.

Here I would like to look, through the Mizrahi issue, at the complex question of Palestinian nationalism. The Israeli left, which for the most part remains Zionist, Ashkenazi, and secular, has developed a standpoint that on one hand recognizes the Palestinian question in all its complexity, and on the other hand denies the social and ethnic issues of the Mizrahi question…
I can speak for hours about ambivalence surrounding my identity, creating dilemmas in my childhood between my Israeli identity and my Mizrahi – Arab identity. When I brought friends home my mother made it clear to me who were my good friends and who were my bad friends. It was not in anything she said directly. But when I brought home an Ashkenazi friend I received compliments, and when I brought home a Mizrahi friend my mother made a face. After a while you get the message and begin to adopt Ashkenazi ways of thinking.
Regarding the Mizrahi issue, which is connected to the Palestinian issue, it is important to understand how memory works. The Mizrahim, as opposed to the Palestinians, have a very ambivalent attitude towards Zionist nationalism. And Zionist nationalism has a very ambivalent attitude towards the Mizrahim. There is tension between processes of inclusion and exclusion in relations between Jewish nationalism and Mizrahim. It is as if we are told, "You are one of us, but a distant relative." That is to say you are almost like the Ashkenazim - but not exactly. As opposed to the Palestinians, you are a part of the collective. However within the Zionist nationalist movement you are marginal and have become ethicised.

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Alon Liel (TAU - Dept of Political Science), Nurit Peled-Elhanan (HebrewU - Dept of Education), and Oren Yiftachel (BGU - Dept of Geography) are Examples of Anti-Israel "Outside Insiders" - The "Zionist Elite" Academics Who have Turned Against Zionism

Seth Frantzman, Jerusalem Post Editor, concludes the policies assumed by these "Outside Insiders" are a result, in part, of the studies they received at university. Ultimately, he concludes, these Israel-bashing anti-Zionists are uneducated and irresponsible with their critique, and for all their intimate knowledge, offer no real constructive criticism.

However, radical critique of Israel is not an outsider phenomenon; while it may be a minority voice, that minority is often the elite of the Jewish and Israeli community. They are "outside-insiders": those masquerading as outsider critics but who in fact were groomed by and recognized as part of the elite Zionist structure.
[The] narrative of growing up in a traditional Zionist home and then becoming a critic isn't the exception, it is the rule. Alon Liel, former Foreign Ministry director-general, claimed in a February conference that, "In the situation that exists today, until a Palestinian state is created, we are actually one state. This joint state – in the hope that the status quo is temporary – is an apartheid state." His comments were greeted with shock.

He told his listeners: "As someone who knows the original apartheid well, and also knows the State of Israel quite well – I was born here, grew up here, served and fought for it for 30 years – someone like me knows that Zionism isn't apartheid and the State of Israel that I grew up in wasn't an apartheid state."
Whatever happened to the good old Israel? … Nurit Peled-Elhanan [Daughter of Israeli general Matti Peled, granddaughter of Israel's Declaration of Independence Dr. Avraham Katsnelson], was quoted at Mondoweiss as saying "Apartheid in Israel and Palestine, imposed and practised by the Israeli security forces, is enabled by the most profound racism, practised every day, in every domain of life."

It is a mistake to pretend that these are outsider opinions.

They were generated and sculpted by the very leaders and founders of Zionism, by Israeli generals and a family that signed the declaration of independence. These views didn't just come out of nowhere, either, they formed over time, in coffee houses and in the homes of the elites, on the kibbutzim and in the universities.

OPPOSITION TO Zionism is in fact a central feature of Zionism; opposition to and "daring" criticism of the State of Israel is integral to being an insider in Israel.
Many other radical critics, like Oren Yiftachel, who compares Jewish communities in Israel to "pure" white settler states like Australia and Canada, proudly describes being raised on a kibbutz "in a northern Israeli kibbutz, where socialism was not a curse and social justice was not a mere theory."
The fact is that anti-Zionism and critique of Israel are the ultimate insider's career path. Those insiders who become anti-Zionist or radical critics rarely offer constructive criticism, and this differentiates them from the descendants of other founding generations… Critics of Israeli policy could be constructive; a solution to the conflict with the Palestinians is in everyone's interest, and combating racism is a good thing. But the way in which many of these insiders go about it, becoming more famous at Harvard and in London than they are in Israel, seems counterproductive, to say the least… Responsible insiders work for change from within, but unfortunately the Jewish community and Israel is not cultivating a responsible elite culture of critique, but an irresponsible one.

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Tel Aviv University - Aeyal Gross (Dept of Law) Continues his Jihad against Heterosexual Jews

Gross takes issue with the 'new homonationalism.' He exploits the murder within the LGBT community to bash the 'new homonationalism' as an impediment to practicing far-leftist activism. Gross gets offended that the Israeli Government and right-wing politicians can seem to be "liberal and democratic" when peddling to the LGBT community. Ultimately, Gross rejects 'homonationalism' as a passing fad.

In the past, it was widely assumed that LGBT rights would correlate with advances in civil rights and the peace process. Today the opposite may be true: LGBT rights are used as a fig leaf, and the larger the area that needs to be hidden, the larger the fig leaf must be. Although conservative and especially religious politicians remain fiercely homophobic, this is partially counterbalanced – even in years when a conservative government has been in power – by the new homonationalism and the important role gay rights plays in burnishing Israel's liberal image.
This change allowed the cementing of an unwritten deal that had long been in the works, between Israeli established homonormative politics and the new Israeli homonationalism… Its terms are that "we" will be good, normative and Zionist gays, who are willing to partake in the discourse of Israel as a liberal democracy and collaborate, directly and indirectly, in the state's use of gay rights as a fig leaf for Israeli democracy, and in return we will get sympathy and some support from the state.

It seems that each party seized the day to advance its own agenda. Now, not only Israel as a state, but also right wing politicians, could utilize gay rights to consider themselves as liberal and democratic, while continuing to support oppressive policies towards the Palestinians in Israel and the occupied territories…
Almost a year after the murder in Bar Noar, we see that the community is not united in a battle against homophobia. Instead, the "deal" struck in its aftermath aligned the newly invigorated homonationalism with homonormativity and exacerbated the conflicts between Israeli LGBT and queer activists, as was all-too apparent in the contentious period before the pride parade. There is more need than ever for queer politics which will reject homonationalism, while not denying the progress achieved on GLBT rights and the need to join efforts in fighting homophobia, a need that is more apparent than ever in the wake of the Bar Noar murder.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Yehouda Shenhav (Dept of Sociology)  Touts the 'No State' Solution

Shenhav rejects the 'Two-State' Solution as violent and inapplicable, as well as the 'One-State' Solution that would end the Jewish State of Israel. Thus he presents a 'One-Space' Solution for which he has no idea how it should work but it feels good.

Professor Shenhav, from where do you get the idea that the two-state solution is no longer relevant? At this very moment, diplomatic negotiations are being held along these very guidelines.

''New winds are blowing now and people are beginning to understand that the two-state solution is not possible… "People come and tell me, 'We ridiculed you five and 10 years ago, and now we are beginning to understand that we have no choice.' On what are they basing this 'no choice' idea? We are all aware of the power of the settlers and that evacuating half a million settlers is an illusion. Even if we assume, like Akiva Eldar, that only 150,000 would have to be evacuated, that is also a dangerous illusion. The settlers are a power group in politics, in the army and the Israel Land Administration, they are too strong.''
''It will never actually happen because it is clear to everyone that Israelis approach the conflict with the '67 paradigm in their heads; in other words, if we return what we conquered in '67, then everything will be OK. I claim that the Palestinians don't think this way. They think about '48. As far as they are concerned, that war never ended, and there are 6 million people waiting to hear something new. The Palestinian leadership cannot betray them, and justifiably so… And therefore there won't be two states for two nations.''
We think that we have two options: a two-state solution or a binational solution. This is a well-known sociological trick of deception, because there never are only two alternatives. Between the two paradigms - of "a nation of all its citizens" and "two states" - are many more options. People refuse to see this.''

What are the other options?

''I am not an engineer or politician who can determine how to go. But I know that from a moral point of view it is a mistake not to consider other options. We are stuck with the 'two-state solution,' which is a very violent solution; and on the other hand, there is the 'state of all its citizens' option, in which we will all drown in an Arab ocean and they will eliminate us. But in between, there are a trillion other options.

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Academics From Tel Aviv University Participating in Tel Aviv Conference Calling for the Elimination of Israel

The following list of far-left academics pour over the details of making the return of the 1948 Arab refugees a reality, a process that would obliterate the Jewish State of Israel. A list of the topics follows.

Prof. Dan Rabinowitz - Tel-Aviv University
Yoav Kapshuk - PhD Candidate, Tel-Aviv University
Dr. Aïm Deüelle Lüski - Tel-Aviv University, Philosopher and Artist
Michal Ran - Ph.D Candidate, University of Chicago
Areej Sabbagh-Khoury - PhD Candidate, Tel-Aviv University
Prof. Nadim N. Rouhana - Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy, Tufts University in Boston, Founding director of Mada al-Carmel
Dr. Haim Yacobi - Architect and planner, Head of the MA Program in Urban Design, Bezalel, Jerusalem
Noa Levi - Lawyer and a graduate student, Tel-Aviv University
Roi Silberberg - Political educator, PhD Candidate, Haifa University


List of Far-Left Academics and the topics discussed:

- The Right to Refuse: Abject Theory and the Return of Palestinian Refugees / Prof. Dan Rabinowitz - Tel-Aviv University.
- Reconciliation in Peace Agreements: The Geneva Initiative as a Test Case / Yoav Kapshuk - PhD Candidate, Tel-Aviv University.
- Return as the Key for a One-State Solution / The Jaffa Group for One Democratic State- Multilingualism as a Model for Post-Utopian Multi-Existentialism /Dr. Aïm Deüelle Lüski - Tel-Aviv University, Philosopher and Artist.
- Returning to Mi'ar / Michal Ran - Ph.D Candidate, University of Chicago.
- Returning to al-Ruis /Ibraheem Abu al-Hayja- Refugee from al-Ruis and Michal Ran - Ph.D Candidate, University of Chicago.
- The right of return in Palestinian political consciousness in Israel /Areej Sabbagh-Khoury - PhD Candidate, Tel-Aviv University, and Prof. Nadim N. Rouhana - Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy, Tufts University in Boston, Founding director of Mada al-Carmel.
- Respondent / Dr. Haim Yacobi - Architect and planner, Head of the MA Program in Urban Design, Bezalel, Jerusalem.
- Return and compensation Tracks and second occupant as case study / Noa Levi - Lawyer and a graduate student, Tel-Aviv University
- The theoretical problems of education for a culture of return /Roi Silberberg - Political educator, PhD Candidate, Haifa University.

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Tel Aviv University - Rachel Giora (Dept of Linguistics) Brags about Israeli Academics Supporting the EU BDS Lawfare Against Israel on Far-Leftist Chat List

FROM: Rachel Giora []
SENT: 20 September, 2013
TO: Micah Leshem
SUBJECT: More than 600 Israeli intellectuals signed the Israeli petition supporting EU guidelines on funding of Israeli entities

More than 600 Israeli intellectuals, senior academics and leading artists send a petition to President of the European Commission José Manuel Barroso and EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Catherine Ashton in support of the European Union guidelines that exclude funding of Israeli entities active in the occupied territories.
We the undersigned support the European Union recommendation to its member states, to avoid signing agreements with Israeli organizations and companies if they are active, directly or indirectly, in the occupied territories over the green line of June 4, 1967.
We hope that this decision will be implemented as soon as possible by all European states, and will convince other countries such as US, Russia, China and India to accept and join the European initiative.

Among the signed,
Prof. Daniel Bar-Tal, Tel Aviv University
Prof. David Enoch, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Prof. Emeritus Yaron Ezrahi, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Prof. Chaim Gans, Tel Aviv University
Prof. Alon Harel, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Prof. David Harel, the Weizmann Institute.
Prof. Eva Illouz, President of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem
Prof. Menachem Klein, Bar-Ilan University
Prof. Yehoshua Kolodny, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Miki Kratsman, Head of Photography Department of Bezalel Academy
Dr. Alon Liel, former Director of the Israeli Foreign Ministry
Prof. Ishay Rosen-Zvi, Tel Aviv University.
Prof. Emeritus Zeev Sternhell, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Prof. Idit Zartal, historian
Prof. Moshe Zimmermann, Tel Aviv University

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Tel Aviv University - The Deep Academic Thoughts of ultra-feminist Marxist Orly Lubin (Dept of Comparative Literature)

To illustrate just how bad the situation of women in Israel is, Lubin cites the example of driving. "I tell my women students that we were all taught to be bad drivers. If a woman is a good driver, like I am, then people say that she drives like a man. Whenever someone delays me on the road, it's always a woman, because we were taught to be bad drivers. Women have no experience driving because a man won't let them drive if he has to sit next to her in the car."
Asked why a program like Gender Studies is necessary and what one does with such a degree, Lubin becomes indignant. "Questions like that are the kind of thing that make me mad. Do you know what it's like to read a theoretical text in feminism? It's very hard work. Why don't you ask why we need a history department? You have to write that this academic program was made possible with the aid of the National Council of Jewish American Women, because they invested about a million dollars in it," she instructs me.
"This morning I read an article by Hannah Kim in Haaretz about the first government in Israel that is a totally right-wing government - economically and diplomatically. I read it and cried, really. I'm genuinely distraught. We've really regressed."
Lubin regularly receives about 20 professional journals dealing with feminism, Third World culture and the intellectual left. "I go through them all and use them as a lecturer," she says.

According to your new book, femininity is a stereotype. How do you define your own femininity?

"First of all, it's very intellectual. I've never been concerned with the question of whether my particular femininity is worthy and if it meets the criteria for worthy femininity, because I'm not from the feminist police and this has never bothered me. I don't know what's feminine and what's not feminine, because it's a function of so many things - of fashion, of norms, of a Hollywood decision. I'm interested in it, but in a very intellectual way."

Is being well-dressed feminine?

"I certainly am. I buy clothes only in New York because I don't have time anywhere else and I wear clothes by an American designer named Eileen Fisher who makes what are called `Women's Sizes.' It costs a fortune because she has a certain reputation. Her clothes fit me well."

How do you see yourself?

"I'm always lamenting the fact that I have to be on a diet. Even right now when I'm chewing on a brownie at a cafe, I'm lamenting that fact."

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Tel Aviv University - The Adventures of Priscilla Gross (Dept of Law) Queen of the Desert

Aeyal Gross leading the campaign on behalf of transvestites and "transgendered"

This opinion, together with Joubran's ruling, are the first signs of judicial recognition of a right to equality for transgender people, who suffer from workplace discrimination and face unreasonable barriers to changing their gender from the health and interior ministries. This recognition must be reflected in openness on the part of these ministries to the way individuals with various identities define their own gender.
The idea that some identities are "unequivocal" and others aren't is based on a binary view of gender that assumes everyone must be either 100 percent male or 100 percent female. This worldview is prepared to accept transgender individuals only if they adapt themselves and their body to a particular gender - including by surgery, as the prison service demanded. Real equality, in the spirit of Joubran's ruling and that of the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission, will be achieved only when we free ourselves of this oppressive view and allow a variety of genders to flourish.

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Columbia University and Tel Aviv University: Nira Reiss demands foreign troops to protect the Arabs

Lecturer Nira Reiss is yet another Israeli academic who can't do enough for the Palestinians and whines about their being eternal victims of the Jewish state. At least when she is not promoting her militant feminist agenda in the guise of college courses.

She signed onto the following statement calling for foreign troops to be brought in to defend the Palestinians from the Jews:

"We the undersigned, Palestinian and Israeli intellectuals and activists, view with grave concern the unbearable and inhuman situation imposed on the Palestinian people in the West Bank and Gaza. Such a situation has been brought about by the repression, blockades, and daily humiliation exercised by the military occupation and by the daily harassment that Jewish settlers inflict on the Palestinian Population. We cannot remain unmoved while the suffering of Palestinians and the violation of their human and political rights continues undeterred… We feel it is our duty to support the call for the immediate provision of an international force to protect the Palestinian people in its struggle for the exercise of its right to self-determination and freedom, and to put an end to the military occupation of its land."

There actually is an army in the West Bank that protects the Palestinian population: it's called the Israel Defense Forces… Few people in the West realize the IDF protects these Arabs as part of its responsibilities under the Oslo Accords.
Reiss is a member of the pro-terror anti-Israel "Faculty for Israeli-Palestinian Peace," yet another NGO that pretends to promote peace but actually promotes the elimination of Israel as a Jewish state… The organization's advertises "educational tours" designed to bring American students to the Holy Land to hear speakers who are virulent Jew haters and anarchists. One key speaker is Omar Barghouti, who takes credit for founding the BDS economic warfare aggression against Israel and who has openly stated he wants Israel eradicated… Another is the so-called Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions that opposes anti-terrorist actions and whose arch-hater of Israel, leader Jeff Halper, went to Gaza and supports Hamas.
Reiss was one of the people who supported and celebrated the communist -terrorist- accomplice Tali Fahima after she helped her terrorist boyfriend plan atrocities. Fahima later converted to Islam. In contrast, Reiss never showed any humanitarian concern for Gilad Shalit because he was part of the IDF.

Nira Reiss is now teaching most of the time at Columbia University. We can all wonder how many minds she will poison there among America's upcoming generations to hate Israel.

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Tel Aviv University - Dahlia Scheindlin (Dept of Political Science) believes Israeli security requires complete capitulation to the jihadis

Scheindlin suggests jumping into final agreements with both feet without stop-checks to verify Arab compliance to signed treaties. She presents a list of "corrections" to the failed Oslo Accords that makes Israel and Israelis the culprits for all of the agreement's drawbacks and inadequacies. There is no mention of Arab terror, Arab incitement, and unilateral Arab proclamations as deathblows to the Oslo Accords.

Anat Lapidot-Firilla of the Van Leer Institute recommends an non-democratic external "Peace Authority" to coerce, bully and intimidate Israel into undefendable strategic positions.

4. Peace Authority. Dr. Anat Lapidot-Firilla, the academic director of the Mediterranean Neighbours program and a senior research fellow at the Van Leer Institute believes that Oslo failed to establish a body charged with actually implementing peace – not something run by government ministries, but a body with authority, some measure of independence and, she specifies, substantial funding: "not just to execute things, but to initiate – ways to realize the actual agreements, create projects, tie the strings together, cement the peace."
7. Oversee implementation, solve problems on the ground. Baskin states that implementation and progress of the accords must be "monitored and verified by a third party," and that each further stage of progress will be conditional on fulfillment of the previous stage on the ground, not based "declarations." When disputes inevitably arise, a sub-task (and perhaps a sub-section) of the third party monitoring the accords will be an "effective real time dispute resolution mechanism." This mechanism can help resolve small incidents and problems before they fester and loom large.

8. Fast phases or none at all. I will take the liberty of adding the final criticism. Phased processes must be swift or they shouldn't happen in phases at all. Agreements cannot be isolated from their context, and the Middle East is a place of hot tempers and short fuses; the only predictable thing is the unpredictable. No implementation stretched out over six years can expect to face the same challenges of six years earlier. The phased element of Oslo, I believe, was a result of the fundamentally interim nature of the accords…
I've heard many Israelis say that peace can't happen so quickly, it takes time. That's what I call a mistake.

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Tel Aviv University - Ran Hacohen (Dept of Comparative Literature) condemns the Genocidal Jewish Crimes in the Scroll of Esther

Both events – the lynch in Tel Aviv and the attack in Jerusalem – were reported widely in the Israeli media (separately or even together [Hebrew]), justly framed as hate crimes, sometimes with reference to similar crimes in the recent past. Some public protest followed – a demonstration, petitions and op-eds. However, no report I've seen mentioned the fact that both crimes were committed on Purim (24.2), a one-day holiday that lasts a day longer in Jerusalem (24-25.2)...

Is the Jewish holiday really irrelevant? The notion that the attackers were drunken can be easily traced back to the religious duty to get drunk on Purim. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Purim has been identified with Jewish violence (and with accusations of violence against Jews, true or false) for centuries...
The genocidal roots of Purim go even deeper: Haman, as the short Book of Esther repeatedly stresses, is an "Agagite", that is, an offspring of Agag. Agag was the King of the ancient Amalekites, the archetypal enemy of the Jews, on which the Bible commands to inflict genocide: "you shall blot out the remembrance of Amalek from under heaven; do not forget" (Deuteronomy 25,19). When King Saul sins by sparing King Agag's life, God regrets He had made him king of Israel, and Prophet Samuel "hews Agag in pieces before the Lord" (I Samuel 15,33).

These are not just idle interpretations for the learned or deep secrets known to the few; it's all anchored in the liturgical practice of Purim. While the public reading of the Book of Esther is at the heart of the holiday itself, the Torah-text on blotting out Amalek is read in synagogue on the "Sabbath of Remembrance", the last Saturday before Purim.Once the Arabs are seen as Haman/Amalek, Purim turns into a carneval of incitement against them.
It's truly amazing that the Israeli media ignored the Purim context of the violent events in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Jewish Israelis are witnessing a trend of "rediscovering of" and "reconnecting to" their "Jewish roots". In such an atmosphere, one would expect those "rediscoverers" to be aware the Jewish context of the violence: after all, this is also part of the Jewish legacy they are allegedly so fond of. But no: instead of coming to terms with the lights and shadows of the rich Jewish tradition, non-Orthodox Israelis fall prey to ominous Jewish demons without even noticing them, demons that have enjoyed an uninterrupted existence among Orthodox Jews like the radical settlers of Hebron, but have now sneaked even into "secular" Tel Aviv.

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Tel Aviv University - Aviad Kleinberg (Dept of History) thinks asking the Israeli electorate what they think is undemocratic

Naftali Bennett wants a referendum. If the government will ask to withdraw from areas in Greater Israel, it will have to be put to a referendum. Why is this so important to him? I suppose it is not for the sake of democracy. Even Judaism (which in its current format advocates a process in which a small group of people who were not elected by the entire community make all the decisions) is not the issue. Bennett wants a referendum in order to add another obstacle on the way to a peace deal. That's all.
A thousand and one reasons can be found not to trust the Arabs, not to trust the elected officials and not to trust the government…

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Tel Aviv University - Ishay Rosen-Zvi (Dept of Hebrew Culture Studies) Serving the Jihadi Demons

Rosen-Zvi leads the crusade against the legal Jewish homeowners in the Shimon HaTzadik Neighborhood (Sheikh Jarrah for the Arab apologists).

[Ishay Rosen-Zvi] seems determined to implement his evil inclination by means of participation in Israel's radical anarchist Left. Specifically, Rosen-Zvi is an activist member and leader of the Sheikh Jarrah Soliarity Project, created and promoted by the International Solidarity Movement (ISM).

Shimon HaTzadik is a neighborhood in East Jerusalem, which Arab apologists call Sheikh Jarrah. It was the scene of a notorious massacre of Jews by the local Arabs. After the war of independence, the Arabs began moving into Jewish homes that had been overrun in the neighborhood. Subsequently Jews brought suit after 1967 to recover their homes. The lawsuit dragged on nearly twenty years, but the Israeli Supreme Court (which has sided many times with the Arabs) ultimately found in favor of the Jews, who could produce deeds going back to the Ottoman Empire.
When Israeli courts side with the Arabs against Jews, the Arabs celebrate. When the same courts side with Jews, the Arabs riot and make threats or kill Jews. Rosen-Zvi wrote an editorial in Ha'Aretz where he serves as the public relations agent for the jihadists. In the article he calls for Jews to enlist in the campaign by radical Arabs and support the unilateral "Palestinian declaration of independence" and the demand that Jerusalem be divided with the good parts given to the "Palestinians"…

"On July 15th, an unprecedented event in the history of Zionism is set to take place in Jerusalem: a Jewish-Palestinian independence march. This march will not be yet another demonstration in support of the negotiations; not a call for an end to violence nor for a bilateral two-state solution. We've had enough of those. This time Israelis, Jews and Arabs, will show our support for the unilateral Palestinian declaration of independence expected in September; a free state in the 1967 borders, with its capital in East Jerusalem. No more favors, thank you very much."

Note the failure to call for an end to violence above. Is that not an example of Yetzer hara given the murders of so many Jews by Arabs who insist Israel as a Jewish state must not and cannot exist? It is an acknowledgement by Rosen-Zvi that the Arabs use violence but tries to use equivalency regarding the Jews. It's the PA that refuses to negotiate peace and stop terrorists, it's the Arabs who insist it is a religious duty to wipe out the Jews.
An article Rosen-Zvi wrote mentions that the Israeli anarchists and ISM types like himself managed to organize a
march and rally for Shimon HaTzadik neighborhood that brought out 3,000 moonbats in support of giving the Arabs what they want. That 3,000 number has some significance for those interested in Torah and the Talmud, but not for Rosen-Zvi. When Moses came down from Sinai he discovered the Jews had strayed and began worshipping the Golden Calf. He ordered his followers to kill those Jews who had strayed to paganism and they killed 3,000.  The Levite tribe got promoted thanks to its role in this.  Apparently the curse of the evil 3.000 has returned to the Jewish people, in part under Rosen-Zvi's leadership.

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Tel Aviv University - Anat Matar (Dept of Philosophy) cheers on the Murderers of Israelis that the Government plans to Release as "Warriors against Occupation"

You will be happy to hear that Anat Matar, a faculty member in the department of philosophy at Tel; Aviv University, insists that Netanyahu has not gone far enough in releasing mass murderers of Israelis. Writing in Haaretz today (Hebrew only, at Wanna guess why they are not running it in English?

Little Anat has long led the Israeli movement demanding international BDS sanctions against Israel. Her offspring Haggai is a big honcho in the violent anti-Israel anarchist gang and in the group organizing mutiny among Israeli soldiers, and has spent time in prison…

In her Op Ed in Haaretz today, Momma Anat proclaims that the imprisoned Palestinian murderers are seen by the Palestinians (and of course also by her) as legitimate warriors against occupation, no more guilty of anything than Israeli soldiers when they use weapons to prevent a new Shoah.
Meanwhile, if you would like to let the heads of Tel Aviv University know what you think of this terrorist teaching at the school, write to
Tel Aviv University:
President, Professor Joseph Klafter
Tel Aviv University
P.O. Box 39040
Tel Aviv 69978
Tel: 972-3-6408254 972-3-6408254
Fax: 972-3-6406466

Rector: Prof. Aron Shai
Tel Aviv University
P.O. Box 39040
Tel Aviv 69978

American Friends Offices of Tel Aviv University:

Other "Friends of" Groups:

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Tel Aviv University - Knesset Review of PA Textbooks Refutes Daniel Bar-Tal's (Dept of Education) Whitewashing of Hateful Arab Incitement

Dr. Arnon Groiss presented to the Knesset panel evidence of delegitimization and demonization of Israel in PA textbooks. This stands in stark contrast to the conclusions of a US State Dept funded report on hate in PA and Israeli textbooks that was co-authored by Daniel Bar-Tal. Groiss had been part of an advisory panel to the report, however, Groiss claimed that the panel rarely met and had very little input to the final draft. Groiss distanced himself from the conclusions of Bar-Tal's report which was used to validate the profound distortions of the Arab "Narrative."

The textbooks used in UNRWA-funded schools never acknowledge any Jewish rights in “Palestine”, nor any Jewish past in the Land of Israel, said Dr. Arnon Groiss, a respected expert in the promotion of Tolerance in Education at a briefing in the Knesset reviewing the Palestinian Authority Textbooks used in UNWRA schools.

Israel is almost never shown on any map and no city is ever identified as a Jewish city, he said, reiterating the extensive history of Anti-Israel propaganda in Arab textbooks.
"Israel is delegitimized, and demonized in these texts and no peaceful solution to Arab-Israel conflict is ever discussed', Groiss noted, adding, "The rights of 4.5 million Palestinians around the world is heavily promoted." The event was chaired by David Bedein, Director of the Near East Policy Research Center.

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Tel Aviv University - Orly Lubin (Dept of Comparative Literature) Likens Israelis to the Murderer of the Newtown School Children

Orly: Shoyn (really?), as they say in Yiddish, will wait and see. though waited for [Obama] in Israel for four years and saw nothing… and doubt I’ll see him do anything on that front during the magical “second term,” as well — what we are doing in the West Bank and Gaza is not that much different than Newtown.

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Tel Aviv University - Shlomo Sand (Dept of History) is a Disgusting anti-Semite even in the View of Leftist Academic Carlo Strenger

In the past few years, Shlomo Sand has enraged many Jews with his thesis, laid out particularly clear in his book, "The Invention of the Jewish People," that Zionism created something called the Jewish people that didn't and doesn't really exist, and that it has led to the ethnocentric policies of Israel's government within and beyond the Green Line.

Now he has followed it up with a short pamphlet, so far only available in Hebrew, called "When and Why did I stop Being Jewish?" Its basic thesis is that the ethnocentrism and racism that characterizes much of Israel's policies are a function of the country's Jewishness, which is why Sand prefers to identify with and focus on his nationality, not his religion.
Thus, I think Shlomo Sand has made a big mistake in arguing that the nationalism and racism of much of Israel's rabbinical ultra-Orthodox establishment and many of its right-wing politicians stems from their Jewishness. The opposite is true: this ethnocentrism is an anomaly in modern Judaism, not the norm.

The way out of Israel's current conundrum, therefore, is not to detach Israeli identity from Jewishness. This is both a historical and a psychological impossibility. The very raison d'etre of Israel's existence is for Jews to have a state of their own and to create a safe haven for every Jew under threat somewhere in the world.

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Tel Aviv University - Stalinist Shlomo Sand (Dept of History), expert on the French cinema, explains why there is no such thing as a Jewish people who can have their own state

The "Jewish people" or the "Chosen people" are theological concepts that existed before the birth of Zionism and, it appears, will survive after it exits the historical stage… Zionism took the religious and ambiguous concept of "people" and injected it with national meaning, much as it did with other terms and symbols from the Jewish heritage. Originality and deception were both concealed within this linguistic process. If today we frequently apply the term "people" to a human group that shares a secular public culture, such as language, music or food, it would indeed be strange to use this term to refer to world Jewry
Israel, which insists on defining itself as a Jewish state and not as an Israeli republic, alienates and discriminates against 25 percent of its citizens who, to their misfortune, aren't registered by the Interior Ministry as Jews. A normal democracy always sees itself as an expression of its citizenry and doesn't make note of its residents' ethnic origin or religion (imagine the uproar if in a Western country the population registry would mark the descendants of Jews as such, like is done in Israel, without asking or consulting with them).

In view of the 20th century's history of persecution and suffering, Israel can continue to serve as a place of refuge for descendants of Jews persecuted due to their ethnic origin or religious faith; but it cannot be both a democracy and at the same time belong to "world Jewry." This is an oxymoron that has severe consequences: it creates injustice; it leads to exclusion of native locals, and it may bring destruction upon us all.

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Tel Aviv University - Aeyal Gross' (Dept of Law) Anti-Zionist Heterophobia

Gross uses the Barnoar attack to bash the Police, the media and heterosexuals in general. For Gross, any form of criticism of LGBT community by heterosexuals is a form of "liberal homophobia."

It's much more difficult to spot liberal homophobia, with its sweet and pretty face and appearance of enlightenment. At its foundation is mainly a distinction between private and public space, with acceptance of homosexuality as long as it exists in the private sphere. … Such positions adopt "liberal color-blindness" while ignoring heterosexism and society's inherent homophobia while ignoring the fact that heterosexuals share their sexual preference with society all the time: in weddings; while walking on the street without fear of violence; and in what they say in the family setting and in the workplace about couples and relationships without fear of hostility or discrimination. Every incident of this kind is a display of heterosexuality and an answer to the question of whom the person sleeps next to in bed.
The most obvious expression of liberal homophobia after the murders at Barnoar was the one that sought to negate the relationship between the attacks and homophobia with the claim that the murders might have been committed for personal reasons an assertion that is being made now as well. It was as if indiscriminate shooting at LGBT teenagers at Barnoar could be disconnected from the social structures of heterosexism and homophobia, even if it was committed by a person whose personal history fueled his hatred.
One must look closely at the narrative published by the police so far to see this blindness. In this narrative, the murder suspect was told that his relative, a minor, had been seen several times at Barnoar and asked him what he had been doing there. His relative answered that he had been there, that a community activist had allegedly "sodomized" him and he wished to retaliate.

…The narrative is also a scenario for homophobia within the family. One relative asks another what he was doing in a gay hangout. The very nature of the question makes the respondent vulnerable to homophobia within the family and fear the response to being found out a response that could consist of hatred of homosexuality and of gay people in general.
The reports that the activist allegedly had sexual relations with the minor also played a part in the liberal-homophobic dance. "Do you think the community will engage in soul-searching now?" a researcher for a television program recently asked me. Yes, I answered, soul-searching is needed, but everyone should do it. Why does the heterosexual society require it of the LGBT community without doing it itself?... [T]hat does not justify the homophobic way the topic is treated as we saw last week, and this discourse has no legitimacy when it focuses exclusively on the gay community. When Segal writes [in a column in Yedioth Ahronoth] that the gay community has "fewer reasons for pride," he is taking advantage of the incident, as others have done, to smear it and absolve the heterosexual world of any blame.

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Tel Aviv University - Shlomo Sand (Dept of History) Continues to Invent Reasons Why Israel Should Cease to Exist

Sand validates Israeli Arabs rights to an Israeli Identity and downplays any Jewish Diaspora right to same identity in an attempt to separate "Church and State". Mocks the Study of Zionism as 'obsolete'.

The conceptual world that characterizes the Cherrik center [for the Study of Zionism] is a closed and fuzzy world that is obsolete. From Shumsky's arguments one gets the impression that he believes he is living in the 1920s, between the intellectual appeasers of Brit Shalom and Hashomer Hatzair from back in the day. That is why he returns to their outdated views when he turns to discussing the nationalism of today.

In the last 30 years the majority of the most important scholars involved in the study of nations broke free from the vague and generalizing language that was used until the early 1980s. For years no serious scholar has applied the term "nation" to every cultural-linguistic group, or to every collective identity…
No nation, or nation-state, has ever been created without the political dimension, which aspires to make the borders of culture and identity congruent to their sovereign borders. That is why Zionism or the Palestine Liberation Organization are national movements, which did, or do, represent the demand for independent political sovereignty, and that is why the Jews of the world who do not want to immigrate to Israel cannot be included in that category.
[A]long with the ongoing alienation of the Jewish state, have brought them [the Israeli Arabs] closer to the Palestinians in the occupied territories, they are already too Israeli to live under the sovereignty of Hamas or even the "secular" Palestinian Authority of President Mahmoud Abbas. They are also far closer to us, linguistically and culturally, than are the Jews of Belarus who do not live here.

Still, I don't believe that they will agree for much longer to live in a "Jewish" state, which by definition cannot be an inclusive civic state. Of course they justly demand, and will continue to demand, cultural autonomy in the State of Israel, but some of them also are aware that every state has a super-character that serves as a basis for communication, identification and joint cultural administration of those contradictory interests.

What Shumsky has trouble understanding is that his "secular" Jewishness, within its borders and by its very definition, is the identity of a closed, exclusive club that you cannot join if you weren't born into it.

By definition, being Israeli - like being American, British, French or having any other national identity that is not ethno-religious - could potentially represent an open political and cultural identity that is not based on a fictitious ethnocentric principle… It is also what increasingly connects all of us, we who are so different from one another, but at the same time so similar. Of course, Shumsky has every right to continue to identify himself as a (religious or "ethnic") Jew, but as in liberal Western Europe, and unlike in Eastern Europe - that must remain his own private affair and not an official and public matter.

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Tel Aviv University - Moshe Zuckermann (Cohn Institute) Says Israel Uses Iran for 'Diversion Policy'

Israel has been instrumentalizing the issue of Iran threat ideologically to divert attention from its growing problems, said renowned Israeli historian and sociologist Moshe Zuckermann.

Addressing an international conference of radical leftist parties in Berlin, Zuckermann said that the Zionist regime has been using the alleged Iranian 'threat' as a 'diversion policy' to cover up its own racist policies and its failure to seal a peace agreement with the Palestinian side.
He likened the current state of affairs in Israel with the rise of the German Nazi regime in 1933, saying the Zionist regime has become an 'apartheid regime.'

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Tel Aviv University - Yehouda Shenhav (Dept of Sociology) Defends the 'Nakba'

Calls to define Jews from Arab countries as refugees were made in the past, but back then, they were silenced by Israeli governments. Why the change of policy? Partly due to a relatively new recognition that Israel will no longer be able to hide its responsibility for the Nakba.

The Foreign Ministry's bookkeeper's trick betrays the fear of the Palestinian claim of compensation and return – a central tenet of Palestinian demands. It proves that Israeli recognizes that the '67 paradigm will not bring an end to the conflict, due to its denial of the Nakba. As a result of this recognition, the leaders of the new campaign hope to use the Mizrahi Jews to block the Palestinians from carrying out their "right of return," and offset the compensation claims might be forced to pay for the Palestinian property that was expropriated by the Custodian of Absentee Property (the Israeli authority that confiscates and manages Palestinian property, most notably real estate). It is an idea that is historically twisted, unwise from a policy perspective and unjust from a moral point of view – as its history demonstrates.
The analogy between the Palestinian refugees and the Jewish Mizrahis is thus baseless, not to mention offensive and immoral. It serves to cause friction between Mizrahi Jews and Palestinians, it is an insult to a great number of Mizrahim and harms chances for real reconciliation. More than that: the analogy points to a clear lack of understanding regarding the meaning of the Nakba. The Nakba does not only refer to the events of the war. The Nakba is, at its core, the prevention of those who were expelled from returning to their homes, lands and families after the establishment of the State of Israel. The Nakba is an active and clear policy of the State of Israel – not just the chaos of war.

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Tel Aviv University - Tovi Fenster (Dept of Geography), and her fellow members of the academic jihad, battle against Israeli defense measures that keep out the mass murderers and suicide bombers

Fenster sets the academic stage for the redivision of Jerusalem - the Capital of Israel.

Amidst this spatial and social reality, a separation wall was established in 2002 around East Jerusalem, which undermines the city's social and spatial arrangements on a number of different levels, from the metropolitan urban and municipal to the personal. The official Israeli justification for the construction of the wall hinges on security considerations, with the declared objective of preventing terrorists from the West Bank from entering Israel. But in Jerusalem, a metropolitan city that is home to two national groups engaged in a prolonged conflict, the main effect of the wall is a separation between Jerusalemite Palestinians and Palestinians living in the West Bank, resulting in the disruption of relations between the city and its eastern hinterland. Studies on the effects of the wall at the municipal level suggest that the construction of the wall has had serious negative impacts in the areas of employment, transportation, economics and demography, among others.4
We argue that while the Israeli justification for the construction of the wall is based on security considerations, from the perspective of Palestinian residents, the building of the wall reflects Israeli aspirations for the Judaization of space in Palestinian East Jerusalem…
For Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem, the wall represents the Israeli establishment view of them as those who are "on the wrong side of the wall" or "foreigners" and as a threat to Jewish hegemonic ambitions for the demographic "Judaizing" of space. Many Palestinians living in the vicinity of the wall in Ash-Shayyah understand this separation as a first step in a process aimed at expelling them from the city to the West Bank. These feelings are heightened by additional processes occurring in the city, such as house demolitions, the infiltration of Jewish settlers into Palestinian neighborhoods and a slow but steady increase in the number of people deprived of residency status.
The spatial realities of these processes have placed the Palestinian residents of Jerusalem within a complex geography which creates ambivalence both in functioning and identity. This geography causes them to assume an intermediate position that reflects their hybrid status. On the one hand, they feel a moral, religious and national obligation to stay near their holy places and protect their national cultural assets in the city despite the difficulties posed by the Israeli establishment's policy of discrimination and dislocation. On the other hand, to the east of the wall, a national and political space is slowly forming to which Palestinians living in the city demand the right to belong13 and to operate freely — a claim denied them in the context of their living space. Between these options stands the separation wall, which fences off and deepens the paradoxical situation that the Palestinian population experiences as a spatial object within a social geography of isolation and alienation.

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Tel Aviv University - Communist Gadi Algazi (Dept of History) admits that he and other left-wing activists are undermining the State of Israel

As part of a speech during a 2013 Land Day rally, Algazi also promotes illegal land squatting, rejects the Jewish nature of the State, and redefines the legal actions of the Israeli Government and Courts as 'warfare'.

But I am not here only because of the past but also because of the present, because of what is happening now. Land Day is not just a day of remembrance. It is a day of struggle against what is happening now. The State of Israel's war against its residents continues today in the Negev. In the Negev, heavy police forces and bulldozers go out to commit systematic destruction about once or twice a week. We have grown used to the fact that once or twice a week, heavily armed police forces gather in the Shoket junction or the Beit Qama junction in order to go forth on a campaign of demolition. We have grown so used to this that we don't perceive that this is actually a form of continuous warfare.

This country continues to be the site of a war. Modern warfare is conducted not only with tanks, but with bulldozers. You don't only fight it with bombers, but also with zoning plans. Yes, this is a war waged by the state, and real people are its casualties: their health, their hopes, their futures, their human and national dignity. True: Many states around the world neglect their citizens, and Israel also neglects and humiliates its poor. But not many states in the world take part in never-ending wars against their own citizens.

I am here to tell you, alongside many other left-wing activists in this country, that we refuse to take part in a the state's war against its Palestinian citizens. We will do all we can to undermine it, in Jaffa, in Acco, and in the Galilee, but mainly in the Negev.
There is not "Bedouin Problem" in the Negev. The problem is a racist government and its dispossession projects. We must stop the Prawer Plan! This is indeed the struggle of the Negev's Arab residents, but we cannot, we cannot, leave them to wage it alone.
A state of all its citizens and of both its peoples, a state that is both a Jewish and an Arab state, a Jewish-Arab state, with full, equal rights for all. Not just political equality but also cultural and national equality, equality that comes with correcting the injustices of the past, giving back land, the return of the refugees, and a more equitable distribution of wealth and opportunities.
A state in which the Arab past is not being erased; a state whose future belongs to the people who live in it, to all its citizens, men and women, and not to racist demographers, who are busy counting babies and for whom real people's lives do not count.

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Tel Aviv University - Daniel Bar-Tal (Dept of Education), who called for silencing and suppression of Isracampus, now suddenly thinks the anti-Israel Left is being Silenced by Patriots

The anti-Zionist Marxist propagandist discovers a threat to democracy

This approach is reminiscent of the spokesmen of the Chinese regime, who use the same reason to silence criticism from within and exert tight control over the media, cultural works and academia. The approach of Oren and his colleagues must therefore justify regimes that attempt to silence criticism of anti-Semitism in their countries for fear that making such criticism public might damage their countries' image and interests. ... Oren and those like him are dictating to the public what the government believes to be the rules of appropriate behavior. Conservative groups operating on the ground strengthen these messages by keeping track of statements that are made or written and then smearing anyone who expresses opinions that differ from the leadership's. This is how a political climate is constructed in which people are afraid to express their opinions and where free speech, one of the most prominent characteristics of a democratic society, is restricted.

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Tel Aviv University - Shlomo Sand Defames his own University

Sand makes this comment and others on Iranian PressTV - Feb 2013.

Sand: Why this village? Because you see I'm working in Tel Aviv University, I am a professor of history in Tel Aviv University. And Tel Aviv University is built on the land of this village that disappeared in the 30 of March 1948. Now it was a friendly village, it wasn't against Zionist colonization, I'm speaking till '48 and the university is built on this land and also my apartment in the same area, in the same neighborhood. And I think that to write about the land of Israel, to meet the land of Israel, I'm obliged also to confront myself with the fact that I am working in a place that has no sign that this village existed.

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Tenured anti-Israel Extremists Produce Headlines from the recent 'Apartheid Conference' held under the Auspices of the Van Leer Institute:

Tel Aviv University - Alon Liel (Dept of Political Science) calls on US President Obama to cancel visit due to the 'shame' of Israeli apartheid.

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Tel Aviv University - Daniel Bar-Tal (Dept of Education) Vilifies Israel in an Attempt to Garner Support from Liberal US Jews

We have had bad years. We are witnessing a process of deterioration in Israeli society during which we have gone beyond boundaries that should not have been crossed. Every time we think we can't sink lower, we find that actually there is no limit to how low we can go. The last Knesset was particularly bad. It enacted racist and anti-democratic laws. It infringed on freedom of expression. Under Gideon Saar, the Minister of Education, the system took a clear turn in promoting undisguised jingoism. There were numerous attempts to silence criticism… The peace process has been silenced. These are only some examples in a long list of disquieting signs indicating our decline; and we do not see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Among the signees:
Gaby Salomon
Ram Levy
David Harel
Sammy Samoha

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Tel Aviv University - Shlomo Sand (Dept of History) Fraudulently Picks his Quotes to Suit his Needs

Then to Shlomo Sand. Sand said Jews consider themselves a 'people' for purely selfish reasons - they want to own land and a people can own land whereas a religion cannot. Zionism and Judaism are opposed, he says. He claims there are no mentions of Israel in the Bible and there was no exodus of Jews after the destruction of the Temple by the Romans. In the 19th Century, he says, Rabbis opposed Zionism, that's why the First Zionist Congress had to be in Basel and not Munich. He claims that the Talmud forbids Jews to go to Palestine; that "political public antisemitism" has disappeared; and that 'secular' Jews will diappear too because they define themselves by the Shoah and by antisemitism (cue for plug for next book which will be called "The Invention of the Secular Jew"). He calls Israel a racist state.

Fortunately Sand's lies were exposed by a number of good questioners.
That's Sand all over: an academic fraud who cherrypicks sources that he pretends proves his point and even takes them out of context when it suits him.....

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Tel Aviv University - Michael Kagan and Anat Ben-Dor (Dept of Law) Bash Israel, the most Pro-Gay Rights Country in Mid-East, over 'Pinkwashing' Arab Gay Rights

Kagan and Ben-Dor accuse Israel of violating the International Refugee Convention.

In their 2008 study, "Nowhere to Run: Gay Palestinian Asylum-Seekers in Israel," Michael Kagan and Anat Ben-Dor describe in detail Israel's unsympathetic and unbending policy towards gay Palestinians. In stark contrast to the vibrant gay culture within Israel, in the West Bank and Gaza Strip Palestinians face intense discrimination and often brutal violence if they are discovered to be gay… However, despite their desperation, Israel refuses to even review gay Palestinian applications for asylum (those who have successfully received asylum have had to submit their cases directly to the UNHCR headquarters in Geneva). Moreover, gay Palestinians who have illegally entered Israel have been arrested and promptly deported--returned to the very environments in which their lives were at risk and in which they will now face further danger as they are questioned not only for their sexuality but for their choice to spend time in Israel.

While Israel should be protecting gay Palestinians simply because of its commitment to human and civil rights, Kagan and Ben-Dor point out that Israel is also legally bound to do so under the Convention and Protocol Relating to the Status of Refugees that Israel ratified in 1951. (It should be noted that this Convention does not apply to those Palestinians who are refugees as a result of the 1948 or 1967 conflicts and who are receiving protection from UNRWA. However, there are many within and outside the Occupied Territories who are not registered with UNRWA and thus qualify for protection from the UNHCR)…

Kagan and Ben-Dor argue that Israel could easily avoid this discriminatory policy and democratic pitfall by addressing each request for asylum individually… Anticipating Israeli objections to their policy recommendation, Kagan and Ben-Dor explain that "granting asylum to a Palestinian in Israel would set no precedent, and have no relevance, to the dispute over whether Palestinian refugees from 1948 have a right of return. The right to seek asylum invokes a separate body of law from the debate over refugee return; the Palestinians we discuss in this report are seeking international protection in Israel as a foreign country, not return or repatriation to ancestral homes" (26).

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Tel Aviv University - For Daniel Bar-Tal (Dept of Education) Israel can do no Right

Even after capitulating to Arab demands in the Disengagement, Bar-Tal still whined about 'Israeli Leadership'.

Our basic claim in this paper is that Israel does not want to negotiate with the Palestinians because the present leadership does not have anything meaningful to offer that corresponds to the minimal Palestinian goals. The minimal Palestinian goals, held by the majority of the populace and part of the leadership (see for example, Shikaki, 2006), correspond to the contours of the Clinton proposal, the Taba agreement, the Geneva accord or the Saudi proposal…

… The willingness of the international community to accept the unilateral disengagement from the Gaza Strip in the summer of 2005, and to put the Road Map on hold, signaled to the Israeli leadership that it is possible to dictate a unilateral approach. This, in their view, is much safer than negotiations over difficult issues, such as Jerusalem and refugees.

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Tel Aviv University - Yael Berda (Dept of Sociology) forms "Israeli Opposition Network"

Another deed by the ISM agent in a long line of subversive activities that aim to delegitimatize the State of Israel.

Yael Berda is a PhD candidate currently at Princeton University in New Jersey, besides being an attorney and faculty member in sociology at Tel Aviv University. Together with other Israeli ex-pats in the U.S. who are part of the Israeli academic fifth column, she recently formed a new "Israeli Opposition Network" to "stand up against the new Israeli government," the one elected by the Israeli people. After all, Berda believes she is so darned smart that only she and her friends in far off America know what's right for the Jewish state, and to hell with its voters.

Berda has served as one of the leftist attorneys in Israel who volunteers her services pro bono to (or is paid secretly by) the pro-terror International Solidarity Movement and the Palestinians…
Comrade Berda also engages in the ISM and Arab propaganda tactic of "lying by omission" to push her ideas. This tactic involves leaving out just enough information in telling a story to give the reader a false impression. For example, one passage in her book reads as follows:

"… I was shocked by what I saw in the military courts. Not only were there different laws for the entire [Palestinian] population, but there was also physical separation in the court between the entrance for Jewish civilians and the entrance for Palestinian residents. There were even separate sitting areas…"

Of course, the separate seating areas in the court were not to separate Jews from Arabs. They were to separate Israeli citizens, be they Druze, Muslims, Christians, or Jews, from the Palestinians from the Palestinian Authority. The Palestinian Authority is a large terrorist camp in which terrorists roam freely with governmental collusion. Most of the Palestinian "police" are in fact also members of terrorist groups, like the Al Aksa Martyrs Brigade. Berda knows this, but wants her American and other western reading audience to see this as racial segregation.

Berda's ISM pals at anti-Israel conferences and in churches love to tell Americans there are "Jew only" roads in the West Bank where Arabs are not permitted to drive. This is another example of lying by omission; bypass roads were created by Israel because Arab civilians throw bombs and rocks at Israeli drivers and Arab snipers shoot at them. True, they are Israeli only roads, but usable by non-Israelis once they obtain a security background permit.

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Tel Aviv University - Shlomo Sand (Dept of History): Israel is "a sh***y nation" and "the most racist society in the world"

Last night Tel Aviv University history professor Shlomo Sand referred to Israel as a "shitty nation" (clip 1). He called Israel "the most racist society in the world" and said that he has been fighting "Jewish racism all my life" (both clip 2). And he declared that anti-Semitism doesn't exist in the western world today (clip 3).

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Tel Aviv University - Daniel Bar-Tal (Dept of Education) Trashed for Validating the "Profound Distortions" of the Arab "Narrative"

Yaakov Ahimeir is appalled that Bar-Tal equates the factual depictions of Terror Acts as a negative description of "the Other." Ahimeir the famed journalist questions the Academic integrity and objectiveness of Bar-Tal and his Textbook Study.

A textbook taught at one of the Palestinian Authority schools states that the "ancient history of Palestine bore witness to the invasion of the Israelites, led by Joshua in [the 12th century B.C.E.], and to their battle with the Canaanites and the Palestinians."… In that case, it was Palestinians who lived between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River.

"King David fought the Canaanites and the Palestinians and built his kingdom on part of the Palestinian land," so claims one Palestinian textbook…

And there is another so-called fact printed in Palestinian textbooks that has been deemed worthy of teaching Palestinian schoolchildren: We didn't know it, but the Palestinians were led by Goliath. The Philistine Goliath was a Palestinian leader…

The research, presented by Professors Daniel Bar-Tal of Tel Aviv University, Bruce Wexler of Yale and Sami Adwan of Bethlehem University, was funded by a grant from the U.S. State Department. In the study, the professors examined 492 Israeli textbooks and 148 Palestinian textbooks on various subjects.

… "Terrorism peaked when 13 students and teachers from Moshav Avivim were murdered on their way to school (1970)." Is this a "negative" representation of the Palestinians, as the study asserts, or simply a description of fact, of a terrifying incident that actually happened? In the eyes of learned professors, including one Israeli, this is an example of "negative" representation. Was this terrible incident fabricated? Is there any ideological bias in this description? Or is it simply factual truth?
Why is it so important whether Goliath was Palestinian or Philistine? Because that is not how one teaches peace, reconciliation or mutual recognition.

… Non-Israeli diplomats have warned in the past of profound distortions found in Palestinian schoolbooks. Perhaps the books have been slightly modified since, but why weren't the three educated professors who conducted the study more appalled by the examples above? Is it really possible to look at these things with nothing more than academic neutrality?

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Daniel Bar-Tal's (Dept of Education) Report on Israeli and PA textbooks Suffers from Pre-Existing Bias

Bar-Tal's prior, biased opinions and questionable objectivity on the Arab-Israeli Conflict should have invalidated his participation in US State Dept's Survey.

At a press conference on Monday, Wexler slammed Education Minister Gideon Sa'ar… This political attack makes one wonder whether bias was built into the project from the start.

Prof. Daniel Bar-Tal has a long history of critiquing Israel's education system for what he claims are its values of belligerence and victimization. As co-editor of the radical Left Palestine-Israel Journal from 2001 to 2005 (whose masthead shows the colors of the Palestinian flag next to an Israeli flag that does not include a Star of David), he wrote about "The Arab image in Hebrew School Textbooks" (2001). He concluded that "the great majority of the books at best stereotype Arabs negatively, but often they also delegitimize them in the context of the conflict." Foreshadowing the current study, he wrote that the stereotypes were backed up by "graphic descriptions of Arab pogroms, murders and riots."

Bar-Tal's views should have led to concern about the potential for bias in the CRIHL study. In 2009, he published a startling condemnation of Israel for its actions in Gaza during Operation Cast Lead…

The war, he wrote, "derived from the continuous dehumanization of the Hamas organization." He went on to claim that "most Israeli Jews do not know that Hamas was originally founded by the Israeli authorities."

A university professor who believes Israel created Hamas and argues that it is a victim of dehumanization by Israel, rather than the other way around, was supposed to provide an unbiased opinion on Israeli textbooks? One is left with the conclusion that there is overwhelming evidence of pre-existing bias on the part of the authors.

The project set out by naming a scientific advisory panel of 21 experts. According to panel member Arnon Groiss, a PhD from Princeton and an Arabic language journalist at the Israel Broadcasting Authority, the advisers were rarely allowed to be involved in the project and almost never met.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Ludicrously-Stretched Reasoning in Daniel Bar-Tal's (Dept of Education) Co-Authored Report Whitewashes Examples of Hateful Arab Incitement

For example, Bar-Tal's report equivalates suicide bombers with IDF service.

For a long time, researchers and critics have provided ample documentation that textbooks of the Palestinian Authority under Mahmoud Abbas glorify suicide bombers, demonize Israelis and feature maps that erase the Jewish state altogether.

Now comes still another study, funded by the State Department, that this time purports to give equal critical weight to the contents of Israeli and Palestinian textbooks. The study has all the academic earmarks of expert, balanced authorship -- a joint effort by an Israeli professor, Daniel Bar-Tal of Tel Aviv University, and a Palestinian professor, Sami Adwam of Bethlehem University.

Except that under all their professional veneer, the two professors have to stretch mightily to the point of ludicrousness to support their basic thesis that when it comes to inciteful propaganda, there is little, if any, difference between Israeli and Palestinian textbooks. To achieve this result, the study whitewashes the worst examples of hateful Palestinian incitement.
So how does Professor Bar-Tal, the Israeli co-author, manage to put Israel in the same dock when it comes to inciting children to become "martyrs" -- i.e. suicide bombers? How do Israeli textbooks match that? According to the Israeli professor, "both sides are in the stage of mobilizing, with most Israeli children being prepared for compulsory army service," Kershner reports.

In other words, the study finds Palestinian suicide bombings and IDF service equally abhorrent.

To her credit, Kershner alerts Times readers to the fact that previous studies of Palestinian textbook by monitoring groups showed that they promoted widespread dehumanization of Jews and Israel and rejection of Israel's right to exist -- unlike the new study that "avoids harsh language and couches the bad news in a kind of symmetry." A polite way of saying that Palestinian sins are treated with kid gloves, while Israel gets tarred -- all in an absurd effort to achieve equivalence.
No wonder that the Israeli government boycotted the study, sensing a propaganda trap. The Israeli Ministry of Education dismissed it as "biased, unprofessional and significantly lacking in objectivity with pre-determined findings" and without reflecting any "reality."

Arnon Groiss, an Israeli member of an Israeli-Palestinian advisory panel to the study and author of many previous reports critical of Palestinian Authority textbooks, distanced himself from the new study. "Palestinian Authority textbooks," he said, "prepare the pupils for a future armed struggle for the elimination of the state of Israel."

Simply put, an anti-Israel gambit by the State Department, with American taxpayers left to pay the freight.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Daniel Bar-Tal (Dept of Education) Gets Caught Defending Arab Hate-Indoctrination in PA Schools and the Terror it Promotes

Itamar Marcus, Palestinian Media Watch Director, exposes Bar-Tal's flawed analysis, inaccurate methodology, misrepresentations, and blatant omissions in the recent Council of Religious Institutions of the Holy Land report.

It is hard to imagine a more flawed analysis of Palestinian Authority schoolbooks than the recent report of the Council of Religious Institutions of the Holy Land, led by Sami Adwan of Bethlehem University and Daniel Bar-Tal of Tel Aviv University.

The report's inaccuracies start with its methodology of systematically citing all quotes from Israeli and Palestinian schoolbooks under the same headings – forcing the appearance of symmetry even when none exists.

Another major flaw is giving as much weight to the fringe, ultra-Orthodox school system in Israel as it does to mainstream state schools. This artificially inflates the number of problematic examples on the Israeli side to support the report's misleading attempt to demonstrate equivalence.

But the ultimate failing of the report is that it intentionally masks the hate and promotion of violence that are central to the PA educational system. This hatred, together with the hate and terror glorification expressed by the daily actions and messages of the PA leaders and through their controlled institutions, is rapidly condemning the next generations to continued conflict.

What did this report hide from the world? That the overall message that permeates the PA's teachings about Israel throughout the school system is the total rejection of Israel's most fundamental right – its right to exist.
IT IS significant that neither this legitimization of "armed struggle" "against colonial and foreign rule and racist regimes" – the PA's definition of Israel – nor the mandating of eternal religious violence against Israel were even mentioned in the Bar-Tal/Adwan report.

Had the authors included this area of research, they would have been forced to concede that there is no corresponding defense of terror and promotion of violence in Israeli textbooks.

The failure to cite these significant and dangerous messages in the PA's schoolbooks – messages which have been promoted actively by PA leaders since 2000 to justify their terror against Israel and killing of Israelis – is indicative of the report's flawed methodology and fundamental errors.

These and the many other omissions and misrepresentations necessitate immediate and public rejection of the findings by the US State Department, whose funding in 2009 launched the project.
While the Palestinian Authority is ultimately responsible for the hatred and terror it promotes, its defenders, especially Israelis like Bar-Tal, are ultimately enablers of this hatred. Such misleading reports could ease the international pressure that has been put on the Palestinians to replace their hate education with peace education.

Public rejection of this Bar-Tal/Adwan report by the US is not merely the right thing to do. People's lives are depending on it.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Iranian propaganda website builds case for the Delegitimization of the State of Israel Sovereignty with Shlomo Sand's (Dept of History) academic subterfuge

Sand denies the Exodus, trashes the Bible as a blasé political treatise, and refutes the Jewish historical connection to the Land of Israel in an interview with Haaretz. Sand's claims are used to argue that Anti-Zionism is not modern Anti-Semitism and props Iranian attempts to delegitimize Theodore Herzl, the Balfour Mandate and the UN partition.

In an interview for… Tel Aviv University lecturer and author of the book, The Invention of the Jewish People, Shlomo Sands [said]:
There is no such thing as national territory that has belonged to the Jewish people since the Biblical period and I prove that in my book. That is a mythic statement which is characteristic of national leaders in the modern history of the past 200 years. The territorial myth has worked well since the start of the 20th century.
Other researchers… along with Sands himself have a new approach to Biblical research. These scholars among others believe that the Bible was written around the 5th century B.C.E. and the third century C.E. According to Sands, "It (the Bible) began to be written after the political intellectual elite were exiled from Judea to Babylon… There is no doubt that the talented authors knew the meaning of exile first hand." Sands added…

This implies that more than spiritual guidance to mankind, or real history, these researchers believe that the Bible is actually a political treatise, written in coded languages to the masses of people who were under the thumb of hostile rulers…

Not only do the modern secular scholars of the world realize that the idea of Jewish homeland and Jewish nationality are foreign to the Jewish religion, the very construction of such ideas are considered heresy by the authentic Jewish religious authorities…

This statement makes two very important points that cannot be ignored in an exploration of the heretical concepts of Jewish homeland, Jewish people and nationality that led to the Balfour Mandate and the UN partitioning of Palestine to create a Jewish homeland. They are 1). Theodore Herzl, who is credited with being the father of Zionism was a secular Jew with no rabbinical training or background. 2). He had no political, or religious authority to interpret Jewish law, nor did he have the authority to create any new laws or introduce any innovations to Jewish law or tradition such as the creation of a Jewish homeland, or the existence of a Jewish nationality or people.

If Jewish researchers such as Shlomo Sands and others are revealing the truth about the Zionist hoax that led to the establishment of Israel in Palestine and understand the importance of these facts in respect to peace, why is it that Muslim and Arab researchers are not addressing these issues? The liberation of the land is difficult because the hearts and minds of the world must be free from guilt, which is the effects of the century old Zionist myth of an historic Jewish people and homeland in Palestine.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - TAU Students Fight Against Academic Boycott

They stand up to face off the well-orchestrated boycott campaign which is promoted in part by Israeli NGO's and Israeli Academics

The biggest sin of Joy Harjo was that she has written on her Facebook page she's on her way to visit Tel Aviv. Harjo, a Native American poet and musician, was invited to perform for students of the Department of American Studies at TAU, and provide a glimpse into the rich, indigenous culture of the American continent. But the anti-Israel activists had other plans for her: Within a few hours after her announcement, Harjo's Facebook and Twitter accounts were filled with dozens of threats and hate talkbacks.
[Coalition of Women for Peace]'s member, Dr. Dalit Baum, a former lecturer at Haifa University and today a US resident, presented herself as a an "Israeli teacher" and begged Harjo to boycott TAU and its students, again, because of the so called "apartheid." Yes, the same TAU which allowed its Arab students only a few months ago to host a 'Nakba' memorial ceremony is now accused of being an apartheid institution…

In response, we, dozens of TAU students from across the Israeli political spectrum, have personally wrote a letter of support to Joy Harjo. Those activists call themselves "liberal and feminist," but at the same time they choose to intimidate an elder spiritual woman and Native American human rights activist into boycotting knowledge, freedom of thought, ideas and people - all the things which form the foundation of the academic institution we are so proud to be educated in.
Joy Harjo's case revealed once again the true face of the well-orchestrated boycott campaign being waged in recent years around the world against Israel - often with the help of Israelis - to pull the rug out from under Israel's legitimacy, its institutions and its society. This is a campaign that relies primarily on intimidation of many people overseas who are not proficient in the complexity of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, using half-truths and whole lies that are constantly presented as facts. It is also difficult not to notice the paradox, in which Israeli academics, with the backup of self-proclaimed "peace NGO's," promote the boycott of academic institutions while they still educate generations of Israeli students and scholars, the future of the Jewish state.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


The Feldhay Snub Exposes the Boycott Double Standard of Israel's Tenured Left

For a number of years now, Israel's tenured Left has rallied in defense of the "right" to boycott other Israelis and the right to boycott all of Israel. Whenever a public figure would speak out against the Israeli tenured traitors who call for world campaigns of divestment and economic sanctions against Israel, the Far Left bellows that this is "McCarthyism," that no one should be permitted to express disgust with such traitors… It is to a large extent the creation of Israeli tenured leftists.

… The Israeli Left wants to boycott every Jew who lives in the West Bank, including and especially Ariel University. It wants products made in the West Bank and Golan to be boycotted, and calls on foreign anti-Semites to promote such boycotts. Whenever any eyebrows are raised in Israel at their behavior, the leftists again scream "McCarthyism" and insist they are simply defending "academic freedom," and "freedom of speech." When Israel's Knesset passed a law allowing victims of such leftist boycotts to file civil suits for damages against the Leftists organizing the boycotts, again the Left bellowed that this was fascism and suppression of democracy…

In fact, there is only one form of boycott which they see as anti-democratic, treasonous, and fascist. That is when a leftist is boycotted. And that is why over the past few weeks the tenured Left in Israel has been soiling itself over the "boycott" of a leftist Tel Aviv University by Bibi Netanyahu.

Now the truth is that Prof. Rivka Feldhay was not really "boycotted" by anyone. She was just pointedly not invited by Netanyahu to participate in a pow-wow in Berlin with the German Prime Minister…Netanyahu does not consider participation in any ceremony with the German PM to be an automatic entitlement for anyone. But the Left considers Netanyahu's unwillingness to include Feldhay in the ceremony to be a fascist assault on academic freedom.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - PM's Office Holds Academic Rivka Feldhay (Dept of History) Responsible for her Extremist Views

Feldhay banned from Scientific Symposium in which PM Netanyahu was to participate

An official traveling with Netanyahu said professor and human rights expert Rivka Feldhay was banned from a meeting of Israeli and German scientists because the prime minister did not want to allow the participation of an Israeli “who tarnishes the name of Israeli soldiers and pilots.”

Feldhay signed a petition in 2008 [link to petition (and in Hebrew) – IsraCampus] that supported Israeli soldiers who refused to serve in Palestinian territories, the official said. He spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to talk to the media.

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Tel Aviv University - Rivka Feldhay (Dept of History) Spreads Misconceptions about the CHE's Demand for Academic Standards at BGU's Dept of Political Science

She dismisses the CHE as a "right-wing political" subcommittee, laments the changes occurring in Israeli society that affects her self-appointed 'guardians of democracy', and demotes the present regime from the ranks of Democracy.

In light of all this, the proposal approved by the ICHE subcommittee to prevent new students from registering for the upcoming school year is an absolutely arbitrary decision, bearing no relation whatsoever to the work of the follow-up team. In fact, it stands in stark contradiction to the team's evaluation. Such an act is unacceptable not just because it comprises a crude intervention in the autonomy of university institutions as anchored in the law of the ICHE, and a brutal violation of the principle of academic freedom that has been a fundamental part of the university since its formation in medieval Europe. This decision—if it is approved by the ICHE plenum—is, in my eyes, utterly senseless, especially when viewed alongside another decision that was passed several weeks ago, granting university status to the University Center in Ariel (at the West Bank) based on an inadequate evaluation process that included not one professional expert from abroad…

In this state of affairs, the only way to interpret the recommendations of the ICHE subcommittee is as a right-wing political act aimed at harassing the department whose staff members belong, for the most part, to the left and hold a critical approach to the government. If implemented, this decision will lead to the indecent burial of the academic evaluation processes initiated by the ICHE and will undermine trust in it in the future. In addition, such a decision means a de facto politicization of higher education in Israel, creating a state in which lecturers are persecuted because of their political views as well as their professional and critical positions. In short: the oppression of the spirit and freedom of the academic. Taken together with the worrisome events that have been taking place in the Israel Broadcasting Authority, the recurring attempts to undermine the independence of the government's General Attorney, and the domination of the press by means of the right-wing tabloid Israel Today, this last step comprises a castration—no less—of the guardians of democracy vis-a-vis the government. A democracy without free criticism is a contradiction in terms; such a regime can no longer be called a democracy.

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Tel Aviv University - Aeyal Gross (Dept of Law), inventor of "pinkwashing," offers free advice to the terrorists about how to prosecute Israel criminally

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's decision to build more housing units in the settlements, coming hot on the heels of the United Nations General Assembly's declaration of Palestine as a non-member observer state, could put Israel on a collision course with the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

Following the UN's decision last Thursday, it looks as though Palestine will contact the court once again, asking for a hearing on the crimes that are being committed in its territory. The court's prosecutor may well rule that in light of Palestine's recognition as a state, the court has authority to hear the case.

If Palestine should complain to the court, Statute 8(2)(b)(viii) of the court's constitution will be at the center of the case. This statute states, in part: "The transfer, directly or indirectly, by an occupying power of parts of its own civilian population into the territory it occupies is a war crime."

This statute is the continuation of a rule in the Fourth Geneva Convention. Israel's past claims that the rule did not apply in the territories may now be rejected.

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Tel Aviv University - Chaim Gans' (Dept of Law) new course in Anti-Israel Indoctrination crosses all red lines

In his weekend column in Maariv Sept 28, 2012, deputy editor Ben Dror Yemini reports the latest abomination from Tel Aviv University. It seems the TAU law school this year is offering a special new course entitled, "Is a Just Zionism Possible?" The question mark appears in the course description and we bet you can guess on your own what the answer to this question will be. The lecturer "teaching" this course is the anti-democratic radical leftist anti-Zionist law professor Chaim Gans.

… Yemini, "The Israeli academic institutions cross all the red lines, excuse me for generalizing. It is not as if we were unaware that there are plenty of academics with anti-Zionist agendas. There are. But it is no longer enough for them to urinate into the pool in which they swim…"

Yemini then reviews the academic record of Gans himself… "The approach of Gans," writes Yemini," will lead us to a slaughterhouse more commonly called a Bi-national State." … Yemini reminds his readers that Gans also has a long track record of endorsing and supporting mutiny and insurrection among Israeli soldiers, and was the initiator of the anti-democratic petition to prevent the army colonel from teaching.

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Tenured Leftwing Fascists in Israel calling for Illegal Boycott of Ariel University

Prof. Chaim Ganz [Tel Aviv University] suggests drastic measures: "Stopping our work at the universities for at least one day in the course of the first or second week of studies while holding protests and informational gatherings, seems to me to be a minimum. We can also think about stopping studies for one day a week in each of the first six weeks. As a minimum."

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Cracks in the Leftist Ivory Hegemony over Where Protest & Free Speech End and Incitement & Treason Begin

Even leftist Stern from IDI thinks the signers are traitors. Calls petition to IDF pilots led by Chaim Gans (Tel Aviv University - Dept of Law) and others an "act of betrayal"

The online petition, effectively a call to mutiny, was organized by several academics, led by Tel Aviv University law professors Menachem Mautner, former head of the Law Department, and Chaim Gans. The letter says that an attack on Iran would be a "mistaken gamble," and that Israel would pay a heavy price for an attack that would at best delay Iran's nuclear program.

The petition says that while those signing could be jeopardizing their military service and even civilian careers, they would be "rendering an important and vital service to the State of Israel and all who live here" by showing Israelis that they do not have to "blindly obey" the government's apparent intention to embark on a highly questionable mission. It does not raise the issue of a democratically elected government's right to make decisions that law-abiding citizens obey and the lawful methods to fight decisions with which a citizen disagrees

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Tel Aviv University – Alon Liel (Dept of Political Science), Israel's former Ambassador to South Africa, Supports the Boycott of Israel and the South African Attempts to Enable it

Alon Liel is a former Israeli ambassador to South Africa and former director general of the Israeli foreign ministry. But when his former office harshly criticized South Africa for enabling a consumer boycott of exports from West Bank settlements in May, Mr. Liel's response sharply diverged from the party line.

In a commentary published in Business Day, a South Africa daily, he sided with the South African government, rejecting the foreign ministry's contention that encouraging the boycott constituted a "racist" policy. With his very public break with government policy, Liel became the rare former senior official to encourage such a boycott.
"The simple act of marking settlement products differently to Israeli products pulls the rug from under the refusal to declare a border," he wrote. "I buy Israeli products every day and do my best not to buy Israeli products from the Occupied Territories. I don't see why you, living outside Israel, shouldn't have the same choice."
Liel argues that at a time when West Bank settlements are expanding, applying pressure to AUC and the dozens of businesses based in industrial parks in the settlements could deliver a "symbolic" blow and persuade some to relocate inside Israel.

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Tel Aviv University - Ran Hacohen (Dept of Comparative Literature) Denounces Israel as a Racist Atrocity

Lawlessness and Maniacal Suicide Bombers must have their place in Hacohen's enlightened society

While thousands of asylum seekers are pushed to starvation and crime, Israel opens its gates every year to thousands of foreign workers, mostly from Asia; entire branches of the country’s economy — especially agriculture and construction — depend on this cheap labor, since the Palestinian commuters were pushed out of the labor market to perish behind walls and fences....
Modeled on the violence against Palestinians, the incitement and eruption of violence against Africans is just another symptom of the fascist atmosphere in Israel, and it does not end with Africans.

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Tel Aviv University - Israel's Minister of Infrastructure Accuses TAU of Direct Responsibility for anti-Israel Violence

Minister of Water and Energy Uzi Landau (Yisrael Bateinu) on Tuesday told Arutz Sheva that annual Nakba Day violence begins in Israel's universities.

"If Jews are promoting it... standing in respect for the Nakba Day in the heart of Tel Aviv, in the University of Tel Aviv... This is already throwing stones," Landau said.

These are stones thrown "from Tel Aviv, by our own people on ourselves," he continued. "Why are we surprised that this is what Arabs are doing in Beit Lechem…

"This is ludicrous. Only those who are sick can understand the behavior of those students in Tel Aviv University who prefer to respect those who suffered in the Nakba."

On Tuesday, Israeli security forces clashed with rioters who attacked soldiers, police, and paramedics in several locations in Judea and Samaria.

Security forces – in response to hurled stones and firebombs, burning tires rolled at security lines, and explosives – responded with rubber bullets, tear gas, and other riot control measures.

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Tel Aviv University - Aeyal Gross (Dept of Law) Grossly Misrepresents the Death of 'Innocent' Terrorists Killed During Terrorist Acts

Lumps them together with other Arabs Killed Over the Last Decade in an Attempt to De-legitimize Israeli Security Concerns and Residency Laws

So it's no wonder that the truth is only a side note when bashing Israel. According to Aeyal Gross, Associate Professor and a lecturer on international and constitutional law at Tel Aviv University, who is already on CAMERA'a focus, no less than 50 Palestinians were killed in the last decade in Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip by Israeli civilians, aka settlers.

Only in a minority of the cases of violence against Palestinians were indictments served. (According to statistics provided by the human rights group B'Tselem, since 2000 Israeli civilians have killed 50 Palestinians in the territories, in addition to perpetrating many other non-fatal instances of violence.)…
From certain points of view, the security risk to Palestinians from Israelis is more serious than that to Israelis from Palestinians. Even if Palestinians manage sometimes to hurt Israelis, sometimes in serious terror attacks, when it comes to Palestinian violence against Israelis the police and the army are there to protect the Israeli population…
If the Citizenship Law is truly security-oriented, and its purpose is to protect the population from people who might attack it – logically it should be applied in the opposite direction. Israelis – in light of their proven tendency to steal Palestinian lands and act violently toward Palestinians – should be prohibited from entering the territories.

... Half of those supposedly innocent Palestinians about which Gross is lamenting, are ruthless terrorists who either killed, were planning on killing, or would kill if given the chance. Their deaths were caused in self defense, by the people who's job it is to protect their communities from such murderous terrorists in the first place. Gross, either by dishonesty or malice, purposely omitted these facts when writing his op-ed in Haaretz.

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Tel Aviv University – Aeyal Gross (Dept of Law) Translates Article As He Sees Fit

Writing in Ha'aretz today, Eyal Gross, who is apparently the same Eyal Gross who is a lecturer on international and constitutional law at Tel Aviv University, seriously distorts a Ha'aretz article published last week about police incompetence in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank). While the Dec. 9 report found that the police were equally incompetent whether investigating complaints lodged by Israeli settlers or Palestinians, Gross falsely writes today that only Palestinians suffer from police incompetence…

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Shlomo Sand, the pseudo-historian Stalinist from Tel Aviv University, claims he witnessed murder of a Palestinian and did nothing about it.

Also admits being a Stalinist. We believe his second statement.

One night in September 1967 he witnessed soldiers abusing an elderly Palestinian man who had been arrested with a large amount of dollars in his possession. "I climbed onto a crate and watched a harrowing scene through the window," he writes. "The detainee was sitting tied to a chair, and my good buddies were beating him all over and occasionally pressing burning cigarettes into his arms. I climbed down from the crate, threw up and returned to my post shaking and frightened. A little later, a pickup left carrying the body … My friends shouted to me that they were going to the Jordan River to dump the body."

You were armed − why didn't you intervene? You could have fired in the air, summoned help.

"I lost my senses completely. I was afraid to intervene. The fact that I did not try to do anything to stop them depressed me for years and resonates within me to this day. That is why I write about in the book, because I still have guilt feelings. I am ashamed that I did not do anything. When I got back from reserve duty in Jericho, I went to see MK Meir Wilner [head of the Israel Communist Party] and told him about it. I also consulted with [the writer] Dan Omer, whom I had met during the fighting, when we both shook as we shot in Abu Tor. Omer, who was five years older than I, adopted me. He and Wilner said there were too many cases like that and there was nothing to be done. That night I felt that I had lost my homeland, namely my childhood neighborhood in Jaffa, along with my parents, the neighbors and the school. A concrete homeland that I lost at that time."

Why are you invoking this now?

"In the book I do a national reckoning. You know, I am not anti-national....

Did you go back to the murder of the Palestinian man in order to say, "Look, I am one of you and once I was even made to be a bit of a war criminal"?

"Like everyone, I too am a bit of a war criminal. That is part of my life. Some time after that reserve service in Jericho I became a daily activist in Matzpen [the Maoist organization – Isracampus] and distributed leaflets and sprayed slogans on walls at night and got beaten up. I was a member of the political fringe. I am not a victim, but my psychological distress started then, at the age of 20. The years in Matzpen gave me a great deal, and the political activity was a type of healing. I later left the organization heartbroken, and in despair sank into drugs. My partner and my best friend got into heroin. Maybe because I am Polish I did not follow them, and instead of heroin I took matriculation exams and entered university. The best friend committed suicide. Others left the country."

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Tel Aviv University - Is the professor who wrote "The Invention of the Jewish People" himself also the Inventor of the Sand-Threatening People?

Was the "threat" reported by Shlomo Sand (Dept of History) a fabrication?

A report in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz claims that the prominent historian Professor Shlomo Sand of Tel Aviv University has received a number of death threats through the post. Prof. Sand, who is well known for his anti-Zionist stance and the author of "The Invention of the Jewish People", has been sent threatening letters and a bag containing a chemical substance. The letters have warned him that his days are numbered because he is "an anti-Semite" and "an enemy of Israel".

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Tel Aviv University – Ariella Azoulay (Dept of the Arts) Pouts over the lack of 'Academic' Study into Israel's Foundation as a 'Catastrophe'

We should note that even a serious study of the Nakba and the civil disaster accompanied the destruction of the obvious existence-together of Arabs and Jews until the founding of the State of Israel, even the little that is addressed regarding the disaster of such magnitude - is outside the fence.

Has not the time come to produce civil statistics in the study of 1948? Has not the moment come for us to know how many naissant doctoral theses have been blocked, mostly even before sprouing [sic], when arab students - but also Jews - wanted to research the Nakba?

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Tel Aviv University – Yoav Peled (Dept of Political Science) Bashes Israel in New York

Disseminates Claims of Racist Israeli policies that date back to the Mandate Period; Pegs Israel the Aggressor in the 1967 War to make "the Zionist Enterprise" fit the "Colonialist Thesis"

Among the most heated arguments was the one between two political scientists, Yoav Peled of Tel Aviv University and Mitchell Cohen of Baruch College in New York.

Peled argued that the Zionist enterprise in Palestine fit the “colonialist thesis,” albeit it was an unusual case, because it did not have a “mother country” to support it. Great Britain, although committed by the Balfour Declaration to Jewish settlement in Palestine, soon proved an unreliable ally.

Still, asserted Peled, Jewish projects in the country after 1920 marginalized and impoverished the Palestinian Arab peasantry, as Jews bought up land from absentee landlords during the Mandatory period, and directly expropriated Arab land after 1948. Also, many institutions such as the kibbutz refused to employ Arab labour.

Peled was taken to task by Cohen when the Israeli academic maintained that the 1967 Six Day War was not a defensive one but one initiated by Israel. Cohen challenged this statement, referring to Egypt’s massing of troops in Sinai and closing the Straits of Tiran to Israeli shipping.

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Yaakov Kirschen, Dry Bones Cartoonist, Has More to Say about Nakba Day at TAU


Tel Aviv University - Michael Freund, Founder and Chairman of Shavei Israel, Issues a Call to De-Fund Tel Aviv University because of its Undermining Zionism and Israeli Sovereignty

Gives Props to IsraCampus for documenting the "various anti-Zionist and Marxist loons"

Have these people lost their minds? What on earth would prompt Jewish students at an Israeli institution of higher education to lament the founding of their own country?

Clearly, something is very wrong at Tel Aviv University. Though ostensibly a Zionist institution, its administration ignored the pleas of various public figures and permitted this outrage to go forward.
Clearly, university administrators have lost sight of one of the essential purposes of education. As the 18th-century political philosopher Baron de Montesquieu pointed out, the promotion of love for one's country "ought to be the principal business of education."

This is so patently obvious that it should not even need to be stated.
As Dr. Steven Plaut and the IsraCampus organization have been documenting for years, various TAU departments have become hothouses for anti-Israel hotheads.

These range from a professor who denies that the Jews are a nation to another who has referred to the residents of Judea and Samaria as "Jewish Cossacks."

Yet another TAU instructor justified a Palestinian grenade attack on Israeli soldiers as a legitimate act of resistance while others have affirmed their support for efforts to boycott the Jewish state.

If you find this hard to believe, just go to the IsraCampus website ( and see for yourself how various anti-Zionist and Marxist loons have been indoctrinating Israel's younger generation at TAU with toxic views. Anyone concerned for the future of Israel should be concerned by what is happening on campuses such as Tel Aviv University.

A growing cadre of Israeli academics are preaching extremist far-left views and turning the hallowed halls of higher education into profane pillars of puerile Palestinian propaganda.

There is no reason why the Israeli taxpayer, or pro-Israel Diaspora Jews, should continue to generously fund TAU even as it serves to undercut the values they hold dear.

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Knesset to Close Nakba Law Loophole

Right-wing groups were not the only people upset by a Nakba Day ceremony held at Tel Aviv University on Monday. On Wednesday, Yisrael Beiteinu MKs were due to submit a new bill that would allow the government to deny or revoke budgets from universities that allow such ceremonies on their premises.

The bill is meant to bolster the Nakba Law, which the Knesset passed a year ago and that allows the Finance Ministry to withhold government funds from organizations that organize or allow events that violate "the principles of the state."

The Nakba Law defines such events as ceremonies that deny the existence of Israel as a Jewish, democratic state; that support terror or racist propaganda; that mark the founding of the state as a day of mourning; or damage the symbols or flag of Israel.

Education Minister Gideon Saar has looked into the question of whether it was legally possible to withhold funds from Tel Aviv University because of the Nakba Day ceremony, but found that since the university hadn't funded the event, it was not. The new legislation from Yisrael Beiteinu, authored by Education Committee Chairman Alex Miller – who also wrote the Nakba Law – is designed to close this loophole.

… Tel Aviv University said in response that "the university has always operated and will always operate in accordance with the laws of Israel."

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Hagai Segal, the Middle-Eastern Affairs Academic & Consultant, Concludes that TAU Management is Mortified by the Founding of the Jewish State

The permission granted by university management to the Nakba rally contained a subconscious component of identification with the very idea and not only with organizers' right to express it. Indeed, this academic institution has been nurturing pangs of conscience over the events of 1948.

With every passing year, the university is having greater trouble contending with the fact that we established a state here despite Arab objections. This is why it approved the rally without thinking twice. To this point, the school still does not understand what's the problem – it's been listening to the Palestinian narrative so closely that it developed emotional indifferent to the Jewish narrative.

When the education minister urged the university to renounce the permit for the event, he performed his national and educational role well. A healthy state cannot show indifference to a rally meant to express great sorrow over the state's very establishment.

… [T]ake a look at the website of the Zochrot non-profit group, a Jewish-Arab organization dedicated to promoting the memory of the Nakba, also one of the rally's organizers. When they speak about "the occupation," they refer to 1948, not 1967. For them, Tel Aviv University is in fact still Sheikh Munis.

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Yaakov Kirschen, Dry Bones Cartoonist, Hits Nail on Head


Suggestion for Tel Aviv University, from Steven Plaut

Gents: Since you have decided to approve a Nakba Day event on campus property to mourn the creation and existence of Israel and to demand the recognition of the "Palestinian Right of Return," I would like to suggest that you show us the courage of your convictions. After all, this week is also the exact date of another tragic event in history, the defeat of another national struggle for self-determination and human rights.

That is right, this week is the anniversary of the Tragischer Tag, the Tragic Day, the date in which the great tragedy of the German people took place, in which Hitler was defeated and the Reich was overrun and its independence lost.  The British and American aggressors and their allies and accomplices won their imperialist war and carried out a terrible ethnic cleansing of the Volkdeutsch, just as the Jews carried out ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in the Nakba that Tel Aviv University is about to commemorate. Moreover, the Germans evicted en masse by the millions from their homes in Central and Eastern Europe have never been granted their inalienable "Right of Return" to their homelands.

SO why should not Tel Aviv University ALSO approve the holding of a Tragischer Day mourning event in Antine Square, smack on campus property (even though Tel Aviv University spin PR people have been trying to lie to people and claim it is not campus property!). Indeed, since most of the same people who will be holding Nakba Day will also want to participate in Tragischer Day, maybe the two events can be held together, together with PLO flags and swastikas. I am sure the communist atheists and the Islamofascists who plan to say a special "alternative Yizkor Prayer" at the Nakda Day event can also say one for the German victims of ethnic cleansing and aggression. Can there be any doubt that many faculty members from Tel Aviv University, including most of the departments of history, psychology department, linguistics, political science, sociology, and law will be interested in attending both events.

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Tel Aviv University – Education minister Gideon Sa'ar bashes TAU over "Outrageous" Nakba Day ceremony on campus

Education Minister Gideon Sa'ar asked Tel Aviv University President Professor Joseph Klaftner over the weekend to reconsider his decision to allow students to organize an "outrageous" on-campus ceremony to commemorate Nakba Day.
TAU approved the students' ceremony despite the Nakba Law, passed in the Knesset last year and upheld by the High Court of Justice in January, which allows the finance minister to cut the budget of any state-funded institution or body that holds events that mark the Jewish state's independence as a day of mourning.

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Isracampus Nomination for Israel's Stupidest Academic of the Year: Tel Aviv University - Aeyal Gross (Dept of Law) leads the campaign to denounce Israel for "Pinkwashing", Gross' nonsense word for mentioning the decent treatment of homosexuals in Israeli society

Gross fears it could lead to Israel being Respected and Admired

Not only is the LGBT community being appropriated, but so are the Palestinians. Oren claimed in his speech that Israel provide asylum for LGBT Palestinian organizations that cannot freely operate in the territories. In reality, Israel has refused to take in LGBT Palestinians....
While the headquarters of two LGBT Palestinian organizations that operate in both Israel and in the West Bank are located in Israel, the state does not give them "shelter," and their appropriation for Israel's propaganda needs is outrageous – not only because of the ongoing oppression of Palestinians in Israel and in the territories, but also because the appropriation is done in order to divert the conversation from Palestinian oppression in an attempt to present Israel as a liberal democracy.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University Lying to the Public

The heads of Tel Aviv University have been nailing lying to the public. They were trying to defuse the worldwide wave of rage at them over the decision to hold "Nakba Day" events on the TAU campus, mourning the creation and existence of Israel. Hey, we have no say over this, the PR Spin doctors for TAU are now saying, because the Nakba Day "protest" is to be held outside the campus, where we have no control.

Except that the Nakba Day event is to be held ON THE CAMPUS, in Antin Square, which is campus property, right next to the main entry gate. It lies outside the main TAU campus fence on Haim Levanon Street but it is unambiguously campus property, where no one can even hand out leaflets or sell Pepsi without campus permission. That is why the Dean of Students was asked and had to approve this Nakba atrocity, which he did approve, and that is why the university asked the organizers of it to pony up cash to pay for the presence of campus security personnel there. If it were really in a public space, none of that would be required.

So in short the PR people and officials of Tel Aviv University have been caught with their pants on fire!

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Tel Aviv University is determined to out-treason Ben Gurion University. THAT is the only possible explanation for the fact that the University will be hosting "Nakba Day" events on the campus this year, in which Israel's creation and existence will be mourned.

The main mourning ceremony will be held on the campus mall. It has been approved by the Tel Aviv University Dean of Students, although many TAU students are reportedly outraged. It has been announced that an "alternative Yizkor" prayer will be said by the communist atheists and Islamofascists organizing the event. On behalf of all the "Palestinians" who died in the attempt by the Arabs to conduct genocidal ethnic cleansing of Jews in 1948-49.  While a growing number of Western universities prohibit holding such events on campus facilities because of the fact that "Nakba" events are nakedly anti-Semitic and pro-terror, Tel Aviv University has no such scruples.

Want to demand that Tel Aviv University be de-funded?

Write to The Council for Higher Education in Israel
(governmental body that funds and supervises Israeli universities and colleges)

Prof. Manuel Trachtenberg
Chairman, Council on Higher Education
POB 4037, Jerusalem 91040, Israel

Aharon Beit-Halahmi
Planning & Budgeting Committee Chairman
Council for Higher Education
P.O.B. 4037, Jerusalem 91040, Israel
Tel: 02-5679911
Fax: 02-5679969

Other names and emails of Council members can be obtained here:

Send copies of your request to:

President, Professor Joseph Klafter
Tel Aviv University
P.O. Box 39040
Tel Aviv 69978

Tel: 972-3-6408254
Fax: 972-3-6406466

Rector: Prof. Aron Shai
Tel Aviv University
P.O. Box 39040
Tel Aviv 69978

American Friends Offices of Tel Aviv University:
Other "Friends of" Groups:

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Special Isracampus Report
Tel Aviv University's Daniel Bar-Tal (Dept of Education) is Collaborator with Norway's leading Neo-Nazi

Johan Galtung is the Norwegian Marxist sociologist and anti-Semitic moonbat who was in the headlines recently… He also claims that "Zionists" were behind the massacre of Norwegian teenagers carried out last year by the deranged Norwegian Neo-Nazi Anders Breivik. Galtung claims the Israeli Mossad was behind the massacre. His evidence? Jews are bloodthirsty murderers and the Norwegian Neo-Nazi was a bloodthirsty murderer, so obviously there must be a connection! Galtung also insists that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a true historic documentation of the global Jewish cabal… Galtung also claims that Jews control the world's media. In short, Galtung is the worst Nazi and worst anti-Semite to emerge from Norway since Quisling…

Now as it turns out, the Nazi Galtung has carried on a long-term collaboration with one of the worst Jewish haters of Israel inside Israeli academia.

Daniel Bar-Tal is an "expert" in "peace education" (meaning leftist indoctrination) at Tel Aviv University in the Department of Educational Psychology. Bar-Tal is a radical Marxist anti-Zionist who insists that the real obstacle to ending the Middle East conflict is Zionism.
As you can see on this web page, Bar-Tal and Galtung collaborated on a "panel" sponsored by the so-called "Palestine Israel-Journal," an anti-Israel "journal" run by Palestinian terrorists and some leftist Israeli Jewish fellow travelers. The web page is at … This does not appear to be the only collaboration between the two anti-Semites. There are references to other collaborations in the internet. Bar-Tal and Galtung are both considered leading lights in "peace education," that pseudo-discipline in which students in education schools are subjected to North Korean style re-education into the Left's radical ideology. The duo like to cite one another (for example,, sometimes contribute essays to the same volumes, and Galtung's "writings" are assigned by Bar-Tal to his students in his classes.

Curiously, Bar-Tal's choice of chums and collaborators also does not seem to trouble Tel Aviv University officials much either. Want to ask them why? You can complain to:

President, Professor Joseph Klafter
Tel Aviv University
P.O. Box 39040
Tel Aviv 69978
Tel: 972-3-6408254
Fax: 972-3-6406466

Rector: Prof. Aron Shai
Tel Aviv University
P.O. Box 39040
Tel Aviv 69978

American Friends Offices of Tel Aviv University:

Other "Friends of" Groups:

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Tel Aviv University – Amal Jamal (Dept of Political Science) Rejects the Bible and the "Zionist narrative"; Has Nothing but Criticism for the State that Pays his Salary

Dr Jamal introduced his talk by describing the "Zionist narrative" as Jews returning home to a land that was promised by God according to the Bible. But, he said, the Palestinians pose a heavy threat to that narrative.

This, he argued, has led to an Israeli policy of manufacturing "quiet Arabs" and "floating Arabs" who have no ability in Israel to influence what they want to be.

Israel, he said, is doing this by redefining the Jewish state and hollowing out Palestinian citizenship.

Part of this is a mechanism of "Control and Neglect". "Neglect" means de-developing the Israeli Arabs so they become unequal to other citizens. And "citizenship" as a control mechanism is used to inhibit Israeli Arabs from integrating fully into Israeli life.

He said that in Israel "Jews live. Palestinians exist".

He criticised the Knesset with its automatic majority that can enact any law. Other tools used included separation and "the racist Wall" and other walls being built in Lod and Caesarea. The citizenship law, the boycott law and the Nakba law were other examples as well as the limiting of resources for Israeli Arabs and the removal of citizenship in cases of treason.

Dr. Jamal concluded his talk by saying that the Jewish state is a hegemonic project that cannot tolerate contention and that this will eventually lead to its breakdown and that Israeli policies will close off any hope of a two state solution, eventually leading to a "one state solution".
I asked Dr Jamal why, if as he stated, Israeli Arabs could not influence their future in Israel then how had he become so successful there. I then went on to suggest that at least in Israel the Arabs had a chance to argue their case while in the surrounding Arab countries Arab citizens were either being slaughtered or undergoing the imposition of strict Islamic laws.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University – Anat Matar Participates in Illegal Demonstration on Campus

In her defense she claims it wasn't illegal because she says so

Tel Aviv University will conduct an examination of senior lecturer Dr. Anat Matar for her participation in a solidarity demonstration with hunger striking Palestinian prisoner Hanaa Shalabi.
In response, Dr. Anat Matar said that the demonstration was not an illegal act, and that "People stood quietly on the grass with eyes and hands tied, and that in my opinion does not require approval".

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University – Gullible Ran HaCohen (Dept of Comparative Literature) swallows Arab lies Line, Hook & Sinker

Concludes that unfounded Arab claims of outrageous IDF behavior must have happened using his "Auschwitz Logic"

[The "Siege" of Ramallah took place during Operation Defensive Shield in response to the Park Hotel bombing. Similar claims during Operation Defensive Shield also produced the now infamously false allegations of the Jenin Massacre.]

So this is the Auschwitz logic in a nutshell. Ramallah is not Auschwitz. Israel is not the Third Reich. We have no death-camps and we haven't massacred one third of the Palestinian population in gas chambers. Therefore, everything we do is quite all right. We may fill the occupied territories with tear gas and blood, we may kill and injure and torture and blackmail and dispossess, we may surround millions by electric fences and tanks in tiny enclaves, we may hold them under siege and daily bombing, we may make pregnant women walk to hospitals, and we shoot ambulances too, don't we. But as long as we fall even an inch short of the atrocities of Nazi Germany, it's all fine and good, and don't you dare make the comparison… And many thanks to Adolf Hitler, for setting such insurmountable standards.
"No Movement Possible: Inhabitants of the city are under complete curfew. There is no medical access. Palestine Red Crescent medical relief workers have not been permitted to provide medical services to the local population. Israeli forces are firing on anyone walking out on the streets…

"Israeli Forces Using Human Shields…

Israeli troops are calling upon all male residents between the ages of 16 and 40 in some neighbourhoods to 'surrender'. The wounded are being treated roughly and being denied medical access. Now, their fate is unknown.

Gratuitous Vandalism and Destruction: There are on-going spiteful acts of destruction…

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Shlomo Sand (Dept of History) bashes the Zionist Entity in interview with Iranian Holocaust Denial TV Station

Israeli Professor Shlomo Sand says the mythical perception of the Jews as "a chosen nation-race" have led to truly racist thinking by Israeli officials. He believes the Zionist regime is becoming isolated for subjecting Palestinians to apartheid.
But so far, the events in Exodus, the second book of the Hebrew Bible, were largely exploited as a historic fact. It says Israelis were "chosen people" and that God promised them "a holy land" in return for their faithfulness. And till this very day, that is the basis of the Israeli claims over the Palestinian lands.

Such "tragedies" Sand sees projected in the latest move by Israeli officials to cut ties with the UN Human Rights Council over investigations into Jewish settlements in the West Bank. He describes this move as "suicidal" and says the world must "save Israel from itself".

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Communist Gadi Algazi (Dept of History) denounces the "American Empire" for developing a crowd control device

The non-lethal device uses noise

The truth is that even in this case the West Bank serves as a laboratory for trying new technologies of oppression. After the IDF purchased these systems from the American corporation, it was already tried on protesters in the West Bank, in Beit Ummar for instance. And despite all this, we give thanks in the name of all the protesters for the marked improved in the quality of oppression!

The recorded announcement was likely meant to signal to the operators that this was the time to use their ear plugs, but they just couldn't resist adding an advertisement? More importantly, these new protest-dispersal technologies totally disconnect the police officers and soldiers from any human contact. Behind the helmets, the see-through plastic shields and the ear plugs, they see nothing, they don't see our faces. It's easier to integrate into the oppression machine.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Academics Ariel Rubinstein (TAU, Dept of Economics) and Amiram Goldblum (Hebrew U, Dept of Pharmaceutical Sciences) express support for Academic Boycott of Ariel College

"The petition's objective is to undermine the normalization in the relationship between Israel and the occupied territories," Rubinstein said. "We are dealing with a catastrophe whose implication is a failure to partition the land; this may threaten the State's existence as a Jewish entity."

Rubinstein added that he does not dismiss the possibility of imposing an academic boycott similar to the one imposed against South Africa during the apartheid era.
Another signatory to the boycott petition is Professor Amiram Goldblum, a chemistry lecturer at
Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

"By signing, we declare that we shall refuse invitations for lectures or seminars in the territories," he said. "We will not appear at the Ariel College or at its branches, because we believe that any appearance or academic discussion there violates the law and international conventions, which Israel should adhere to like all other nations."

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - TAU Faculty join rally in support of Female Terrorist released in Shalit Deal

Demonstration at Tel Aviv University for female terrorist released in Shalit Deal and arrested again for engaging in terrorism. Participating in the demonstration were a professor and full professor. Contempt!!! [Isracampus translation from the Hebrew]

To see the original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Yehouda Shenhav, Marxist Sociologist, dreams of the utopia after Israel has been annihilated

While the geography of 1948 must serve as the moral compass for the return, it cannot be reconstructed during the return. Implementing the return (which in al-Rimawi’s story will be brought about by armed struggle) must take into consideration the fact that many areas have been taken over –violently – by Jews. The new communal structure will take the geography of destruction into account, but will merge it with the new communities created during the refugee years.

The existing refugee communities are, moreover, larger than the original village communities, a given situation that will also require a decentralized organizational structure. The model of the phoenix could provide a solution while enabling the creation of community centers that preserve the multidimensional structure of the original nakba landscapes. The project will be constructed on a foundation of complex cultural “mirrors” connecting and intersecting a network of villages, towns and community buildings designed to preserve the genealogy of the nakba and mirror the new geography.

In addition to the return of communities based on the heterotopic network structure, individuals will also return to large cities like Jaffa, Haifa, Lod, Ramla, and Jerusalem. If the building from which the refugees were expelled is still standing, they will be able to demand it. If the present residents agree, they will be generously compensated. Very large sums of money will be required to pay for such compensation and to resettle the refugees; but shortage of funds must not be an excuse for failure to implement the return inasmuch as the return and its implementation will be fundamental principles of the regime. Disputes will be brought to the constitutional court. The court will base its decisions on liberal-individual principles as well as on political-national principles. It will have to consider all aspects of the nakba as well as changes that have occurred in the ethnic, national and religious structure of the population since 1948.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Matar and Algazi support the discussion of a boycott of Israel in Letter of 500 against the prohibition of the conference "Israel: an apartheid state?"

We would hereby like to express our dismay at your decision to withdraw permission you had previously given to the symposium "New approaches sociological, historical and legal to call for an international boycott Israel: an apartheid state? ", to be held on 27 and 28 February next at your institution.

This decision seems particularly serious because it threatens free speech and academic freedom. The reasons that you call, including the risk of "disturbing public order", we do not seem very convincing in terms of the implications of your decision.

Among the signatories
Anat Matar (Dept. of Philosophy, Tel Aviv University),
Gadi Algazi (Historian, Tel Aviv)

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Michal Givoni (Dept of History) Strives for New Polysyllables that Can help Eliminate Israel

Michal Givoni is a mistress of one-sided anti-Israel propaganda disguised as academic work.

She completed her Ph.D. at the Cohn Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Ideas at Tel Aviv University in 2008. Her work purportedly deals with transnational humanitarianism, contemporary practices of "witnessing," and "testimony" and "governmentality" (a nonsense polysyllable she likes to use). Givoni was a researcher at the fiercely anti-Israel semi-Marxist Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, where she co-directed (together with Adi Ophir and Sari Hanafi "a research project on the Israeli occupation in the Palestinian territories." She was one of the editors (again together with Ophir and Hanafi) of a volume on the subject, entitled The Power of Inclusive Exclusion: Anatomy of Israeli Rule in the Palestinian Territories (Zone Books, 2009).
She produced
a paper in which she compared the treatment of the Arabs in Gaza with that of Jews during the Holocaust, citing Breaking the Silence and the Goldstone report. Several of the soldiers who supposedly revealed "war crimes" had not actually witnessed any of the events they described, and in at least one case, had not been in Gaza at all at the time the alleged events were said to have taken place. Even Haaretz, the Pravda of the radical anti-Zionist Left, has seen fit to condemn the "witnessing" by Breaking the Silence. For Givoni, all the proof needed that Israel is evil is for an Arab fascist or a Jewish communist to allege so.
Givoni is among faculty teaching a program at
Bard College in New York, part of a consortium of colleges teaching about "international human rights." We suspect the leading human right they defend is the right of Arabs to murder Jews. Bard has the only officially sponsored and campus funded chapter of human shields for terrorists (better known as the ISM) in the United States that actually trains ISM human shields to go to the West Bank and who were involved with the Flotillas. That chapter will be part of a massive march to "take back Jerusalem" led by the PFLP on March 30th this year. Perhaps Michal Givoni will help the marchers with their propaganda about Israeli "human rights violations."

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University – Shlomo Sand (Dept of History) is Ridiculed by Fellow Historian

But, [Shlomo Sand] argues, there actually was no mass forced "exile" so there can be no legitimate "return". This is the take-away headline that makes this book so contentious.
What the Romans did to the defeated Jews was dispossession, the severity of which was enough to account for the homeland-longing by both the population still there and those abroad. That yearning first appears, not in Zionist history, but in the writings of medieval Jewish teachers, and never goes away.

There are many such twists of historical logic and strategic evasions of modern research in this book. To list them all would try your patience.
Sand would counter that such a refuge for the victims [of the Holocaust and centuries of expulsions and persecutions] could have been in China, or on the moon, for all that Palestine had to do with the Jews. But since his book fails to sever the remembered connection between the ancestral land and Jewish experience ever since, it seems a bit much to ask Jews to do their bit for the sorely needed peace of the region by replacing an ethnic mythology with an act of equally arbitrary cultural oblivion.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University – Ariella Azoulay is Jilted by French Anti-Semitic BDS Supporter; Claims his TAU Lecture would Conflict with his Support of the Boycott of Israel

It seems that one of Israel's far-leftist pseudo-academics tried to invite the anti-Israel communist French "political philosopher" to Israel to help her peddle her pro-Palestinian wares. But, alas, he turned her down and refused to come to Israel to bash Israel because he was honoring the Boycott Israel movement.  Isn't anti-Semitism so confusing, sometimes?

The Israeli would-be hostess of the anti-Semite is none other than Ariella Azoulay. She has been in the news a bit the past few years because she failed to get tenure at Bar Ilan University, and the academic fifth column in Israel whined that it was all a dark right-wing conspiracy. Of course the reason she did not get tenure is that she has an empty academic record. She is nothing but an anti-Israel propagandist… See this:
Ariella's most recent initiative was to try to host the rabid anti-Israel communist French "political philosopher" Jacques Rancière in Israel… Ranciere had been scheduled to lecture at Tel Aviv University on Jan. 25, 2012. But while Ariella tried to get him to come to Israel, the terrorists from the "Boycott, Divest" group ( called upon Ranciere to stay home. Rancid Ranciere then announced through some other terrorist web sites (like that he would stay home. Leaving his anti-Israel hosts at Tel Aviv University high and dry.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University – PhD candidate Omar Barghouti promotes the BDS against his own university in the US

Recently Omar Barghouti, a Columbia graduate in electrical engineering who is now pursuing a PhD at Tel Aviv University in Philosophy spoke at three occasions in northern California to promote boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel, even his own university.
Barghouti declared Israel an apartheid state throughout the evening during his speech held at the Presbyterian Church in Oakland, California. He saw nothing hypocritical about his own status as a subsidized graduate student in Israel, and instead likened himself to Nelson Mandela. The speaking engagements were sponsored by assorted groups affiliated with the International Solidarity Movement in order to raise funds for the Middle East Children's Alliance, an ISM group that launders most of the ISM's "tax deductible" donations on the US West Coast. Other sponsoring groups included the anti-Israel extremist group Jewish Voice for Peace, which is made up for the most part of Marxist Jews and Al Awda, the Palestine Right to Return Coalition, which calls for the destruction of Israel as a Jewish state and an unconditional right of anyone pretending to be a "Palestinian" to "return" to Israel.
Barghouti began the lecture stating, "Israelis have been colonizing our lands since the Nakba in 1948." Throughout the lecture he acknowledged no Jewish history or any right to any part of the land of Israel by Jews.

He continued, making the accusation that Israel had altered history and "destroyed thousands of Palestinian books," and claimed that there are still thousands more such books hidden away in the library at Tel Aviv U. You know, the library where he is supposed to be writing his PhD. So if the books are in that library, we guess they were never destroyed. Hmmm.
 He then falsely described conditions in Gaza as the "most subhuman" in the world. He failed to mention the Jacuzzis and designer stores in the malls. He recounted an unverified tale of an elderly Palestinian woman "shot while walking along" there for no reason at all and accused Israel again of "ethnic cleansing."
Barghouti tried to lecture as an academic, but the problem was he kept lying through his teeth. Besides false claims about apartheid in Israel (Barghouti himself is proof this is untrue), he then went on to claim falsely that 93% of the land in the West Bank is off limits to non-Jews and said Israel has communities where only Jews can live. Actually Israel is full of communities where Jews cannot live, only Arabs. Meanwhile, Barghouti had no criticism of the law in the Palestinian Authority that metes out a death sentence, even retroactively, if someone sells his land to a Jew. Barghouti also repeated the oft-used canard of "Jewish only roads" in the West Bank.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Ronen Shoval, "Im Tirtzu" Chairman, Documents Yehouda Shenhav's (Dept of Sociology) 'Ignorance'

A few days ago, the Student Union network posted a video clip a lecture you gave as part of the Introduction to Sociology course, an obligatory course in the Sociology and Anthropology department. In the course of the lecture, the footage shows, you relieved yourself of the following drivel:

"When this whole story with this stupid organisation called Im Tirtzu was taking place, which attacked the fact, the stupid fascist, which attacked the fact, by the way sponsored with American evangelist Christian radical money, which is ready to support this as part of its war against the Arabs in Israel, a complicated story, they claimed, that in the political science departments, they did a report in the political science departments, and claimed that most of the faculty there is left-wing. This connects to your question. Most of the faculty isn't left-wing, it's liberal in its way of thinking. Because social sciences are inherently liberal. So to say that most of the staff is left-wing, liberal, is nonsense, because the repertoire on which you draw is liberal. Otherwise you'll shut these departments down. Because the term "left-wing" is very problematic in that context, because what exactly is left wing? I think, and this is to confuse you a little more, that someone supporting two state for two peoples is a right-winger. Left winger? I'm opposed to two states for two peoples. So I'm left-wing?"

We preserved the garbled style of the original.

Comments of such nature, made before an audience of students on an obligatory course, betray shameful ignorance on your part. As a "great liberal" you clearly violated instruction 1109/11 (21.12.2010) of the Higher Education Council, which clearly state that "any attempt at politicisation of the academia should be rejected." In this decision, the Higher Education Council ruled that the lectures should strive to expose the students "to as varied a survey as possible of the areas which they teach." Which, of course, failed to take place. In this last lecture you unilaterally abused your standing, expressing one-sided political opinions while barefacedly ignoring the Higher Education Council's decision.

You claimed that Im Tirtzu attacked the face that faculty members in political science are left-wing, or, according to your interpretation, liberals. This is blatant misrepresentation of our reports, and, graver still, the concept of liberalism. The report we released on the developments in the political science didn't assault the "left-wing" political opinions of faculty members, but displayed the lack of variety in the content materials, along with the exclusion, elimination and silencing of researchers and research approaches that are not anti-Zionist or anti-national.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Haifa University and Tel Aviv University sponsored a pseudo-academic "conference" supposedly on "gender" that featured official collaboration with the extremist pro-terror anti-Israel NGO "Machsom Watch"

[The Friday night tour of Jerusalem sponsored by "Machsom Watch" is on the last page]


Tel Aviv University – Chen Misgav (Dept of Geography) Describes "Bodily Functions" - the Death of Academic Standards at TAU

Universities are traditionally places where new ideas are always welcome. Once a theory or question is presented, academic research and study of the subject matter at hand can provide evidence and information to better mankind through understanding. Thus the academy can find a cure for a disease or explains why some cultures are enabled to advance. Sadly, this has been perverted over the last several decades, where academic inquiry is replaced by one-sided advocacy, often for loony things.


Along comes PhD student Chen Misgav from Tel Aviv University's Geography department. Bear in mind that at many universities, geography is not even regarded as a bona fide academic discipline. … And what does Misgav do for research? As far as we can tell, he has a great time trolling gay sex clubs in Tel Aviv where he can claim his sexual recreational pursuits serve the dual purpose of getting him "partnered up" as well as getting him an advanced degree and fellowships to travel the University circuit abroad as well as in Israel.
Misgav continues:

"My research focuses on people and spaces on the event itself – the party and the interior halls and spaces of the club, where bodily performances, drags, alcohol, sexual practices and music connects (sic) together. My main aim on this research is to check how bodily performances, gender and identity expressions define special spaces inside the club's halls. I conducted many field observations in the club and later on made some in-depth interviews with people who spent time in this club, focusing especially on gay men and transgendered (sic) women. … In my paper I discuss these different and unique constructions of sexual identity and the role of bodily performances and gender through the production of these heterotopias. I will show the extent to which space plays an important role in the construction of identity through body performances."
Chen insists that we all have to hear about his homosexuality, which is then conflated by him into an attack against "Zionism" and the Jewish state.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Chen Misgav, a PhD student in Geography under the supervision of far-leftist Tovi Fenster, claims to be a figure in "Queer Geography," at least when he is not busy participating in the Boycott-Israel Movement and in anti-Israel Violent Protests

I am working on queer geographies and activism in Israel but my academic work doesn't deal with the Israel-Palestine conflict. However on the other hand my personal activist work has a lot to do with the fight against apartheid - I work with two activist groups: "Solidarity against the fascism" and "Anarchist against the wall", Many of the people in this two action groups, in particular the anarchists are queers. Some people from the anarchist started recently to distribute the BDS campaign call "Rfu$e" (you can find it on facebook) and I take part on it. So i can't help with academic articles (but will be happy to get what you have, i know the work of Butler and the BDS book by omar bargotti). This week from tomorrow to Saturday there will be an activist annual conference in the village of Bili'n - here is the program and i will go to the conference on the second day by myself, and probably to the Friday demonstration as well as I do almost every week:

Chen Misgav

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Ariel Handel (Cohn Institute) claims Israel has violated Einstein's laws about time and space in the West Bank

The Paper's main argument would be that Israel is controlling the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) by systematically dismantling the relation between space and time, or, in other words, by disassembling the correlation between spatial absolute value and usage value.

Absolute value is what can be measured in uniform distance units, which are, basically, indifferent to the occurrences in the measured space: for example, aerial distance between two points. Usage value, in contrast, deals with spatial actual usage possibilities… Spatial usage value always embodies time in it. Paving road between two points does not change the distance in kilometers, but shortens drastically the actual distance between them. In the same manner, blocking road lengthens the actual distance by containing time postponement within it.

I will attempt to analyze few basic modes of spatial control, which are used for describing Israel's control mode in the OPT: prison, ghetto, siege, camp and "movement policing"… The analysis would show that although having few similarities among each of the mentioned models none of them fully describes the situation in the OPT, which can be understood only by referring to what I would like to call "technologies of spatial uncertainty".

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University – Aeyal Gross' (Dept of Law) "Pinkwashing" claims are basis for Israel-bashing in New York Times

The growing global gay movement against the Israeli occupation has named these tactics "pinkwashing": a deliberate strategy to conceal the continuing violations of Palestinians' human rights behind an image of modernity signified by Israeli gay life. Aeyal Gross, a professor of law at Tel Aviv University, argues that "gay rights have essentially become a public-relations tool," even though "conservative and especially religious politicians remain fiercely homophobic."

Pinkwashing not only manipulates the hard-won gains of Israel's gay community, but it also ignores the existence of Palestinian gay-rights organizations. Homosexuality has been decriminalized in the West Bank since the 1950s, when anti-sodomy laws imposed under British colonial influence were removed from the Jordanian penal code, which Palestinians follow. More important is the emerging Palestinian gay movement with three major organizations: Aswat, Al Qaws and Palestinian Queers for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions. These groups are clear that the oppression of Palestinians crosses the boundary of sexuality; as Haneen Maikay, the director of Al Qaws, has said, "When you go through a checkpoint it does not matter what the sexuality of the soldier is."

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University – Aeyal Gross (Dept of Law) denounces Israel for its "Pinkwashing"; Tolerance towards Gays is no reason Why Israel should be Allowed to Exist

LGBT activists in Israel now find themselves in a double bind. Victories for civil rights, which are gained with hard labor, and often with the government's representatives explicitly objecting to them in the courts, are quickly co-opted by the government in its efforts to present Israel's liberal credentials. Gay rights have essentially become a public-relations tool. In this campaign Israel is portrayed as a progressive "western" country, as opposed to "backwards", homophobic Islamic countries. This is then used to justify Israel's own version of the "war on terror," including the occupation and attacks on the Palestinian population. Consider, for example, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's introduction of the issue of gay rights in Iran in his speech to the United Nations in 2009, or his recent suggestion that human rights groups sail to Iran and Gaza, "places where homosexuals are hanged," rather than criticize Israel. A further dimension of this process is the co-optation of the plight of gay Palestinians, often through the creation of a false narrative according to which Israel supposedly gives them safe haven. . The recent campaign promoting Tel Aviv as a mecca for gay tourism is but one example of how gay rights are used to re-brand Israel as a land of freedom: while Tel-Aviv is a friendly and integrated city when it comes to the gay community, the freedoms it offers are denied to Palestinians as well as other marginalized groups such as migrant workers.

The recent use of the term "pinkwashing" to describe Israel's use of gay rights for propaganda, patterned on "greenwashing," may be somewhat misleading. Whereas greenwashers only pretend to "go green," Israel and its advocates often co-opt advances in gay rights that actually took place, to push forward a nationalist agenda. While Israel's record on gay and more generally LGBT rights is far from perfect, there is no denying that considerable progress has been made. As a matter of fact if we want to fully understand the role of LGBT rights in Israeli homonationalism, we must not deny the progress that actually took place, but rather engage in further comprehension and analysis of this process. We should also not erase the hard work of activists and the hardly won achievements.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Moshe Zuckermann (Cohn Institute) masters the art of Pseudo-History

Over the years, the cost accounting spirit has emerged as one of the basic patterns of Israeli political culture. From the state's instrumentalizing of the memory of the Holocaust (which found its supreme satiric expression in the outcry of the Israeli functionary, "Haven't the Jewish people suffered enough?" in a skit by the Cameric Five comedy troupe ); the lordly slogan of the senior politician who tells the victims of the Israeli occupation: "If they give, they'll get"; down to the "price tag" euphemism for the pogromist actions of the Jewish Cossacks in the territories - all these phenomena (and numberless others in the political, social and economic spheres ) are characterized by the intentional cynical cheapening of suffering that is concealed behind the headlines and the words, or by its denial through subordination to the exchange-value principle. Whenever the exchange-value principle is applied, the victims of historic horror become a manipulative element in some irrelevant wheeling and dealing, or the current victims are presented as a factor in some fundamentally baseless equation of justice, or they even become a target of repeated duplication in terms of their status as victims.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Canadian Conference singles out Tel Aviv University as "the epicentre" of Israeli Academic Fifth Columnists

Sally Zerker, York University professor emeritus and a pioneer in Canadian Professors for Peace in the Middle East, deplored the apparently increasing number of Jews who publicly denounce Israel...

Zerker is especially enraged by Israeli professors she calls "fifth columnists" and "traitors," terms she doesn't hesitate to use because "Israel is at war, delegitimation is war, which means the Jewish people is at war as well."

Fellow panelist _National Post_ columnist Barbara Kay concurred, but instead of getting angry she finds Israeli academics and intellectuals who denounce Israel ludicrous.

She cited several examples, singling out Tel Aviv University as "the epicentre of the phenomenon. They'll never see another dollar from me."

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Academics Uri Hadar (TAU, Dept of Psychology) and Oren Yiftachel (BGU, Dept. of Geography) named as part of a concerted effort to deconstruct Zionism

The scenes of the Israeli army's attack on Gaza at the turn of 2008 evoked... images of Auschwitz. I came out... saying to myself: Of course, we found our [sacrificial] lamb – the people of Gaza.
– from The Hermeneutic Underpinning of Ethnic Brutality: The Jewish Israeli Case, Prof. Uri Hadar, Department of Psychology, Tel Aviv University, 2011
The sentiments expressed in the citation from Tel Aviv University's Uri Hadar at the start of this column dovetail well with those of his colleague Oren Yiftahel of Ben- Gurion University.

In The Jailer State (January 18, 2009), the good professor states: "Palestinian violence, and particularly the shelling from Gaza, should also be perceived as a prison uprising... suppressed with terror by the Israeli state."

In her meticulously researched and documented 'Tenured Radicals' in Israel, Prof. Ofira Seliktar traces the ongoing activities of academics who exploit their positions to promote the delegitimization of Israel. This is becoming evermore prevalent not only in academic research agendas but also in the content of courses taught and of conferences/ seminars held, as well as an increasingly weighty factor in the selection of faculty.

Seliktar describes how the "Zionist endeavor" is routinely portrayed as a "colonialist enterprise" in which the Jews have no any more rights to Palestine than the British had to India.

According to her study, Israeli academics support petitioning the International Criminal Court against IDF officers, and Israeli academic institutions are depicted – by those employed by them – as an indivisible part of an oppressive state, which has perpetrated unforgivable crimes against the Palestinian people.

Numerous Israeli scholars endorse the boycott, sanctions and disinvestment measures against Israel and even support sanctions against the very universities paying their salaries – salaries that they are somehow loath to "boycott," despite the fact that they come from the coffers of the iniquitous racist state they decry.

Might this not be cause for the average Israeli to ponder the use being made of taxes deducted from his hard-earned income?
The conceptual foundations underpinning the Zionist enterprise are being deconstructed; the ideological edifice embodying the notion of Jewish political sovereignty is being eroded. This deconstruction, this erosion, is being carried out by those who should be entrusted with the maintenance of those foundations and the enhancement of that edifice – those charged with dispensing justice, imparting knowledge and conveying truth

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Isracampus' Call to Students at Tel Aviv University

A couple of days ago Tel Aviv University's airhead philosophy faculty member, Anat Matar, was in the news for her celebrating the release of mass murderers and terrorists as a great reason to party.  She also defended a terrorist's tossing a grenade at a bus full of soldiers. Her own son of course was not on that bus because he was convicted and did jail time for refusing to serve in the Israeli army.

The same bimbette is in the media (Hebrew only:, where she is essentially saying that there was nothing very objectionable to the Hamas kidnapping and holding Gilad Shalit incommunicado for so long because Shalit was "not shooting Bamba from his tank," in her words.

Now for those of you not familiar with the product, one of the great cultural achievements of Israel is "Bamba" - a high-calorie snack with peanut butter in the center, which no teenager watching South Park on television can resist eating.

Of course, Tel Aviv University still needs to explain why they have given tenure in the philosophy department to a traitor who has Bamba between her ears.

Isracampus would hereby like to call upon students at Tel Aviv University to throw Bamba at Anat Matar! Non-violently, of course.


Tel Aviv University – Anat Matar (Dept of Philosophy) Joins the Jihad – Promotes Terrorist Murders of Jews

We have reported regularly on the antics and shenanigans of Tel Aviv University's Anat Matar, one of the worst tenured extremists at Tel Aviv University. She is violent and has been arrested for her violence. She despises Israel and wants it destroyed. She is a tenured faculty member in philosophy.

... One of those released from Israeli prison was convicted terrorist Muchlas Burjal. He had thrown a grenade at a bus with Jews inside, except the grenade did not go off. Anat Matar has proclaimed him a hero and participated in the welcoming celebrations when he returned home. She organized a group of Israeli leftists to greet the terrorist at his home, bedecked in PLO flags, joined by Arab fascist members of the Israeli parliament.

Cited in Makor Rishon [print edition October 28, 2011 - Hebrew], Matar says that Burjal is a hero because he threw the grenade at a bus carrying Israeli soldiers and not civilians, and such an attack is a legitimate form of resistance. Oh, and not to worry, Matar's own son was not inside the bus because he served time in prison for refusing to do army service altogether. Matar is now lobbying for the release of another convicted terrorist, one Walid Daka, who murdered Israeli soldier Moshe Tamam. Matar insists that Daka is actually innocent because he says he is. The court that convicted him disagrees. In an interview with Makor Rishon, Matar expressed support for terrorist violence by Palestinian against Israelis as resistance to "occupation."...

Are you concerned that a tenured member of the faculty at Tel Aviv University is working as a promoter of murdering Jews and as an enabler of terrorist atrocities? Why not tell the heads of TAU what you think:

Tel Aviv University:
President, Professor Joseph Klafter
Tel Aviv University
P.O. Box 39040
Tel Aviv 69978
Tel: 972-3-6408254
Fax: 972-3-6406466

Rector: Prof. Aron Shai
Tel Aviv University
P.O. Box 39040
Tel Aviv 69978

American Friends Offices of Tel Aviv University:
Other "Friends of" Groups:

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Tel Aviv University – Uri Hadar's (Dept of Psychology) latest Pseudo-Academic Demonization of Israel as a "Brutal" Regime

We nominate him for the first prize in the use of nonsense polysyllables in pseudo-academic pseudo-analysis for such sentences as this:

At the same time, the ‘case’ also acts to limit the epistemological claims regarding this hermeneutic network.

Especially, my firstperson account implies the non-deterministic nature of the related dynamisms, inasmuch as its subject of enunciation (the writing author) clearly subverts its logic.

'People who are engaged in brutality over long stretches of time become increasingly brutal. … Below I give some examples of how my account can explain certain non-trivial characteristics of Jewish Israeli brutality towards Palestinians. Secondly, the above shorthand version does not and cannot explain how brutalities that seem intractable often – even if not always – come to an end of their own internal dynamics, while the longer discussion may indicate the manner in which the logic of the brutality network can be subverted or transcended. … Of course, this may always be done by the intervention of powers that are greater than those of the ongoing brutality. This possibility seems to me the main source of hope for a change in the course of Israeli–Palestinian events, although for the time being it seems like a far dream. Yet, even if the ongoing brutality is stopped through external intervention, it is still necessary to transform the internal dynamics of the social and cultural communities that are involved in the conflict.


This is especially so if one appreciates the significance of the two recent attacks by Israel on civilian populations and installations, namely, the 2006 attack on Lebanon and the 2008 attack on Gaza. These were the most brutal and disproportionate attacks that Israel has ever carried out… Never before has such a liberal government enjoyed such universal support for operations that were so blatantly brutal and disproportionate.'

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Tel Aviv University – Elia Leibowitz (Dept of Physics) claims that unless Israel withdraws voluntarily from all the "settlements," it will be forced into such withdrawal by 9-11 style attacks on Tel Aviv Skyscrapers

Puts forward that the 'only' way to deal with security risks to the nation is through the Leftist Agenda and capitulation to Hamas demands.

'The government's only choice is between carrying out the withdrawal while Tel Aviv's Azrieli Towers are still standing tall on Derekh Hashalom or carrying out the withdrawal after their collapse, which almost certainly will be the work of man. Clearly such an event would end the possibility of the Israeli government choosing between those two options for withdrawal.

In the framework of an Israeli withdrawal carried out while the Azrieli Towers are still standing, the government has the power to set the Green Line as the border for withdrawal. But if the withdrawal occurs after the towers collapse, the wave of killing and slaughter that causes their destruction will be only a part of the tragedy of this unfortunate country, and there is considerable doubt about whether the withdrawal will stop at the Green Line.'

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Professors at Hebrew University and Tel Aviv University collaborating with the Anti-Israel NGO "Zochrot"; Indoctrination "conference" about the "Palestinian Nakba," mouring Israel's Creation

Hebrew Literature and the Palestinian Nakba
A Seminar

We invite the public, researchers, scholars and students, to send proposals for lectures dealing with presences, traces, and representations of the Palestinian Nakba in the Hebrew literature.

We define the Nakba in its broadest terms. We are especially interested in lectures dealing with the boundaries of time and space of the Nakba, and ways of understanding it as trauma.
The steering committee: Huda Abu Mokh, Moran Banit, Tomer Gardi, Hannan Hever, Mahmoud Kayyal, Shira Lapidot, Khaled Fourani, Yehouda Shenhav.

Moran Benit,

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Tel Aviv University - Raef Zweik, Co-Director of the "Minerva Center" at TAU, is Lobbying against the existence of Any Jewish State

Why is Tel Aviv University employing such a varmint?

The net result was that Israel had no need for an apartheid system. Discrimination against a group is an indication of that group's existence, and because a large part of the Palestinian population had already been expelled or had left out of fear during the war, there was no obvious Palestinian presence in the new state. … In such conditions, there was no need to refer to separation between Jews and Arabs, because Jews and Arabs lived in geographic and economic realities so different that they might as well have been living in different countries.

For precisely the same reasons that apartheid or any formal separation had been unnecessary in Israeli legal texts, so had explicit mention of the Jewishness of the state been unnecessary. This remained the case for almost four decades, not because there was no Jewish state but because its existence was self-evident—a historical, geographic, and natural phenomenon.

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Tel Aviv University - Adi Ophir (Dept of Philosophy) Still Trying to Annihilate Israel by means of Polysyllables

Israel has knowingly contributed to the catastrophization of the OT (occupied territories), especially through the new regime of movement established since 2000, and it has consistently refused to change its policies in order ameliorate the Palestinian living conditions. The systematic destruction of the Palestinian social fabric and the reduction of the Palestinian economy to sub-Saharan standards seems a fair price Palestinians have to pay for the security of Israelis. The occasional “humanitarian gestures” the government is willing to offer remain symbolic and would never compromise the draconian administrative-military rule of Palestinian space and movement. In other words, the Israeli government is completely aware of its contribution to the catastrophizing process and would do nothing to cope with its root causes. And yet, the same government pretends that it would go out of its way, if necessary, to avoid crossing the threshold of catastrophe… A bunch of humanitarian organizations, UN agencies, special delegates of the EU, and other diplomats readily place themselves as a buffer between the catasrophizing machinery of the Occupation and the catastrophe itself. They help Israel suspends “the real” catastrophe while catastophizing the Occupied Palestinian Territories. The suspension itself has become part of the machinery of catastrophization, and the suspended catastrophe has become an essential element in the machinery of the Israeli rule and domination of the Territories.

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Tel Aviv University - Stalinist Pseudo-Historian Shlomo Sand (Dept of History) Finds some Imminent Dangers of Genocide

He claimed the Jews were merely a religious phenomenon and as they came from all over the world, and so had no connection with each other, they could not be described as “a people”. Sand is an Israeli Jewish atheist.

Today’s Jews, he said, are just descendants of converts from African tribes i.e. the Khazars and the Berbers. These tribes had simply converted en masse to Judaism.
Then, after defining Nazi Germany as an ethnocentric state, he said he was against Israel being defined as a Jewish state because “I am sure it will finish with the massacre in the Galilee, because 20% are non-Jews in this state”.

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Tel Aviv University – Merav Amir (Dept of History) is leading the world Campaign to Boycott Ahava Cosmetics; claims the Dead Sea is Occupied West Bank Territory

After years of strenuous denial, Ahava Dead Sea Laboratories, an Israeli cosmetics firm with its main manufacturing plant in an illegal West Bank settlement, is proven by documentary evidence to be in violation of international law through its theft of Palestinian resources. This evidence was recently discovered by Who Profits, a research project of the Israeli Coalition for Peace, which documents corporate activity in the Israeli occupation of Palestinian and Syrian territory.

… Merav Amir, Coordinator of Who Profits, said, “Ahava can no longer continue misleading consumers about where they get the mud used in their products. This mud is from the Occupied West Bank and is stolen from the Palestinian people.”

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Tel Aviv University - Ran Hacohen (Dept of Comparative Literature) Weeps, Whines, and Lies about the anti-Boycott Law while Demonizing Israel as "Slave Owner"

In other words, every Israeli producer based in the occupied territories can sue anyone calling for a boycott. If I call to boycott all settlements products — I am not saying I do, I say "if" — each and every Israeli firm based in the occupied territories can sue me, and there are hundreds of such firms. So not only do they operate on stolen Palestinian land, not only do they enjoy generous state benefits from my tax money (that's why they moved to the territories in the first place) — now they can sue me and take my money too for calling for a boycott (if I ever do). What started as a dispossession of the Palestinians now moves to the dispossession of any Israeli who dares oppose that dispossession. What started as enslaving the Palestinians may end in enslaving their supporters within Israel.

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Tel Aviv University - Rachel Giora (Dept of Linguistics), Ultra Hater of Israel, Insists Israel Can Only be saved by being Boycotted

BDS (boycott, divest, sanctions) will free both the oppressed, and the oppressor

… To meet with retribution and attempts at repression, resistance need not be violent. And when it unites people, it cannot be silenced. Exemplary in this respect is the feminist revolution. It has been liberating women as well as men everywhere, without bloodshed. In the same spirit of solidarity and non-violent resistance, the Palestinian civil society called in July 2005 for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel "until it complies with international law and universal principles of human rights." The effect of this call has been immense and is still growing, so much so that Israel can no longer turn a blind eye to it. Israeli leaders acknowledge that the boycott movement against Israel is effective. Defense Minister Ehud Barak warned of "a political tsunami" against Israel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu considered boycotting the Mideast Quartet meeting for fear of international pressure.

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Tel Aviv University – Open Calls for Bloodshed and Violence coming from the Israeli Far Left

First, a few days ago, the leftist anti-Israel extremist, Professor "Judd" Ne'eman, who teaches film at Tel Aviv University, outdid himself and called for a civil war against the Israeli "Right." Ne'eman made it clear that he wants this civil war to break out as a tactic to aid the Palestinian campaign against Israel. He has a long, long track record of issuing violently anti-Israel pronouncements…

Actually, Ne'eman is not the only lefty tossing about the term "civil war" these days, when referring to something they would like to see happen because too many Israelis refuse to endorse the extremist Left. A.B. Yehoshua uses the term also. They do not mean a civil war in which people challenge one another to spelling bees or soap box debates. They mean a civil war in which lots of people get killed.

… But the calls for bloodshed coming from Comrade Ne'eman and his friends are tame compared to what just came out of the mouth of one Oded Regev, a faculty member in physics at the Technion ( … Regev published an internet article in response to Ne'eman's call for civil war entitled, "If you will have me, I am in." He adds there that if he would be permitted to lead a company of artillery he would gladly open fire at the evil side, meaning the Right and the religious Jews. He adds, "I also believe that there is only one way to overcome the religious extremists and that is through organized violence, through launching warfare in the full meaning of that term. Anyone who does not surrender in that war will be incarcerated." Regev went on to describe those rabbis arrested by Shai Nitzan and his friends as "those who continue in the tradition of Goebbels."

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Tel Aviv University – Far Leftist Faculty at TAU wants Shaul Mofaz, the Minister of Defense, to stand trial for "war crimes"; blames him for "moral decline"

In a more just world, Mofaz would have had to stand trial before the International Court of Justice in The Hague on grounds of war crimes. In a more just university, staff would have been ashamed of hosting this man at an official occasion and would organize to struggle against him and his methods - methods which have brought Israel to an unprecedented moral decline.

Among the Signatories:
Prof. Adi Ophir, Cohen Institute of the History and Philosophy of Science
Prof. Gady Algazy, Dept. of History
Prof. Anat Biletzky, Dept. of Philosophy
Prof. Rachel Giora, Dept. of Linguistics
Prof. Haim Ganz, Faculty of Law
Prof. Uri Hadar, Dept. of Psychology
Dr. Amalia Ziv, Dept. of Literature
Prof. Shlomo Zand, Dept. of History
Dr. Anat Matar, Dept. of Philosophy
Prof. Yoav Peled, Dept. of Political Science
Prof. Moshe Zuckerman, Cohen Institute of the History and Philosophy of Science
Prof. Yehuda Shenhav, Dept. of Sociology

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Tel Aviv University - Carlo Strenger (Dept of Psychology) has Found the Real Threat against the Jewish People - it is Israel!

Israel has never had a government that so blatantly violates the core values of liberal democracy. Never has a Knesset passed laws that are as manifestly racist as the current one. Israel has had foreign ministers who were unworldly and didn't know English; but it has never had a foreign minister whose only goal is to pander to his right-wing constituency by flaunting his disdain for international law and the idea of human rights with such relish.

Moreover, there has never been a government so totally oblivious of its relation to world Jewry.... How can we, who have suffered from racial and religious discrimination, use language and hold views that - as Israel Prize laureate and historian of fascism Zeev Sternhell argued - were last held in the Western world by the Franco regime?

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Tel Aviv University - More anti-Israel Pseudo-Research from Marxist Sociologist Yehouda Shenhav - Let's Flood Israel with those Pretending to be "Palestinian Refugees"

In addition to the conflict between the Jews and the Palestinians, a structure of this kind would take into account the gigantic gaps among the Jews themselves in matters of ethnicity, religious identities, and class differences. It would also require a radical change in the land regime in Israel. For example, the liberal Jews, who live in Tel Aviv and comprise a privileged class, will have to contribute their share in solving the conflict, just as poor residents of the illegal settlements of Ariel or Ma'ale Adumim will have to.

Within such a political structure of decentralized sovereignty and of open spatial movement, it will be possible to allow the return of the Palestinian refugees, not as a symbolic action in recognition of the injustice, but as a real political action. Although the return of the refugees will be based on the pre-war (1948) geography as a vision, it will simultaneously ensure that the moral and political injustice of the past is not mended by means of new injustice. I believe that only within a sovereignty structure of this kind will it be possible to also ensure the Jews' rights in the spatial sphere.

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Tel Aviv University - Propagandist Daniel Bar-Tal (Dept of Education) and friends Compose Pseudo-Research about the Psychology of being an "Occupying Society"; However They Ignore Research into Psychological Damages from being Targeted by Genocidal Terrorists and Fascist Arab Military Aggression

Within this framework, they describe the psychological challenges that the occupation may pose to the members of the occupying society. Next, they introduce psychological mechanisms that members of an occupying society may use in order to avoid facing these challenges. Finally, they offer a number of ideas regarding the relationship between these mechanisms and the process of ending the occupation.

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Tel Aviv University's Hosting of the Genocidal Sheikh Salah triggers Knesset Proposal

Miller's committee held a discussion earlier in the week over Salah's appearance at Tel Aviv University. During the meeting, Miller scolded the representatives of the university, saying that "The purpose of Salah's public appearances is to deepen the conflict, incite young people against Israel and enlist them to an armed struggle against it."

Miller added that "Such a person should not be welcomed at academic institutions and the university should have made a decision that sent a clear message that a person convicted of helping terrorist groups is not welcome there."

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Treachery at Tel Aviv University - Salah TAU speech prompts emergency Knesset meeting

IsraCampus asks how long will Governors support financially an institution which offers facilities with impunity to those advocating our collective demise? This scandalous behavior needs prompt reaction as inaction is to condone our potential collective suicide.

The University of Haifa showed uncharacteristic good sense when it banned a campus appearance by the Islamofascist terrorist Sheikh Salah, who runs the Islamist fundamentalist movement inside Israel. The bloody sheikh, arrested for his role in the flotilla aggression, was invited by the local Arab student union. Last year the same sheikh spoke at Haifa U and called for Arab students to become suicide bombers.

No sooner does the University of Haifa display common sense than Tel Aviv University does the opposite. The very same Salah was invited by Tel Aviv University and did indeed appear.

'Salah, the head of the Islamic Movement's northern branch, called on Tuesday for the "liberation" of Jerusalem from Israeli authority, and criticized US President Barack Obama's call for a Palestinian state on 1967 lines with land swaps, saying that such swaps would lead to the expulsion of Palestinians from their homes.

"Two weeks ago, Haifa University decided to prevent Salah from giving a lecture and spreading his illegal messages of incitement. In light of this, we will consider putting sanctions on Tel Aviv University," [Alex] Miller [Israel Beiteinu] said.'

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Tel Aviv University – Secret Islamofascist lecture by Islamic Movement's Salah.

Even University of Haifa has banned Salah's appearance on campus

Head of Islamic Movement's northern branch speaks before Arab students, calls to fight 'occupation.' claims Arabs 'have right to pray in Al-Aqsa Mosque'

Under a cloud of great secrecy, Head of the Islamic Movement's northern branch Sheikh Raed Salah, took part in a convention held at Tel Aviv University on Monday.

… Salah addressed the possibility of the establishment of a Palestinian state, saying: "We must keep fighting until we remove the Israeli occupation and free the holy Jerusalem."

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Tel Aviv University - Amal Jamal's (Dept of Political Science) Crusade against Israel

Jamal's agenda is apparent everywhere in the book in his choices of rhetoric. The secondary title of the book is "Media Space and Cultural Resistance." The book overflows with bias and anti-Israel bile. With no sense of his own self-contradiction, Jamal insists that Israel is obsessed with control of the Arab media, with surveillance over it, and also with ignoring Arab opinion and the Arabic media altogether. He sees the media in general not as institutions that reflect public opinion, but rather as those that control thinking and opinion. He uses the term "hegemonial" with obsessive regularity. Israel has a "ferocious military government" (p.47), engaged in "cultural imperialism" (p. 96) via its "media policy" against its "Palestinian" minority.

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Feminist Soap Opera at Tel Aviv University's "Women's Studies" Department

The very fact that there exists a "Women's Studies" Department at Tel Aviv University may tell you most of what you need to know about the background to all this. While one can argue over whether there could hypothetically be an interesting avenue of scholarly inquiry involving gender issues, this is obviously never (or almost never) what is done in such "Women's Studies" departments. Instead, "Women's Studies" consists of full-time advocacy and propagandizing. In Israel, all "Women's Studies" departments are far leftist and anti-Israel. It is not the only department in which advocacy is the raison d'etre.

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IsraCampus Report on an "Academic Conference" Run recently by Tel Aviv University

On Wednesday March 23, 2011 Tel Aviv University hosted an "academic conference" with the title of "Nationalism and Morality: The Zionist Narrative and 'The Arab Problem'"

In other words, from the get-go, the conference's basic hypothesis is that Israeli nationalism has a problem with morality, that the history of Israel is just "one narrative," and that Zionists are anti-Arab racists. This hypothesis dominated much of the "discussion" in this day of anti-Zionist on-campus indoctrination.

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Tel Aviv University - Ran HaCohen (Dept of Comparative Literature) thinks the Itamar Murders of Babies were Ok because Israel had Built a Fence on the Land of the Murderers

The Israeli government immediately exploited the atrocity to announce the construction of 500 new houses for settlers. The barbarian slaughter could have been an excellent propaganda asset—especially now that terror attacks are so seldom and Israel is in desperate need of pretexts for entrenching its colonialist project—were it not for the catastrophes in Japan that started the very same day. In its frustration, Netanyahu's government even tried to feed the international media with snuff-style pictures of the murder, photos so horrible that the Israeli media refused to show them (though they did become a hot commodity among smart phone users).

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Tel Aviv University - Stalinist Yoav Peled (Dept of Political Science) Shills for the Hamas

Besides, the Muslim Brotherhood already announced that it is Israel that has not lived up to the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty of 1979, and they are right, because the first part of that treaty talks about the Palestinians. It doesn't start with Israel-Egyptian bilateral relations, that's only in the second paragraph. And Israel of course has not lived up to its obligations under the treaty with respect to the Palestinians....There hasn't been any suicide bombing since 2002. This is not at all the issue. This is not about suicide bombers, but Israel's determination to maintain control over the Palestinian territories. It's not a matter of the Palestinians changing; it's a matter of Israel changing.

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Tel Aviv University - TAU's Anat Matar (Dept of Philosophy) has crayoned a new anti-Israel "Book"

"By highlighting the various images of Palestinian prisoners in the Israel-Palestine conflict, Abeer Baker and Anat Matar chart their changing fortunes. Essays written by prisoners, ex-prisoners, Human rights defenders, lawyers and academic researchers analyse the political nature of imprisonment and Israeli attitudes towards Palestinian prisoners. These contributions deal with the prisoners' status within Palestinian society, the conditions of their imprisonment and various legal procedures used by the Israeli military courts in order to criminalise and de-politicise them. Also addressed are Israel's breaches of international treaties in its treatment of the Palestinian prisoners, practices of torture and solitary confinement, exchange deals and prospects for release."

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Mona Charen exposes Israel's Academic Fifth Column

Neve Gordon, a professor at Ben Gurion University of Beer-Sheva, has led international efforts to boycott the Jewish state. Rachel Giora, a professor at Tel Aviv University, actively encourages international divestment campaigns. Shlomo Sand, the son of Holocaust survivors and a professor at Tel Aviv University (and Berkeley), proclaims that “there is no Jewish people and no justification for a Jewish state.” Meirav Michaeli, the leading announcer on the Army radio channel, has urged Israelis to resist the draft. Israeli professors have cheered the idea of issuing international arrest warrants for leading Israeli politicians and army officers — though none has so far volunteered to renounce his own salary as a contribution to international sanctions.

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Tel Aviv University - Moshe Zuckermann (Dept of German History) insists Israel's security wall is what causes terrorism. The best way to prevent terrorism is to knock down the wall so the terrorists can get in freely!

[English grammar uncorrected]

The building of the wall is paradigmatically excluded from this point of view. This is essentially, because the wall doesn't only promise "security," without also seriously indicating that with it, one could not only achieve security in the fight against Palestinian terror but also because it allows for the perpetuation of an illusion: to be rid of the Palestinians without having ceded the occupation of their territories. With "having their cake and eating it too" as the Americans tend to name such a disposition, megalomania and manifest inability to decide only increase. Even if attitudes and positions with regard to this structure may vary, there is no question that the majority of the Israeli people involved in the wall debate really yearn for a "separation" from the Palestinians. This may be characterized as an apparently infantile wish, in which the responsibility for a real and possible solution of this bloody and tragic conflict and a practical creation of structures for future coexistence are projected onto a conviction that is hopelessly fatalist ("The world is against us," and "We must carry the sword into perpetuity") and delegated on the material reification of hope in the form of a wall.

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Tel Aviv University – Yoav Peled (Dept of Political Science) - Anti-Israel Marxist Jews at TAU

Western universities are not the only centers of tenured academic extremism. In Israel the most notorious den of Marxist faculty members and radical tenured leftists is Tel Aviv University. Curiously, the radicals there spend a lot of their time and energies bashing one another for not being radical enough.

The leading combatant now attacking other tenured radicals is Yoav Peled [1], a professor of political science at Tel Aviv University, an unreformed Stalinist [2]. His sidekick is Horit Herman Peled, evidently his wife, and in any case someone who teaches art at Oranim College, where her specialty is to design art exhibits and poems that "prove" Israel is a colonialist entity guilty of ethnic cleansing.

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Tel Aviv University – Yoav Peled (Dept of Political Science) receives the Lemming of the Year Award

Peled is a typical self-hating Israeli far-Leftist. He is the son of Matti Peled, one of Israel's most extreme anti-Zionist Leftists, a man once active in Israel's Communist Party. Not content to pour out anti-Israel venom in the Israeli Leftist-dominated press, Peled feels the urge to do it in the LA Times. He begins by telling us that he used to be a grad student at UCLA, I guess so we will know how smart he is, and that -- as such -- he predicted that if the Jews build housing in East Jerusalem, it would harm peace. And to think -- he actually had the clairvoyance to predict that, all by himself, from Los Angeles. (When I was a grad student at Princeton I predicted that if Israel made countless unilateral concessions to the Arabs, they would STILL continue their war against Israel and Israeli Leftists would STILL say the Jews are all to blame, and I am sticking by my clairvoyance.)

Peled then tells us that his 14 -year old niece was one of those murdered in the Ben-Yehuda Street bombings a few days ago. The niece's parents and the rest of the Peled family commemorated her loss by inviting a PLO spokesterrorist to come to the funeral and speak out there against Netanyahu. Oh, Shimon Peres, the midwife of Oslo, was also invited.

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Tel Aviv University - UK physician tells TAU to discipline anti-Israel academics

A Jewish community leader and prominent physician has written to the rector and president of Tel Aviv University, calling for the school to take a stand after two of its lecturers called for support of a boycott of Israel in a British newspaper last week.

Prof. Stuart Stanton, president of the British Society of Urogynecology and chairman of Hadassah UK, wrote to TAU rector Prof. Aron Shai and president Prof. Yossi Klafter after Prof. Rachel Giora and Dr. Anat Matar, along with 10 other Israeli activists, wrote a letter that was published in the Guardian, calling for British author Ian McEwan to turn down the Jerusalem Prize.

… Last year, Matar, from TAU's philosophy department, was the guest speaker at an event advocating a boycott of Israel at London University's School for Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), a campus renowned for anti-Israel activity. Her talk was entitled "Supporting the Boycott of Israel: Campaigning from Within."

Both Giora, of the university's linguistics department, and Matar are active in the BDS campaign and are members of a group called "Boycott! Supporting the Palestinian BDS call from within." In 2009, they both stood in solidarity with Ben-Gurion University academic Neve Gordon, who was criticized for an opinion piece in the Los Angeles Times calling for a boycott of Israel.

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Tel Aviv University - Rachel Giora (Dept of Linguistics) and her Comrades in Jihad demand that Poland Boycott Israel

Letter To The Polish Government Regarding Israel's Apartheid Policies
By Prof. Rachel Giora,Shir Hever, Eytan Lerner, Ofer Neiman & Emily Schaeffer

• In particular, we expect Poland to cancel arms trade between Rafael and Poland 's Bumar for Spike Missile production, given that these weapons are used by the Israeli military against civilians

• Promote an EU arms embargo on Israel, in accordance with the tenets of international law.


Cancel contracts and operations in Poland by Israeli companies that are clearly violating International Law through their illegal operations in servicing and building illegal settlements in occupied Palestine. Contracts should not be signed nor implemented until these companies cease their material and financial support for the illegal occupation of Palestinian territory.

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Rachel Giora wants the Pirate of the Caribbean to help her Make Israel walk the Plank!

Tel Aviv University's Rachel Giora (Dept of Linguistics) joins the rest of the Jews for a Hamas Victory in demanding that Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp boycott Israel

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Tel Aviv University - Anat Matar, Rachel Giora, and their Fellow Israelis for the Elimination of Israel demand that Israel be Boycotted by Winner of Jerusalem Prize

As Israeli citizens who support the boycott, divestment and sanctions call on Israel, we believe that if Ian McEwan accepts the Jerusalem prize next month in Jerusalem (Letters, 26 January), it will make him a collaborator with Israel's worst human rights offenders and its "business as usual" policy. The Jerusalem prize is awarded by the Israeli establishment, which is keen on branding Israel in general, and Jerusalem in particular, as beacons of enlightenment and democracy. In reality, Ian McEwan will be playing into the hands of and shaking hands with cynical politicians who are trying to whitewash their systematic human rights violations. Specifically, he will be legitimising the actions of Jerusalem's racist mayor, Nir Barkat, who pursues and defends the expulsion of Palestinian families from their homes in East Jerusalem, in order for them to be occupied by Jewish settlers. If McEwan "opposes illegal Israeli settlements", how can he accept the accolades of the people who are responsible for that abomination?

Here are the names of the Signers:
Ronnie Barkan, Ofra Ben-Artzi, Joseph Dana, Professor Rachel Giora, Neta Golan, Iris Hefets, Shir Hever, Eytan Lerner, Dr Anat Matar, Rela Mazali, Ofer Neiman, Jonathan Stanczak

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Leftist Indoctrination at Tel Aviv University is not new - a comment on the event of Ze'ev Segal's Death

The whole world seems now to have heard about the hostility to freedom of speech at Tel Aviv University. The death this week of Ze'v Segal is as good an opportunity as any to retell the following tale of horror of one-sided ideological indoctrination at Tel Aviv University.

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Tel Aviv University - Carlo Strenger (Dept of Psychology) compares Israel with Nazi Germany

Similarly, in the 1920s Germans felt humiliated by the Versailles treaty, and their already weak economy could not withstand the onslaught of the Great Depression. As a result, the theory that a Jewish conspiracy had brought down Germany became ever more popular.

In Israel, there are currently two main variations on the theme of conspiracy. Netanyahu's main story line is that Israel is being delegitimized and that its very existence is called into question. He keeps repeating that the global criticism of Israel has nothing to do with the settlements, nor with the stalled peace process. Since the world doesn't accept Israel's existence, it doesn't matter what Israel does: it will be isolated and under criticism.

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Tel Aviv University - Ran HaCohen (Dept of Comparative Literature) engages in an orgy of treason for anti-Semitic "Antiwar" web site

Israel's orgy of racism and fascism since Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu formed his far-Right coalition almost two years ago...
Orthodox Judaism has failed to accommodate to the Jewish majority status; Zionism has refused to come to terms with its pre-state colonialist roots, even within "smaller Israel" (let alone the Occupied Territories). The racist rabbis may be less eloquent than, say, Shimon Peres, but both Peres and the rabbis are part and parcel of a much deeper Israeli ethos of ethnic discrimination. In fact, the victims of Israel's relentlessly discriminatory policy are by far more numerous than those of the shameful rabbinical edict.

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Emmanuel Navon accuses Leftist Israeli Academia of "Scorn and Arrogance"; Rectors of BGU and TAU stoop to heckling at Knesset hearing

Instead of addressing the issues raised by the IZS and by Im Tirtzu, the academic establishment has reacted with scorn and arrogance. At the Knesset hearing, Ben-Gurion University rector Zvi Hacohen interrupted IZS's presentation, calling it "nonsense" and claiming (without proof) that its paper did not meet the most basic criteria of academic research. Tel Aviv University rector Aharon Shai also claimed IZS's paper was not a research paper (without explaining why) and added that adopting an academic code of ethics (as proposed by Sa'ar at the beginning of the hearing) would "destroy Israeli academia."

... TWO DAYS after the Knesset hearing, Haaretz came out in defense of the universities by claiming that adopting a code of ethics would harm academic freedom. It wrote that Sa'ar proposed such a code as a result of the lobbying of Im Tirtzu. But the idea of a code was first proposed by Prof. Amnon Rubinstein, a renowned academic with impeccable liberal credentials. Moreover, BGU has such a code (the only local university to have one).

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Tel Aviv University - Finance Ministry withholds TAU funding due to failure to correct excessive salaries

The Ministry of Finance cited "salary irregularities amounting to millions of shekels" as the reason for the order. It added, "For months, Tel Aviv University has not cooperated or fulfilled the orders of the Director of Wages at the Ministry of Finance."

… The Ministry of Finance said, "In addition, the university's management was asked to deal with the matter of excessive salaries at the institution, but has not done so. It should be pointed out that, over the past year, there were many attempts at dialogue between the Director of Wages and the university management, in which the Council of Higher Education was also a party. Since the university, through its actions, is not fulfilling the provisions of the Budget Law, Steinitz decided on this extraordinary measure to delay the state budget to the institution."

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Tel Aviv University - Carlo Strenger (Dept of Psychology) plugs IsraCampus

Paradoxically, the simultaneous campaign against Israel's universities waged by Israel's right wing actually lends credibility to the assertion that these academic institutions are actually bastions of enlightened ideals of objective neutrality. In accusing the academia of promoting anti-Zionist ideas, the direct opposite of what the European boycotters are claiming, Israel's right, of all groups, is actually proving the universities' neutrality.

It has been asserted that the universities are bastions of anti-Zionism, that don't allow room for Zionist views and that are full of professors who are anti-Israeli self-hating Jews supplying Israel's enemies with ammunition. There are right-wing [sic] websites [link to] that feature "galleries of rogues," - anti-Israel professors, intellectuals and pundits.

One right wing organization tried to pressure the president of Beer Sheva's Ben-Gurion University to fire left-wing lecturers by threatening to convince donors to withhold funds. And now Education Minister Gideon Saar and the Knesset education committee are looking into the possibility of establishing an 'ethics code' for Israel's universities. Ostensibly this is intended to make sure that students and lecturers are not being intimidated for expressing right-wing views, and to make sure that the Zionist viewpoint is fairly represented in the curricula of the social sciences and humanities courses. In reality, it is a blatant attempt to exert political pressures on Israel's universities.

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Tel Aviv University - Sasson Somekh (Dept of Arabic Literature, emeritus) invents the "Arab Jew"; has claims refuted by eye-witness account

In recent years so-called "new historians" or "post-Zionists" like Professor Sasson Somekh of Tel Aviv University have emerged. They have tried to downplay the importance of the pogrom, distort the facts or deny them. Salim Fattal's book is a brave attempt to fight back against this destructive tendency.

Arab propaganda arguments have already made use of Sasson Somekh's Farhud revisionism. Egyptian author Jamal Ahmed al - Rifai wrote a review article that appeared in the Arabic Hilal magazine (May 2007) and the magazine Al - Sharq that appears in Israel. Even more bizarre was Sasson Somekh's claim three years ago in a lecture at Vanderbilt University in the United States that more Muslims were killed than Jews in the pogrom:

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Tel Aviv University - Moshe Zuckermann denounces Israel on Iran News Agency - TAU Extremist thinks Iran is Not Anti-Semitic Enough!!

Speaking at a gathering in Berlin Saturday evening, Zuckermann stressed it was 'only a matter of time' until the Zionist project unravels as a result of its wrong occupation policies and its own internal problems.

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Tel Aviv University – Carlo Strenger (Dept of Psychology) claims Israel is Fascist because Israelis want a Loyalty Oath for new Citizens

It may be frightening, but it’s time to realize where we live. Isaac Herzog is wrong when he says that fascism lurks at the fringes of Israeli society. It is now in the mainstream. After all, even the majority of Likud ministers have voted for the shameful new citizenship law amendment.

Israel is now facing a fateful question: will it remain a liberal democracy, or is it on the way to becoming a totalitarian ethnocracy?

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Tenured Leftists coming out against a Pledge of Loyalty in Israel; they would have NO problem with a pledge of DISLOYALTY!!!

Tel Aviv University's Haim Gans warned that the government was humiliating the Israeli Arab community by forcing new citizens to make the new pledge.

The pledge, he said, would have practical consequences for the Israeli Arab community, since Arabs from other countries, including the West Bank, who wish to marry Israeli Arabs, will be unable to do so because they will be unwilling to pledge loyalty to the "Jewish and democratic state."

"In light of Israel's interpretation of its Jewish nature, which is hierarchical and non-egalitarian, this proposal is another means for humiliating its Arab citizens," he charged

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Tel Aviv University - Stalinist Shlomo Sand (Dept of History), having discovered that no Jewish People exists, has now discovered that Jews cannot be Democratic

The trouble is that the Zionist enterprise, which created a new people here, is far from satisfied with its creation and prefers to see it as a bastard. It prefers to cling to the idea of a Jewish people-race, profiting for now from its imaginary existence. We should remember that the strong solidarity among evangelical Christians and the partnership in faith among members of the Bahai faith still doesn't make them peoples or nations.... Strange, I didn't know you could only join a people via religious conversion and not by taking part in its day-to-day culture. But perhaps there's a secular Jewish people-culture I'm not aware of? (Amen to that --- Isracampus)

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Tel Aviv University - Chaim Gans (Dept of Law) brags about how the TAU Law School Resists Calls for Ideological Pluralism - Maintaining Hegemony of Far Leftist Anti-Zionists

Chaim Gans is the far-leftist anti-Israel extremist who hates freedom of speech and democracy so much that he led the campaign to block the Israeli army woman colonel Pnina Sharvit-Baruch from being able to lecture at the TAU law school.

He naturally is also a leader in the movement to prevent people from criticizing leftwing academic traitors.

He has a fascinating article in Haaretz (22/8/2010). There, besides denouncing the Im Tirtzu student group, he brags about how he was awarded an award by fellow leftists in the law school for an anti-Israel propaganda article he wrote. The award was paid for by the Buchmann family, major donors to the school. In fact the Law School is officially named the Buchmann School. Well, when the Buchmanns learned that their award was being granted to Gans, they contacted the Dean of Law Prof. Ariel Porat and demanded that for balance the same award the following year should be granted to someone from the other side of the political spectrum (meaning a Zionist, or what Gans calls a rightwinger). Naturally in a law school in which only leftist ideas are considered to be correct or permitted, Porat dismissed the request from the donor rudely. The donor then withdrew his donation. Gans is ecstatic that uniformity of thought won yet another victory at Tel Aviv University

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Tel Aviv University - While bragging about muzzling his own Board of Governors, denying THEM freedom of speech, TAU President Joseph Klafter pretends to favor freedom of speech; attacks Mark Tanenbaum

During the last meeting of the board of trustees a few months ago, some of the members raised a suggestion to hold back the promotion of lecturers who support the academic boycott of Israel, or even to dismiss them. I didn't allow a discussion on the issue. Even though I am opposed to any kind of boycott, I believe it's the right of lecturers to express their points of view even if it annoys me ....

One of the donors told me I wouldn't receive donations if I continued to support the right of these lecturers to freedom of expression. I told him that yes the university needed money but accepting his point of view would be tantamount to shattering the very basis on which all academic institutions are founded. This donor decided to donate to another institution. Beyond that, it's hard to know if there has been a decrease in donations because of this attitude, since the world economic crisis also has an effect.

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Report: Sociology Departments in Israel have become Centers for Anti-Israel Propagandizing by Post-Zionist Faculty; Tel Aviv University Marxist Professors once again whine about "McCarthyism"

About a week ago, the institute published a nearly final draft of its report, called "Post-Zionism and Academia." The report surveyed various articles used in courses about Israeli society and categorized the authors of the articles as either Zionist or post-Zionist. The draft states: "The group of critical (meaning Marxist --- Isracampus) sociologists has gradually taken control of the sociology departments on some of the campuses, and this continues to this day, despite the Israeli public's weak identification with [the group's] positions.

"At all of the universities other than Bar-Ilan, there is a clear post-Zionist bias in the sociology departments, which is especially great at Tel Aviv [University] and [at Ben-Gurion University in] Be'er Sheva."

... Yehouda Shenhav, one of the professors whose course reading list was requested, said: "I have no doubt that the president and rector requested [the syllabi] to protect academic freedom against McCarthyism."

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Anti-Israel Israeli Radicals again whining about "McCarthyism"

At the front line of the conflict are a handful of academics, such as Rachel Giora, professor of linguistics at Tel Aviv University, who support international calls for a campaign of boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel.

Pointing to “the growing number of Israeli assaults on Palestinians’ cities, towns, villages and refugee camps both within and outside the occupied territories”, as well as events such as the attack on Gaza during the winter of 2008-09 and the deaths on the “Freedom flotilla” in May this year, Professor Giora argued that “the state’s legitimacy has been gradually undermined”, leading to “waves of vocal criticism” across the world.

International condemnation has also created a far less comfortable environment for internal critics, she said, having led to “massive defence tactics aimed particularly at bashing academics supportive of boycott initiatives”.

Professor Giora said: “Repression of protest was no longer implicit. All hell broke loose.”

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Tel Aviv University - The very same Chaim Gans (Dept of Law) who led the campaign to deny Colonel Pnina Sharvit-Baruch freedom of speech suddenly is posturing in its favor, but only for academics who agree with HIM

All these people [Constitutional law professor Asher Maoz, Education Minister Gideon Sa'ar, and Professor Amnon Rubinstein] endanger freedom of expression and academic freedom. They blur the fundamental distinction between the right to freedom of expression and academic freedom on the one hand, and on the other, the question of whether it is appropriate to use those freedoms to say things which are wrong or mistaken. Freedom of expression and academic freedom mean that people have the freedom to say things that are mistaken.

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Tel Aviv University - Anat Biletzky (Dept of Philosophy) is distributing and promoting this petition that denounces Israel for being fascist, calls for boycott of Israel

Posted to Anti-Semitic Alef List
FW: antifa
From: Anat Biletzki <>Add to Contacts


For all those who are worried about boycotts, which boycotts, smart boycotts, solidarity boycotts…something to do, even when the campus is very quiet. Please distribute far and wide so that we reach 1000!

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A Review of the Bash-Israel Pre-Conference organized by Far-Leftist Academics prior to the Prestigious International Geographical Union’s regional conference held in Tel Aviv

As happens so often, the ideological opinion offered by Israeli scholars, under the banner of free speech and pluralism, at these conferences was primarily monolithic, anti-Israel, and leftist. If scholars were somehow still able to leave these conferences with a neutral or positive view about Israel, it was in spite of the best efforts of Israel’s academics who organized the pre-conferences, not because of them.

... For Newman, only one voice should be heard in a democratic society, the voice of critique and anti-state hatred. The only ‘beacon of light’ in Israel are the organizations and individuals who compare the country to a fascist state and the only “value” of democracy is the voice of extremism. On the other side democracy is having a “black day” when other organizations use free speech to critique those who critique.

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Tel Aviv University - Elia Leibowitz (Dept of Physics And Astronomy) claims Zionist students will soon start shooting leftist anti-Zionist professors like in Mao's China

Nationalist student organizations are distributing documents in the style of the dazibao with the encouragement of the education minister and members of the Knesset Education Committee, and with the tacit agreement of the Israel's leaders.

If this activity is a portent of things to come, we are at the start of another significant step in the march of the cultural revolution in Israel. The Israeli revolution looks different from its older brother in China, especially in its dimensions and it's lack of violent.

However, as in China, it has been accompanied by a large ad campaign and tendentious reports in the media. In the absence of violence, the pace of its development is slow and only few people in the country feel the undercurrent.

Over time, though, the revolution will undermine the cultural infrastructure on which rest the intellectual achievements of the Jewish community in Israel over the past 90 years.

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Tel Aviv University – TAU Governors support firing of Academics who call for Boycott in a petition to Gideon Saar


Tel Aviv University – Rachel Giora (Dept of Linguistics) still Flying on her Boycott-Israel Broomstick, using Tel Aviv University funding

But not just heads of state and officers are experiencing the loss of Israel’s legitimacy as a state among nations. Israeli citizens are now exposed to it on a daily basis. Probably more than anything else, it is the cultural boycott that has captured the minds of Israelis. No discourse about shows or no-shows can avoid mentioning “cancellation”. The dominant metaphor referring to the great number of cancellations is “deluge”.

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Tel Aviv University - Prof. Eppie Ya'ar (Dept of Sociology) exposes the Leftist totalitarian groupthink in his own university department

This is an example of the improper use of authority in order to promote one-dimensional thinking, without giving the students the possibility of choosing among various approaches in an effort to reach the truth. The stronger this tendency becomes, the more the level of scholarship in the departments in which exists will drop, and they will lose the trust of the academic community and the public as a whole.

How ironic that the teachers representing this tendency, who are called "critical," are unwilling to accept critical thinking when it is directed toward them.

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Tel Aviv University - Ran HaCohen (Dept of Comparative Literature) wants to be elected Mideast Tokyo Rose?

Not many atrocities can be less controversial than Israel's attack on the Turkish-based flotilla heading to Gaza yesterday. Like Somali pirates, Israel attacked the boats in international waters. Like the darkest regimes, Israeli forces opened fire on unarmed civilians who had not posed a threat to anybody, except to the siege that Israel (with Egyptian co-operation and U.S. backing) imposes on Gaza.

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More leftwing fascism at Tel Aviv University

A reporter for Israel’s newest radio station, Givat Ze’ev-based Galei Yisrael (Israel Airwaves), was not permitted to enter a Tel Aviv University conference on the "Nakba" ... Galei Yisrael reporter Kobi Tzucker showed up to cover the event, but things did not turn out exactly as he thought. Tzucker said that one of the organizers, History Prof. Gadi Algazi, “saw me enter with a recording device and asked me which media outlet I’m from. I told him Galei Yisrael, and he said, ‘the radio from Givat Ze’ev?’” “I told him that yes, it’s in Givat Ze’ev, and then a few students gathered around me, and he said quite insultingly, ‘I will not have anyone from the settlements coming here to cover this event.'”

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The President of the Technion attacks Tel Aviv University professors Anat Matar and Rachel Giora for organizing defamation of the Technion in Boston

It was only the next day, as I continued on my way, did I start receiving telephone messages about a letter that had been sent to the Boston Science Museum prior to the event, at the initiative of Prof. Noam Chomsky from MIT, faculty members from two Israeli universities and other individuals. In this letter, Chomsky and his colleagues expressed a sharply worded protest against the fact that the museum was allowing the president of the Technion - "the university that prepares weapons of murder" - to deliver a lecture there. The letter went on to say that the event, which had paid tribute to Israel's tremendous contribution to world technology and science, was actually serving as a cover and camouflage for Israel's crimes against humanity.

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Letter from a Prof at Tel Aviv University: The unwillingness of TAU officials to stand up to what became an organized campaign of the vilification of Israel 

I shall state from the beginning that I would like to congratulate you on your courageous stand at the Board of Governors meeting and after the meeting. As someone who has been with Tel Aviv University for forty years, I am well familiar with the intensive, unrelenting and extremist activities of a number of the members of the academic staff of our University, who will not miss a single occasion to accuse this country of the worst crimes, support the most extreme forms of academic boycott against the Israeli academia, and offer support and encouragement to those whose explicit purpose is the elimination of Israel, as the home of the Jewish people.

The purpose of this letter is not to reiterate what is known to all who are honest enough to admit it, but to draw your attention to lesser known facts about the unwillingness of the officials of Tel Aviv University to stand up to what became an organized campaign of the vilification of Israel. Any attempt to put a halt to it is countered by the argument that the “McCarthyites” are trying to suppress academic freedom and free speech on the campus.

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Tel Aviv University - On anti-Semitic web site, TAU's Ran HaCohen (Dept of Comparative Literature) explains that Israel is "Colonizing" ... Israel

'One horrifying incarnation of this are settlers who now colonize Israel itself. In Israel’s mixed towns – from Tel Aviv (of which Jaffa is part) to Acre – settlers from the West Bank establish nests of hatred in the form of Jewish-Orthodox groups living together and, disguised as “Torah schools” and “social work,” incite and spread the word: Jews in, Arabs out. Palestinians are harassed and sometimes physically attacked. The riots in Acre in 2008 were the result of such settlers’ activity; tensions are now rapidly growing in several mixed towns, including Jaffa, where settlers recently broke into a Palestinian home, attacking its owner and telling her that they “will force all Arabs out of Jaffa.”'

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Tel Aviv University - Ariella Azoulay (Dept of Arts) has Nightime Fantasies about the Palestinian "Right of Return"

“Dear Palestinians,” I repeated my imaginings and turned to you, and to your brothers and sisters here and beyond the green line. “Since they expelled you, you appear nightly in our dreams. A trembling passes through the body, a shock in the memory of the violent expulsion. Since the night that you left only terror filled dreams pursue us. What point was there to your expulsion if you did not cease to live in our bodies, in our souls – sons and daughters to the parents who expelled you?! What was the point if we were sentenced to lie about the memory of your expulsion to our children or to tell them but with that to prepare them for the fact that around them everyone is lying to them when they say that there was no expulsion and thus to cause their lying society to be loathsome to them?! Return. Return to live with us again. We need you!"

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Isi Leibler uses Tel Aviv University as an Example for Anti-Israel Academics who have Crossed The Line

Regrettably, the TAU scenario represents a microcosm of how the loony left have imposed a regime of madness in this country. It is noteworthy that Anat Kam, who exulted in stealing classified IDF military information in the name of freedom of expression and attempted to present herself as a heroic figure, was educated at TAU, in a philosophy department in which professors called for a global boycott against Israel.

Examples of unacceptable behavior abound: the Chair of the Philosophy Department, Professor Anat Biletzki, is a close supporter of Asmi Bishari ,the Arab MK calling for the dismantling of Israel; Biletzki also gathered signatures for a high school student petition justifying the right to refuse to serve in the army; Anat Matar, another lecturer at the philosophy department, initiated an (unsuccessful) campaign to deny the right of Col. Pnina Sharvit-Baruch, who headed the international IDF law division during the Gaza war, to lecture at its law school on the grounds that she would “justify the killing of civilians, including hundreds of children”; the Law School convened a conference on the subject of the alleged mistreatment of “political prisoners” at which one of the principal speakers was a former terrorist who had been sentenced to 27 years for throwing a bomb at Jews on a bus; Professor Adi Ophir campaigned to lobby embassies in Tel Aviv to impose sanctions against Israel to prevent atrocities in Gaza; TAU academics were prominent signatories in a petition backing the US Berkeley boycott against Israel; two professors, Anat Matar (who earlier participated in a London conference promoting a general and academic boycott of Israel) and Rachel Giora recently signed a petition denouncing The Boston Museum of Art for sponsoring an exhibit of Israeli medical and high tech achievements; etc etc.

Freedom of expression is a treasured feature of democracy but the dividing line must be drawn between academic freedom and breaching the law or indulging in subversive activity

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Tel Aviv University – Alan Dershowitz denounces Israel’s Academic Fifth Column

Alan Dershowitz denounces Israel's academic fifth column in keynote speech at Tel Aviv University Board of Governors assembly. While defending the "right of anti-Israel academic extremists to be wrong," Dershowitz called on Israeli academics to defeat the anti-Israel radicals in the marketplace of ideas. He denounced leftist professors who harass students for being pro-Israel. He denounced attempts to suppress academic freedom for non-leftists at Tel Aviv University. He denounced the far Leftist anti-Israel academics for the harm they do to Israel and to Israeli universities.

To see the video, go here. [Dershowitz’ keynote speech starts at 50:00 minute mark]

To see the full text of the speech, go here


Tel Aviv University – Shlomo Sand (Dept of History) is at it again

One thing is for certain after viewing this broadcast: Shlomo Sand is at it again, vying for the number-one spot as Israel’s worst member of the academic fifth column. Sand’s infamous “book,” called The Invention of the Jewish People, stirred anger among real historians in Israel and around the world. He gave this interview about his book, now being broadcast worldwide and shown continuously on the Internet via You Tube. There he once again explains how he determined that today’s Jews are not a people at all, but are instead a 19th century invention created to steal the land of Israel away from the Arabs.

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Dershowitz vs. Tenured Extremists

Suddenly, academic freedom of speech is the leading topic of discussion in Israel. Suddenly, the local newspapers and TV shows are filled with debates about "censorship" in academic institutions. Suddenly, everyone in Israel can see the anti-democratic nature of Israel's academic fifth column. And Israel owes Prof. Alan Dershowitz a debt of gratitude for exposing the damages of Israel's anti-Israel academic far Left, the academic copperheads who support the enemies of their country in time of war!

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Tel Aviv University - Communist Sociologist Yehouda Shenhav (Dept of Sociology) again denouncing Israel for "ethnic cleansing" (you know, unlike Stalin's USSR); calls for end to Zionist state

The liberal Zionists in Israel who support a two states solution do it out of fear of the Palestinians. The idea of a Jewish and democratic state is an oxymoron since Israel is a democracy which is founded on a constant state of exception and emergency measures. The Israeli liberal left is a leading force in denying 1948 and the refugees problem. I suggest to create productive coalitions among Palestinians, the Israeli radical left, and democratic groups among the Jewish settlers who reject the two state solution but express desire for political justice to replace the current apartheid system of rule.

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Alan Dershowitz attacks Israeli Far-Left who partake in “legal terror” against Israel

According to the prominent lawyer, these acts are "legal terror" aimed at slandering Israel's name. He went on to explain that Israel's greatest enemies were not radical Muslims, who he said only strengthened its claims, but rather Jews and Israelis worldwide using their descent in order to boost their unrestrainable attacks against Israel. ... Dershowitz said that Israel must launch a real war against incitement, in any place possible

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The Death of Democracy and Academic Freedom at Tel Aviv University

Suddenly academic freedom of speech is the leading topic of discussion in Israel. Suddenly the newspapers are filled with debates about “censorship” in academic institutions. Suddenly everyone in Israel can see the anti-democratic nature of Israel’s academic fifth column! Israel owes Prof. Alan Dershowitz a debt of gratitude for exposing the damages of Israel’s anti-Israel academic far Left! The censorship filling the newspapers today is the censorship of governors at Tel Aviv University by the new president of the University, Prof. Joseph Klaffter. He refused to “allow” the Governors of his own university to take a vote on condemning Tel Aviv University’s tenured traitors. In response, a leading Governor and donor to the university has resigned and he is likely to be followed by others. ... And the censorship in the headlines is not limited to that.

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Tel Aviv University president censors his own governors, suppresses freedom of speech! Leading Governor Resigns in Outrage! Death of academic freedom at Tel Aviv University!

A Tel Aviv University board member is set to resign Wednesday following university President Joseph Klaffter’s refusal to bring a proposal he drafted to a vote. Mark Tanenbaum had proposed a resolution to the board of governors, requesting that the university senate investigate the political activity of professors who use the school’s name.
Tanenbaum described Klaffter yelling into the microphone that he would not tolerate any infringement on academic freedom within the university immediately after the proposal was read. Klaffter’s decision not to bring the proposal to a vote came at the end of a heated debate between the board members concerned about the university restricting freedom of speech. “While he was blathering on about the right to free speech, he ironically denied me, a member of the board of governors, a former student, whose late father was one of the founding members of Canadian Friends of Tel Aviv University the right to free speech, and that is absolutely unacceptable,” Tanenbaum told The Jerusalem Post.

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Tel Aviv University – Board of Governor Mark Tanenbaum resigns from all positions over TAU President Klafter’s suppression of free speech

My decision is based on the shockingly unforgivable behavior of president Klafter toward me and my fellow governors at today's closing plenary. ... When we did not withdraw our proposed resolution, as president Klafter demanded, he abruptly adjourned the plenum, thereby denying us and those who supported our resolution the right to vote in it's favor. How ironic that president Klafter denies me MY right to free speech, by not allowing a vote on our resolution, but has no problem protecting the rights of those harming the university.

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Israeli Professors from Tel Aviv University claim Technion “develops death tech”

Professors from Tel Aviv University and the Weizmann Institute have signed a letter along with other academics world-wide denouncing Boston's Museum of Science for co-sponsoring and hosting a week-long exhibit surveying ground-breaking Israeli innovations and inventions in the fields of clean energy, medicine, and technology.  ... However, this display of Israeli pride was received with little enthusiasm among some members of the academia, including Jewish linguist Noam Chomsky, and faculty members hailing from Israeli institutes of higher education – Dr. Kobi Snitz from the Weizmann Institute of Science, Prof. Rachel Giora and Dr. Anat Matar, bother from Tel Aviv University.

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A Governor at Tel Aviv University attacks Israel's Academic Fifth Column

To what extent are governors conscious of the hatred resulting from those Israeli academics that promote BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions) against Israel? Is it not strange that they are able to travel abroad calling for the boycott of the very universities from which they receive their livelihood?

Do governors recognize the devastating effect of this Israel-bashing on students in their respective countries? For example, a number of Israeli academics spearheaded the recent “Israel Apartheid Week” (now in its sixth year) aimed to show the country as an apartheid state like South Africa was. London was the scene of major anti-Israel activity during this “Apartheid Week,” led by an associate professor from Tel Aviv University. The prime objective was to isolate, delegitimize and dehumanize the one Jewish state. This is particularly disturbing when seen in conjunction with Jewish students who feel unable to stand up to the increasingly virulent anti-Israel bombardment on campus.

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Tel Aviv University - Taking a Hard ‘GAZE’ at the anti-Israel NewSpeak and Gobbledygook of Dr. Orly Lubin (Dept of Comparative Literature)

Reading Lubin is like reading an essay that received a failing grade written by a student in an inner city high school. IT is unreadable pabulum. Lubin has a fetish about “power”: she claims it is held by what she calls the “community” that oppresses “the Other.” This is all postmodernist Newspeak and PC gobbledygook. She is trained in comparative literature so just what could she possibly know about power?

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Tel Aviv University – TAU hosts Ilan Pappe in an anti-Israel propaganda event on campus

In the fall of 2009, Ilan Pappe was scheduled to speak before the Municipality of Munich, Germany. Pappe is best known for his fraudulent invention of a non-existent massacre of Arabs by the Hagana near Haifa in Tantora in 1948, and for other notorious lies. He writes "books'" claiming falsely that Israel carried out "ethnic cleansing" against Arabs in 1948. His most famous fabrication has become known as the Katz Affair, named after the MA student directed by Pappe to invent the Tantora "massacre" in his thesis. … Pappe resigned from his post at the University of Haifa and has been jihading against the existence of Israel from his new perch in the UK at the University of Exeter. … Once the Munich people found out who and what Pappe is, they cancelled the invitation, disinviting him. The Germans cancelled on grounds that any talk by Pappe would be nothing more than an “anti-Israel propaganda show.”… The very same Pappe is to be the featured speaker at a “conference” to be held at Tel Aviv University on April 29, 2010, where he will again be calling for a worldwide campaign to boycott Israel. … The officials of Tel Aviv University evidently do not have the courage of the Munich Germans. They are refusing to cancel this atrocious anti-Israel propaganda event misrepresented as an academic conference. They are refusing to disinvite Ilan Pappe.

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Tel Aviv University – Gerardo Leibner (Dept of General History) Battles against “Judaizing” and for Communism

He spends much of his time churning out semi-communist articles for the Ultra-Left, chanting mantras about “class struggle,” in Israel and around the world. Over the years Dr. Leibner has signed petitions to free and support terrorist Tali Fahima, to stop Israeli “war crimes” in Gaza; to send an armed international force to fight the Israeli army; to celebrate the traitor/spy Azmi Bishara, accuses Israel of being a terrorist entity, denounces Israel as an apartheid entity and endorses all the calls for world boycotts against Israel. He especially likes to rant against the racism of “Ashkenazim” and to wring his hands over the supposed “mistreatment” of the Sephardim, rather amusing coming from someone with the obviously Ashkenazi name Leibner.

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Tel Aviv University – Ben Dror Yemini, Maariv Editor, blasts Tel Aviv University and its Dept of Philosophy for hosting a Hamas Conference chaired by Uri Hadar (Dept of Psychology)

The Law School of Tel Aviv University will hold today (Thursday April 15) a conference under the title, “Voices from Gaza,” composed purely of far leftist speakers. It will be based on “video conferencing.” Some of the speakers are well known as supporters and defenders of the Hezb’Allah and the Hamas in the United States. Some will appear in live video broadcast from Gaza.

The conference chairman in Israel is Prof. Uri Hadar (Tel Aviv University, psychology) – a signatory on almost all the petitions of the radical Left. These include statements supporting Azmi Bishara and Tali Fahima, as well as support for people refusing to serve in the Israeli army. Maariv has learned that numerous officials in the University are outraged at the holding of this conference but fear voicing their opinion in public.

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Tel Aviv University - Alleged Traitor/Spy Anat Kam and her Academic Mentors

Kam has written that one year after her release from the IDF in 2007, she began studying in the University of Tel Aviv history department, whose Professor Shlomo Sand is the author of a book called "The Invention of the Jewish People” claiming that there is no Jewish nation and who is widely known for anti-Israeli articles and speeches.

Last month, he wrote in one newspaper that Arab terrorists “fighting for the freedom of Palestine” are no different from Zionist underground fighters during the British Mandate. Two weeks ago, he told ABC News that the existence of the Jewish people is a “majestic piece of mythology.”

Kam also studied philosophy at Tel Aviv University, where several of its professors have called for a worldwide boycott against Israel. Philosophy Professor Adi Ophir has co-authored a book entitled, "Power of Inclusive Exclusion: Anatomy of the Israeli Rule in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.” The authors question “prevalent views of the occupation as either a skewed form of brutal colonization, a type of Jewish apartheid, or an inevitable response to terrorism.”

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The Israeli Far Left congenitally disposed to treason?

After the assassination of Rabin, every single Israeli newspaper and leftist commentator denounced Bar-Ilan University, the religious university where Yigal Amir had been a law student. Bar-Ilan should be shut down, insisted many. It is a den of rightwing violence and it is morally responsible for Yigal Amir, they bellowed. Well, not a single one of those same people has called for closing down Tel Aviv University this week.

Anat Kam was a student in TAU’s history and philosophy departments, both of them among the most monolithically anti-Israel academic departments in Israel. Together with the sociology and political science departments at Tel Aviv University, one would have to search with a candle to find faculty members who are not communists. Not a single medium in Israel is denouncing the radicals at Tel Aviv University for inspiring and breeding Anat Kam, nor calling for the university to undertake a complete critical self-examination to understand its own guilt, which is what they had demanded of Bar-Ilan.

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Tel Aviv University - The accused traitor/spy Anat Kam was a student in the department of history at Tel Aviv University, in which Shlomo Sand, Gadi Algazi, and Yehouda Shenhav teach.

The accused traitor/spy Anat Kam was a student in the department of history at Tel Aviv University, in which the ultra-haters of Israel Shlomo Sand, Gadi Algazi, Yossi Schwartz, and Yehouda Shenhav (who is based in the sociology department) teach, and in the philosophy department, in which Adi Ophir, Anat Matar and Anat Biletzki teach.

Source here.

A Coincidence?

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Tel Aviv University - Prof. Yossi Schwartz (Dept of History) is now the Co-Chairman of the venomously anti-Israel Pro-Terror "Alternative Information Service" (which has ties with the PFLP terrorist movement)

The AIC boasts that it is at war against Israeli "Colonialism, Occupation, and Racism"

It leads the battle to have Israeli universities boycotted. ‘According to the study, “Being an important part of a militarized war-like society, in which any service is a fundamental mainstream consensus, Israeli universities and academic institutes tend to provide preferential treatment to current soldiers, ex-soldiers and reserve soldier students” allowing for “political interference in the academic sphere.”’ We wonder why they do not call for boycotting US, British and French universities, which similarly grant benefits to army vets.'

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Tel Aviv University – Carlo Strenger (Dept of Psychology) holds a selective view of freedom of speech: it is good for leftists, but should be denied to rightists

Carlo Strenger, psychology TAU, has made a career out of insisting that Right-wingers exercising freedom of speech cause violence (see previous article by Strenger, reported by IsraCampus). But when leftists are criticized, he insists in Haaretz: "To restate the obvious: In a democracy, every public statement that does not incite violence or actively promote hatred is legitimate."

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Tel Aviv University – Gadi Algazi (Dept of History) joins Sakhnin demonstrators Carrying Portrait of Nasrallah

Gadi Algazi, who spoke at Sakhnin rally, says Israel must 'recognize its neighbors' needs and dreams' Professor Gadi Algazi, who heads Tel Aviv University's History Department, recounted the 'Land Day' rally at which he spoke Tuesday and explained that it was peaceful, but "two masked provocateurs turned it into something it wasn't supposed to be." Algazi told Ynet on Wednesday that the two masked men, who arrived at the rally in Sakhnin holding posters of Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah and slain group member Imad Mugniyah, were a minority among the Arab residents of the north.

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The Defaming Duo - Adi Ophir (Tel Aviv University) and Ariella Azoulay (Bar Ilan University) - Two Israel Bashers for the Price of One

Pick one of the duo and you will always find the other hopping aboard. Start with support for the Palestinian "right of return.” Then calls for Israeli soldiers to refuse to serve in the "territories." Then branding Israel 'an Apartheid state.' Then calls for an academic boycott of Israel. Then denouncing all acts of retaliation by Israel. Then dismiss warnings about the intentions of Iran.

Anti-Zionist petitions and articles always bear their two signatures. The duo of Adi Ophir and Ariella Azoulay seem to share everything, from a household to “books” churned out for the anti-Israel Far Left. They offer you…

IsraCampus Nepotism Update:
No sooner was Ariella Azoulay (one of the two members of the Defaming Duo described here) turned down for tenure at Bar-Ilan University when she was hired as an adjunct lecturer in the Faculty of the Arts at Tel Aviv University, the school where the other member of the Duo, her husband Adi Ophir, happens to be employed. Since universities in Israel generally do not employ married spouses in the same institution, IsraCampus invites the official heads of Tel Aviv University to explain this curious arrangement.

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Tel Aviv University - Prof. Uri Hadar (Dept of Psychology) leading the Campaign to Boycott Israel

A complete commercial and economic boycott can be very effective in bringing Israel into line with these international norms. Israel’s economy is all but dependent on external economies, especially that of the USA, and Israeli public opinion would probably not allow a serious regression of material living conditions.

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Tel Aviv University – Shlomo Sand (Dept of History) spews his disdain for Jewish history and the Bible at YNET

Netanyahu could have invested millions to fund the dwindling study of history in the school system and universities. However, piles of stones have always been more useful for manufacturing and reproducing rigid, impervious national memory.

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Tel Aviv University – Shlomo Sand (Dept of History) now serving as official justifier of Arab terrorism against Jews.

The following Op-Ed by Sand appeared on March 11, 2010 on the YNET (Yediot Ahronot - Hebrew) web newspaper (his article then had about 180 “talkbacks,” almost all of them viciously attacking Sand):

"When a Palestinian attempts to kill Israelis, whether they are civilians, armed settlers or soldiers, he is immediately declared a terrorist. Hamdi Quran and Majdi Rimawi, for instance, who were sent by The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) to assassinate Israel’s Tourism Minister, Rachavam Ze’evi, were not given the death penalty."

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Tel Aviv University - Adi Ophir (Dept of Philosophy) fights against Zionism by means of Inventing Silly Long Polysyllables

The Israeli government responded to the Palestinian uprising with excessive violence, generous and indiscriminate use of live ammunition and extensive destruction of houses, land and property. It was not physical violence, however, but spatial disintegration and fragmentation that emerged as the main technology of domination and control which Israel used in order to contain and suppress the Palestinian resistance and stop a stream of suicide attacks in Israeli cities west of the Green line. The effect of the new regime of movement on the Palestinian population was enormous. The situation has further deteriorated when Israel responded aggressively to a terrorist attack (in Hotel Park in Netanya on Passover eve 2002), re-conquered several Palestinian towns, crushed the security apparatuses of the Palestinian Authority and dismantled many other institutions of the Palestinian government (Operation Defense Shield). The IDF resumed the massive demolition of Palestinian houses (in order to create "clean" areas and to punish families of suspects in terrorist activity) and thousands of Palestinians have become homeless. Soon there appeared the first reports that catastrophized the conditions in the OPT. They tried to ring the alarm bells, using rhetoric of urgency that has not been used before.

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Tel Aviv University - “Poet-Academic” Yitzhak Laor Accused with Rape

Ultra anti-Israel extremist Yitzhak Laor took time off from promoting the jihad to engage in rape of students at Tel Aviv University.

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Tel Aviv University - The PACBI anti-Israel group run by TAU grad student Omer Barghouti is denouncing the anti-Israel propaganda book edited by TAU's Adi Ophir (which we reviewed). It is just not anti-Israel enough!

"The Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI) has recently encountered a number of projects that while intending to empower the colonized Palestinians, in essence end up undermining their will and choice of method of struggle for freedom, justice and self determination. The publication of a new book entitled The Power of Inclusive Exclusion: Anatomy of Israeli Rule in the Occupied Palestinian Territories [1] belongs to this category. The book project represents a classic example of how the collective voice of the colonized is ignored in the production of a scholarly work supposed to empower them."

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Tel Aviv University – TAU Donor calls out TAU President Klafter on non-action against anti-Israel activities by Rachel Giora & Anat Matar

A red line is crossed when a professor transitions from stating his or her opinion on certain political matters within an academic environment, to actively pursuing and promoting the international boycott of Israel in non-academic spheres. The latter activity should not be protected or condoned by Klafter and his administration. Furthermore, faculty members stating at their international Israel-bashing forums that they are TAU professors, gives undeserved credence to their nefarious views. At the same time, it harms the university’s reputation. TAU now appears as a hotbed of anti-Israel activity in the eyes of its donors, thanks in part to the president facilitating this behavior through his inaction. Rachel Giora and Anat Matar are the two most high-profile faculty members who fly all over the world, encouraging the academic boycott of the very university that pays their salaries.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University – Yitzhak Laor, former lecturer at TAU and anti-Israeli Haaretz columnist, being accused in media of rape

According to testimony aired last night on Channel 10's investigative reporting program "Hamakor," the poet and author Yitzhak Laor has sexually harassed several women over many years.

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Tel Aviv University – Rachel Giora (Dept of Linguistics) Struts her support for the "Divestment and Boycott" Racists, but refuses to Resign and Move to Gaza

'The major role of the Israeli BDS movement has been to support international BDS calls against Israel and legitimize them both as clearly not anti-Semitic, as not working against Israelis but against Israeli governmental policies, and as supporting a legitimate nonviolent means by which Palestinian civil society can reclaim and re-own its people’s rights and freedoms. Alongside solidarity with the Palestinians, the driving force behind the Israeli BDS movement has been the realization that the criminal occupation and repression of the Palestinian people, as practiced by Israeli governments, will not be redressed without significant international pressure.'

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Tel Aviv University - Adi Ophir (Dept of Philosophy) leads a team of editors in yet another Anti-Israel "Occupation" book

The fact that there is yet another book about the “occupation” should not be a surprise. The fact that it consists ONLY of anti-Israel and anti-Zionist writers is not either. The fact that not a single pro-Israel writer was invited to participate should be met with yawns. Ideological self-recruiting to promote a political agenda under the guise of “research” has become trivially common in Israeli universities and elsewhere.

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Tel Aviv University – Yossi Schwartz (Dept. of History) Sees Draft-Dodging as "Apartheid" Israel's Only Hope

Imagine that there was an American professor who: was a slanderer of Israel; accused Israel of apartheid worse than South Africa’s; said Israel was so belligerent that it seeks adversaries out of its need for never-ending war; charged that the current worldwide conflict with radical Islam was the outcome of a deliberate policy of Ariel Sharon; claimed that the Jewish people do not exist; encouraged Israelis to dodge the draft and said draft-dodging was Israel’s only hope; and was in the top brass of two radically anti-Israeli NGOs. The pro-Israel organizations would rightly be up in arms about such a person.

Well, all of the above and more is true of an Israeli academic, Yossi Schwartz, a lecturer in history at Tel Aviv University. One might ask why, if Dr. Schwartz sees Israel as so evil, he not only continues living in such a country but even draws a taxpayer-supported salary from one of its most prominent institutions of higher learning. One might also ask why Tel Aviv University sees fit to bestow honors on such a less-than-loyal citizen, having recently made Schwartz director of its Cohn Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Ideas.

[The original version of this article, posted on IsraCampus on January 22, 2010, contained a confusion of identities between the subject of the article, Dr. Yossef (Yossi) Schwartz of Tel Aviv University, and Yossi Schwartz, a Marxist lawyer. References to the latter have now been removed from the article and IsraCampus apologizes for the error.]

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Tel Aviv University – Anat Matar (Dept of Philosophy) – another Tenured Academic calling for a boycott of Israel in an international forum

A Tel Aviv University academic will call for a boycott of Israel, speaking at a London university event next month to commemorate "one year since Israel's attack" on Gaza.

Dr. Anat Matar of TAU's Philosophy Department will be speaking on February 17 at London University's School for Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) - a campus renowned for anti-Israel activity.

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Tel Aviv University – Shlomo Sand’s (Dept of History) book gets described as a “trip through a landscape of illusions” in an attempt by Sand to free the Middle East from “the hard bricks of truth”

For Sand, a professor of history at Tel Aviv University, the antidote to a national identity based on what he argues are fables, is to shed the fancy that there is any such thing as a shared Jewish identity independent of religious practice. … Sand confuses ethnicity – which, in the case of the Jews, is indeed impure, heterogeneous and much travelled – with an identity that evolves as the product of common historical experience. Rabbinical arguments may rest on an imaginary definition of ethnicity, but the legitimacy of a Jewish homeland does not. Ultimately, Israel’s case is the remedy for atrocity, about which Sand has nothing to say. His book is a trip (and I use the word advisedly) through a landscape of illusions which Sand aims to explode, leaving the scenery freer for a Middle East built, as he supposes, from the hard bricks of truth. This turns out to require not just the abandonment of simplicities about race, but any shared sense of historical identity at all on the part of the Jews that might be taken as the basis of common allegiance, which is an another matter entirely. En route, he marches the reader through a mind-numbingly laborious examination of the construction of national identities from imagined rather than actual histories. A whole literature has been devoted to the assumption that nations are invariably built from such stories, in which, nonetheless, grains of historical truth are usually embedded. The important issue, however, is whether the meta-narrative that arises from those stories is inclusive enough to accommodate the tales of those whose experience is something other than racially and culturally homogeneous.

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Tel Aviv University - Prof. Amnon Rubinstein, one-time Minister of Education, Israel's leading constitutional law expert, Dean of the IDC, states: anti-Israel faculty at TAU uses “academic podium to deliver Israel-bashing propaganda”

This news item did not surprise me. A small group of anti-Zionist, anti-Israel faculty members has turned Tel Aviv University into a podium from which to broadcast their political propaganda. Two notable instances: a group of 30 professors signed a pro-Iranian petition last year warning against Israeli and American designs and "adventurism" against the Islamic Republic, without even mentioning its president's threat to wipe Israel off the map and his Holocaust-denying outbursts. The second example was a conference held by the Tel Aviv Law School in which the subject was the alleged mistreatment of "political prisoners" (i.e. convicted Palestinian terrorists) that invited, as guest speaker, a released prisoner sentenced to 27 years in jail for throwing a bomb into a Jewish civilian bus. This is not academic freedom. This is using academic podiums to deliver Israel-bashing propaganda.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University – Even Rabbis know about anti-Israel sedition that goes on at TAU

"The IDF sends solders to be educated at Tel Aviv University, where lecturers openly call for refusing orders. The demand [of not encouraging refusal of orders] cannot be imposed only on rabbis when the IDF funds refuseniks," [Rabbi Zalman Melamed, Rabbi of Beit El and Head Of Yeshiva] reportedly said.

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Tel Aviv University – Anat Matar (Dept of Philosophy) – Nothing is unpardonable, not even treason and murder

The heart skips a beat every time news leaks about progress in the talks on releasing abducted soldier Gilad Shalit. This week we were again told that the negotiations are being energetically pursued, so our hopes rose again. But like so many times in the past, another source says one of the stumbling blocks is Israel's opposition to releasing any of its citizens as part of a prisoner exchange. … Israel sees Hamas' demand to free these people as crass interference in its internal affairs… A good example is that of Mahmad and Mahmoud Jabarin, residents of Umm al-Fahm serving long terms for murdering a collaborator, whereas their accomplices in the killing, residents of Palestinian areas, were released almost 10 years ago.

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Tel Aviv University – Shlomo Sand’s (Dept of History) statements get more outrageous as his fictional book tour travels to the UK; the birth of the State of Israel an “act of rape”

Shlomo Sand, a professor of history at Tel Aviv University, spoke at a number of events in London last week to sell his book The Invention of the Jewish People, in which he writes that the Israelites were never exiled from the Promised Land and therefore have no right to return. … "Sand's agenda is to sever the historic link between the Jewish people and the Land of Israel," said Jonathan Hoffman, co-chairman of the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland. "To promote that agenda his book ignores archeological and genetic evidence. At none of his three London appearances was there a historian or Jewish history expert on the platform to counter his distortions, evasions and sensationalism. The result will contribute to anti-Semitic discourse and incidents in the UK, already at a record level." … A guest on BBC Radio Four last week, Sand told presenter Andrew Marr that he compares Israel's birth to "rape." … [Sand] said. "I compare when I am speaking before Arab students the birth of the Israeli state to an act of rape. But even the son that was born of the act of rape... you have to recognize him...”

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University – Carlo Strenger (Dept. of Psychology) Uses Crude, Defamatory Argumentation

Carlo Strenger, professor of psychology at Tel Aviv University, has published an op-ed in Haaretz criticizing an earlier op-ed in the Jerusalem Post by Isi Leibler, columnist and former vice-president of the World Jewish Congress. If Strenger disagrees with Leibler and wants to present counterarguments, that’s fine. Instead, Strenger has written a crude, defamatory ad hominem attack that misrepresents or ignores Leibler’s actual statements. Is this how one gets to be an accredited professor at Tel Aviv University? ... At most, Strenger could have reasonably objected that Leibler does not make sufficiently clear what he means by phrases like “neutralize the impact of renegade Jews” or “exorcise such odious groups from the mainstream” (Leibler subsequently explained what he meant here). Instead, Strenger keeps accusing Leibler, over and over, of favoring “excommunication,” all with no basis in Leibler’s actual text, which—as noted—uses the word only once in reference to Jews in the Middle Ages. ... Strenger, thus, manages to associate Leibler with an alleged murderer (Teitel) and an actual one (Yigal Amir, Rabin’s assassin) while insinuating that Leibler himself incites such acts, and that there is doubt as to whether Leibler adheres to civilized norms and opposes such crimes. This is usually the tactics of McCarthyists. Strenger engages in such calumny while categorically excluding and failing to address the actual issue that Leibler’s article raises—how to deal with blatantly disloyal acts by Israelis and Diaspora Jews

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University – Shlomo Sand’s book draws the ire from an Israeli Academic

If the "Jews" the world over are not an ethnic nation with a common history of 4500 years and originating from Palestine, a history which includes the Roman exile, it means that modern Zionism and Aliya (emigration of Jews to Palestine) is not a home coming. The implication is enormous since it deprives Israel from its rationale as a Jewish state. It corresponds to the main Arab argument that the Jews are just a religion but not an ethnic nation with a long history. Even Hitler wanted to kill all Jews on the basis of their common ethnicity. At least let us grant him this recognition. Judaism is unique as it corresponds to both a religion and a nation based in Palestine and stretching thousands of years. No other group of people has got such a long national, cultural, religious and cohesive history. The denial of the Jewish ethnicity and nationhood is in the same category as holocaust denial. It should be treated with the same contempt.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Haaretz runs front page story of Far-Leftist suppression of Academic Freedom at TAU for second day running

For the second day in a row, Haaretz has run front page news stories on Tel Aviv University and on the complaints by students of being harassed and intimated by leftist faculty members. In today’s story, it reports that the Rector of TAU is looking into the matter and investigating. In the first story yesterday, Haaretz itself said that it investigated the matter as a result of earlier stories that had run in the media about monitoring web sites exposing leftist radical faculty members. It of course meant Note how Haaretz paints the problem as complaints from “right-wing students.”

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - expose prompts TAU Official to come forward: Students being harassed by anti-Israel Far Leftist faculty members

Tel Aviv University students are hesitant to express their political views in class, lest lecturers perceived to have left-wing political views penalize them with lower grades, the head of TAU's Department of Curriculum and Instruction wrote in an internal memorandum last month. Prof. Nira Hativa's comment in the faculty memo ignited controversy among professors, with some declaring that her sentiments should not be made public. … Hativa's statements were prompted by a story in the Haaretz English Edition on rightist activists monitoring lecturers who are considered to have leftist views, as well as an article in Maariv on what it described as the right-wing views of Daniel Schueftan, deputy director of the National Security Studies Center at the University of Haifa.

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Tel Aviv University - Uri Hadar (Dept of Psychology) claims the “vengeful” Israeli “unconscious” wants a “Palestinian Holocaust”

Israel’s “attack on Gaza” the previous winter, Hadar told the audience, had “little to do with security” (as if 8000 rockets and mortars fell on London people would just yawn). What, then, he asked there, “enables Jewish brutality toward Palestinians?” Since Israel, he explained, has never properly mourned the Holocaust, the society has a “vengeful unconscious”--and takes it all out on the innocent, bewildered Palestinians. Israelis say (or used to say, back in the 1950s) that Jews will never again go “like sheep to the slaughter”; so the Palestinians, insists Hadar, are their “sacrificial lamb.” Indeed, “a full-blown Palestinian Holocaust is part of the unconscious [Israeli] itinerary.”

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University – Anat Matar (Dept. of Philosophy) back lobbying for boycotts of Israel and denouncing  Jews as racists

Original Message -----
From: Anat Matar
To: 'bbffww'
Sent: Saturday, October 31, 2009 9:37 AM
Subject: [bfw] Open letter to the Choir of Clare College, Cambridge

I've just sent my signature. I urge you to do the same.


We understand that you intend to tour Israel with the Choir of Clare College to perform J.S. Bach's 'Christmas Oratorio' between 25th and 30th December this year and we are asking you to reconsider this decision. Artists and musicians in Palestine, inspired by the example of the campaign which brought an end to apartheid in South Africa, have asked people of conscience around the world not to perform in Israel as an act of solidarity with them. … December 27 will be the anniversary of the terrible day last year that Israel unleashed a military onslaught on the trapped population of the Gaza Strip. While the rest of the world will be remembering the massacre of 1,400 Palestinian people, your choir will be performing in the capital city of the government which perpetrated acts now regarded as war crimes, according to the latest UN report from Judge Richard Goldstone.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


A Public Challenge to Tel Aviv University

The Sociology department at Tel Aviv University has been engaged in subsidized sedition. It has offered a course in one-sided propaganda and leftist indoctrination. And Tel Aviv University students got PAID to sign up and be indoctrinated in the course! …It was group-taught, mainly by Tel Aviv University Marxist sociologist and far-leftist anti-Zionist Professor Yehouda Shenhav, together with far-leftist non-academic political activists. … The syllabus of the course shows that it consists only of leftist anti-Israel propaganda. …

Well, my friend and comrade Seth Frantzman, a Phd student at the Hebrew University and a writer for, the watchdog group that monitors and exposes Israeli extremist academics, has come up with a brilliant idea. He (and I second his call) would like to challenge the heads of Tel Aviv University. We would like to ask the heads of Tel Aviv University whether in the name of pluralism and balance they would be willing to approve in principle the following course as a new one to be offered to students in the sociology department.

Here is the course outline as prepared by Seth Frantzman:

Bureaucracy, Governmentality and Individual Rights – Alternative Course Syllabus
Prof. Benny Alon
TA: Adv. Itamar Ben-Gvir
Guest lecturer: Baruch Marzel

The course will discuss managerial theory and practice, with an emphasis on mind control mechanisms that Palestinians developed to train terrorists in the context of the West Bank. We will examine the historical sources of these mechanisms and attempt to situate them within the Islamist context, particularly as envisioned in Wahhabism and the writings of Said Qutb. We will then demonstrate how the Hebrew freedom fighter is reflected, within the spaces of sovereignty he creates, in the NGO-funding practices of European countries, their agents and executive authorities. In addition, we will demonstrate how the Palestinian Islamist culture creates lawless spaces, where people's lives become exposed to violence or the threat thereof. Simultaneously, we will analyze the political and cultural implications of historical anachronism, relating them to questions of morality and religion, politics and sovereignty, and political theology.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University – Shlomo Sand (Dept of History) gets a stage at New York University to present his work of fiction as fact

Whereas a colloquium is classified as an open forum to debate ideas, professor Miller's event is clearly defined to present Shlomo Sand's book as fact. … However, Sand's book is replete with historical inaccuracies. … Rather than being a groundbreaking or original scholarly work, Sand's book is just a rehashing of anti-Semitic tracts distributed by a Jewish convert to Christianity in the pay of Arab interests named Benjamin Freedman who claimed the same historical nonsense from about 1946 to 1961. … Sand also tries to claim today's Palestinians are the real Jews who were forcibly converted to Islam after the seventh century. This, too, is academically false, as the majority of Arabs and Muslims residing in Israel and the Palestinian Authority today immigrated to the region in the mid 20th century as a result of the Zionist movement. … Part of the anti-Israel campaign on U.S. campuses is to suggest that Jews in America need not support a Jewish or "Zionist" state where Israel is in order to be Jewish. The number of Jewish students at New York University is staggering in terms of the student population there, so what better place to have a Marxist professor like Miller and pseudo-historian like Shlomo Sand from Tel Aviv University come and speak to explain that the Jewish people was nothing more than an invention to justify taking Palestine from the Arabs. However, the event is really just another form of anti-Semitism and hatred against the Jewish state masquerading as an academic discussion to indoctrinate impressionable students.

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Tel Aviv University - Dr. Amalia Ziv (Dept of Literature) protects Iran’s interests at TAU

Despite Ziv’s cushy faculty position, she generally seeks to combine her obsession about all that is “Queer” with her anti-Israel activities. … She also is pro-Iranian, despite the insistence by the President of Iran that there are no homosexuals at all living there. She was one of a group of radical professors at Tel Aviv University who protested a new Center for Iranian Studies lest it aid Israel and American security. Ziv and her colleagues decided that the time was apt to show their own solidarity with Iran and defend it from American "imperialist ambitions." The protesters expressed fear that the new center would be "misused" to paint Iran as a radical, anti-Semitic and pro-terrorism state (which it clearly is), and grant legitimacy to Western denunciations of Iran. They also expressed concern about the center being exploited by American “imperialism” in furthering American aggression against Iran.

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Tel Aviv University – Aeyal Gross’ (Dept of Law) biased praise of the Goldstone Report

Not to put too fine a point on it, Prof. Gross has it in for Israel. It can do no right: faced with thousands of rockets falling on a whole region of the country, or with hundreds of suicide bombings in the heart of its cities, it can neither defend itself with “violent acts” nor even build a fence to keep out the attackers. If Israel engages in such self-defense, whether active or passive, proper international reactions include boycotting it or invading it militarily. … Gross pulled out all the stops, though, in an op-ed a few weeks later praising the Goldstone Report, which has been condemned across Israel’s political spectrum. The report, he declared, “is not one-sided, it is not biased against Israel, and it does not ignore Hamas’s crimes”—breathtaking assertions to anyone who has been following the unfolding of this travesty.

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Tel Aviv University – Summary of the Anti-Israel Activity in the Philosophy and Political Science Departments

In all, Tel Aviv University’s department of Philosophy has two major activists who have signed the most radical petitions and supported the most radical anti-Israel activities, including calling on soldiers to have the “courage to refuse,” and requesting international boycotts of their own university. A further three have supported international involvement against Israel and signed more benign petitions. In total only 15 faculty have not signed any of the petitions while 13 have, meaning the department appears to be about equally balanced, however this ignores the fact that several of the faculty who are not activists are retired or visiting lecturers. Removing them brings down the number of faculty not signing petitions to 10. Thus the youngest faculty, particularly the up-and-comers, as well as the chair of the department, are at the forefront of “activism” in the “peace movement,” which means, many times encouraging soldiers to break the law and refuse orders. … The activism of TAU’s philosophy department might be seen to be relatively within the bounds of what an average department might produce, a few radicals and numerous other academics, were it not for another related philosophy department known as The Cohn Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Ideas. It is this institute that might be considered TAU’s school of radicalism, where its most extreme voices have gathered and where almost every single faculty member has been active in radical Israel-critical petitions. … In Contrast to the Philosophy Department and the Cohn Institute, the Political Science Department at TAU’s faculty are relatively tempered in their criticism of the state which supports their research. Only three signed the “academic freedom” petition and only one has shown a consistent pro-Palestinian agenda. … The importance of Philosophy and Political Science to the continuing functioning of the state is apparent. The two disciplines help provide needed analysis, critique and ideas for the development of politics and political theory. Many of the ideas central to the Western World and its embrace of citizenship and democracy have originated in these disciplines. However at Tel Aviv University an increasing number of academics no longer embrace these ideas. In their political activism on behalf of the Palestinians they have come to support a radical Islamist regime where citizenship, democracy and an open society are non-existent. … This is an unfortunate and irresponsible conclusion and one that has a continuing worrisome impact on the state of Israel and the training of its up and coming minds.

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Tel Aviv University – TAU campus administration found guilty of “suppression” of free speech; the Tenured Left at TAU fails to support the student case for “academic freedom”

Evidently Tel Aviv University's law school, a bastion for leftists, Israel bashing, and a school largely uninterested in freedom of speech (you may recall the petition by some of its professors against allowing a woman colonel teach in the school), did nothing to support the students. Neither did any of the rest of the Tenured Left, always pretending to support academic freedom when it comes to things like Neve Gordon's calls for Israel to be annihilated, or the decision to turn the TAU campus into a Gulag for a day (see this). … A Tel Aviv District Court judge on Wednesday ruled that Tel Aviv University had “violated freedom of expression”

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Tel Aviv University - Shlomo Sand – the Professor of Pseudo-History

Tel Aviv University history professor Shlomo Sand has written a “book,” titled “The Invention of the Jewish People,” which claims the existence of the Jewish people was “invented.” There is no Jewish people, insists Sand. The bulk of the Jews who created Israel were in fact not the descendents of the real Jews of the Bible, although Palestinian Arabs are their true descendents, the “indigenous” people who were converted to Islam after the 7th century when the Muslims took over. … Shlomo Sand is in fact a pseudo-scholar whose "research" is largely a rehashing of the anti-Semitic tracts of another Jewish-born anti-Semite named Benjamin Freedman, who from 1946 through the 1950’s tried to sell the idea of Khazarians-as-the-real-Jews in America to alienate Christian support from Israel. Freedman also claimed that Yiddish developed as the result of the Khazars except there are no Turkic words in it. We think Tel Aviv University should investigate just how much is 'borrowed' from other anti-Jewish writers in Sand's book. … What a shame that the Israeli taxpayer should subsidize a salary for such a tenured pseudo-scholar.

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The Immaterial Girl: Tel Aviv University’s Linguistics Professor Rachel Giora attacks Madonna for performing in Israel

The newswires have been ablaze with the tabloid-quality news story that the “Material Girl,” Madonna, was being attacked by anti-Israel leftist extremists for performing in Tel Aviv. After being made aware of the protests, Madonna, at her concert, draped herself in the Israeli flag, which inspired an even louder brouhaha. Leading the charge against the singer was Tel Aviv University’s Israel-hating Professor Rachel Giora.  With her purple hair contrasting with Madonna’s blond, Giora leads an Israeli anti-Israel group, Call From Within, evidently dedicated to promoting the next Holocaust of the Jews by encouraging the boycott of everything and anything in Israel. ... Isn’t it ironic that Madonna, a non-Jew, should feel love and concern for the people and land of Eretz Yisrael, while Tel Aviv University’s Rachel Giora seeks their destruction?  And she does so from a bully pulpit paid for by the Israeli taxpayer.  Madonna seeks to immerse herself in Jewish learning, whereas Rachel Giora wants to destroy the very Jewish state that employs her.

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Tel Aviv University – PACBI, run by Omer Barghouti, trashes Israel’s Left; gloats over BDS campaign's “legitimacy” and “moral superiority” in the BRICUP newsletter

unlike some “BDS supporters” in Israel who are trying to set their own, restrictive parameters for the campaign or qualifying their support for it to serve their political agendas. PACBI believes that increasing Israeli support for BDS or a recognition of its inevitability as a strategy in the struggle against Israeli colonialism and apartheid is an indicator of the growing legitimacy, moral superiority and success of the Palestinian-initiated and led BDS campaign. … Some of the Israeli discourse about BDS betrays a related attribute of the Zionist left’s political discourse, which is its Israel-centered rationale for supporting BDS. In this view, the underlying principle and main justification for calling for BDS is to "save Israel from itself," out of a concern for the country's future, including the prospects of normalizing Israel’s presence in the Arab world. Such an overriding concern for guaranteeing Israel’s future, without questioning its apartheid and racist character, reveals that not all members of the Israeli left or “peace camp” can be counted on as solid allies of the Palestinian and international BDS movement.

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Tel Aviv University - In the Anti-Semitic pro-terror "Counterpunch" magazine, Anat Matar (Dept of Philosophy) calls for a world boycott against Israeli universities, especially her own

"When the flag of academic freedom is raised, the oppressor and not the oppressed is usually the one who flies it. What is that academic freedom that so interests the academic community in Israel? ... Members of the Israeli academia staunchly guard their right to research what the regime expects them to research and appoint former army officers to university positions. Tel Aviv University alone prides itself over the fact that the Defense Ministry is funding 55 of its research projects and that DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency in the U.S. Defense Department, is funding nine more. All the universities offer special study programs for the defense establishment."

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Tel Aviv University - Anat Matar (Dept of Philosophy) supports Neve Gordon’s boycott; claims Academics should take the fall

Several days ago Dr. Neve Gordon of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev published an opinion piece in the Los Angeles Times. In that article he explained why, after years of activity in the peace camp here, he has decided to pin his hopes on applying external pressure on Israel - including sanctions, divestment and an economic, cultural and academic boycott. He believes, and so do I, that only when the Israeli society's well-heeled strata pay a real price for the continuous occupation will they finally take genuine steps to put an end to it. Gordon looks at the Israeli society and sees an apartheid state.

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Tel Aviv University – Carlo Strenger (Dept of Psychology) agrees that the Left’s “questionable psychology” led the State of Israel astray; needs to present “a reasonable picture of reality” to correct its own demise

The left has dissipated because it has failed to provide a realistic picture of the conflict with the Palestinians. Its ideological foundation was based on a simple prediction: If we offer the Palestinians a state in the territories occupied in 1967, there will be "peace now." … Israel's left should have said "we were wrong in our predictions. We underestimated the complexity of the situation. We didn't see that the Palestinians were not ready to renounce the right of return and we underestimated how much murderous rage there was against Israel. … SLES is built on very questionable psychology: It assumes that if you are nice to people, all conflicts will disappear. It simply disregards the human desire for dominance, power and a belief system that gives them self-respect. … If Israel's left wants to regain some credibility and convince voters that it has a role to play, it needs to give the Israeli public a reasonable picture of reality.

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Tel Aviv University – Rachel Giora (Dept of Linguistics) spearheads a call for Madonna to boycott Israel and Israelis to boycott the concert

According to Tel Aviv University Prof. Rachel Giora, a member of the group, the organization is also encouraging Israelis to boycott Madonna's performance, "to let Israel's government know how they feel... thereby hoping to encourage the Israeli government to reconsider its policies."

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Ran HaCohen calls Abraham Foxman, The director of the Anti-Defamation League, “hypocrite” and “racist” for defending Yisrael Beiteinu’s “No Loyalty – No Citizenship” bill; has a bone to pick with ADL’s recent survey and calls it “biased”

If there were a Nobel Prize for Hypocrisy, Abraham Foxman would have been a great candidate. ... What does Abe Foxman have to say about that? Well, Foxman actually defends Lieberman, describing him as harmless: “He’s not saying expel them. He’s not saying punish them.” Not at all: he’s just demonizing them and threatening to deprive them of their citizenship. No big deal. ... And Foxman criticizing one form of racism while supporting another is despicable.

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Tel Aviv University – Anat Matar (Dept of Philosophy) smears Israeli Army Woman Colonel; accuses her of promoting war crimes at Harvard

Yet the indisputable fact is that the army for which Sharvit-Baruch worked has been accused by all major human rights organizations of committing war crimes in Gaza. Some wondered why Sharvit-Baruch was being given the opportunity to offer a carefully prepared presentation unchallenged in an academic setting, rather than giving testimony to a tribunal or inquiry such as that being conducted Judge Richard Goldstone, the South African jurist heading an independent fact-finding mission into human rights violations during Israel`s attack at the request of the United Nations Human Rights Council. ... Despite the blunt admissions of Israeli soldiers widely published in the Israeli press, it was clear from her calm presentation that Sharvit-Baruch and her cohort live in their own rhetorical universe where even language is assaulted. In the Colonel`s own terminology, non-existent vocabulary in international law such as `capacity builders` and `revolving doors` is coined to pass over accepted terms such as `civilians` and `non-combatants.`

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Tel Aviv University - Ran HaCohen (Dept of Comparative Literature) declares war on Loyalty to Israel

Netanyahu’s Bar-Ilan speech was symptomatic, introducing a central new demand from the occupied Palestinians as a condition for letting them have a (castrated) state: they must first recognize Israel "as a Jewish state." This sounds idiotic: Does Israel need an outside entity to define its own character? … But Netanyahu’s new condition is aimed predominantly at Jewish-Israeli ears: it turns the attention from the occupied territories to Israel proper, implying that "our real problem" is on the inside, with those inherently disloyal "Israeli Arabs." That’s where Netanyahu meets and carries out Lieberman’s fascist election slogan "No loyalty, no citizenship." … A further attack on the Israeli-Palestinian minority is the suggested law to ban the commemoration of the Nakba, the catastrophe in 1948 in which hundreds of Palestinian villages were destroyed and hundreds of thousands became refugees. Though its original form, including jailing individuals who do commemorate it, has been softened to a formulation forbidding only public-supported organs from commemorating the event, the intention is clear – as was that of the (currently rejected) law demanding a declaration of loyalty from every Israeli citizen.

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Anat Matar, Hater of Israel, supports its enemies

In other words, for Anat Matar, from the essence of evil: the Zionist movement and the state it created, Israel. Note that, from the time Matar’s son refused service up to 2009, Israel had augmented its “occupation of the Palestinians” by removing every last Israeli from Gaza and leaving the Strip entirely in Palestinian hands, allowing a new Palestinian militia to be formed on the West Bank under American tutelage, and by a succession of Israeli prime ministers--including those once categorized as “rightist” and “hard-line”--offering the Palestinians statehood even as Hamas rules Gaza and the Fatah-run West Bank, as well, continues to be an incubator of anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic hatred. For Anat Matar, it all makes no difference--since Zionism is evil at the core in any case, has no right to defend itself, and deserves to be violently attacked. It sounds as if the monolithically wicked Zionism of her fantasies is a projection of something very ugly in herself.

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Tel Aviv University - President of Tel Aviv University (forced to) resign(s)

Senior university sources said Galil was forced to resign following friction which came to a head this week with TAU's executive council. The council issued a statement, however, expressing surprise at Galil's decision and stating that there was no attempt to make him step down. Galil declined to respond to reports of efforts to dismiss him. Sources have said that some of the executive council members had recently expressed their lack of confidence in Galil's fundraising capabilities.

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Tel Aviv University – Anat Matar (Dept of Philosophy) will be investigated by Attorney General Mazuz for her false and libelous accusation that an IDF soldier committed murder

The e-mail that caused a stir in the IDF: Mazuz, the Attorney General of Israel is to examine the complaint against Dr. Anat Matar, of Tel Aviv University's Philosophy's department, who sent out an e-mail containing a picture of an IDF soldier. Matar claimed that the soldier in the picture was the one who shot dead a demonstrator in Bil'in, and branded him a 'murderer', she asked viewers to supply the soldier’s personal information. ... Chairman of the Education Committee, M.K. Zevulon Orlev, accused the lecturer of a media lynch. "Dr. Matar does not represent any constitutional or legislative authority and her actions are reprehensible'', said Orlev and added that he is waiting for the results of the Attorney General’s investigation.

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Tel Aviv University - The Terrorist-Financed NGO Gisha run by Tel Aviv U. Law Professors Kenneth Mann and Sari Bashi

Gisha uses the Israeli courts to sue the Jewish state for taking security measures. Mann and Bashi feel that the same 1.5 million Arabs who elected and cheer on Hamas and Fatah terrorism are victims of “collective punishment” by the Israeli government, and suffer under “restricted movement.” … Israel needs to control the Gaza borders and entry points and has a right to do so under international law. Israel deported 8,000 Jews before it left Gaza as a price paid for peace, and what it received in return was Islamofascist terror. Mann and Bashi evidently blame Israel for all that and have filed suit against the Israeli government over security micro-procedures. In other words, people with expertise in law think they have the right to second-guess the military’s own leadership on questions of how to fight terror. ... It’s troubling to think that the next generation of Israeli lawyers responsible for litigating in arenas of international law are being taught by such radicals.

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PsychoActive conference at Tel Aviv University - Yet another TAU "academic" exercise in one-sided Israel-Bashing

These people live in another universe; they fail to recognize that the Arabs are ‘playing’ the ‘liberal’ Jews. It was a touchy-feely group. Feelings are everything, even if they are phony, Facts and reality are meaningless. … I think that many of the participants do not consider themselves to be Israel bashers or that they are a threat to the State.

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Tel Aviv University – Hillel Halkin reviews Shlomo Sand’s (Dept of History) book; calls Sand’s conclusions “a thoroughly dishonest manipulation of the facts”

And yet to go from there to Sand’s absurd conclusions that the Jews, who considered themselves a distinct people from their early history, were “invented” as one in modern times; that their historical connection to Palestine is “imaginary,” because they are not descended in their entirety from ancient Palestinian Jewry; or that the idea of a Jewish state is therefore less acceptable than the idea of a French or Spanish state, demands a thoroughly dishonest manipulation of the facts.

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Tel Aviv University - Chaim Gans (School of Law) Indicts Zionism as Criminality

'One of the favorite tacks [sic] taken by Israeli spokesmen, in attempting to justify the price that the Palestinians paid for the realization of Zionism, is to place full responsibility for that price on the Palestinians themselves....I am speaking about the price paid by the Palestinians not only for the patently unjust elements of Zionism (the expulsion of 1948, the inequality between Jews and Arabs in Israel and the ongoing torment of Palestinians in the form of the settlements).'

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Tel Aviv University – Anat Matar (Dept. of Philosophy) to face Slander Probe

The Zionist student group “Im Tirzu” has called on police to probe Dr. Anat Matar of Tel Aviv University as well. The group says Matar was responsible for creating and distributing the picture, and admitted to doing so in a media interview. Matar must face an investigation in order to warn others not to make false allegations against IDF soldiers, the group said. In an interview with Arutz Sheva's Hebrew site, Matar denied creating the image in question, but admitted to posting the picture on an email list.

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Tel Aviv Univeristy - Rachel Giora (Dept of Linguistics) Boycotts the University that Over-Pays her Salary; next letter should be letter of resignation

But shouldn’t Israeli academic institutions be exempted, some wonder? After all such institutions focus on academic research with no recourse to the military or state politics. But in fact Israeli academia is no different from any other Israeli institution and in many cases it plays an active if not a vital role in supporting Israeli apartheid practices against the Palestinians. For example, “the R&D [Research & Development] Directorate of the Israel Ministry of Defense is currently funding 55 projects at TAU [Tel Aviv University]”… “People are just not aware of how important university research is in general and how much TAU contributes to Israel’s security in particular”

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Tel-Aviv University – Daniel Bar-Tal (Dept of Psychology) reveals new gospel – Zionism is the main obstacle to peace

A new anti-Jewish gospel was revealed to us mortals recently from the enlightened Left encamped within Tel-Aviv University. It is this: for peace to be achieved in the Middle East, the Israelis must recognize their responsibility for the “tragedy” that they inflicted upon the Palestinians in 1948. As long as the Israelis deny their collective guilt for the Palestinians becoming refugees and deny that the Palestinians were maliciously expelled by them, then all reconciliation is a pipe dream. Hence, Israel’s acknowledging Arab “suffering” is a key to reaching a settlement in the region. Embracing Zionist “dogma” is, accordingly, the main obstacle to peace.

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Tel Aviv University - Aviad Kleinberg (Dept of History) thinks Israeli soldiers are a bunch of thugs

'Very nice. All of us can feel very good about ourselves. Again it turned out that our army, as the defense minister and chief of staff declare regularly, is the world’s most moral military. It is so moral that a failure to kill innocents is perceived as such an unusual and surprising incident that it deserves a medal.

'We are implicitly led to believe that a regular IDF soldier would have opened fire on the unarmed women and children, just to be on the safe side. However, the Duvdevan officer and his three soldiers overcame this IDF instinct, and therefore they deserve a citation. ... Moreover, the Duvdevan unit gave rise to an amazing, unusual, and unique team that in two separate and well-documented cases did not hurt innocents. Yes, hard to believe. Once upon a time, refraining from shooting at innocents was the norm. Those who deviated from it were punished.'

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Tel Aviv University - Carlo Strenger promotes violence against Jews

But today Strenger goes beyond that to support hooligan violence against Orthodox Jews! Really! The background to this is the continuing campaign of intimidation and violence by ultra-secularists in Ramat Aviv, where Strenger lives and where his Tel Aviv University is located, against Orthodox Jews. The ultra-secularists claim there is a cabal by the Orthodox to "take over" the neighborhood. You know, like the Elders of Zion. Anti-religious bigotry is the main form of bigotry in Israel. Strenger and his anti-Orthodox stormtrooper buddies are no doubt the very first to take to the barricades to support the right of Arabs to move into Jewish towns and communities in Carmiel and elsewhere. But they insist they have the right to "defend liberalism," to use Strenger's words, and use violence to keep the Orthodox out of Ramat Aviv.

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Omar Barghouti Smearing Tel Aviv University as Reward for its Admitting him as Student, President of TAU Defends the Terrorist Apologist

Just to bring you up to speed, Omar Barghouti is a non-Palestinian Arab pretending to be a Palestinian, who has organized campaigns for boycotts and divestment against Israel and against Israeli universities. Barghouti claims Israel carried out genocide against Arabs. The same Barghouti was admitted to Tel Aviv University's Department of Philosophy as a PhD student in "ethics." The fact that Barghouti falsely claims that Israel carried out genocide should be enough to convince anyone that he is no scholar and no researcher and does not belong in any university. But the Department of Philosophy at Tel Aviv University is one of the school's wall-to-wall anti-Israel leftist extremism departments. If there is a single non-leftist in that department it is news to me. Department faculty members are leaders in the campaign to end the existence of the Jewish state.

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Tel Aviv University – Shlomo Sand’s (Dept of History) new book is called “amateurish”; told where he “really failed”

Had Sand written a political tract as to why he believes there needs to be a single-state, I would not for a second, have minded. Unfortunately, he has written that political tract and disguised it as a history. … What Sand (and Finkelstein for that matter) do, is … cherry pick the parts of history that fit with their preconceived ideas no matter how far on the fringes of history those ideas are, and then casually dismiss anything that doesn’t. … Where Sand really fails is his conclusion. Israel does not need to exist as a Jewish state because Jews believe that 2000 years their direct ancestors lived there. Israel needs to exist as a Jewish state because the world is, at best, ambivalent about Jewish suffering. Israel needs to exist as a Jewish state because even if the Jewish people were invented the hatred towards them is not. Israel needs to exist as a Jewish state because books like Sand’s are so popular.

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Daniel Bar-Tal (Tel Aviv University - Dept. of Political Psychology) and David Newman’s (Ben Gurion University – Dept of Political Science) use of “McCarthyism” is “absurd, intellectually dishonest and immoral” according to Executive Director Prof. Gerald Steinberg

Is the right to criticize restricted to this elite, while its members have divine immunity from being criticized when they fail to live up to the universal moral principles that they exploit? Furthermore, I find ideological claims of "attempts to restrict free speech" and the absurd use of the term "McCarthyism", intellectually dishonest and immoral. By screaming "McCarthyism" whenever critical analyses of their claims or activities are published, these critics can themselves be accused of trying to suppress and discredit free speech.

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Tel Aviv University - Daniel Bar-Tal (Dept. of Political Psychology) makes excuses for genocidal terror

'I realize that terror is a symptom and has deep causes. It is defined in very specific way to differentiate it from other types of violence. But the Israeli government refuses to look at its causes and jumps on the American war against terrorism, trying to present the situation in the Middle East as being similar to the situation of September 11 and the war in Afghanistan....The recent wave of terror was so severe and symbolic that about 70% of us are ready to accept almost every act of violence to stop this bloodbath. People in such moments loose their human perspective and turn into fearful and vengeful warriors.'

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Terrorism Aviv University accepts a New PhD Student

He already got his MA from Tel Aviv University in "ethics." That is correct, Tel Aviv University evidently considers Palestinian anti-Semitism and terrorism "ethical." He is also a militant supporter of Israel's extermination under what the anti-Semitic Left these days calls the "one-state solution." His group has made headlines for demanding that Israeli universities themselves be targeted for boycott (see the following article). So here we have the spectacle of Tel Aviv University treating this pogromchik as a scholar and accepting him for PhD studies. He is on record as claiming that Israel is conducting genocide against Arabs (see the following article). Anyone who thinks Tel Aviv University has retained any academic standards at all will now have to think again.

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Tel Aviv University – Shlomo Sand (Dept of History) has book reviewed by fellow TAU Historian and Israel Prize Laureate Anita Shapira, who discredits the book as “artificial”

Sand bases his arguments on the most esoteric and controversial interpretations, while seeking to undermine the credibility of important scholars by dismissing their conclusions without bringing any evidence to bear. … Sand would like to promote a new Israeli agenda, striving for harmony between Jews and Arabs, to be based on the remodeling of Jewish identity. … But reconciliation between peoples makes necessary a mutual recognition of truth, not an artificial analysis that presents a fabricated front, a quasi-mask that hides the real differences. What Sand is offering is this kind of artificial analysis.

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Stalinism Day at Tel Aviv University

The content of the talks at the "conference" was exactly as expected. Several of the speakers were party henchmen from the Stalinist MAKI party and not academics at all. Representatives of the communist party were on the scene distributing party "literature" and propaganda books. Every single speaker celebrated and praised communism, and most spent time attacking Zionism, Israel and Israel's very existence, praising Arab terrorism as "resistance" to Zionist colonialism.

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At Tel Aviv University, one-sidedly promoting communism is "academic freedom," but protesting human rights abuses by Communist China is prohibited by the campus officials!

The president of Tel Aviv University, Prof. Zvi Galil, has just issued this apologia in defense of the one-sided communist indoctrination conference to be held at Tel Aviv University.  We have left the English and spelling uncorrected. Here is the original message:

from Prof. Zvi Galil <>

date: 22 March 2009 02:38

It is a conference on the history of the Comunist party in Israel.
Go to the poster and see Anita shapira is a speaker.
Go read her books.
It is a legitimate conference on a legitimate topic..
Whoever wrote it tries to hirt [sic] Tel Aviv University and Israel.
Tel Aviv University professors just won SIX Israel Prizes.



Tel Aviv University's Long Track Record of Pandering to Communism

It seems that an art exhibit was being shown on the campus of TAU last year in the persecution of the "Falun Gong" in China was depicted. The Falun Gong are a sort of meditation, exercise movement with some features of a religious cult. China has been brutally suppressing and persecuting members of the movement. Some of the artists in the exhibit were survivors of China's forced labor camps, and endured the tortures they depict. The Chinese Embassy in Israel was not amused and complained to the heads of Tel Aviv University. In one of the most brazen acts of cowardice in the Western world, the university officials ordered the exhibit shut down in order to appease the Chinese communists!!!

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Tel Aviv University - Yehuda (Judd) Ne'eman (Dept of Film and Television) has no problem accepting the Israel Prize (and the prize money) from the State he condemns

Yehuda Ne'eman, like so many of members of the Far Left academic mafia, is a hypocrite. He already made clear that he would not refuse the Prize, awarded by the "judges" Prof. Ram Levi, director Orna Ben Dor and Dr. Anat Preminger. "I feel like I belong and I don't belong; the part that belongs very much wants to be a part of things and receive recognition, while the part that doesn't belong is kicking and telling me all the things a person has to say to himself and not to anyone else," he told Ha'aretz, after expressing delight at the news of the Prize. "With all the horrible things Israel does, I know that from the perspective of history, on the scale of evil, we are not at the top of the chart."  How comforting.

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Tel Aviv University to be Converted to a Gulag (for a day)

Many of us have long suspected that Tel Aviv University (TAU) often serves as a communist re-education gulag, dominated by its post-Zionist anti-Israel far-leftists in whose classrooms no Zionist or non-leftist opinion may ever be expressed. But this coming March 25, 2009, it really will be a gulag! At least for one day! Israel's pro-terror communist party MAKI will hold its "congress" that day in the TAU law school, which has been much in the news recently for attempts at suppressing academic freedom there, gulag-style.

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To see the "congress" flyer (Hebrew), go here


Tel Aviv University. - Daniel Bar-Tal (Dept. of Political Psychology) celebrates Israeli loss of will to resist, capitulation to Arab propaganda:

'Prof. Bar-Tal says the simplistic view most Jewish Israelis hold is a consequence of living daily in the face of ongoing violent conflict. A socio- psychological infrastructure is developed for the sake of self-preservation that on the one hand is functional in coping with the conflict, but on the other hand feeds it.'

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Tel Aviv University - Daniel Bar-Tal (Dept. of Political Psychology) for whom no reason is good enough to go to war

This is probably one of the most difficult periods in my political life as a Jew living in the State of Israel. The events of the war in Gaza hit hard my foundations of hope that a peaceful conflict resolution between Israelis and Palestinians can be achieved in the near future. Moreover, my trust in humanity has been weakened seeing the ease with which human beings rally for a war, exercise blind patriotism, express desire for vengeance, delegitimize the opponent, and develop insensitivity to human life, denial of responsibility, self-righteousness and moral entitlement. This is in contrast to the great difficulty that human beings have in mobilization for peace. We see over and over again that it takes many years and many efforts to persuade people in the importance of peace, but it takes an extremely short time to convince people in the need of war. It is even more difficult to establish moral considerations.

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Tel Aviv University – Ran HaCohen (Dept of Comparative Literature) prettifies and legitimizes anti-Semitism

'So a private person who doubts the loyalty of Jews in a telephone interview is a dirty anti-Semite to Foxman. But a major political party that publicly defames Arab Israelis and pledges to revoke their citizenship gets a pass from the director of the Anti-Defamation(!) League, purportedly committed to "Fighting Anti-Semitism, Bigotry, and Extremism"!'

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Tel Aviv University - Anat Biletzki (Dept of Philosophy) and Anat Matar (Dept of Philosophy) support Hampshire College divestment from Israel

They endorse, among other things, the boycotting Israeli goods and calling on the American Government to stop funding Israel.

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Tel Aviv University - PM Olmert: No funding for bodies that refuse to employ officers

"In my opinion, any university that disqualifies lecturers on such grounds, before an examination [of their service] has been concluded, is not suitable to receive funding from the Israeli government," Olmert said.

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Olmert denounces Tel Aviv University anti-democratic leftist faculty members as self-righteous hypocrites

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert came to the defense of Col. Pnina Sharvit-Baruch on Sunday, speaking out against those seeking to prevent her from taking up a teaching position at Tel Aviv University when she finishes her IDF career in the coming weeks.

The prime minister blasted the "self-righteous hypocrites" at the university who "presume to preach morality" without first learning the facts of a case.

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Tel Aviv University - Prof. Shlomo Avineri denounces the "McCarthyism" at Tel Aviv University, the attempt to impose an anti-Israel leftist litmus test on those who can teach in the TAU Law School

'The attempt to "protect" those who belong to the left while employing McCarthy-style methods against those associated with the right is nothing but hypocrisy, which has no place in academia. The people working to prevent Sharvit-Baruch's appointment do not realize that the proposal gives legitimacy to the dark forces that lurk on the sidelines of Israeli society, to begin pursuing the voices in academia that strike them as "unpatriotic" or "insufficiently Zionist." This may even apply to some of the people heading the fight against Sharvit-Baruch.'

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Tel Aviv University - Daniel Breslau (Dept. of Sociology) gives “advice” to President Obama on how to manipulate Israel for Palestinian Benefit

All of these tactics have been convenient for Israel and the US, allowing them to support Palestinian rights and peace in principle, while in practice denying them. Through Palestinian fragmentation, continued violence that Israel itself often instigates, and the decline of the Palestinian Authority, Israel has worked hard to make the complaint of `no partner` a reality.

This is why George Mitchell and the Obama Administration have such a difficult task. The new president must anticipate the lengths to which Israel will go to avoid direct, substantive, and binding negotiations. Real pressure on Israel will inevitably result in a confrontation as Israel will make moves such as those listed above to test Obama. He will have to be wise to Israel`s tactics, and will have to be ready to neutralize them as soon as they arise.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here

On the anti-Semitic web site Counterpunch, Ben Gurion University's Neve Gordon and Tel Aviv University's Yigal Bronner smear Israel using Hamas propaganda "statistics" verbatim

'This latest assault underscores that Israel, not unlike Hamas, readily resorts to violence and does not distinguish between civilians and combatants (only the weapons at Israel's disposal are much more lethal). No matter how many times the Israeli government tries to blame Hamas for the latest Palestinian civilian deaths it simply cannot explain away the body count, especially that of the children. In addition to the dead, 1,855 Palestinian children were wounded, and tens of thousands of others have likely been traumatised, many of them for life.....Israel's masters of war must be happy: the seeds of the next wars have certainly been sown.'

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Tel Aviv University - Chaim Gans (School of Law) thinks Israel has a right to exist only if it destroys all the settlements and withdraws to the Green Line. That is his "defence" of Zionism!

Moreover, Israel must bring all of this to an end not only because the occupation of the West Bank and the inequality between Jews and Arabs in Israel are bad in and of themselves and corrupt Israel's present and future moral standing, but also because these practices render Israel's good faith in relying on the justice of Zionism's past questionable.

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The Assault on Academic Freedom by Tel Aviv University Leftist Faculty Members

The anti-Zionist caucus of far-leftist professors at Tel Aviv University has a new cause. It is the suppression of academic freedom in the university's School of Law. The leftists are upset that the school is considering allowing the woman colonel who heads the Israeli Defense Forces international law division to lecture in its Law School. The far-leftists are opposed to that. Basically they are opposed to anyone teaching in the School of Law who is not a far-leftist anti-Zionist like them.

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Tel Aviv University – Ran HaCohen's (Dept of Comparative Literature) continues to serve as Hamas' Mouthpiece

When I talk of ignorance, I do not mean that Israelis do not know there is occupation. They have known that for three-and-a-half decades, and their ideology has enabled them to live with it -- more (on the Right) or less (on the Left) comfortably. But the current phase of occupation differs from its former stages in the intensified use of disinformation and state-controlled ignorance. And so, while Israelis generally believe that "it must be quite terrible over there," very few of them know which Palestinian towns are under siege or closure at a given time, and what is the difference between the two. They do not know of villages locked behind a fence and a closed gate. They hardly know where the so-called "Separation Fence" is erected, and what it means for the Palestinians. Israelis have no idea how long it would take for a Palestinian to get from Ramallah to Bethlehem, and whether he is allowed to. And they definitely do not know that when the army is reported to remove a permanent checkpoint somewhere in the occupied Palestinian territories it is replaced by an even worse temporary checkpoint. Obviously, all this has immediate impact on the question "who is to blame" for the violence, which translates directly into political support.

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Tel Aviv University - Anat Biletzki (Dept of Philosophy) invents Reality with Statistics

A group of British academic anti-Semites is circulating an electronic leaflet in which they explain that insists that 8000 Hamas rockets landing on Israeli civilians just do not count, because they are just symbolic protests and do not do very much damage. Therefore it is only Israeli retaliation that counts as the launching of war. Translation: dead Jews do not count because Jewish lives have no value and Jews deserve to be sent to concentration camps.

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Tel Aviv University - Moshe Zuckerman's (Dept. of History) anti-Israel rhetoric gets quoted by the traitor and spy Azmi Bishara

Dr. Moshe Zuckerman of Tel-Aviv University provided an interesting answer to these questions, by saying, "Zionism always wanted to create an "Israeli" identity, however the realities constantly challenges this aspiration and contradicts it and regardless of how hard Zionism tries to fabricate "Israeli" identity and by force, the outcome is that the "Israeli" identity does not exist. Dr. Zuckerman continued by saying, "There has never been a unique culture and civilization that is different than the culture of the local communities that they lived in. In other words, the culture of the Jews who lived among the Arab people was a reflection of the Arab culture, as the culture of German Jews reflected the German culture, and so on."

In other words Dr. Zuckerman recognizes the constituents for Nation building that Jews in general lack. Jews are merely a religious group. They have no common language, no common history, no common culture, no common territory and no common economical system to form a Nation that might be entitled for the right of self-determination. Yet, Mr. Bishara accepts the Zionist-fabricated "Israeli culture" as sufficient constituent for forming a Jewish state on Palestinian stolen land. So, it could very well be that Mr. Bishara is more Zionist than Dr. Zuckerman. Most importantly, Mr. Bishara did not bring the issue of culture and heritage simply out of ignorance, because he has prepared the Arab masses to accept the Zionist existence in Arabia, while preparing the Zionist masses for accepting the Arabs within 1948 OP (Occupied Palestine) as a cultural/National minority, and to grant them culture autonomy, as he calls it. And, what is worse is that Mr. Bishara prepares the Arabs within 1948 OP to assimilate and to integrate in the "Israeli" society, which is a contradiction to his doctrine of recognizing the Arabs as a "National minority."

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Anti-Zionist Professor Moshe Zuckerman (Dept of History) Invents a New Anti-Semitic Blood Libel

Anti-Zionist Tel Aviv University professor Professor Moshe Zuckerman (history) tells German radio that Israel has murdered 400,000 Palestinians during the Gaza conflict. See this report. Head of TAU's Institute for German History.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Ran HaCohen's (Dept of Comparative Literature) attacks Ben Dror Yemini and Maariv Newspaper

But Taub's demagoguery fades compared to Ben-Dror Yemini's (an Israeli Daniel Pipes) in Ma'ariv. In a column titled "The Most Justified Offensive Ever" (miraculously, the very words used by his Ha'aretz twin Ari Shavit for the Lebanon War just two years ago), Yemini draws a straight line from Hitler to Hamas (no coincidence they both start with an H, just like Hezbollah, Saddam Hussein, and Hemorrhoids), and explains that "Since the Nazi ideology […], no movement has been as dangerous to world peace as political Islam." My apologies for quoting this trash; we need an Israeli demagogue to instrumentalize the Holocaust, and Yemini was born for such dirty jobs.

(Israel's policy is) 'The damage to the civil population should be maximized, because the worse the humanitarian crisis is, the better and the sooner the operation would end. It's the same major-general, by the way, who just a year ago caused outrage by urging the Israeli government to negotiate directly with Hamas. Do not to look for consistency, integrity, or intelligence where war criminals are involved.'

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Shlomo Sand's Revisionist Pseudo-History of the Jewish People

Sand describes his own venture into historic revisionism as an exploration in historiography, and notes: "My initial intention was to take certain kinds of modern historiographic materials and examine how they invented the 'figment' of the Jewish people. ... Sand, who was once active in the Israeli splinter Maoist group Matzpen, also wanted to learn about stories of conversions to Judaism and then to connect those strands into a theory that claimed that all Jews everywhere are the descendants of converts. That being the case, Jewish peoplehood must itself be a fabrication, one invented in 19th century Germany, notably contemporaneous with the antecedents of Nazism. For Sand this is not a coincidence, because then Zionism can be shown to be similar to Nazism, is proven illegitimate, and so Israel should not exist at all. This is quite a novel way to rewrite history.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Carlo Strenger (Dept of Psychology) rewrites history

"We Jews demand of the world never to forget that 6 million of us were killed in the Holocaust. We would do well not to forget that some 6 million black Africans died during the long history of the slave trade, one of the most shameful chapters in the history of humanity.... Obama's election is a triumph of universalism over chauvinism."

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Tel Aviv University - Ran HaCohen's (Dept of Comparative Literature) article serves basis for new call for economic boycott

It is about mentioning the fact that Israel is breaching each and every principle of "free market" economy in the OT – and this is what the OECD is supposed to promote.

It was the Israeli academic Ran HaCohen from Tel Aviv University who succinctly pointed to this argument in his article Keep Israel out of elite economic club The Electronic Intifada, 17 June 2008

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - The leftwing McCarthyism of Carlo Strenger (Dept of Psychology) who thinks all non-leftists are guilty of terrorism

The Sternhell Attack gave the Left an excuse to judge and sentence the Right without trial upon the front pages of the newspapers. Then Strenger – imitating Emile Zola – “accuses”, among others, in order to cover up that the conviction of the Right – imitating Alfred Dreyfus – was based on false accusations and misrepresentation of justice.

'I accuse those Jews, inside Israel and outside, who run websites that track "dangerous left-wing intellectuals" in Israel. They call people like Zeev Sternhell "anti-Semitic," "self-hating Jews" and "enemies of Israel....For too long the Israeli Right has taken a forgiving attitude toward its 'wild weeds.' For too long it has used extremists to present its own views as acceptable mainstream."

Unlike the police, Strenger claims to know who attacked Sternhell's home and who was behind it.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University Marxist sociologist Yehuda Shenhav explains why the "Palestinian refugees" deserve compassion, but the Jewish refugees from Arab countries (or what he calls "Arab Jews") do not:

'Any reasonable person, Zionist or non-Zionist, must acknowledge that the analogy drawn between Palestinians and Arab Jews is unfounded. Palestinian refugees did not want to leave Palestine. Many Palestinian communities were destroyed in 1948, and some 700,000 Palestinians were expelled, or fled, from the borders of historic Palestine. Those who left did not do so of their own volition. In contrast, Arab Jews arrived to Israel under the initiative of the State of Israel and Jewish organizations. Some arrived of their own free will; others arrived against their will. Some lived comfortably and securely in Arab lands; others suffered from fear and oppression.'

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Ran HaCohen (Dept of Comparative Literature) Conveniently Forgets Arab Terror When He Scoffs About Israeli Security Concerns

But that's not the end of it: the report also states that "For its part, Israel would like to supervise border crossings, maintain a limited deployment in the Jordan Valley, continue overflights of the Palestinian territory, maintain early warning stations on mountain ridges, and hold emergency response units in Palestinian areas."

Oh, so that's what Israel means by a "two-state solution": An "independent" "Palestinian" "state" with Israeli supervision on its borders crossings, full of Israeli soldiers, Israeli jets, Israeli military stations – and, of course, Israel's right to send even more soldiers into it in "times of emergency." Shall we – to expose Israel's true face – suggest mutuality? How about Palestinian control on Israel's border crossings, a Palestinian military presence along Israel's Mediterranean coast, Palestinian jets free to fly over Tel Aviv and Dimona, Palestinian military stations in Haifa and Ramat Yishay, and Palestinian emergency response units in Israeli areas? Obviously, such "security arrangements" are completely incompatible with a sovereign, independent state. … The Israeli proposal – as its "security arrangements" reveal – proves once again that Israel is no partner for peace.

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Tel Aviv U’s Chomsky disciples in linguistics leave us speechless

When historians look back at the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, they will no doubt observe the importance that words played for Israel’s enemies in the dispute. Blowing up a bus full of people becomes “legitimate resistance,” and a security fence to keep out suicide bombers and terrorists suddenly becomes an “apartheid wall”; “occupation” takes on multiple meanings—does it mean the West Bank and Gaza or all of Israel? In fact, it means both depending on its usefulness at the time the phrase is spoken by irredentist Arabs. Words such as “genocide” and “ethnic cleansing” increasingly refer to a subjugated Palestinian Arab population that in reality seems to only grow exponentially. To the outside world, a plethora of deceptive words, be they in English or translated to other languages, suggest Israel is persecuting the Arabs who are bent on the Jewish state’s annihilation by distorting that Israel, a Jewish haven from European Nazism, has in effect become the nation of the new Nazis and that the Arabs are the new Jews. Such is the power of words used to manipulate ideas and disguise facts in any language.

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Tel Aviv University – Shlomo Sand (Dept of History) – gets bad peer review of book by Israel Bartal who reduces the work to fiction.

What is Sand trying to prove in this study? In his view, the homeland of the Jewish people is not Palestine, and most Jews are descendants of the members of different nations who converted to Judaism in ancient times and in the medieval period. He claims that the Jews of Yemen and Eastern Europe are descendants of pagans.

According to Sand, this historical truth was concealed by Zionist thinkers, who developed an ethno-biological ideology, and the so-called "Jewish people" was invented as late as the 19th century. Furthermore, he argues, the idea of a "nation" that was exiled from its homeland in ancient times and which is destined to return to it in the modern age so as to rebuild its independent state is merely an invented myth.

...Or, perhaps, because everything is an invention anyway, it does not really matter whether the "imagined object" is black or white? The lugubrious Israeli combination of aggressive one-dimensional conceptuality and blatant disrespect for details will undoubtedly captivate the hearts of the public relations executives of the electronic media. However, we, the skeptical historians, who are buried between mountains of books and piles of archival files, can only continue to read what has really been written and to write about what has really been read.

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Tel Aviv University Academics among those demanding Israel's Extermination in the "Haifa Conference for the Right of Return And the Secular Democratic State in Palestine"

'In the second part of the opening session, there were three speeches in Hebrew: Yehuda Kupferman (Tel Aviv University) from the "Committee for a secular and democratic state in the whole of Palestine," and Dr Uri Davis from "the movement against Israeli Apartheid in Palestine" - both from the initiating committee, and Dr Anat Matar (Tel Aviv University) , a leading activists in support of the rights of Palestinian prisoners and for the rights of Israeli youth to refuse serving in the Israeli army....(Among the demands were to) Strip the Jewish presence in Palestine of its colonialist nature, which is connected to the racist Zionist project, as a tool of imperialism and global capitalism.'

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University – Shlomo Zand (Dept of History) – Students protest Zand’s book that denys a Jewish Nation

Professor Shlomo Zand of Tel Aviv University says there is no such thing as a Jewish Nation. Students at the university say that the professor is anti-Semitic.

In his new book, Zand says that Judaism is a religion and is connected to no nation.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University – Anat Matar (Dept. of Philosophy) Gets Arrested Participating in an Illegal Demonstration

This morning at five o'clock army and border police forces entered Bil'in, declared a curfew, prohibited the weekly demonstration and ordered the eight Israelis, who had stayed the night in Bil'in, to leave. When they refused they were all arrested…. Some 25 Israelis were arrested, among them Dr Anat Matar of the Tel-Aviv University, Philosophy Department, and veteran Meretz activist Latif Dori. Some of them were dragged into the police cars after passively resisting arrest.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


University of Haifa - Who needs Shakespeare?

Here is what they are teaching in the English Department at the University of Haifa (guest lecturer from Tel Aviv University):

'The Israeli queer activist group "Black Laundry" emerged in 2001 following the outbreak of the second Intifada. Black Laundry effected a two-fold shift in Israeli LGBT politics - both in its move from identity politics narrowly defined (i.e. a politics focused solely on the interests of the LGBT community) to a politics of identification concerned with the occupation as well as with other types of oppression...'

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv Philosophy Professor Anat Matar promotes draft dodging from the IDF to aid her Palestinian Arab “Allies”

And here Anat Matar, the self-avowed deep thinker and philosopher, shows how she is neither. She states in an interview, “As for ending the occupation itself, I'm far from being optimistic. But of course, pressure on the U.S. government, boycotting Israel in all sorts of ways - in short, making manifest the similarity between Israel and Apartheid South Africa - all these could perhaps change something. I'm not sure about the short run. But slowly, slowly this should be understood by more and more people.” One wonders where is her concern for the 30% of Israeli children and the elderly who must eat in soup kitchens due to the Arab League Boycott she supports. The suffering of Israelis apparently means nothing to Anat Matar.

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Tel Aviv University - Anat Matar hard at work at destroying Israel through creating a "Right of Return" for "Palestinian refugees"

Haifa Conference for the Right of Return And the Secular Democratic State in Palestine

Friday and Saturday, June 20-21, 2008

Haifa, Al Midan Theatre, Khouri St 2

Friday, June 20

17:00 - Youth meeting: Youth struggle, the Return of Palestinian refugees, and the Secular Democratic Society

19:00 . Opening Session

On behalf of the Initiating Committee . Rajaa Zo'abi O'mari

Ayman O'deh . Secretary General - Democratic Front for Peace and Equality (HADASH)

Awad Abed El-Fatah . Secretary General - National Democratic Alliance (BALAD)

Muhammad Kanaa'ne . Secretary General - Abnaa elBalad Movement (The movement is part of the coalition that constitute the Initiating Committee)

Palestinian speakers from the post-1967 occupied territories and the Diaspora

Dr. Anat Matar

Prof. Bhim Singh from Kashmir

Greetings to the Haifa Conference.

Cultural Program

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Kenneth Mann (Dept of Law) Participated in Conference that promotes "ending the Occupation"

The following Israeli academics participated in FFIPP-International Conference that promotes "ending the Occupation":

Menachem Klein, Bar Ilan University - Dept of Political Studies
Kenneth Mann, Tel Aviv University - Dept of Law
Eyal Wiezman, University of London - Dept of Visual Cultures


It has been almost two years since the last FFIPP conference in Ramallah.
Since then, the situation in the Occupied Territories has deteriorated with the
rapidly worsening conditions in Gaza, the continued construction of the Wall
and the settlements, continued violence— mainly against the Palestinians- and
the lack of any progress in the ‘negotiations’. The tensions between Hamas and
Fatah continued as well and the isolation of Hamas contributed to the general
deterioration. The Annapolis conference has failed to produce any positive
change in the region and the occupation of Iraq is now threatening to escalate
into, potentially, a major confrontation with Iran.

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Tel Aviv University - Gadi Algazi (Dept. of History) laments at the wrong Wall

True, the fence was built after a wave of attacks on Israeli civilians during the bloody days of the second intifada. It was built by exploiting the black days of violent suppression of the intifada in the territories, the choking of Palestinian civilian protest, of suicide bombers. But Sharon’s project was far-reaching from the start, a project of systematic annexation and cutting the West Bank into fenced reservations for the natives. But most importantly, the fence was built on fear, through deliberate exploitation of real fears, and real suffering.

You can build on fears. Especially barbed-wire fences. You can also make a nice profit from it. The main question is how we, and are children after us, will live behind those fences.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Ran HaCohen (Dept of Comparative Literature) blames Israel for all Palestinian Problems

The Palestinian territories have no central bank, nor their own currency or monetary sovereignty: they are dependent on the Israeli shekel. Nor do they have declared and internationally recognized borders nor geographic contiguity, a precondition for defining an economic unit. The Palestinian-controlled enclaves are encircled, divided and separated by Israeli roadblocks and by Israeli-controlled areas, like roads closed to Palestinian traffic, Israeli settlements, army facilities etc. Only Israel can decide whether a Palestinian laborer, businessman or entrepreneur may move from one point to another -- within his allegedly independent economic unit. ... If this goes together with a ‘commitment to free economy,’ then Zimbabwe and North Korea can join OECD just as much.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Distributed the Week at Tel Aviv University:


Danger: Islamofacism in Tel Aviv University

Last week the Arab student committee held elections.

The winner: the EQRAA party, which belongs to the "Islamic Movement in Israel". They got over 50% of the student votes!  Many of those voting for the Islamofascists were admitted to Tel Aviv University under affirmative action preferences for Arab students, and some received fellowships paid for by donors to the university!

Two days prior to the elections it was discovered that three Arabs from Lod, who were members of the Islamic Movement, planned to kidnap an IDF soldier, murder him, hide his body, and demand the release of Palestinian terrorists.

The Islamic Movement is active in war against Israel and support for Palestinian terror. It publishes hate propaganda against Jews and celebrates Palestinian suicide bombers. Its leaders have been convicted of financial and logistical support for the Hamas terror organization.

When the Arab students voted EQRAA, they voted for terrorism and against the State of Israel.

A majority of the Arab students who voted are radical, racist, fascists and terror supporters.

They are a clear and present danger!



Tel Aviv University - Carlo Strenger (Dept. of Psychology) debates politics with those who claim Israeli "ethnic cleansing" and condones their actions

Brian, I have been following the debate in the UK and the activities of Independent Jewish Voices (IJV), and I was happy to see a growing group of Jews liberate themselves from the stranglehold of Jewish organisations who, however sincerely, believe that Israel is best served by uncritically defending Israeli actions, whatever their human cost and long-term political consequences.

My goal is to differentiate between two types of criticisms: the first type tries to foster debate, dialogue and has a political goal. I have disagreements with some of the things said by members of IJV, but I mostly feel that I can relate to them, that there is a way to enter dialogue (as with your advertisement marking Israel's 60th anniversary, published in the Jewish Chronicle).


Let me begin with a basic belief of mine: any criticism of Israel that does not actually incite racism and antisemitism is legitimate. Many supporters of Israel automatically play the card of antisemitism to muzzle criticism. This is intellectually and morally wrong and it is dangerous. It empties the charge of antisemitism of serious content, and creates deep animosity not only towards Israel, but also towards Jews in general.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University. - Daniel Bar-Tal (Dept. of Political Psychology) conveniently omits Israel’s Academic Fifth-Column in his list of dangers confronting Israel at Sixty

Through the years many thousands of Palestinians, including civilians and children who were not engaged in any violent activity against Israel, were killed or injured by the Israeli forces. More than 600,000 of the Palestinians were arrested through the years of occupation, many thousands spent years in prisons and as detainees, many were tortured, some were expelled and their houses demolished. Many aspects of Palestinian collective and individual lives are controlled by the Israelis and through the years this has had an immense negative effect on the development of their economic, societal and political infrastructure. According to UN 2007 report 57 percent of the households in the territories live in poverty. In principle, this occupied population lives without basic human and civil rights under continuous humiliation and discrimination that cannot be accounted for by threats to the security of Israel. As examples it is possible to provide about 100 checkpoints and several hundred roadblocks that turn the lives of the Palestinians into a miserable experience, or the fact that many of the settlements and the outposts were built on private Palestinian land confiscated under false pretexts, or the attempts to build security the fence well beyond the green line in order to take hold of more Palestinian land.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Aviad Kleinberg (Dept of History) wants Israel to stop liking America

Yet what caused my sense of discomfort (not to mention slight nausea) was the absence of any limits, or what I would call lack of self respect. The flattery showered on Bush was embarrassing and exceedingly exaggerated – bowing down to the ground where a handshake would do.

Bush was repeatedly presented as a leader who has no equal, a cosmic savior almost. He is our father, our king, and the US is our beloved and loving mother. We love and adore our beloved mother and father. Our gratitude knows no boundaries.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Ran HaCohen (Dept of Comparative Literature) belittles Israel on Independence Day

Christians – the ancient self-designated heirs to the Jews – commemorate Christ's tormented way to resurrection and redemption in the weeks leading to Easter. Zionists – the modern self-designated heirs to the Jews – have their Lent after Passover, commemorating what they construct as their via dolorosa leading to the "Jewish State." In the weeks following Pesach the country indulges in a nationalistic orgy, hardly imaginable in any other modern state, reminiscent of a primitive tribe. If you want to understand how a whole nation is led to defy its own interests, to follow a corrupt, de facto military leadership wasting the nation's fortune and blood on unnecessary wars and immoral occupation for decades, pay a visit to Israel shortly after Pesach.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Shlomo Sand (Dept of History) denies 3000 years of Jewish History and dismisses the Diaspora as an "invention"

In this work, the author attempts to prove that the Jews now living in Israel and other places in the world are not at all descendants of the ancient people who inhabited the Kingdom of Judea during the First and Second Temple period. Their origins, according to him, are in varied peoples that converted to Judaism during the course of history, in different corners of the Mediterranean Basin and the adjacent regions. Not only are the North African Jews for the most part descendants of pagans who converted to Judaism, but so are the Jews of Yemen (remnants of the Himyar Kingdom in the Arab Peninsula, who converted to Judaism in the fourth century) and the Ashkenazi Jews of Eastern Europe (refugees from the Kingdom of the Khazars, who converted in the eighth century).

Unlike other "new historians" who have tried to undermine the assumptions of Zionist historiography, Sand does not content himself with going back to 1948 or to the beginnings of Zionism, but rather goes back thousands of years. He tries to prove that the Jewish people never existed as a "nation-race" with a common origin, but rather is a colorful mix of groups that at various stages in history adopted the Jewish religion. He argues that for a number of Zionist ideologues, the mythical perception of the Jews as an ancient people led to truly racist thinking: "There were times when if anyone argued that the Jews belong to a people that has gentile origins, he would be classified as an anti-Semite on the spot. Today, if anyone dares to suggest that those who are considered Jews in the world ... have never constituted and still do not constitute a people or a nation - he is immediately condemned as a hater of Israel."

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Anat Biletzki (Dept of Philosophy) issues a call to the Prez of TAU

Commemorate Sheikh Muwanis

Published by StudentCoalition on Mar 30, 2008

Category: Politics

Region: Israel

Target: students/workers of Tel-Aviv university and other supporters

Web site:


(The petition is available in Hebrew, Arabic and English)

A letter to the president of Tel-aviv university - A request for commemoration of the village of Sheikh Muwanis on campus and in university publications

(signatures would be added to the letter).

Please note your status and department at TA university, if relevant.


To: Prof. Tzvi Galil

President, Tel Aviv University

Re: A request for commemoration of the village of Sheikh Muwanis on campus and in university publications

Dear Sir,

We, students and employees of Tel Aviv University and their supporters, hereby request that you take action to commemorate a chapter in the history of our institution which has heretofore been silenced – the fact of its erection on the lands of the Palestinian village of Sheikh Muwanis, which was destroyed in 1948 and its residents forced to become refugees.

Commemoration is possible through many means, for example the construction of memorial markers, as is common around the world and in Israel. We consider it particularly important to make public the past of the university club, the "Green House", formerly the home of the Abu-Kahil family of Sheikh Muwanis. This building is one of the sole remnants of the village, but its history is absent from the official publications of the University. It would also be appropriate to respect the memory of the village's cemetery, upon which many university parking lots have unfortunately been constructed.

In our opinion, a leading institution dedicated to the search for and revelation of the truth, such as Tel Aviv University, is morally obliged to take this important step of recognition of historical truth – documented among other places in research done at the University itself. In addition, this is a gesture of rapprochement of the kind which we deem very necessary at the present moment. While Israel celebrates the sixtieth anniversary of its foundation, the Palestinian people are marking six decades since their national catastrophe, the Nakbah. After such a long delay, the University would do well to act against the willful ignorance of the plight of the Palestinian people and the deliberate erasure of its presence. We would appreciate it if you would agree to meet with a delegation of the signatories to this letter to discuss the topic.

This letter recaps the content of a previous letter, sent on 28 October 2003 to then-University President, Prof. Itamar Rabinowitz, by students and employees of the University, the descendants of the residents of Sheikh Muwanis, and the members of Zokhrot organization. The previous letter is hereby attached.

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Tel Aviv University - Carlo Strenger (Dept. of Psychology) Takes on the Passover Haggada

This past week, Strenger outdid his anti-Israel leftist friends and took on not only Zionism but the Passover Haggada! You can see it, in in Hebrew (not available in English). There Strenger explains how the Haggada is a backward archaic anti-democratic document. And in fact that is the whole problem with Israel that it attempts to incorporate in its essence those primitive sentiments from the Bible and Haggada.

Now what really bothers Strenger of course is that if people read the Haggada or the Bible they may get the foolish idea that Jews have the right to their own state and to Jerusalem, something Strenger no doubt wants us all to "question." Israel has squashed the "traditional Jewish tradition of critical thinking and irony," opines Strenger, meaning . I guess . that too many Israelis laugh at his own "ideas." He names Woody Allen and Steven Spielberg (and Spinoza, who is fashionable among the atheist clique) as non-religious Jews whom we in Israel should all take as our role models. He claims Maimonides himself abandoned Judaism for a while, although (to Strenger's disappointment?) returned to it. He denounces the Zionist movement and Ben Gurion for filling the minds of Israelis with such mythology and archaic nonsense, which then directly led to a group of simply awful people building settlements in Palestinian lands after 1967. He adds that the story of Masada is a fabrication and that the great archeologist Yigal Yadin knew it was fake but kept it hidden in a grand conspiracy because he was afraid of what revealing the fabrication would do to Israeli morale. All of which proves that Strenger's mind is about as deep as that of Barry Chamish and just as capable of inventing conspiracist nonsense.

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Tel Aviv University - Yigal Bronner (Dept of East Asian Studies) and Ben Gurion University - Neve Gordon (Dept. of Political Science) refute Jewish claim to the City of David

"Archaeology has become a weapon of dispossession," Yonathan Mizrachi, an Israeli archaeologist, said in a recent telephone interview with us. He was referring to the way archaeology is being used in Silwan, a Palestinian neighborhood in the oldest part of Jerusalem, where, we believe, archaeological digs are being carried out as part of a concerted campaign to expel Palestinians from their ancestral home.

According to the Old Testament, King David established Jerusalem as his capital, but the Jews were later conquered and expelled. Israel occupied East Jerusalem during the Six-Day War four decades ago, and ever since Israeli archaeologists have been trying (unsuccessfully) to produce proof of David's presence in that area. Occasionally they have even refrained from documenting the long Muslim presence, which is the cultural heritage of the Palestinian inhabitants. And, at any rate, the fact that not a single Muslim structure has been preserved in the entire national park that has been set up in Silwan is a clear indication of this erasure strategy. By concentrating almost entirely on unearthing the remains of the Judean kingdom, while ignoring the subsequent 3,000 years, archaeologists have violated several ethical rules as stipulated by the World Archaeological Congress. Those include the acknowledgment of the "indigenous cultural heritage, including sites, places, objects, artifacts, human remains" as well as establishing "equitable partnerships and relationships" between archaeologists and indigenous peoples whose cultural heritage is being investigated.

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Tel Aviv University - Professor Amos Funkenstein (Dept. of History and Philosophy of Science, Chairman) interviewed in Haaretz, December 9, 1988:

Between 1933 and 1937, up to Kristallnacht, the situation of Jews in Germany was in some respects better than that of Arabs in the territories. In other respects, it was worse, but overall, the resemblance is remarkable. In the first place, both the Jews in Germany and the Palestinians in the territories were "subjects" denied citizenship. But the Jews in Germany had at that time more lawful options to pursue than the inhabitants of the territories. A Jew there, in 1936, did not yet feel totally outlawed - it was from 1938 that the Nazis began to break into their homes and stage pogroms on a scale resembling ours. Generally, it was harder in Germany than here to subvert the legal order... It occurred to nobody that elderly Arabs ordered to remove the roadblocks from the streets are like the Jews of Vienna, whom the Nazis, after entering the city, forced to sweep the snow... Jewish culture is in general not tolerant. It has always been intolerant towards dissenting minorities, such as the Karaites or the Samaritans.


Why Does Tel Aviv University Remember Tanya Reinhart

Tanya Reinhart was an anti-Zionist militant that embarrassed even some of the die-hard leftists in the Israeli academia. She denounced the Oslo agreement, she condemned the security fence, she advocated the Palestinian "right of return", and she was captivated by conspiracy theories and even supported the boycott against her own university. Yet, her colleagues in Tel-Aviv held an evening in which they paid tribute to her activities on the first anniversary of her death.

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Tel Aviv University - Yinon Cohen Badmouths Israel at Columbia University

'[Amnon Rubinstein, writing in Maariv] tells of ... a meeting attended by two Israeli professors. One proposed the screening of the film Jenin, Jenin, a cinematic slander of Israel, and the other proposed inviting Israel-demonizing Norman Finkelstein to campus. Rubinstein doesn't name the two, but the sad thing about Columbia is that their identities aren't obvious. More than two Israeli professors there could have made these sorts of proposals.... So were they? The chair has been filled by Yinon Cohen, a Tel Aviv University sociologist who works mostly on labor markets and migration. Cohen isn't a hard-left post-Zionist, but he's far enough left to have signed a May 2002 open letter by some Israeli faculty. At the time, Israel was wrapping up Operation Defensive Shield, its response to the wave of suicide bombings inside Israel that had killed Israelis in the hundreds. The letter's signatories announced their "wish to express our appreciation and support for those of our students and lecturers who refuse to serve as soldiers in the occupied territories... [T]he present war is not being fought for our home but for the settlements beyond the green line and for the continued oppression of another people."

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Columnist Steven Shamrak denounced "self-hate, disloyalty to their own country and self-destructiveness" by Israeli Academics:

'It is astonishing what is happening on the political front in Israel's universities. The level of self-hate, disloyalty to their own country and self-destructiveness is unprecedented:

'At the Tel Aviv University: Gadi Algazi, a history professor, stated: "Commercial and political exploitation of lands stolen by Israel." I wonder where he got his qualification from? Professor and Chair of the Department of Philosophy, Anat Biletzki claims that she is working for the human rights of the Palestinians but completely ignores the Jewish right for land and Israel's right to exist and requirements for self-defence.

'At the University of Haifa: Professor of Psychology Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi, in addition to his pro-Arab views, proclaimed that the rights to free speech, freedom of association and freedom of religion do not exist in Israel. In this case, why is he is not in jail? Could he tell us how many Arab or Muslim organizations he knows that are able to take similar anti-government statements in their own countries?'

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Tel Aviv University – Ran HaCohen (Dept. of Comparative Literature) insists that the answer is that Israel is evil and guilty so now what was the question again?

'But the best example of HaCohen’s logic is his equating in the same article the allied bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki with the worst of war atrocities. HaCohen cynically wears on his sleeve as justification for his narcissism that some of his family were in the Holocaust in Europe, while he ignores the Holocaust that was also going on in the Pacific under the Japanese. On a personal level, this writer’s late uncle who flew 35 missions over Germany was sweating bullets over being sent next to fight Japan when those two atomic bombs forced the issue. US estimates were one million casualties if Japan had to be invaded.'

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Tel Aviv University - Elad Orian (Dept. of Physiology and Pharmacology), engaged in mutiny and insurrection among Israeli soldiers, co-stars in the anti-Israel propaganda film Bil'in Habibti

'The best part was to have a real refusenik (Israeli former soldier who joined the peace demonstrations and refused to serve further) Elad Orian there, he gave many interesting tales about his experience, such as going for the first time with sniper mentality among Palestinians shouting allah ho akbar, his experiences with army and how once arrested the soldiers could talk to him freely, how some sent secret text messages expressing support during the demonstration, how Israeli society has largely come to conclusion that the occupation isn’t sustainable (mentality is something like ok one way or other lets keep Palestinians out so build wall, or else their population grows and Jewish majority cant exist) so peace movements has many supporters so the film was also quite popular but its big step to actually be an activist supporting their cause, to be on the "other side".'


Tel Aviv University - About Kim Yuval (Dept. of Psychology) and his brother Yani, who was shot while confronting the army last month

Part of the "Joint Struggle against Israeli Apartheid"

'The solidarity between the Palestinian residents of Bil'in village, internationals and the anti-occupation and anti-Zionist Israelis who each week trekked to the village has become an inspiring model for joint popular struggle....The solidarity between the Palestinian residents of Bil'in village, internationals and the anti-occupation and anti-Zionist Israelis who each week trekked to the village has become an inspiring model for joint popular struggle, not only in Palestine but also around the world.' 

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Avi Shlaim, Israeli extremist from Oxford who wants Israel to be annihilated, to be honored at Tel Aviv University

The University of Tel Aviv is hosting the Iraqi-Israeli-British new historian for a lecture on King Hussein and Israel. Will he tell them what he wrote on page 8 of his new book? That the Balfour Declaration calling for a Jewish Homeland was an Atrocity?

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For Tel Aviv law professor Neta Ziv, it’s all “academic” (even if it kills Jews and destroys Israel)

 Professor Ziv is the embodiment of how the abstractions of academia can ultimately lead to the opposite of what the academy was meant to do: to enhance society through the application of scholastic study and scientific inquiry to arrive at truth. This is clearly present in her applications of American jurisprudence to Israel’s situation as a tiny democratic country surrounded by a sea of Arab nationalist and Islamic dictatorships calling for the state’s destruction. Ziv defines her activities as preserving human rights; others might define them as enabling the enemies of Israel to destroy the Jewish state. As an educator, she promotes developing what could be considered “cause lawyers” who use the courts to promote a radical agenda against the state in time of war.

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Philosophy Professor Anat Biletzki’s “philosophy” is to smear Israel abroad

Professor Biletzki’s analytical philosophy is to smear Israel abroad politically at anti-Israel symposiums and events on college campuses and elsewhere that are fundamentally organized by Arab irredentist groups that frequently use the words “human rights” and “peace” as a deceptive cover to destroy the Jewish state. As an expert in the philosophy of language, Professor Biletzki of all people should understand how language is used to mask real intent, particularly by Arab propagandists. Despite this, she speaks frequently to and is quoted extensively by members of the International Solidarity Movement who claim to be “nonviolent human rights advocates” in one breath, then endorse violence against Israelis as “legitimate resistance” in the next as they act as human shields for terrorists

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