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Editorial Article

University of London - Eyal Weizman's (Centre for Research Architecture - Director) Agitprop Constructed on Hate

By Lee Kaplan,

His bio states, "Eyal Weizman (born 1970 in Haifa) is an Israeli intellectual and architect. He is Professor of Spatial and Visual Cultures at Goldsmiths, University of London, and director of the Centre for Research Architecture - a 'laboratory for critical spatial practices'- which he created in 2005. Since 2011 he directs the European Research Council funded project Forensic Architecture - on the place of architecture in international humanitarian law."

Weizman's perceptions of "humanitarian law" have led him to promoting the aims of the Palestinian terrorists and Hamas apparatchiks, and his ideas are based on those of dead French communists and Ayatollah Khomeini supporter Michel Foucault. His "Forensic Architecture" (a nonsense term he invented) allows him to tie his field of study to complain about Israel's "occupation" as a "violation of human rights." Apparently, the blowing up school of buses of Jewish children is NOT a forensic human rights violation.

In an interview in a communist website about his book, Hollow Land, he ties architectural structures to his condemnations of Israel. Weizman explains: "... it seemed to me more and more that the entire occupation, the entire formation of the terrain itself, could be thought of in the same way as you think of the structure of a building." Weizman's architectural analysis leads to his condemnations of the IDF, citing, for example, the tactic of boring through the walls of Arab homes in Jenin to avoid ambushes on the streets outside as a horrific atrocity by Israel. He doesn't mention (or probably even care) how 23 IDF soldiers were killed unnecessarily in an ambush in fighting in the streets of Jenin back in 2002 that led the IDF to develop such a life-saving tactic. Just imagine his horror at all those buildings in Berlin destroyed by the Allied armies in World War II!

Hollow Land and three other architecture oriented books by Weizman were all published by the Marxist ultra-leftist Verso publishing house in London, which publishes all manner of anti-Israel and revolutionary communist propaganda books for the communist reading market. Other publishers worldwide ignore such books.

Discussing his ideas of "Forensic Architecture", Weizman says, "So you can think of the entire occupation as if it was some kind of complex building, such as an airport or a shopping mall, with security corridors inbound and outbound, and movement through it."

Thus it would follow that Weizman, the architect, finds fault with Israel's Security Fence that has cut down suicide bombings and terrorist attacks by 96% since inception:

"A key example of this is the construction of the 'separation wall' in the Occupied Territories – a huge barrier designed to wall off the Palestinians into tiny enclaves while annexing vast portions of the West Bank for Israel."

Weizman continues: "The wall is fiercely controversial (sic) even within Israel, and its precise route is constantly being contested. As a result the wall snakes (sic) through the West Bank in a curiously fluid manner, sometimes swinging out east to take in an illegal Israeli settlement, at other times being pushed back west again. The trick is to understand how the wall is flexible without justifying it as benign – it's a dangerous flexibility!

'But what the course of the wall that registers (sic) the most is opposition to it – the constant petitions of Israeli NGOs to the Israeli high court of justice and the weekly demonstrations by Israeli human rights groups, for instance."

Of course, Weizman is heavily involved with such far-leftist anti-Israel NGO's which try to present Israel's lifesaving Security Fence as an "Apartheid Wall" that denies human rights to the Palestinians. After all, it makes it tougher for them to send out suicide bombers. Weizman served on the board of directors of the extremist anti-Israel, EU-funded NGO B'tselem, which strives to smear Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria and the IDF and Israel in general whenever possible.

Eyal Weizman was commissioned by B'Tselem to "document" how Palestinian rights were being violated through the planning of Israeli settlements in the West Bank. His diatribe later became a propaganda tome titled, "A Civilian Occupation," which the Israeli Association of Architects commissioned to be written along with an exhibition. Because the book had less to do with architecture than anti-Israel political indoctrination, the exhibition was canned and 5,000 copies of the book were ordered destroyed by the Association.

According to Weizman, "If you are an architect and you understand that the main manifestation of this conflict is through the landscape and the built environment, it is almost your responsibility to act vis a vis that (sic). It would be bizarre now for me to engage (sic) just within a normal architectural practice in Israel, building houses and so on."

Weizman maintains that "We realized that we could understand the processes of human rights violations not only in quantified space that has been taken, in statistical terms, but that it is the very form and layout of settlements on the urban level, and their positioning within the terrain on a territorial level, that is in breach of basic human rights." So is anyone stopping him from turning all his own property over to the Hamas?

"Basic human rights"? The Palestinians insist by statute any Arab who would sell land to a Jew will get the death penalty and has even enforced this law retroactively. We hear nothing from Weizman about this terrain in a territorial level.

In fact, Weizman also lies about the settlements to promote his anti-Israel agenda:

Quoting another interview with Weizman:
"If you look at the layout of settlements, they are always built on hilltops. People know that, but they may not realize that they also are built in rings, over the summit, in a way that generates territorial surveillance in all directions. I began to understand that these are urban-scale optical devices, and every design move in them is calculated to enhance vision. The planners always speak about the view as pastoral and biblical, almost in a romantic sense. They speak about the terraces and olive groves and stone houses, which are obviously created for them by the Palestinians. The Palestinians are almost like the stage workers who create a set, but they then have to disappear when the lights come on. The army also uses the eyes of the civilian settlers, almost hijacks them, to generate territorial surveillance. There is almost an illegal use of civilians to generate supervision of another part of the civilian population."

In other words, Palestinians may blow up buses full of children, but the truly AWFUL form of oppression in the region is when Jews build houses along roads that curve or with views of the surrounding scenery!

Hilltop communities do exist among some Jewish communities. They also exist in Colorado. Eyal Weizman, the architect, doesn't let facts get in the way of his "Forensic Architecture."

Weizman is also on the board of advisors of the Human Rights Project at Bard College in upstate New York, the only college in the U.S. that has an official chapter of the ISM and was involved in planning the Gaza Flotillas. It is a strange juxtaposition of Israeli leftists and communist-anarchists who affix to everything, even architecture, the idea that Israel violates humanitarian law and decency.

Weizman signed a petition promoted on the neo-Nazi pro-communist website Counterpunch, along with other anti-Israel Israeli academics, in support of the Hamas-run government in Gaza and its attempts to end the "blockade" that keeps weapons from being smuggled there from Iran. Those weapons are used to attack Israelis in the southern half of Israel with missiles, and even their architecture. According to the petition:

"No other people in the world has been subjected, for more than sixty years, to such relentless acts of collective punishment and military brutality as have the Palestinian people. We call for the removal of the blockade on the Gaza Strip, the free movement of people and goods in and out of the region and a total cessation of lethal attacks from the air, land and sea, against a helpless (sic) civilian population in one of the most densely-populated areas in the world. The world cannot stand by when Palestine is once more battered to death."

Battered to death, that is, by Jewish construction of homes on curvy streets with scenic views…


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