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Tel Aviv University

Tel Aviv University's Long Track Record of Pandering to Communism

Steven PlautMarch 21, 2009

We recently posted a report on a one-day indoctrination session in communism to be held on the campus of Tel Aviv University this week, in which communism will be celebrated. While TAU officers are disingenuously insisting that the conference is merely ABOUT the communist party, a fast look at the program indicates that it is to be a one-sided CELEBRATION of communism, where all the speakers are either communists or pro-communists. The only non-Marxist is Prof. Anita Shapira, a Zionist scholar, but she is merely there to greet the participants on behalf of the School of the Humanities and otherwise will not lecture. The above poster represents the notion of balance and pluralism that seems to govern the thinking in some parts of Tel Aviv University!

Many of the speakers are officials in the Israeli communist party or academic faculty who are card-carrying communist party members. For an updated report on this "conference," go here.

The poster for the conference with the list of speakers, featuring a photo of Stalin and a hammer and sickle, can be seen here.

As you can see from that report, this is hardly the first time that Tel Aviv University collaborated with the Israeli communist party in its indoctrination activities.

However, an even MORE amazing story is the fact that Tel Aviv University has exercised self-censorship and suppressed freedom of speech to coddle communism and pander to communists. The news report is here.

It seems that an art exhibit was being shown on the campus of TAU last year in the persecution of the "Falun Gong" in China was depicted. The Falun Gong are a sort of meditation, exercise movement with some features of a religious cult. China has been brutally suppressing and persecuting members of the movement. Some of the artists in the exhibit were survivors of China's forced labor camps, and endured the tortures they depict.

The Chinese Embassy in Israel was not amused and complained to the heads of Tel Aviv University. In one of the most brazen acts of cowardice in the Western world, the university officials ordered the exhibit shut down in order to appease the Chinese communists!!!

The above news story reports:

'The decision to shut down the exhibit was made by the University's top management, and that the Chinese Embassy in Israel pressured the University in this regard. One of the works displayed at the exhibition, titled "Tragedy in China". "It is important to ask why the Chinese Embassy threatens a university because of an art exhibit," said Nitzan. "I think the answer is clear," he continued. "The exhibition displays paintings of the banned Falun Gong spiritual practice and the torture the practitioners in China are suffering from." '

See also this.

While the whole world protests the dhimmitude being exhibited by some European governments too cowardly to protect freedom of speech, here we have the spectacle of the heads of Tel Aviv University suppressing academic freedom and freedom of speech in order to mollycoddle Chinese communism.

This being the case, the decision to hold a one-sided celebration of communism and indoctrination into Marxism on the campus of Tel Aviv University this week hardly is a novelty!

If you are upset by this story, please take a few moments and let the heads of Tel Aviv University know what you think.
Write to
President, Professor Zvi Galil
Tel Aviv University
P.O. Box 39040
Tel Aviv 69978
Fax: 972-3-6422379 and 972-3-642-2752

Rector: Prof. Dany Leviatan
Tel Aviv University
P.O. Box 39040
Tel Aviv 69978

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Tel: 02-5679911
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Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports
Kiryat Ben Gurion, Jerusalem
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